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  1. I'll play - or put me on the waitlist.
  2. From: The Making of NHL '94: An Oral History - The Hockey News
  3. I've been trying to rip the team roster files out of FIF97 (DOS), but have had no luck finding them using a hex editor. Any ideas?
  4. Do we know any accredited gaming journalists that might be willing to reach out and get our questions asked?
  5. I don't want to assume that you made the mistake, but the Smoz tool is interesting in that you don't actually "open" the program. Best option is to put a copy of the rom in the same folder as the tool, and drag it onto the Smoz tool in the same folder. the Smoz tool will then open itself up and start asking you what options to want to add/drop from the rom. Cheers, Jer
  6. Can you upload it here, or send up a link? NVM - I think I found it under Coach's "incomplete roms". Ran Coach's NHL'87 rom through SMOZROM and double checked that the weight bug was changed in hex. Just to note, Coach's rom included the "Blitz" or "Improved Weight-bug fix" which smoz created to give a bonus to guys with a higher checking stat. Haven't tested it, but give it a try. NHL'87(bug).bin NHL'87.bin
  7. We don't even know when the US/Canada will open to cross border travel.
  8. I really shouldn't be looking, but this caught my eye... anyone familiar? https://retrofighters.com/our-collection/brawlergen-usb-genesis-mini-switch-mac-pc-controller/
  9. LW Sandstrom (change to #17) C Fedorov RW Ronning LD Svoboda (change to #23) RD Konstantov G Hextall Forward sub: Volek (change to #25) Defense sub: Yawney Extra Forward: Rucinsky (change to #26) Extra Defence: Rouse
  10. What if I told you , that you could play it from your browser? https://archive.org/details/msdos_NHL_94_1993 (You'll have to use the keyboard) Turn up the sound and go fullscreen.
  11. Gotta have a team from the best 80's Canadian hockey-themed board game Phantom's of the Ice!
  12. Those would make pretty sick trophies, if you made a 3D model of the tournament/series wining goal!
  13. I did consider that, even made the rom - but I also wanted to see how hot/cold stats compared to players around them. Is a hot 3/3 player as fast as a cold 4/4 player (it would appear not), but hot agility/speed would make a 10 weight player faster than a non-bonused 7 weight. If this practice has shown me anything, it's opened my eyes up to the true effects of HOT/COLD.
  14. ..need that kid on the glass. Could also put the four coloured stars under select players, representing 4-play.
  15. So since joining the site and participating in all of the draft leagues I've always thought it would be interesting to know which players stack up speed-wise. We know that there are 3 attributes that play into a player's speed: Weight (higher weight reduces acceleration) Speed (top speed) Agility (acceleration) Now, we all know who the speedsters are - but how do the heavier weights stack up? This is an important topic when you get to the later rounds of a draft. I did not test the entire league, and have only tested 3 teams (CGY/VAN/QUE 69 players total) - but think the results are important. My test was simple, how fast could a player go from a dead stop at center-ice to the first set of hash-marks skating in a straight line? I used smoz's hot/cold hack to collect proper agility/speed numbers, and set each player from each team in the shoot-out mode in Retroarch. I had RA display a running frame total, and recorded each player skating. I then marked the starting frame and ending frame for each which gave me a measurement that I could convert to time (# frames divided by 60 = seconds). Now some of these players would not have reached top speed in that short distance - but that is not what I was measuring, this was a sprint - all acceleration. Fastest player in the test was Bure (1.93 seconds), slowest was Smyth (3.00 seconds). So there is more than a full second spread in that dataset. Let's have a look a look at the data: It's important to note that many of these players would have had hot/cold stats, Looking at 7 weight players with 4Agi/4Spd - there is a 0.12 second spread depending on the bonuses. Sundin was neither hot/cold on the highend and Ricci's Spd stat was COLD. Also interesting to see the 3/3 speed players of various weights, all in the 2.30-2.38 range. You've got players ranging from 6 weight all the way up to 10 weights putting up similar times. Lapointe in this group had a max speed bonus, while those putting up the low end of the range were COLD. I kind of threw this post together, just to get the information posted somewhere - before it disappeared on my hard-drive. Hopefully someone will find this handy when drafting a team. I'll make an effort to add another couple teams, and update my findings in the future.
  16. Upon rewatch, Simmonds was in the doc for less than 30 seconds, stating that he was thrilled to get the opportunity to "run the project" and work on hockey (this was for the original NHL hockey game). He was also enamored with the Sega Genesis hardware. I seem to recall Mikey saying he'd found out some ground-breaking stuff - but that not all of it would make the final cut. I wonder if he would ever release the full interviews?
  17. So obviously the best experience you'll have playing online is if you are home alone, wired in with nothing else competing for internet bandwidth. That's not to say that you should kick out your room-mates, or abandon your wife and children...well..no, don't do that. In my house, I am competing with phones/tablets/laptops - all of which are chatting/surfing/streaming. My computer is the only thing hardwired, the rest are accessing using WIFI. The best way to eliminate the others, is to simply turn off the WIFI on my router, easy and effective. I even do this latenight, just to eliminate the opportunity for a phone/tablet/laptop from starting an update. If this is not an option for you, then you need to limit the damage. For one, make sure all of your devices are set to update overnight, or perhaps only update on your orders. Two, log into any of your streaming sites (Netflix/Disney + etc..) and change the video settings to low/medium for all accounts. Folks on phones/tablets will likely not notice the downgrade but it will reduce the bandwidth requirements by over 75% (3GB/hr to 0.7GB/hr). Please add any other recommendations you may have tried.
  18. Haha. I read the title as: "I'm bored and looking for something to work on, any ideas?".
  19. Great to see you're keeping busy @CoachMac
  20. I'll look, but most of the King of 94 tourneys are still posted online, and there are a lot of CHI/BUF match-ups played by the big boys. I'll find you some links. Streams for all previous Ko94 tourneys here: http://www.kingof94.ca/results.html
  21. NHLInfo is a windows-based editing program for PC versions of the game, not sure if you are referring to the NHL95PC, or if there may be a Genesis version I am unaware of.
  22. Still lets me log in an view it. I'd be surprised if they shut it down.
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