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  1. Toronto selects Doug GIlmour.
  2. Fun game, play it with my kids occassionally. Slapshot is another one that is fun, even for kids. (There is a newer reprint of Slapshot from Columbia Games, but when there wasn't - a fan made a "print-it-yourself" version:
  3. I vote that any/all no-shows are replaced by Halifax(SNES) and Mikey(Sega).
  4. - 10-15 minute presentation before tourney play starts to discuss the benefits of playing online, draft leagues, 2v2. - I've thought about this for a while, what about devising a free USB drive with all necessary files that guys could just "plug and play". - What about giving away "bootleg style" DVD copies of the many created roms (with a folder containing links to the NHL94 sites, and files necessary to play online) - Have a laptop handy for guys to sign-up on the site - maybe provide some incentive (free program? cheatsheet?) - Maybe offer a "live draft league" mini-tourney for guys that don't make the bracket play. Just spit-ballin'
  5. In, in, in and will bring at least one more.
  6. It's that time of year again.. think you can pick the winners in each round? Think you know which series will be an upset? Who's going to win it all?!? Now's your chance to prove it! Link: Password: stanley Join now, or wait until the playoff seeds are finalized and the NHL brackets go live. Good Luck!
  7. These types of resources are awesome. I would make a nice chart (no logos), and shrink it down to playing card size and have them printed in packs of playing cards. I have a site that I've used for this with great success often for $9.99 with free shipping.
  8. You definitely need to pixel down a pic of your face like Ron Barr, though the mouse-drawn MSPaint version does capture something...
  9. 3 things to consider: I think you could allow both, allow for a coinflip winner to choose the tier - or leave it to a dice roll Make the dice roll simply a guide, do not enforce it as a "rule" I really think the bottom tier should not be included in the dice roll - create 6 tiers that exclude OTT/SJ/FLA/ANA. Maybe put TB in the 6th tier With regards to these ideas, I just would hate to see a deciding game roll a "6" and have to watch an important game decided by shitty teams because of "rules".
  10. I'd love to see stream/video of the #7 LAK (LeifErikson) vs #10 NYR (spaceGhost9) series.
  11. I would add Aqualizard and Brutus to the list as well. But yes, if added to the list I would vote for Halifax for all of his tournaments involvement and fantastic social media presence.
  12. WTG Brutus, and thanks for running the league! Love WBF leagues, and thought the draft was unique.
  13. I guess I just assumed that there would be one from @aqualizard?!?
  14. Wow, lucky draw. I'll take Super Mario's Penguins.
  15. Yep, honorary Canadian. Give him his Tim Hortons travel mug, two-four of Molson Canadian, and the Trailer Park Boys DVD set. If he gets past the 6 month probationary period, he'll get his Shania Twain fan-club membership and top secret poutine recipe.
  16. I know I've signed up for GENS, can you also mark me down for SNES (preferrably in a 'B' league, unless you are running it as one league).
  17. I've told this story before.. but there was a computer shop growing up that used to rent PC games, you signed an agreement to uninstall/delete when you returned the game. It was a real chore to install these games back then - 8-10 floppy disks needed to be swapped in order to install. Here's the PC requirements at the time:
  18. In tournament play, couldn't you just "not count" the glitch goal in the final reported score? I wouldn't waste the gametime for a freebie. This is also where the game should be paused, and a decision made by a ref/judge. No one player should decide how to proceed.
  19. Good sportsmanship should always prevail, if you didn't earn the goal - you should give it back. This should be the way it is played in league or tournament play IMO. If you are playing exis, or just for fun - if you plan to play any other way (any goal counts), it should be agreed to beforehand ie. House Rules.
  20. Just wait until you figure out how to create retro leagues on NHL94PC, or figure out how to re-create the jerseys with a better palette of colours and actual logos!
  21. Hotel breakfast was pretty standard. Unless there is a kitchen/dining room attached, the food is prepackaged and reheated in a microwave.