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  1. Matt55

    Coach Mac's Historic Roms

    I will look for 80 Olympic one, but the Olympic teams were also included in the nhl 1980 ROM. This was reposted under the name "72 to 84 Coach Mac Variety Pack" above.
  2. Matt55

    Coach Mac's Historic Roms

    The decade ROMs were always a collection of specific years (84 Oilers, 87 Flyers, etc.) For the 80s one posted above, I posted the list of specific years once before. I can find the list. (It is now quoted below.) I never saw a decade ROM for the 80s other than the one posted above. It would be on my Christmas wishlist, though.
  3. Matt55

    Coach Mac's Historic Roms

    The 87 ROM doesn't have stick tape added. Is it a matter of a couple of clicks someone would do for me, or is it a matter of sending me to tutorial school?
  4. Matt55

    Coach Mac's Historic Roms

    Also, I have to say that I like the most recent idea for his 50s and 60s decade ROMs - going with a feel of a decade team over a specific year. Why pick a year when every year I pick has a team or a line I like but is missing something else? OK, here is the 72-84 one. 72 to 84 NHL Coach Mac Variety Pack.bin
  5. Matt55

    Coach Mac's Historic Roms

    I am Coach Mac's superfan #1, so I do have old versions of his 70s and 80s ROMS. They were done before he started doing the scoreboard sponsor logo, but they do have sticktape, splashscreens, player cards, etc. He recently posted a 72-84 ROM; maybe that was what you wanted. I could find that too. 70s NHL Coach Mac.bin 80s NHL Coach Mac.bin
  6. Matt55

    Coach Mac's Historic Roms

    The picture (and the story) of the The Rocket handshake are truly hockey heroes lore! Also, could Coach or someone else repost his historic ROM from 1987? I love it, but I think that my copy is not the final product.
  7. Matt55

    Question about the NHL'67.bin Rom

    If you are interested in Richard, watch the 2005 movie, The Rocket. I enjoyed it. There are some epic stories about this guy.
  8. Matt55

    Custom Rosters

    Changing player names and ratings is VERY easy if you download NOSE and open the ROM in NOSE. You can literally just type in whatever you want to the rosters. Just be aware of which players are listed in the NLC (No Line Changes) lineup because these "starters" are linked to the corresponding player card photos for the pregame commentary.
  9. Matt55

    NHL18 3-on-3 ROM

    Wow. I am impressed, and I haven't even tried it yet. Good job! Thank you.
  10. Matt55

    In Search of Coach Mac's Decade Roms

    Here are the teams for the 80s ROM: Boston 83 Buffalo 84 Calgary 89 Chicago 83 Detroit 88 Edmonton 84 Hartford 87 LA 81 Minnesota 81 Montreal 86 NJ 88 NYI 82 NYR 86 Philly 87 Pittsburgh 86 Quebec 85 St. Louis 86 Toronto 87 Vancouver 82 Washington 86 Winnipeg 85
  11. Matt55

    In Search of Coach Mac's Decade Roms

    Actually, he did do a "70 somethin'" one more recently, but this one is not the original Decades Rom. 70 somethin' NHL.bin
  12. Matt55

    In Search of Coach Mac's Decade Roms

    Here is the 80s one - it is great! I would like the 70s one if anyone has it to share. 80s NHL Coach Mac.bin
  13. Matt55

    89 Solo ROM attached

    This is a ROM made from Naples' Deadline 89 ROM as a base. It is now meant to play alone vs. loaded up CPU teams (players rated 100-120). It is ready for play with line changes and 3 lines. Choose from 4 "regular" teams: LA, Minnesota, Montreal, or Pittsburgh for a good challenge. 89 Forever NHL.bin