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  1. I do use the '91 ROM all the time, so I will be curious to try out this iteration. Thanks for both!
  2. Matt55

    93 One-Timers

    If you look in the Rules tab when you have the ROM open in NOSE, there are two places where fighting is listed. I recently discovered by accident when I kept getting 3 minutes for fighting and the computer was getting 1 minute for fighting. My guess is that you can give different penalty minutes to the winner and to the loser of the fight. I will test tonight. 93 is still my personal favorite.
  3. Nhlpa 93 edits in NOSE just like NHL 94 does. Even if you haven't used NOSE before, it is very easy. Also, I can post a version with the edits I described.
  4. Thanks! Your feedback is encouraging. I also forgot to mention that I don't use the deke ever. Coach, Goalie speed 0? I never knew that!
  5. I have experimented with things like weights, checking, fighting, and aggression by isolating one variable at a time (the best I could). My goal is to improve the experience of playing against the computer. I wanted more hitting (both ways), more fighting, and fewer penalties. Here are my resulting ideas: (1) When my team has some weight buggers, it is more fun for me to hit the computer. My purpose wasn't to make it easier to win, but it IS actually more fun when you can level guys. All of this we knew before. Maybe you didn't know that the computer's heavy guys not only go down easier, but, more importantly, hit me back more effectively. Here I did have to choose which teams I am more likely to play as (keep or even increase weight buggers) and which teams I am more likely to face (eliminate most weight buggers by notching their weight up a bit). Another personal tweak was to make most of my checking line weight buggers. Since the computer will only match up checking line against your checking line when they are the home team, I could send out my checking line of weight buggers to smash their scoring line when I was the home team. I didn't want this line to become my best or to run the score up - I just wanted them to hit, so I lowered their shooting power and accuracy super low. RESULT: The hits both ways increased, the crowd meter increased (which I am convinced does matter), and the fun factor increased. (2) Because the checking rating in NHLPA is behavior - not skill (not the player's ability to check but his likelihood to check), I increased checking across the board so that most players were 60, 80, or 100. The net result did little to nothing to improve a team when I used it, but the team did make a better opponent. For teams that I wanted to be tough opponents, I made the majority of their players 100. RESULT: They definitely defended against me better this way. (3) I missed the NHL '91 fact that anyone would fight, so I increased all fighting ratings to 57, 71, 85, or 100. As noted elsewhere in posts, only a 71 or higher will start fights. A 57 will engage, though, and I did not let anyone stay below 57. RESULT: I played 7 minute periods with line changes ON and was getting about 3 fights per game, a number I thought increased the fun factor without making it a game only about the fighting. Besides, now sometimes star player would have to defend themselves in a fight, but the goons were still the gooniest (100 fighting). (4) I always like how penalties changed the flow of the game and made it feel slightly more real to me, but I always hated the pile up of players in the box with constant interruptions to call more penalties. Aggression, as far as I can tell, does NOT affect a player's likelihood to fight or hit (2 things that I did not want to lose); it ONLY affects the likelihood of penalties being called. I turned aggression down to 0 for all players but kept fighting and checking high. I also changed penalties to 1 minute for most, 2 minutes for a roughing that injured a player, and 3 minutes for fighting. Using 7 minute periods, I found this mix a perfect balance for my taste. RESULT: The game had a few but not endless penalties, and the hitting and fighting were still high. When I add in the fact that I play with medium or weak teams against stronger teams, the game has gotten much more fun for me.
  6. I will look for 80 Olympic one, but the Olympic teams were also included in the nhl 1980 ROM. This was reposted under the name "72 to 84 Coach Mac Variety Pack" above.
  7. The decade ROMs were always a collection of specific years (84 Oilers, 87 Flyers, etc.) For the 80s one posted above, I posted the list of specific years once before. I can find the list. (It is now quoted below.) I never saw a decade ROM for the 80s other than the one posted above. It would be on my Christmas wishlist, though.
  8. The 87 ROM doesn't have stick tape added. Is it a matter of a couple of clicks someone would do for me, or is it a matter of sending me to tutorial school?
  9. Also, I have to say that I like the most recent idea for his 50s and 60s decade ROMs - going with a feel of a decade team over a specific year. Why pick a year when every year I pick has a team or a line I like but is missing something else? OK, here is the 72-84 one. 72 to 84 NHL Coach Mac Variety Pack.bin
  10. I am Coach Mac's superfan #1, so I do have old versions of his 70s and 80s ROMS. They were done before he started doing the scoreboard sponsor logo, but they do have sticktape, splashscreens, player cards, etc. He recently posted a 72-84 ROM; maybe that was what you wanted. I could find that too. 70s NHL Coach Mac.bin 80s NHL Coach Mac.bin
  11. The picture (and the story) of the The Rocket handshake are truly hockey heroes lore! Also, could Coach or someone else repost his historic ROM from 1987? I love it, but I think that my copy is not the final product.
  12. If you are interested in Richard, watch the 2005 movie, The Rocket. I enjoyed it. There are some epic stories about this guy.
  13. Changing player names and ratings is VERY easy if you download NOSE and open the ROM in NOSE. You can literally just type in whatever you want to the rosters. Just be aware of which players are listed in the NLC (No Line Changes) lineup because these "starters" are linked to the corresponding player card photos for the pregame commentary.
  14. Wow. I am impressed, and I haven't even tried it yet. Good job! Thank you.