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  1. Jkline3

    2021 KHL

    Based on current world events I chose to take these down. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  2. Not sure if I'm late to the party but I did modify Clockwise's helmet patch version to separate the shoulder stripe from the rest of the details. Been a long time since I've finished a complete ROM but the last one that I did with this version of sprites was the SHL. 1 - Ice, 2 - Blade, 3 - Boot/Gloves, 4 - Helmet L, 5 - Pants D, 6 - Pants L, 7 - Stick, 8 - Face 9 - Shoulder Stripe, 10 - Outer Stripe, 11 - Yoke, 12 - Jersey D, 13 - Jersey L, 14 - Helmet D, 15 - Inner Stripe, 16 - Shadow 2020 SHL.bin
  3. Jkline3

    2021 USHL

    I mean to... time is an issue but it's on my priority list.
  4. Thanks, unfortunately not at this time. Just not enough hours in the day. @seamor has a more current version out there.
  5. Penalty box fix: A4CDE 1x3 tiles A4E3E 1x2 tiles A595E 1x6 tiles
  6. Sprites for the Cup are at 6E944. They are indeed the rink palette. It's not something that I've tinkered with before since you have to get to the end just to test. Appears to be 6 groups of tiles that make up the image, 4 side views and 2 end views. If you were going to change it you would need something roughly the same shape to get it to match up with the "player lifting the Cup" pose.
  7. Be my guest. Artwork is in the Frozen Four rom I did. After all the hours I put into that series it's nice to see some of that work live to fight another day!
  8. Glad to see I'm not alone in the de-scramble/re-scramble camp. Would have been devastated to learn there was an easier way! When editing player sprites using the 1x4 block size was sufficient for many of the poses. Goalies would have been nearly impossible (and were still extremely time-consuming) without scrambling.
  9. Yeah, I spent a summer redoing the player sprites. Unfortunately I'm not tech savvy enough to turn it into a patch...
  10. Jkline3

    The 1910s

    Actually... have quite a bit of stuff that I never quite put the finishing touches on. Didn't think there was much interest. Maybe I'll dust it off and clean it up.
  11. Jkline3

    2021 USHL

    If you watched any Olympic hockey this morning you may recognize this guy...
  12. Great stuff, love the graphics as usual! BTW, for the sake of the Olympics it's Jieke Kailiaosi
  13. Jkline3

    2021 USHL

    That's awesome, I'm an off-ice official for the Steel. Keep meaning to get to a game in Green Bay one of these days.
  14. Jkline3

    2021 USHL

    Bit of a niche project, for those unfamiliar the USHL is the only Tier I junior league based in the US. Normally a 16-team circuit based in the Midwest, the league played with 14 teams last season due to COVID. A total of 50 players from the USHL were drafted last year, including 9 first rounders. Two players, Cole Sillinger and Akira Schmid, have already made their NHL debuts however the majority of alumni are currently playing college hockey. 2021 USHL.bin Montreal prospect Sean Farrell led the league with 101 points. You may have heard of his dad?
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