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  1. PuckPedia.com seems to have taken over as the replacement for Cap Friendly. They've massively upgraded the site since the news broke and have even brought on several former CF people, including the guy in charge of maintaining rosters/depth charts. Still a bit of a work in process, IMO, but what they've done in the past month or so is pretty impressive.
  2. Love how you just keep pushing that bar a little higher! I hope @mitch13 is able to check this one out.
  3. I'm also a SIHR member. Annual dues are $30 give or take. If your focus is on the NHL you likely won't find anything that you can't get elsewhere. If you're looking for stuff like the 1910 Northern Saskatchewan Hockey League you'll find things that are not publicly available anywhere else. Definitely geared towards the more obscure but lots of interesting resources there.
  4. I honestly have no idea why I chose Hampus Lindholm here, but... https://leftwinglock.com/players/index.php?p1=Hampus Lindholm&flag=y Here's a screenshot of the "side" data. Here's Draisaitl's because he's one where I am always asking myself "what position does he REALLY play?"
  5. I would second Left Wing Lock for positional data although not sure how scrapable it is. Also a good source for info on who players are most often on ice with. I'm pretty sure that I'm not paying for a subscription and my login still works after all these years. Running through my bookmarks I noticed another old gem is gone if you ever used pick224.com. It was a great resource for COMPLETE stats from European, NCAA and junior leagues all the way back to 2008. Going to miss that one. @AdamCatalyst wish they would have had that tool earlier. I spent countless hours manually transcribing numbers from Edge...
  6. The mad genius strikes again! Love how you are able to visually make these look like entirely different games.
  7. I am indeed still alive, hockey season is just an extremely busy time of year for me. Been in the lab working on another unfinished project and also working on this update. My partner is probably shooting me the side eye for wasting valuable working hours by responding here. Time to make the donuts.
  8. REALLY looking forward to trying this out.
  9. I've completely redrawn sprites since this was originally created 5 years ago and would also want to update many other things that I've improved upon since then. Unfortunately I'm working on some other things these days and this is not something I plan on updating soon. I do appreciate that someone is still playing this though!
  10. Nicely done! It's always bothered me too but never had the guts to try such a large rework project. Only thing missing is the kid with a sign offering to trade a candy bar for a stick.
  11. Would like to throw a shout out to @Drezz for figuring out how to change the main menu background.
  12. Based on the available animations it would probably look more like the Alexander Semin slap fight.
  13. "Hey bud, let's talk about Tanev" "Which one?" "Does it matter?" "Fair enough. Those clowns are going to have to move stuff around either way!"
  14. I second that, just did my first 0-15 rom and had a lot of similar questions.
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