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  1. Jkline3

    2021 USHL

    If you watched any Olympic hockey this morning you may recognize this guy...
  2. Great stuff, love the graphics as usual! BTW, for the sake of the Olympics it's Jieke Kailiaosi
  3. Jkline3

    2021 USHL

    That's awesome, I'm an off-ice official for the Steel. Keep meaning to get to a game in Green Bay one of these days.
  4. Jkline3

    2021 USHL

    Bit of a niche project, for those unfamiliar the USHL is the only Tier I junior league based in the US. Normally a 16-team circuit based in the Midwest, the league played with 14 teams last season due to COVID. A total of 50 players from the USHL were drafted last year, including 9 first rounders. Two players, Cole Sillinger and Akira Schmid, have already made their NHL debuts however the majority of alumni are currently playing college hockey. 2021 USHL.bin Montreal prospect Sean Farrell led the league with 101 points. You may have heard of his dad?
  5. Jkline3

    2021 KHL

    Thanks everyone, hope to have some other stuff out sooner rather than later.
  6. Jkline3

    2021 KHL

    Finally getting around to completing some projects that I started and never quite finished once lockdowns started ending and I didn't have so much free time on my hands. Introducing, almost a year late, KHL21... Updated rosters and ratings Accurate line combinations Strips updated as closely as possible within game limitations New logos for Dinamo Minsk, Dinamo Riga, Salavat Yulayev and Traktor Updated center ice logos Golden Stick (League MVP) award winner Vadim Shipachyov: Updated playoff tree:
  7. Jkline3

    KHL 2020

    может быть у Деда Мороза есть подарок? или WJC?
  8. Jkline3

    KHL 2020

    I've been working on some old school stuff (Kрылья Cоветов or Химик anyone???) but should probably update this. Never got around to a 2021 version...
  9. Posting this here so I can refer back someday when I can't remember we started the conversation in the OHL 2020 thread... Do you have any suggestions for what the optimal attributes are for a photo to be successfully dithered? When I'm doing a ROM I usually pick out 3 or 4 candidate photos to work with. Sometimes for one reason or another some photos just seem to be an uninspiring bland mess of pixels, other times they turn out even better than I had hoped. I generally try and select photos with a good contrast in colors, not too many colors and an ice background so that the player seems to stand out. I've also grayscaled out the background so that the colors are focused on the player(s) instead of wasted on some lady sitting in the background wearing a bright orange hat
  10. Jkline3

    OHL 2020

    Unfortunately this project was on a previous laptop so I'm piecing together pieces to try and recreate what I did. I misspoke, for this particular one I can see that I used Ditherer to get it down to 16 from the original image (attached). However for the life of me I can't seem to recreate the image exactly, although it is awfully close. ATK cubed does get me the closest match. I know that I've converted images to only use colors that are available in TM before taking the dithering step and have also reduced the number of colors to 64/48/32 if I don't like the result that I'm getting. Byfield.bmp
  11. Jkline3

    OHL 2020

    Of course it is Ditherer! One thing that I had been doing was reducing the number of colors in the photo prior to using Ditherer. I can't explain the science behind it but I seemed to be happier with the output.
  12. Sorry to resurrect an ancient thread, does anyone have the hex offset for the puck handy?
  13. Really enjoy the attention to detail that makes it feel like more than '94 with different names. Also enjoy the muted colors of the crowd - almost makes you think something bad, like a depression, could be on the way...
  14. I feel your pain. When I was trying to remove the kickplate in the ref window I would change one yellow pixel to white, save, test. Repeat. Crash. Quit...
  15. Regarding the bench, not sure if there would be any side effects elsewhere but you can remove the bench animation by making the sprites at ED1BA transparent.
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