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  1. Jkline3

    2023 USHL

    You will thoroughly enjoy watching him play although he just had shoulder surgery and may not start the season.
  2. Jkline3

    2023 USHL

    I know what you're probably thinking, "Didn't someone JUST do this one?"... The difference is that that one sat in my unfinished projects folder for about a year, this time around the season only wrapped up a week ago. Also helps not to have to do all the artwork from scratch If you haven't heard of Macklin Celebrini... you will. 46 goals and 40 assists in only 50 games as a 16-year old. Already the odds-on favorite to be drafted #1 overall in 2024. Once again, every player has their own photo. Updated playoff tree. New host this season, Ryan Sikes of USHL Puck Report. New broadcast partner for 2022-23, Flo Sports. Thanks again to @smozoma @slapshot67 @clockwise for paving the trail and @von Ozbourne @AdamCatalyst @Drezz and @Sean for keeping the lights on! 2023 USHL.bin
  3. Since the majority of my projects don't use NHL teams I've been trying to come up with a more detailed list of the songs available. As awesome as a random Brass Bonanza appearance may be, it doesn't always fit the particular ROM. Although most of the tunes sound very familiar (possibly from playing this game far too many times to count) it's been difficult for me to attach names to them when thinking of them in terms of hex code. I reached out directly to Dieter Ruehle who was kind enough to try and identify several for me. After Shazaam failed miserably I then did what any self respecting middle ager does and headed over to YouTube to try and find similar clips. I came across the video below which was really helpful putting a name to a certain tune. The organist, Tony Ouradnik, was kind enough to take the mp3 zip file of the songs from NHL'94 and not only update my notes and the working list from here but also to identify the starting chords and creatively name some of the common tunes to differentiate them from one another. Type Hex MUSIC # Description Music 30 NHL94_music_001 Go Team Go [E-flat] (BOS) Music 31 NHL94_music_002 Here We Go [E-flat] (BOS) Music 32 NHL94_music_003 Charge [E-flat] (BOS) Music 33 NHL94_music_004 Rally Time [F] (BUF) Music 34 NHL94_music_005 Sabre Dance (BUF) Music 35 NHL94_music_006 O'Malley's Steps [G] (CGY) Music 36 NHL94_music_007 Kalinka [Em] (CGY) Music 37 NHL94_music_008 You Say It's Your Birthday {Claps} (CGY) Music 38 NHL94_music_009 Here Come the Hawks (CHI) Music 39 NHL94_music_010 Gypsy Spain [G, rising] (CHI) Music 3A NHL94_music_011 Las Chiapanecas {Mexican Hat Dance} [C] (CHI) Music 3B NHL94_music_012 La Raspa [C] (DET) Music 3C NHL94_music_013 O'Malleys Steps / Charge [C] (DET) Music 3D NHL94_music_014 Las Chiapanecas {Mexican Hat Dance} [F] (DET) Music 3E NHL94_music_015 O'Malleys Steps [F] (EDM) Music 3F NHL94_music_016 Here We Go [C] (EDM) Music 40 NHL94_music_017 Brass Bonanza (HFD) Music 41 NHL94_music_018 Let's Go [C] (HFD) Music 42 NHL94_music_019 William Tell Overture (HFD) Music 43 NHL94_music_020 O'Malley's Steps [C] (LA) Music 44 NHL94_music_021 You Say It's Your Birthday (LA) Music 45 NHL94_music_022 Las Chiapanecas {Mexican Hat Dance} [G] (LA) Music 46 NHL94_music_023 Go Team Go [C] (LA) Music 47 NHL94_music_024 Rally Time [C] (NYI) Music 48 NHL94_music_025 Charge [B-flat only] (NYI) Music 49 NHL94_music_026 ?Islanders? / Charge [B-flat] (NYI) Music 4A NHL94_music_027 Here We Go [G] (DAL) Music 4B NHL94_music_028 Charge [C] (DAL) Music 4C NHL94_music_029 Let's Go Claps [C only] (MTL) Music 4D NHL94_music_030 Halte la Les Canadiens sont la (MTL) Music 4E NHL94_music_031 Gypsy Spain [E] (MTL) Music 4F NHL94_music_032 O'Malley's Steps [F] (MTL) Music 50 NHL94_music_033 Let's Go [F] (NJ) Music 51 NHL94_music_034 Buildup [C] (NJ) Music 52 NHL94_music_035 La Raspa [F] (NJ) Music 53 NHL94_music_036 Let's Go [F] {Shorter} (NYR, ASE, ASW) Music 54 NHL94_music_037 Here We Go [C] {Slower} (NYR, ASE, ASW) Music 55 NHL94_music_038 Charge [C] {Slower} (NYR) Music 56 NHL94_music_039 Let's Go [C] {Alternate} (PHI) Music 57 NHL94_music_040 Buildup [F] (PHI) Music 58 NHL94_music_041 Zorba the Greek / Charge [C] (PHI) Music 59 NHL94_music_042 O'Malley's Steps [G] {Faster} (PIT) Music 5A NHL94_music_043 Defense [C] (all but CGY, PHI and SJ) Music 5B NHL94_music_044 Let's Go / Rally Time [G] (PIT) Music 5C NHL94_music_045 What Do You Do With A Drunken Sailor? (PIT) Music 5D NHL94_music_046 Let's Go Claps [C] (QUE) Music 5E NHL94_music_047 Kalinka [Em] {Alternate} (QUE) Music 5F NHL94_music_048 Charge [C] (SJ) Music 60 NHL94_music_049 Jaws Theme (SJ) Music 61 NHL94_music_050 Let's Go Claps [F] (SJ) Music 62 NHL94_music_051 Go Team Go [C] (Longer) Music 63 NHL94_music_052 Blue Danube Waltz [C] (SJ) Music 64 NHL94_music_053 Buildup / Charge [F only] (SJ) Music 65 NHL94_music_054 Hava Nagila (CHI, SJ) Music 66 NHL94_music_055 Tarantella Napoletana [Cm] / O'Malley's Steps [F] Music 67 NHL94_music_056 When the Saints Go Marching In [C] (STL) Music 68 NHL94_music_057 Buildup / O'Malley's Steps [F] (STL) Music 69 NHL94_music_058 Let's Go Claps [C] {Alternate} (STL) Music 6A NHL94_music_059 Here We Go [F] (TB) Music 6B NHL94_music_060 Cavalry Charge [C] (TB) Music 6C NHL94_music_061 O'Malley's Steps [C] {Slower} (TOR) Music 6D NHL94_music_062 ?Quick Buildup? [F] (TOR) Music 6E NHL94_music_063 Let's Go Claps [C] {Shorter} (VAN) Music 6F NHL94_music_064 Buildup [D-flat] (VAN) Music 70 NHL94_music_065 Charge Fanfare [C] (VAN) Music 71 NHL94_music_066 O'Malley's Steps [F] {Alternate} (WSH) Music 72 NHL94_music_067 Go Team Go [C] {Alternate} Music 73 NHL94_music_068 Rally Time [F] {Alternate} (WSH) Music 74 NHL94_music_069 Charge / O'Malley's Steps [F] (WSH) Music 75 NHL94_music_070 O'Malley's Steps [G] {Alternate} (ANA, FLA, OTT, WPG) Music 76 NHL94_music_071 Gypsy Spain [E] / Charge [F-sharp] (ANA, FLA, OTT, WPG) Music 77 NHL94_music_072 Rally Time [F] {Longer} (ANA, FLA, OTT, WPG)
  4. Jkline3

    2022 USHL

    Started this one about a year ago and finally finished. For those unfamiliar, the USHL is the top junior league in the U.S. The main difference between the US/Canadian juniors is that 99% of USHL players go on to play NCAA D1 hockey. There were 57 USHL players selected in the 2022 NHL draft including 23 from the US National Team Development Program and 34 from other member clubs. Without further ado: 2023 #2 pick Adam Fantilli scored 37 / 37 in 54 games. 442 player photos: Full playoffs: Accurate center ice logos for the 2021-22 season. As always, thanks to @smozoma @slapshot67 @clockwise and all the fun new tricks made possible by @von Ozbourne @AdamCatalyst @Drezz and @Sean and anyone I may have inadvertently overlooked. 2022 USHL.bin
  5. That was the path that I was on (considering their tiles are neighbors so why not hex, no?) but sadly something just didn't work out... Oh well, learned a lot along the way and we've got our solution now. Thanks again for digging this one out! I guess the ref popup window has become the new holy grail @von Ozbourne
  6. Does it work? Can confirm... You can also use the rink palette by changing 00/08 to 20/28 to get an old school NHL puck:
  7. You are my hero. I have spent countless hours searching, convinced that I had finally found the trail only to ultimately be disappointed. That feeling when you look back at your notes and realize that you were *this* close...
  8. Was away this weekend and finally had some time to dive into this as it deserves far more than just a passing glance. Thanks so much for putting this together Adam! The references are absolutely incredible. Even things that I've been tinkering with for years feel so much clearer - and no more counting 7 tiles over from a known location since you've included all the addresses to boot! The only thing I could add would be that you can do some fun stuff with the center ice logos by combining the "traditional" 6x4 center ice tiles with surrounding tiles. You can enlarge the logo and also use a common palette (second palette is generally most versatile) to create a universal logo for a ROM - international events, tournaments, etc. Not sure what it would be useful for but the center ice tiles also don't HAVE to be at center ice, they can be moved around and manipulated using the techniques you've outlined above. Thank you again for putting this together!
  9. Jkline3


    I created the roms and chose to take them down (quietly) because I don't support Putin and his cronies nor clubs run by the army and navy. I never intended for this to become a political debate - that's why I just took them down (quietly). To each their own but I did not personally feel comfortable having them out there considering what's going on in the world. Nobody on this board had anything to do with this other than me.
  10. Can't wait until next season to have the chance to play with Connor Bedard in 16-bit glory? Here's your chance to take control of some of the top draft prospects and future stars in the NHL. Uh-oh, is Bedard feeling the nerves? OT thriller! Also included is a playoff mode with (unplayable) Division I teams to round out the bracket: Thank you as always to @slapshot67 @clockwise @smozoma for their original resources. Apologies to anyone I've missed, it certainly wasn't intentional. Looking forward to incorporating some of the amazing new discoveries out there in future projects but I was too deep into this one already. Special thanks to @von Ozbourne for the original opening screen, Zamboni, NHL Network and three stars artwork from the Reverse Retro mod and for general "technical support" aka answering stupid questions. Enjoy! 2023 WJC.bin
  11. OK... In hex editor you need to change the tiles as follows: Find your current center ice logo: Save a copy of your center ice logo and rotate it from a horizontal to a vertical format. Change your tile layout from 6x4 to 4x6: Paste the rotated logo into TM: Should be good from there...
  12. Not familiar with the rink layouts in '95 but based on the above it seems like the concept would be similar?
  13. It's been a blast lately hopping on here and seeing all the new discoveries that people are making and watching them get incorporated into new roms. Also happy to see how generous everyone has been sharing their discoveries and allowing them to be used elsewhere. Thank you!
  14. You have not. I learned that one the hard way when I was simplifying the rink layout to try and free up some tiles for other uses. I say absolutely... When I saw your post last night I had to go digging through my '94 notebook and sort through a bunch of scribbles to find that tile layout structure. Especially considering some of the new stuff that's come to light recently I think maybe some of these could use a refresher.
  15. Are any of your tiles 8xxx? That makes the tile layer over the player sprites. Common in that part of the rink so that the players are behind the boards.
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