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  1. Well... Panteleev is an interesting one because it's a Latvian name (Grigorijs Pantelejevs) that was Russified (Григорий Пантелеев) and then Romanized. There are several different ways to convert so Panteleyev, Panteleev and Pantelejev would all be "correct" spellings. IIHF, for example, has rules for how they do it but often it is left to the discretion of the player in an effort to make it closer to the actual pronunciation. All that said, doesn't seem like there was a whole lot of consistency to how his name was transliterated
  2. Breaking in a new laptop so I don't have Tile Molester currently downloaded but for that screen if you're using a full screen image you need 3 of the 4 palettes to match what you have for the primary image.
  3. Jkline3

    KHL 2020

    Sorry, would like to get to that someday but each ROM takes several weeks just to research and assign ratings and I'm extremely busy with on-ice hockey now that many COVID restrictions are being eased. Definitely planning more Soviet/Russian ROMs in the future.
  4. https://www.trucolor.net/portfolio/national-hockey-league-franchise-colors-1917-1918-through-present/ http://nhluniforms.com/ https://www.trucolor.net/portfolio/world-hockey-association-1972-1973-through-1978-1979/ http://whauniforms.com/
  5. Team selection and center ice logos are two different things and are in two different locations. The team center ice logo uses the team's home uniform colors as a palette and the ice color is always the first color in the palette.
  6. These are amazing, love the attention to detail!
  7. Let me know what your sites are, I muddled through Russian in college so that opens up a whole other side (and sites) of hockey that is more interested in the international game.
  8. Kazakhstan2 Nikitin Igor D3 Zemlyanoy Igor D6 Fedorchenko Viktor D7 Bystryantsev Viktor D8 Troshchinsky Aleksei D9 Koreshkov Yevgeni F10 Belyayevsky Igor F11 Kryazhev Oleg F12 Medvedev Igor D15 Komisarov Maksim F18 Shafranov Konstantin F19 Kuskov Sergei F20 Pchelyakov Andrei F21 Sokolov Andrei D22 Shipulin Roman F23 Raisky Andrei F26 Tunikov Vadim D27 Borodulin Mikhail F28 Sagymbaev Erlan F29 Filatov Anatoli F25 Eremeev Vitali GK30 Nabokov Yevgeni GK
  9. I've accumulated a lot of media guides and stuff over the years... Never thought those Division C things would come in useful! Slovakia3 Hecl Radoslav D4 Jasečko Stanislav D5 Smerčiak Marián D6 Marcinko Miroslav D7 Sekeráš Ľubomír D8 Kledrowetz Juraj D9 Plavucha Vlastimil F10 Haščák Oto F14 Pohorelec Dušan F15 Pucher René F17 Rusznyák Karol F18 Šatan Miroslav F20 Rybovič Ľubomír F21 Jánoš Branislav F22 Kontšek Roman F25 Medřik Stanislav D27 Varholík Jan D28 Kolnik Ľubomír F29 Daňo Jozef F30 Paukovček Pavol F1 Hartmann Eduard GK2 Dragan Jaromir GK
  10. Not much help on the South Korean player photos... Estonia2 Kulpin Vyacheslav D4 Rozhkov Gennadi D5 Toruke Andrus F6 Trubachov Oleg D7 Rodin Dmitri D8 Pochinok Roman D9 Morkovnikov Sergei F10 Parvoja Mati F11 Puzanov Oleg F12 Agnevshchikov Aleksandr D14 Korshunov Mikhail F15 Eapost Eduard F16 Osipenkov Igor F17 Loginov Ivan F18 Boikov Sergei F19 Dmitriev Aleksandr F21 Lebedev Valeri F22 Sildre Olle F23 Zakharov Anatoli F24 Valiullin Eduard F1 Ahi Andrus GK20 Skvortsov Vyacheslav GK
  11. Jkline3

    2020 SHL

    If it can be done it's well beyond my capabilities. The center ice tiles are all together in the rom, in order to expand them you would have to insert those additional tiles in sequence. I did notice that you can use the center ice tiles elsewhere on the rink surface, there is nothing that requires them to be at that particular 6x4 location. Makes for some interesting possibilities...
  12. Jkline3

    2020 SHL

    I did an edit of the rink graphics to dumb-down some of the detail in the crowd that you probably don't notice much at full speed. Ended up with max of 37 usable tiles. Using the full center ice for a logo can take up to 20 of those and you still need to edit the tiles that make up the actual circle to match the ice color of the logo. The other faceoff circles are bigger and would eat up the other 17 quickly.
  13. Jkline3

    2020 SHL

    That was my plan, sadly I think I only came up with 1 free letter. Import players ruined it... I could do it with the team banners but wanted to keep things consistent. BUT, now that you mention it I didn't take caps into consideration so I might have to take another look. I edited the rink to free up a couple extras, there's just not enough tiles to do anything with the other four even if you used the same logo for all four.
  14. Jkline3

    2020 SHL

    I would love to add more umlauts but couldn't figure out a way to alter the fonts enough to pull it off - if you have any ideas I'm all ears. The way that I was calculating letter usage I could have done a couple letters but not all, IMO would have looked worse... Ultimately decided it would look more consistent without. Center ice is kind of a convoluted process, it's a combination of editing the team-specific tiles and the actual rink tiles. If you're really interested shoot me a DM and I'll do my best to walk through it. Wanted to try it out since on-ice ads are so much more obvious in the European leagues.
  15. Jkline3

    2020 SHL

    Presenting the 2019-20 Swedish Hockey League, plus Bjorkloven and MODO from the Allsvenksan (2nd tier) to compete in the Le Mat Cup playoffs. 2020 SHL.bin