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  1. Jkline3

    USHL 20

    Someday... Trying to finish my NCAA stuff but it's on the list.
  2. Jkline3

    USHL 20

    Updated version based on final season stats. Going to be more than a few of these kids showing up in the NHL in a few years.
  3. Doing some housecleaning of some old projects I started and never quite finished up and came across some pre-NHL and early NHL vs PCHA/WCHL roms that kind of fell between the cracks. I did some graphics updates with the ice markings and net layout but then kind of got sidetracked with other things... In the interest of accuracy, was wondering if anyone had ever figured out the possibility of permanently including the extra attacker (therefore bringing back the Rover position) and making the game 6 v 6 with a goaltender? I've seen @The Sauce has a 3 v 3 but was curious if you could also go the other direction? Early games were also often played in two halves instead of three periods, any chance it would it be possible to make the 3rd period into OT and eliminate the OT period? I know the owners would be unhappy because it will cut into concessions but trying to stay accurate to the rules at the time as much as possible. Anybody have any ideas where to start digging? It would be nice to give the game a different feel for those early Stanley Cup days.
  4. Been discussing this on another thread but posting this separately (mostly so I can find again later...) in case anyone else cares to use. Changing the orientation of the center ice logo to match the layout of current NHL ice surfaces is pretty simple, you only need to rearrange the order of the tiles in a hex editor. In Tile Molester, add your ice logos as usual, however rotate them -90 degrees and change your view from 6x4 to 4x6: In a hex editor the following needs to be updated to change the orientation from horizontal to vertical: If you want to bring the red line up to the logo and not leave blank space, change the top 2 pairs of circled 008F to 012B and the bottom 2 to 112B.
  5. Here are the hex codes that need to be rearranged to make vertical: The 008F circled in red need to be changed to 012B for the top pairs and 112B for the bottom pairs to bring the red line up to the logo. Here's how the logo should appear in Tile Molester:
  6. Details, details ! Pasting the logos in Tile Molester are actually MUCH easier than what I did the first go around... All you need to do is rotate the logo and set to 4x6 in TM as opposed to 6x4. No cutting and pasting of individual tiles necessary.
  7. Here's an example of what a vertical logo would look like at 48x32, please don't mind the quality as I just slapped this together quickly... @The Sauce, you might notice this looks less "squished" than our previous conversations as the logo used had been "stretched" (really busting out the technical jargon ). Maybe this accounts for why it looked so awkward? It's also relatively simple to bring the red line up to the logo.
  8. Yes, it can be done but it does take a little work. You just need to change the order of the center ice tiles in a hex editor. The trick is that you need to cut the logo into individual tiles then rotate and reorder them in Tile Molester so that they appear correctly on the ice. I'll see if I can dig up the specifics later. Personally, I prefer keeping them horizontal even if it is less realistic. Not sure if it's just familiarity or the fact that the game scrolls top to bottom and it looks better on screen that way.
  9. There was also some really outside-of-the-box stuff in the Ball Hockey ROM.
  10. Interesting idea... It wouldn't be super difficult to remove the crowd/stands to make an "outdoor" rink, just time consuming. May have already been done before, actually.
  11. I re-purposed The Sauce's 2020 ROM with Winter Classic graphics to give my kids something to do for the last couple days of break... Please note that it's really only meant for Nashville at Dallas as changes I made to the ROM have effects on other teams that don't translate. If there's any interest I could update to make the other teams with outdoor-style uniforms, NHL94 2020 Winter Classic.bin
  12. Keep plugging away and let me know if there's anything else you need help with. Trust me, it gets easier and easier!
  13. Jkline3

    USHL 20

    I've started a few things with artwork (for me, the biggest time consumer since many of the new-ish logos don't shrink to 48x48 or 32x48 nicely with a limited palette and generally require a lot of playing with to look decent in-game) and partially finished a QMJHL one. I put these together in my free time, which unfortunately I don't have enough of... Probably someday?
  14. Jkline3

    USHL 20

    Sorry, just uploaded the version that includes the playoff tree. I don't normally use playoff mode so it's the last thing that I do.
  15. Jkline3

    USHL 20

    Something a little different. For those not familiar, the USHL is the only Tier I junior league in the US. Last season 52 players were selected in the NHL entry draft including 17 from the US National Team Development Program. Teams are based upon current(ish) USHL rosters and line combinations. Player ratings are based on a combination of scouting reports and actual performance through the first 20% of the 2019-20 season. 2020 USHL.bin