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  1. I am indeed still alive, hockey season is just an extremely busy time of year for me. Been in the lab working on another unfinished project and also working on this update. My partner is probably shooting me the side eye for wasting valuable working hours by responding here. Time to make the donuts.
  2. REALLY looking forward to trying this out.
  3. I've completely redrawn sprites since this was originally created 5 years ago and would also want to update many other things that I've improved upon since then. Unfortunately I'm working on some other things these days and this is not something I plan on updating soon. I do appreciate that someone is still playing this though!
  4. Nicely done! It's always bothered me too but never had the guts to try such a large rework project. Only thing missing is the kid with a sign offering to trade a candy bar for a stick.
  5. Would like to throw a shout out to @Drezz for figuring out how to change the main menu background.
  6. Based on the available animations it would probably look more like the Alexander Semin slap fight.
  7. "Hey bud, let's talk about Tanev" "Which one?" "Does it matter?" "Fair enough. Those clowns are going to have to move stuff around either way!"
  8. I second that, just did my first 0-15 rom and had a lot of similar questions.
  9. Noted on Vejmelka. Typo on my part and will update for the future. For the overall team ratings I used a hybrid of a couple different power ratings (TSN, MoneyPuck, etc.) along with my own ratings. To be honest I didn't put too much thought into how individual teams compared to each other but I suspect that Ottawa's slow start and Arizona doing better than expected explains a lot. Glad to see @AdamCatalyst come out with similar results. No bias for/against any teams here. (except maybe Detroit - I kid, I kid...)
  10. Fox is a tough one to rate in the game because only a few of his individual attributes stand out. I did incorporate NHL Edge data into the ratings this season which hurt his overall even more. He's not fast, not a hitter, has an average shot. Passing and defensive awareness don't make up for that, at least in the calculation of his overall rating. Comparing Makar to Fox, he's significantly faster, is more of a scoring threat and is slightly more physical. Other than that their ratings are almost the same. I suppose Fox could be bumped up a little to cover his reputation but then that brings into question who else should get the same treatment - which I try to avoid. Appreciate the questions as it makes me reconsider how I rated players. It's not easy as there 832 players in the game and there's not a whole lot of room for nuance. You're rating on a select few attributes. Just based on how the overall is calculated certain qualities have an oversized impact. Don't want to inflate things just to get to an imaginary overall rating number. But yeah, Fox probably gets hosed a bit based on what he's good/not good at...
  11. Yes, every player is set to D to allow them to be used at any position. Rosters were based on opening night with late cuts / injured players / veterans used to fill out the remaining roster spots. Since this was started as a beginning of the season ROM last year's performance weighs heavily on ratings. Just not large enough of a sample size to rerate everyone based on 6 weeks of play. I imagine there will be a roster update or two over the course of the season where updates to performance will be taken into account. The beauty of NOSE is that you can tweak as you see fit as injuries and call ups occur. My bad on Smith, I'll update accordingly.
  12. Top notch as always, love the obsessive attention to detail!
  13. Jkline3

    2023 USHL

    You will thoroughly enjoy watching him play although he just had shoulder surgery and may not start the season.
  14. Jkline3

    2023 USHL

    I know what you're probably thinking, "Didn't someone JUST do this one?"... The difference is that that one sat in my unfinished projects folder for about a year, this time around the season only wrapped up a week ago. Also helps not to have to do all the artwork from scratch If you haven't heard of Macklin Celebrini... you will. 46 goals and 40 assists in only 50 games as a 16-year old. Already the odds-on favorite to be drafted #1 overall in 2024. Once again, every player has their own photo. Updated playoff tree. New host this season, Ryan Sikes of USHL Puck Report. New broadcast partner for 2022-23, Flo Sports. Thanks again to @smozoma @slapshot67 @clockwise for paving the trail and @von Ozbourne @AdamCatalyst @Drezz and @Sean for keeping the lights on! 2023 USHL.bin
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