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  1. Thanks for the note - always nice to hear someone is using these! I've been working on some more era-realistic graphics and will make sure to update this one when I'm finished.
  2. THIS - a million times over, in bold and 72-point font. Nothing more dejecting than realizing you flubbed something along the way and have to start from scratch.
  3. Just speaking for myself, yes... ish. I've updated previously patched roms to change other features such as ice and other edits to jersey and pant striping. In my particular case the issues came about after changing stick tape to blade color in advance of changing the (patched) stick color to a dark gray.
  4. Strangely enough I ran into something very similar today while updating sprites to match current IIHF national teams' jersey styles. Everything was good until I changed the stick color and then helmet colors went haywire for several teams. Funny thing is that it seems to primarily affect tiles which contain an "eyeball" which is also the color that I used for the sticks...
  5. It's easy to extract the player photos, you would just need to rescale them unless you've got some *really* tiny frames...
  6. If you have any luck with extending the barriers I volunteer to redo the rink graphics.
  7. Yikes, that's even more of a jumbled mess than expected... I'm building some historical rink layouts and am almost finished with a 1950s style that has blue kickplates instead of today's yellow. I changed out the yellow everywhere except for those referee popups (you might notice it in the top picture) and it was really bugging me. Some of the yellow pixels in that jumbled mess are part of the kickplates, others are not. Going to be a lot of trial and error! I had already given up any hope of orange ref shirts but those would look so nice.
  8. Anyone know where to find these guys?
  9. I was heading in the opposite direction with 2 kids in tow, having a spirited discussion as to whether or not Dippin' Dots counted as a treat because it's not "really" ice cream
  10. @Puck Junk Was that you at the Chicago Wolves game tonight sporting the Blades of Steel jersey???
  11. Dug this up on @swos old site and found it useful. Same info as wboy's above but not tied to the rink and a nice big font for us old folks. I've also attached a text file with the hex values of the tiles for the rink layout. First digit: 1 - Ice (366884, 1st palette) 2 - Rink (366884, 2nd palette) 3 - Home team palette 4 - Away team palette Second digit: To flip horizontally, change from 0 to 1 (or 1 to 2) To flip vertically, change from 0 to 8 (or 1 to 9) Rink layout text.txt
  12. I appreciate the thought put into the goalie ratings. I've been guilty of oversimplifying at times into "good goalie", "average goalie" and "bad goalie" because the effects of the ratings haven't been documented and discussed nearly as well as those for the skaters.
  13. The logo is Slapshot's masterpiece... I'll be working on that for the next rom, hopefully before too long.
  14. Thanks to Slapshot for creating the center ice logo and trophy, Mitch for getting Gord Miller's face to not look like he had mumps, the Sauce and King Raph for general know-how and anyone else who's work I "borrowed" and/or built upon... 2019 WJC.bin