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  1. You'll still need to downsize further, center ice logos are only 32 pixels vertical and that's where you really start to lose detail. Your colors will also be pretty limited. For Belfast, you can use the stick color as your "yellow" and the face color for the skin. Skate color will give you a "white" and then a teal, black and red from the uniform. You don't get many colors to work with.
  2. Thanks guys! UPDATE - definitely works. Only had to sit through 3 x 5:00 periods, a 10:00 overtime and almost 2 more 5:00 periods before a visitor penalty was called to check it out
  3. Appears as though those two lower leg tiles are pulling the home team palette instead of the visitors...
  4. For doing the center ice logos, at least the method that I use, the first order of business is to make the uniforms (or strips, or kit ) so that you know what colors you are going to end up with in order to create your logo. I like using the logos from sportslogos.net because they are I use GIMP - mostly because it is free and I've figured out how to do what I need to with it. I'll create a new palette only using the colors from the uniform palette and then force that palette to be used by the logo to create a new version. I just slapped one together quickly, you could probably clean that up a little but it wouldn't get significantly better.
  5. Any leads on where to go to fix this??? Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Just noticed it and now it is driving me insane...
  6. For center ice logos your hands are really tied. First, there's only so much detail you can fit into 32x48 pixels. Sadly, most of the more modern logos have a lot going on and it's nearly impossible to capture at such a small scale. Second, you are limited to whatever colors are part of your team home uniforms (along with the common colors for ice, stick, face, gloves and shadows). For your Giants logo in particular you would be looking for colors that likely wouldn't be available to use. To do a common logo you would need to make some changes in a HEX editor to have all the teams use the rink palette instead of the uniform palette.
  7. This is awesome. I'm really not a player (my kids routinely beat me ) but willing to support any way I can.
  8. Thank you for posting this - awesome to see it somewhere other than my laptop! Was very relieved to see that first penalty go off without a hitch, that's where I was getting my glitch. Accidentally overwrote something somewhere that I shouldn't have...
  9. Didn't want to let the cat out of the bag or step on anyone's toes but I've already started on artwork for CHL ROMs. I have an unfinished WJC '20 ROM that I'd like to get out of my projects folder first. I have two sons that play and I work for the Chicago Steel in the USHL so without hockey I've had a lot more spare time for... hockey. (I need to get a life) Goal is to give each league their own ROM like the NCAA ones with a combined "Memorial Cup" ROM of the top teams across the 3 leagues. As @The Sauce mentioned, the tools are all out there and most people are very gracious with their time and expertise and are willing to help out if you're putting in the effort - sometimes even if you aren't
  10. Hope I rated him high enough. No pressure...
  11. I recommend it... The lines and defensive pairings are based on actual lines used by the teams (some teams mixed up their lines more than others so they're not 100%). No Line Changes uses the highest rated player at each position. When using line changes many teams have very solid first and second lines, some even have a pretty decent 3rd line.
  12. Just a couple quick notes... Yes, this one does play faster than the individual conference ROMs that I did. I balanced the teams within their conferences but I did not re-balance them for this ROM. Since you're getting the better teams there are more highly-rated players. As for team selection, I took the Top 32 teams from the final NCAA Pairwise rankings at the end of the season. The playoff draws are based on the actual seeding methodology (such as no matchups within the same conference in the first round) and are weighted by the bubble teams' odds of making the bracket. Sorry, just not enough time or energy to do individual player photos... Makes the ROM feel a little incomplete to me but there's around 1,500 college hockey players.
  13. Sorry for taking so long on this, ran into some technical issues... Came across a glitch while play testing that took forever to find. If you have any issues please let me know. 2020 Frozen Four.bin
  14. Love this! Such a shame that this can't be OT...
  15. With current rosters? I'm currently working on the Frozen Four but if that's what you are looking for I could put that together rather quickly.