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  1. Thanks! I've played a few new guys already...some great skils! King of 94 will stay as a live event. SoChel is the online event. I'm not sure if this will be a one time thing or if we'll do it again next year. I guess we'll see how the next couple of weeks go
  2. Registrations for the SoChel Distancing NHL94 tournament ended earlier today and there some new places to add to the map! Nevada, South Carolina and Finland! In total: 30 States, 9 Provinces and Territories and 7 countries!
  3. Great work. UAH is reinstated after raising over $750,000 in private donations. getting this out in social media land! Thanks again!
  4. People are loving it! Great job man! 48 downloads today is a great start!
  5. Thanks for creating this! I shared it on social media.
  6. There’s about 260 sign ups and it’s around a 61/39 split for in favour of sega registrations.
  7. Players from 27 States, 9 Provinces and Territories and 4 European countries have registered for the SoChel NHL94 tournament!
  8. @kgman think you'll come out of hiatus to play?
  9. This is an incredible list. Well done @CoachMac and @slapshot67
  10. Welcome to the site. The bigger question is why you are looking for them? Roms take a very long time to build and are passions projects for those that complete theirs. While someone may accept your request to do one of these, I'd encourage you to also learn to hack the game and complete these on your own. The community is very helpful answering questions but if you read through some of the topics you'll likely find what you need. Download NOSE (link below)
  11. Welcome to the site! Not sure if we've had any from Ireland here before, but we did have one guy who was from Northern Ireland play in some leagues several years back and he was pretty good.
  12. @chaos. Thanks again for doing the background work in all of this. Really appreciated!