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  1. welcome back blake!
  2. Also it's crazy to me that there's 25 guys rated 100 in the game. (I'm pretty sure this must be an error, since the rest of the stats to do not reflect that.)
  3. I remember hating SNES NHL95 when I first got it. But I've played a bunch lately and it's a decent game. Still not as good as 94 obviously. But definitely a fun game to play.
  4. thanks for joining. what country do you live in?
  5. awesome to here...maybe you'll join us online. where do you reside?
  6. enjoy your time around here! if you want to play online...follow the steps in this link. https://nhl94online.com/html/getting-started.php and I recommend you join the discord as well. great place to ask for help if needed (the discord link is inside the one i posted)
  7. welcome to the forums! (and i saw you joined the discord also).
  8. Thank you again on behalf of the community. I’ve shared it on the nhl’94 twitter account and in the nhl’94 Facebook group.
  9. Welcome to the site! Saw that you joined classic league. Good luck this season!
  10. Thanks again for this rom. @BigValboskiand I are running a short tournament online. We’re close to being done the round robin and there’s been 6 OT games already!
  11. halifax

    2021 KHL

    Thank you @Jkline3for continuing to make roms like this for the community.
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