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  1. Welcome! What brings you here? playing new roms? online league interest? or something else?
  2. Thanks for doing this bud. Tourney at my place. You in?
  3. Wait? What? You are able to change the centre ice logos for SNES NHL94? This would a break through that has never been seen on this site. And you would have a TON of us forever grateful. No one has ever been able to figure it out. How are you doing it?
  4. Man. What an amazing thread of work! I love international hockey. And this some great work! I’ve plastered it all over social media. Hopefully you’ll get a lot of downloads today. thank you for all of this!
  5. I put this on Social media today. thanks again for your hard work and contribution to the community!
  6. Forgot to mention I put this on social media recently when you updated it...i think at the time you were around 117 downloads...i see its up to 325 now! Great job and thanks again for your contribution to the community!
  7. Just wanted to congratulate @smozoma for winning the Bud of the year in an extremely close race!
  8. 2020 has been an amazing a year for the community. I believe it has been our GREATEST year ever! It has seen huge growth in community member, in our online presence, our social media presence, and seen more roms being created perhaps more than any other year. The SoChel Distancing tournament was a major success (156 registrations and nearly $5000 raised for charity) for this community . Many people that played init are still around playing today. This resulted in the largest classic league ever (100+ registration for the first time). King of 94 was played online this year as well with 8
  9. I think you need to buy with NHL21...$65USD or $85 CAD last i heard. There's a retro package they are selling that comes with nhl94 rewind. when you get it...lets connect and play!
  10. Just saving this as it was the funniest post I’ve ever read on these forums.
  11. Team ratings Ana 62 Ari 66 Bos 77 Buf 64 Cal 67 Car 72 Chi 66 Clb 68 Col 73 Dal 70 Det 54 Edm 69 Fla 64 La 60 Min 68 Mtl 65 Nas 72 Nj 61 Nyi 67 Nyr 64 Ott 57 Phi 70 Pit 72 Sj 62 Stl 75 Tb 78 Tor 73 Van 68 Veg 73 Was 74 Wpg 71 Ase 89 Asw 92
  12. If you already purchased nhl21, It looks like you can buy nhl’94 rewind. https://help.ea.com/en-us/help/nhl/how-to-get-nhl-94-rewind/
  13. Amazing collection @clockwise