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  1. Mike took the video down for purchase a while ago. So it sounds like, unless you already bought, you cant view it. I believe he will release it on youtube at some point. (I've been trying to see if he'll do that now since people want content to watch).
  2. Not sure if you are being serious or just trolling but I’ll bite. I disagree that shutting down sports (and any other events that have large amounts of people in one area) is a bad thing. while it’s true that most of us will be fine since those that are at higher risk are -are 60 years of age and over -have a long-term medical condition – for example, heart disease, lung disease, diabetes, cancer or high blood pressure -have a weak immune system (immunosuppressed) Theres only so much capacity that hospitals can handle. There’s only so many doctors, nurses etc to help with patients that need care. If the healthcare system gets overwhelmed because a ton of people are all sick at the same time. Many of them, That really need medical attention, won’t get treatment because there isn’t the capacity to do so. So then their chances of survival decrease dramatically. This article gives a great break down of how viruses spread but also how but using social distancing to help reduce us getting sick sooner rather later(which is preferred) https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/2020/world/corona-simulator/
  3. I want to attend this. Hopefully I'll see you there @kgman!
  4. Interesting to know. I would think there must be a different version of the game as Evan is perfect and doesn’t make mistakes. I googled Jelinek and can’t find any instance where he played D. He always listed as a winger.
  5. I'd been meaning to do this for a while and just point out some differences between the SNES and SEGA rosters. I referenced the NHL'94 roster link which is based on the Sega version. https://nhl94.com/html/teamprofile.php?team=ANA I'd perhaps request that @Evan look at providing an update to reflect both consoles from my notes below . It's been noted that in Sega the expansion players appear twice in the game. Once on their original team and again on the team that drafted them. The duplicated players situation doesn't occur in SNES. I've always thought that ALL players on the Florida and Anaheim expansion teams were duplicated but have found this not to be the case. Here's what I've learned. ANAHEIM 1. Both Console rosters are the same. 2. Bill Houlder, Bobby Dollas, Dennis Vial and Tim Sweeney played in 1992-1993 season but were not in NHL'94 on their previous teams. BOSTON 1. Gord Murphy (expansion draft) is on the SEGA roster and not in SNES. 2. When Line changes are off, Don Sweeney is starting in SNES. In Sega, it's Glen Wesley. BUFFALO 1. Bob Corkum (expansion draft) is on the SEGA roster and not in SNES. CALGARY 1. Brian Skrudland and Alexander Godynyuk (expansion draft) are on the SEGA roster and not in SNES. CHICAGO 1. Stu Grimson (expansion draft) is on the SEGA roster and not in SNES. 2. When Line changes are off, Michel Goulet is starting in SNES. In Sega, it's Christian Ruutuu. DALLAS 1. Both Console rosters are the same. DETROIT 1. Both Console rosters are the same. EDMONTON 1. Ron Tugnutt and Scott Mellanby (expansion draft) are on the SEGA roster and not in SNES. FLORIDA 1. Both Console rosters are the same. 2. Jesse Belanger played in 1992-1993 season but was not in NHL'94 on the previous team. HARTFORD 1. Randy Ladouceur and Terry Yake (expansion draft) are on the SEGA roster and not in SNES. LOS ANGELES 1. Lonnie Loach (expansion draft) is on the SEGA roster and not in SNES. MONTREAL 1. Sean Hill (expansion draft) is on the SEGA roster and not in SNES. NEW JERSEY 1. Alexei Kasatonov (expansion draft) is on the SEGA roster and not in SNES. NY ISLANDERS 1. Mark Fitzpatrick and Tom Fitzgerald (expansion draft) are on the SEGA roster and not in SNES. 2. Daniel Marois appeared in the SEGA version and not in the SNES version. He was not part of the expansion draft. NY RANGERS 1. John Vanbiesbrouck, Steven King and Joe Cirella (expansion draft) are on the SEGA roster and not in SNES. 2. Mike Richter is starting in SNES since there is no back up. In Sega, it's John Vanbiesbrouck. OTTAWA 1. Tomas Jelinek is listed as a forward in SEGA (Correct), but for some strange reason, he's a defenceman in SNES (incorrect). PHILADELPHIA 1. Gord Hynes and Andrei Lomakin (expansion draft) are on the SEGA roster and not in SNES. PITTSBURGH 1. Troy Loney (expansion draft) is on the SEGA roster and not in SNES. QUEBEC 1. Bill Lindsay and Mike Hough (expansion draft) are on the SEGA roster and not in SNES. SAN JOSE 1. David Williams and Robin Bawa (expansion draft) are on the SEGA roster and not in SNES. 2. When Line changes are off, Johan Garpenlov is starting in SNES. In Sega, it's Rob Gaudreau. ST. LOUIS 1. Guy Hebert and Dave Lowry (expansion draft) are on the SEGA roster and not in SNES. TAMPA BAY 1. Randy Gilhen (expansion draft) is on the SEGA roster and not in SNES. TORONTO 1. Both Console rosters are the same. VANCOUVER 1. Anatoli Semenov (expansion draft) is on the SEGA roster and not in SNES. WASHINGTON 1. Both Console rosters are the same. WINNIPEG 1. Both Console rosters are the same.
  6. To add to this, we did this swiss as well, which I agree, I think worked nicely for this size tournament. And then divided it at the end based on wins. 4 Game RR (3 wins or more in A), ( 2 wins in B), (1 win or less in C). So the math works outs to 5,6,5 based on 16 players. The interesting thing is that I also put in a rule that you could move up if you wanted to. Nobody exercised the option at a chance for the top 3 and preferred just to stay in their own bracket. Which (albeit a small sample size) told me that it was a good format for the crowd. Ultimately, I think that for all of use as tournament organizers we want to determine what we want the outcome of our tournament to be. For the Saskatoon tournaments, I'll continue with this route since there's a smaller size and a very wide gap in skill between the top players and bottom players. For King of 94, It'll probably remain as is for a while. It's intended for those that want to be the best(or to try and beat the best along the way). The Duke of 94, which is kind of like a B tournament but it's not really restricted if a good player wants to play in it (Liek SOH last year). By making the Duke of 94 auto goalie only, I think it evens the playing field and it's less money to play in (and less prize money) so I think it serves it purpose in a different way. Great thread. thanks for the discussion topic @kingraph. I could talk tourneys and formats and rules etc. all day. Just ask @smozomalol.
  7. 16 players I had. It was an SNES tournament. There's lots of us. My point was, people don't want to pay to get their butts kicked if they are generally not good at the game. They'll pay once or twice, but I think that many eventually will stop attending.
  8. I meant to say that he won by one goal each game (but i was probably thinking 6 goals total in 6 games).
  9. Something I've tried with the last Saskatoon tournament is to essentially divide the playoffs up so that guys are facing people at similar skill level. As Segathon mentioned, a lot of guys don't want to get their butt kicked. They just want to enjoy it. The A, B and C playoffs that I had, everyone enjoyed it as a lot of their games were really close. The top 3 guys in A still got rewarded with a rpize and the B and C champion also got to pick a really awesome prize. I think the guy in C won every playoff game(6 straight) all by 6 goals 1 goal. If we just had one overall tournament, he would've got slaughtered. To me, that is the biggest difference in all of this and I also think the biggest factor in people wanting to come back. I'm gonna test it out again with the Sega tournament I'm gonna do in late spring/early summer.
  10. Lol. My buddy brought his system. He only had rf and it was running a bit late so we just went with it.
  11. The Saskatoon Tournament Finished up yesterday. Here was a breakdown of the tournament format and results. 1. It was a Round Robin Swiss Tournament. So each round players were playing against someone with the exact same record. 2. 16 players, 4 games played per player. We had 8 setups so there was no wait time. 3. Those that won 3 or more games played in the A playoffs, those who 2 games played in the B, those who won one game or less played in the C. 4. Players had the option to move up one level if they chose to. Ex. A "C" player could choose to move up to the "B" playoffs or a "B "player could choose to move up to the "A" playoffs. No one could move down a playoffs (one player did ask me that though) :D. In the end, no one exercised this option. 5. There were 5 prizes. $150 cash, $80 Cash, $50 gift certificate from the brewhouse and a couple of NHL jerseys. *Teemu Selanne (Jets) and Ryan Nugent Hopkins (Oilers) 6.The top three players in A got their first picks of the prizes, The B champion got the 4th pick and the C champion got what was left. 7. @stheds2000 (1st place "A") took the $150, @The90Jacket (2nd place "A") to the $80 Cash, I (3rd place "A") told Jared (before we played the third place game) that he would get to pick his prize as I wasn't going to take anything. He took the Selanne Jersey. Steve ("B" Champion) took the $50 Gift Certificate and Jonn ("C" Champion) took the Nugent-Hopkins jersey, which he later sold to my buddy Matt (who's a big oilers fan). 8. The champion for each playoffs got a trophy. Round Robin - > https://challonge.com/SNES_FEB_2020_Round_Robin "A" PLayoffs - > https://challonge.com/SNES_FEB_2020_A_Playoffs "B" PLayoffs - > https://challonge.com/SNES_FEB_2020_B_Playoffs "C" PLayoffs - > https://challonge.com/SNES_FEB_2020_C_Playoffs I think it ended up being a good format. Guys liked that they were playing guys of similar skill in the playoffs and there were a lot of close playoff games. The guy who didn't win any games played 6 games and lost 5 of them by one goal. I think everyone enjoyed it. I'll post pictures soon. I was interviewed by CTV Saskatoon. I haven't seen the video yet but I'll post when I get it. Here's the story. https://saskatoon.ctvnews.ca/sports-and-video-game-enthusiast-face-off-at-nhl-94-tournament-1.4814607 SASKATOON -- The Canadian Brewhouse in Stonebridge was host to a nostalgic video game tournament on Sunday, playing the classic hockey video game NHL ‘94. Event organizer Darrell Sampson has hosted the event in multiple cities around North America in the past, such as Las Vegas, New York, and Toronto. "The nostalgia from it has grown over many years," Sampson said. "Guys in their 30s and 40s that played as a kid are still playing today." The tournament in Toronto was the first attempt at hosting the video game competition, and Sampson said 128 people were in attendance. But why play a video game that’s more than 25 years old? "It was the first time they had NHL teams and players in the same game. They introduced the one-timer that game, and manual goalie control. It was probably the first time it felt like a real video game for NHL," Samspon said. Several rules were in place to keep the tournament fair. Players had to manual control their goalies, teams were picked after a coin toss and there was a six goal mercy rule in case anyone got carried away with the score. 16 competitors were signed up to face-off against each other in Saskatoon at The Canadian Brewhouse for a cash prize and bragging rights.
  12. I go back n forth in this. But I think for an event you should be able to pick your partner. if it’s after hours at the hotel with the boys drinking Mountain Dew, Then an A players drafting their partners.