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  1. I think we are getting the greatest remake of a video game of all time. With online play. https://comicbook.com/gaming/amp/news/nhl-94-rewind-ratings-board-listing-leaks/
  2. halifax

    QMJHL 2020

    This is awesome! (You made this rom for me. didn’t you. )
  3. I think you're fine. hacking is a generally collaborative community regardless of the game. welcome!
  4. I might be biased but when I made the SNES WHA Rom I out guys in multiple teams. It’s a much smaller sample size but I gave those guys different rating depending on how they performed on that team. much like you’d give gretzky a higher rating in Edmonton vs Los Angeles.
  5. did you finish this hack? would love to try it out. thanks!
  6. evan needs more love from you guys.
  7. Saw these today. Thought it was interesting choices
  8. @Sauce sent you a pm. Kindly respond today if possible
  9. I love the kraken name! Thanks for doing this @Sauce I social media’d that out there.
  10. Happy that you made your way here! most times when I tag guys in on Twitter they don't bother. Great having you around!
  11. jmomo assigned the leafs
  12. therexershow takes mtl