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  1. For playing, that sounds right. Mikey has been to all 3.
  2. You’re too kind bud. Im much farther down. As as an aside there’s one guy who’s from van and played Jamil in some exhis and did really well. His cousin used to play online. And will be there too. Dethrox was his name. Really good player. Snes will be a bloodbath.
  3. Thanks bud. I take a lot of pride of making things run as smooth as possible.
  4. halifax

    Nintendo Switch - SNES NHL 94 Online Play

    you just love to rain on my parade bud.
  5. halifax

    Nintendo Switch - SNES NHL 94 Online Play

    They released Nintendo games yesterday which included ice hockey and Tecmo bowl and it was for online play. Snes games can’t be to far behind And sega games will be there as well https://www.polygon.com/2018/9/18/17873834/sega-genesis-classics-nintendo-switch-sonic-golden-axe-release-date-price No nhl94 however but I suppose a glimmer of me had hope that maybe we could get it since Tecmo bowl made it in
  6. sad times bud. but I understand. We'll be back out east in 2019.
  7. halifax

    95 the year 2020

    welcome back!
  8. im buying like 10 for the game bud. they changed the yellow to gold...looks awesome.
  9. halifax

    95 the year 2020

    I think I'd rather organize it
  10. Early on in the day Colton Orr as playing another guy, then a glitch happened and both their nets disappeared.
  11. halifax

    95 the year 2020

    95 for SNES was unbelievably bad. Never played the sega version though. @segathan lol...love that graphic!
  12. made a couple mistakes in there. meant to say raph was "nhl94 sega world record holder"...not "snes sega record holder".. and the brewhouse is in richmond not burnaby. probably had some other errors...but it was fun nonetheless. @smozoma thanks for recording!
  13. @zippy. do you have results for the previous tournaments somewhere online?
  14. Don't play on crutches bud.:)