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  1. @Bob Kudelski and I And gonna have a huge Griffey battle in Toronto. Main stage.
  2. This is really neat analysis. Thank you for doing that! I'm probably gonna stay at the four points (super8).
  3. yeah. I think i signed up for the forums right around this time as well. My first online game Ever played was against @schwartz
  4. HA.....this is many years ago. all the other guys in this thread are excellent 94 players and I've been trying to get them to King of 94 every time.
  6. thanks again for putting the stream together!
  7. happy to have you back! good luck on the house and everything!
  8. Post any questions you may have and we'll answer them on our podcast next week! (I'll post the link once everything is set up).
  9. Registration will be up June 1st, 2019 Some things that are new for this year's tournament. 1. "Duke of 94" tournament. -> pick any team you want, auto goalie, no penalties. 5 min periods, no offside. 2. Single Elimination wild card playoff - If you do not win the required number of games you get thrown into a "last chance" to qualify for the playoffs. 3. Entire playoffs will be double elimination. 4. NBA JAM T.E. tournament added in at the end of the day. 5. I plan to find @clockwise and bring him there. #BucketListItem.
  10. Awesome stuff bud. Loving seeing new mods being made! join us in september for the world championships perhaps? go to ---> www.kingof94.ca welcome...thanks for making those tiered graphics! Would love to see the blues win it this year. (even thought it would hurt my hockey pool).
  11. awesome....i might have to buy now.
  12. I think you can over lap tier 2 above to tier 1 and below to tier 2 toronto could be overlapped above to tier 3 tier 5 could be overlapped above to tier 4 and below to tier 6 tier 7 is all by itself. no overlap. But as bobk said...snes the I think the overall gap is much closer than Sega.