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  1. halifax

    Pixelated Heroes Available Now

    Don't think there is.
  2. halifax

    2018 Classic Fall League

    I was like 10% joking and 90% serious...retroarch for life bud! Let's do this!
  3. halifax

    NHL'94 World Rankings List!

    @smozoma updated the world rankings. Seriously, who here doesn't love smoz?
  4. Thanks bud. Next year we'll go to a two day event. Sega one day and SNES the next. I think this will help having smoz and I in the same area covering the same things instead of being split apart. And yes...more help is better. If you and @chaos were here....you would've helped us right?
  5. halifax

    No love for the original NHL Hockey?

    I’m not even sure that the players are different. The Soviet Union has #66 and #68 on their team. Just a perfect choice for KGBman.
  6. Apologies for the lateness on this. I've downloaded @Xstioph s2v2 rom. I was wondering if someone would be willing to quickly put together a SNES 2v2 rom I could use for vancouver with equal ratings(say all players at 80ish), like the one for Sega. And maybe include some cool pairings that guys in vancouver might like to use, by perhaps replacing some other teams with the jerseys (1980s yellow shirts, 2000s Orcas jersyss, todays unis.) naslund/bertuzzi (Orcas) boeser/horvat/petterson (todays colors) smyl/gradin (1980s) sedin/sedin (todays jerseys) Linden/Bure (no change needed) Or create one for Sega Genesis Again my apologies for the lateness..I thought of this a long time ago, and it didn't occur to me until know when i was messagin coach earlier today about 4 way adapters. It would be needed to be done by wednesday (or maybe thursday). If not, I'll make due, but just was throwing a hail mary for some help. My plan was to have an end of day tournament for 2v2 (small one). for one or both systems. Thanks in Advance(if possible).
  7. I'll be bringing a 4 way for snes and an ever drive. @CoachMac said he can bring an everdrive. can anyone bring a 4 way for Sega?
  8. halifax

    King of 94 III Groups

    I'll update this with any new entries as we go. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vTQsTGaReT6-tTj2b1Y8FUtVGcNdiCa5NP1eZbnb6eLQTtmVfMxoa9h9a8hbfmHGH0M4qP9JzwiGasW/pubhtml Everyone attending was sent an email with some more information on the day.
  9. halifax

    2018 Classic Fall League

    we will phase it all out completely with the new league. right @chaos?
  10. Dan Riccio and Randa Janda from Sportsnet Vancouver will be playing in the tournament as well!
  11. This is the exciting news we’ve been holding on to and can finally announce this today. Very excited and congrats to @angryjay93!!
  12. Just got word that I'll be on air with them the friday before the tournament! Super excited about this!
  13. halifax

    NHL 2019 by Skip & Slapshot67

    I posted this on FB and twitter. Thanks again guys for doing this!