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  1. The very first King of 94 Champion, Mikael, has registered for the tournament!
  2. Mikey shipped 5 systems for each console. I was going to bring some consoles but i realized that the trophies (6 of them) take up space(and weight) for the plane. So I may only bring one or two.
  3. YESSS BUDDY! bring it along...(you can actually leave it at the venue....they will keep it there year round!
  4. @chaos cant make it this time. I think raph has a copy of 2 on 2.
  5. The idea is awesome and I would've like to have done this but I've decided to stay in a hotel close to the venue since I'll have to get up early on both saturday and sunday to make sure everything is set up and ready to go for the day. 28 people have signed up for the weekend so far.
  6. @Bob Kudelski and I And gonna have a huge Griffey battle in Toronto. Main stage.
  7. This is really neat analysis. Thank you for doing that! I'm probably gonna stay at the four points (super8).
  8. yeah. I think i signed up for the forums right around this time as well. My first online game Ever played was against @schwartz
  9. HA.....this is many years ago. all the other guys in this thread are excellent 94 players and I've been trying to get them to King of 94 every time.
  11. thanks again for putting the stream together!
  12. happy to have you back! good luck on the house and everything!