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  1. Bid posted. I trust xot. He’s a good fella. Played a ton back in the day and smashed a lot of buds while he was at it!
  2. @smozoma It’s not nhl luc Robitaille’s twitter. Just wanted to make someone named luc Robitaille feel special
  3. Why do you have to be mean bud?
  4. Don’t let some old thread steal your thunder. That guy is clearly the billy Mitchell of nhl’94
  5. It’s always better to assume they are lying about their scores. So our self esteem remains steady.
  6. Thanks for fixing bud. Next time post a video apologizing for the mistake.
  7. I would say snes for sure. When I spoke to Dan ( snes world record holder) about his score, he told me he feels he Could beat it by quite abit more. Thanks for sharing these links it’s awesome to read through and see what people were saying 25 years ago new segment for the Facebook page
  8. Good point. I know in the tomczak bowl, they roll a dice that determines the tier selected.
  9. Tweeted this out. Thanks Jkline3!
  10. The first time I saw the tiered system was sometime after Toronto and before Vegas, from a Tecmo tournament called the tomczak bowl. http://tecmotourney.blogspot.com/p/team-tiers.html I liked the idea and Mikey and I talked about it, but then ultimately decided to remain with calling the match up. As per the suggestions above, I think if we asked everyone to come up with a list, everyone would come up with a different list, which, is adding their personal bias much like the suggestions above. I started with a 5 tier list for both systems and ended up with 7 as I was trying to remove my own opinions of who I thought should be where, but rather use a bunch of "data points". After one run through, if i found a team was in a lower tier but played the bulk of their teams in above tiers, that gave me the impression they should be moved up and conversely some teams moved down. I ran it through again and in the end, I added two more tiers based on what I was seeing In Sega, it was showing a lot of situations where tier 2 teams were playing tier 1 teams as well as tier 3 teams. However there was a lost less matches between those in tier 3 against tier 1. So it seem logical to me to create a separate tier for those specific teams. I also think by stretching out to 6 or 7 teams in a group, there's going to be many teams not used. Guys will just pick the best two teams from that group most of the time since the match up selection is no longer required. With 7 tiers, you still have the option to select a tier 2 team and still play against a tier 3 team should they choose to do so. I also think the tier can change over time, (which it seems to have with the tomzcak bowl on version 7).
  11. For the next King of 94, We’ll be moving towards a tiered system. Coin flip. 1. Losing player chooses tier and is visitor. 2. Winning player chooses team from that tier or a team from a tier below and is home. 3. Losing player chooses a team from that tier or a team from a tier below not already chosen. This will give players more options to pick the team they want. There is still some strategy involved if you are trying to restrict a player using his favourite team by picking a lower tier. It removes having to track which match ups you previously picked which was too hard to track. How I came up with a tiered system below. I used team selection choices from past king of 94 matchups. In theory, by running it through a gauntlet of team choices it would be able to give me a better idea of tiered choices people selected and therefore hopefully removing any personal bias on team selection (which I think it did in the end). I ran it through a couple of times to narrow down tiers. Here's what it came up with. SNES Tier 1 - PIT, DET, CHI, BOS Tier 2 - VAN, NYR, CAL, LA Tier 3 - MTL, BUF, QUE, WIN Tier 4 - WAS, TOR, PHI Tier 5 - STL, NJ, DAL Tier 6 - EDM, NYI, HAR Tier 7 - OTT, SJ, TB, FLA, ANA SEGA Tier 1 - DET, CHI, BUF Tier 2 - VAN, LA, MTL Tier 3 - CAL, BOS, WIN Tier 4 - NYR, QUE, DAL, TOR Tier 5 - PHI, PIT, STL, WSH Tier 6 - EDM, NJD, HFD, NYI TIer 7 - OTT, SJ, TB, FLA, ANA
  12. I’d move to Chicago for snes if I get Pittsburgh every week.