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  1. William Nylander from the leafs changed his number from 29 to 88 this year.
  2. Have to change William Nylander's number from 29 to 88
  3. Its almost Opening night! Cant wait! Hockeys back!!!
  4. You're awesome! Cant wait till opening night.
  5. Can't wait! Thanks for all your hard work all season
  6. Is there going to be a Trade deadline update?
  7. Since William Nylander still doesnt have a contract with the Leafs, Will he still be on the team in your start of season rom?
  8. Can't wait till your start of the season rom drops!
  9. Thanks for this. It will hold me over till the fully updated version in october.
  10. Any idea when the trade deadline update will be online?
  11. thank very much for all your hard work.
  12. Hopefully we get it before the long weekend is over.