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  1. Any idea when your season opener rom is begin released?
  2. Any luck on NFL Blitz with updated rosters on the ps1?
  3. This is awesome. Thank you for this. Is there any chance you can do this to a ps1 version of blitz?
  4. Do you think its possible for the next update to change the Toronto Raptors uniforms colours to red and black. they havent used the Barney purple in years. Thanks.
  5. Thanks for your hard work.
  6. Anybody able to make a quick video of gameplay? Id like to add it to my retroarch. Thanks
  7. Great work on this. Will there be an updated version of the rom with the 1player team (Jeremy Roenick) fix?
  8. Thank you for all your hard work.
  9. How can you support it if it was only a preorder bonus?
  10. Thats a cool cover to reflect the times. it would be cool if you could find a picture of one of the rinks used during the playoffs. Maybe make a rom with no fans in the stands???