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  1. The Saskatoon A-Team: @stheds2000 (Hannibal), @The90Jacket (The Face), @tylerdeanhill (B.A. Baracus) and I (Murdoch) decided we are long overdue for a SNES tourney here and so I set one up at the Canadian Brewhouse for Sunday, Feb.16th.The 4 of us (and anyone else who wants to attend) will battle it out for the famous NHL94 Jacket that has been passed down through generations. @angryjay93 and @Bob Kudelski said it was their favourite spot to hang out when it's -35 outside. https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/super-nintendo-nhl94-tournament-tickets-89692317135
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    It’s as if the message was written in a different language and google translate was used and then copied and pasted.
  3. Is there a zip file somewhere on the forums with all the logos? I feel like there is and I can't find it. Have tried a few searches so far and nothing doing.
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    95 the year 2020

    Just checking in on this as now I’m about 60% chance of attending. what percentage are you guys giving yourself Of making it at this point? I believe it will be at waves egaming, Toronto, August 1st 2020 @kingraph @DSgamby @mack @CoachMac @Maitrefun @jer_33 @kgman @segathon -> 100% did I miss anyone?
  5. Congrats @chaos! now three time bud of the year. Instead of money, chaos asked me to send him a Super Nintendo to replace his burnt melted one. It’s in the mail. Should be there at some point.
  6. Thanks for sharing bud. @Bob Kudelski sent me a text yesterday showing me that. I then proceeded to call him from to talk about it and everything else nhl’94.
  7. #TheGaAwakens is my new favourite hashtag.
  8. I recently posted a meme on social media that was negative in nature against NHL95. So I’m being investigated by the international retro gaming community for video game racism . Not eligible for the bud of the year award.
  9. Ola buds, This year has three excellent choices for Bud of the Year. The bud of the year for me is a good ambassador for the community and has done something extra special for the community in the past 12 months or so. 1. @chaos - He's been the online league guru, helping set up leagues and assisting many members with RetroArch. 2. @Puck Junk - Wrote the greatest article ever written about NHL94 (https://thehockeynews.com/all-access/article/the-making-of-nhl-94-an-oral-history) and won an award for this in 2019 from the Society of Professional Journalist for "Best Sports Story in a Magazine". 3. @smozoma - Created and has maintained the NHL'94 World Rankings and was a key part in the success of the King of 94 tournament. Voting closes January 1st! Previous Winners 2009 - @smozoma 2010 - @smozoma 2011 - @smozomaand @dan_lizhot 2012 - @smozoma and @dan_lizhot 2013 - @kingraph 2014 - @chaos 2015 - @McMikey 2016 - @angryjay93 2017 - @slapshot67 2018 - @chaos
  10. Thanks @naples39! I’ll share it out.
  11. First I'd like to thank @clockwise for volunteering to look after this. He's the 2v2 guru imo. Just some thoughts from comments made already 1. I'd say for the first one, we leave money out of it. 2. I'm kinda torn on how teams are picked. I like the idea of just picking a buddy and playing. But I'd voted for captains not being able to pick other captains. Pairs would likely be more even and produce closer games, which is always more fun than blow outs. 3. I'd recommend keeping it on the same day(instead of seperate days). Most people that play on their favourite systems are there for two nights. They'd now have to stay three nights just to play 2 v 2. There's King players and there's Duke players. I think everyone should have a chance to play 2v2, the same day. This also means I need to re-visit scheduling for King of 94. I've been looking at some ways of reducing time and games. ex. Having 4 RR wins (instead of 3) to move on the final bracket and putting the rest in the single elim wild card bracket to qualify. Also, going back to a best of 1 on the loser bracket side until the final 4 perhaps.
  12. Welcome to the site @tonytwist. I thought we used to have another forum member go by that name as well. So I was surprised to see that it was available. Reminds me of one of my favourite "The Office" quotes. "No one steals from Creed Bratton and gets away with it.The last person to do this disappeared. His name, Creed Bratton."
  13. Hey Fellas, I don't think there's many forums buds here from Edmonton (Matticefire is the only one I know of). But, having a tournament there that I had there from two years ago. Last time we had 9 sega players and 14 SNES players. I know Jeremy (the guy who won Sega in Edmonton and also competedn Vancouver) will be going. I have a friend that lives about 30 mins away from the venue so I'm going to visit him for the weekend and throw on a tourney while I'm at it. https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/doug-weight-classic-ii-nhl94-tournament-registration-77751417583
  14. welcome to the site! I'd recommend joining the discord server as well (best place to ask for online games). click here ---> https://discordapp.com/invite/kvYSWWC
  15. my whole cast was biased bud. I got called out in it. Next time I’m just talking about @smozoma the entire time.
  16. Thanks for bringing up Jam. I signed up for snes but then I just gave my spot away to vocally caged. Big shout out to @CanadianDennis for basically taking over for me for snes jam. For sega, This took time out of my day that probably was not a good use of my time. I’d like to keep jam as part of the overall event but I think it would have to someone else to take it over and run with it for next year. it needs to be it’s own thing. It needs to have it’s own social media and everything else. I realized after this weekend that I just don’t want to dedicate the time to that moving forward.
  17. Thanks again buddy! The Roenick video was obtained by @davefmurray and he generously provided it to us. I had to keep this a secret for like 8 months. Sidorkiewicz: HAHA. I don't really think about it to much. Just whatever comes to mind. I'm sure it would sound better if I did a little prep work. The Duke of 94 format was a combination of some ideas that smoz and I were throwing around. The name was branded by @McMikey. I really enjoyed it. Here's what it did. Two of the guys that played in the Duke have said they're moving up to the King next year. One guy after going 0-6 or 1-5, said he wants to come back but to play in the duke instead. That tells me it's serving it's purpose. To encourage people to move up and give an option for those that aren't as good. So i think there's value there. My hope is that when they TSN segment airs, that will create brand recognition for next year's tournament. there's people out there that don't know about us. Halifax is a city in Nova Scotia. People that live there are called Haligonians. My name came about because I was too dumb to know what a forum was in 2006 when I signed up. So picked my city I was living in as a username. Very Lame I know. Clockwise: I laughed at that story. I got the same reaction when I heard "Hey Halifax". I'm thinking "do i know you?" The "middle linebacker" was not what I was expecting, but in the end it was everything that I expected when we chatted. It was perfect.
  18. thanks buddy. It was good to see you again! I looked into food trucks. None would come out because they demand high numbers. Just know that waves egaming has received my feedback and I told them if they had booze and actual food they would've made a ton more money. It's on their plan to expand on this. (They've only been open since november) I can't remember now why we picked that weekend. I know that toronto film festival was the week before and hotels get jacked up. I'll probably look at an october date again. Hockey and BBall will be underway. CFL is still on.
  19. thanks buddy! I think we may have to go back to single game in the loser round, but I think we can improve on on how games are completed. It needs more volunteers to help with score reporting and logging. The morning is the best time to do it I think. With Sega it was a bit awkward because guys had already started playing when i realized that i forgot to give out prizes. Because even when i started calling out numbers there was was still a few people who didn't come up. For super nintendo it went by very quickly. EA handed out tickets while I wet over the details for the day. It work out much better that second day. An inhouse mic is definitely needed. I agree that roles need to be more clearly defined,
  20. Appreciate the kind words. Play by Play hockey was my dream job. But I never stuck with it (my biggest regret in life).
  21. thanks bud. I'm leaning to having it in Vaughn at ewaves gaming again next year. The venue is perfect for the tournament. Having access to all those CRTS (like 20 or 30) is a very big deal to me. Complaints I've gotten from previous venues (dont like playing on the newer tvs, don't like that it was so squished and no room to move around, don't like that they couldn't watch the finals on a small TV). This solves all those issues, but I recognize it creates new ones. New ones that I think can be addressed. Certainly the hotel situation was less than ideal. The consultant I dealt with was a nice guy but in hindsight I think giving three options just made things more spread out. Smoz and I talked earlier and he suggested perhaps finding an Air BNB somewhere between the venue and downtown to a bunch of guys could go in on. I know clock attempted this as well. But now that we know the situation and what we are dealing with, we know how to improve on it.