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  1. I always thought spamming the c button would cause higher decibels but then it would be carse not plabax all over these records
  2. kgman

    Yahoo NFL Survivor Pool

    breasy baby! $13
  3. kgman

    Kgman the king of Canada AMA

    new thrift shop t!
  4. kgman

    95 the year 2020

    kgman just made the list!
  5. kgman

    95 the year 2020

    where is the waterloo tourney cant find the location? friend lives there and goes back for weekends it's a long shot but maybe I can pull a rabbit
  6. kgman

    Kgman the king of Canada AMA

    this how the king gets his sushi!
  7. kgman

    95 the year 2020

    once I win this I'll be the double champ! never been done! I think we need an nhl94 tribe added to that map location?
  8. kgman

    Infamous "Long Stick"

    thrift shop 2.99!
  9. nice work!.........u have my vote for bud of year but kg doesnt like politics and he is working on different extraction methods*
  10. kgman

    95 the year 2020

    I think $3 bus ride to downtown is bit much for me .....count me out!
  11. kgman

    Discord been down for 30 minutes

    kg been down since he was born......f the system
  12. now that's tough ai lol
  13. next tourney in kg country ......Toronto or Montreal! the Montreal strip clubs .......anyone who gets skunked gotta pay for a lap dance
  14. pretty cool! but I know lacrosse when I see it and that is lacrosse lol
  15. GDL salary cap league would be cool.......draft and salary cap would stop people like hokkee from trading away his stars to GM night predators.....but there would have to be a minimum salary cap for that to work....adp would be the salary ...need some math guys to work on this. also starting line cap and one for the bench .....draft would be short and only starting Line......bench draft will start with lowest cap at the top....sober kg is on this ur welcome!