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  1. kgman

    Ready to play first online game?

    or if u live in a city with members u can meet up play live
  2. kgman

    Tournament Format

  3. kgman

    NHL 93 2 on 2

    just wondering if this was possibly created or not .....I'd set both goalies to 99
  4. kgman

    The Time is Now!

    the fact that the NHL actually has penalty called fighting is funny
  5. kgman

    NHL'94 World Rankings List!

    well if u was gonna lose highest rank Canadian to anyone I'm happy it's smoz!
  6. kgman

    Yes I'm still alive

    sup bud!! missed you so much ...I'm not doing he online thing but I'll figure it out....discord I guess
  7. kgman

    Game of Thrones ROM

    I'm just picturing a mutant league hack with this very theme!
  8. kgman


    legalization is worst thing that's ever happen.......King of Canada is coming out tonigh
  9. kgman

    Blue Angels

    looked like u passed out for a 5 seconds lol ....hope no brain damage!
  10. kgman

    Et Tu Bruce Deuce: Official ROM

    nice rom strokes!......I guess we got our own Don cherry and Ron Maclean now
  11. kgman

    King of 94 III Trailer July 2018

    Jamil scene was classic .......Mikey this should be kgman Montage song!
  12. kgman

    Where Should the Kof94 III Be?

    nhl94 land .....pixels everywhere
  13. kgman

    NHL'94 World Rankings List!

    If you spot an error or info that needs to be updated, please email #1 Kgman
  14. kgman

    NHL'94 World Rankings List!

    plabax is machine learning ai .....when will people learn. I wonder if any none north Americans will ever be on that list .....SWOS
  15. way to go bro spoilers lol last 2 games tight series!