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  1. King of 94 Buffalo! we could airbnb a hostel for a week for same price as 1 night in nyc...but nothing to do in Buffalo lol......I always wanted to see a fight at msg
  2. kgman

    Brutus is coming to town!

    look like Brutus has been din some daytime drinking
  3. kgman

    The backup goalie always starts

    strategy changes with the score's like gambling and nhl94 rolled into 1
  4. kgman

    The backup goalie always starts

    do u chase the goalie or not lol ......I was thinking about this more I'd probably give up 3 goals as early as possible to get racicot out of the net .....if 2 goals were the rule then I wouldnt even think about it
  5. kgman

    The backup goalie always starts

    sounds like a good idea for a classic league and u can only change goalie if 3+ deficit
  6. I vote Halifax sorry bud!
  7. I admit it ....I created the bug now kgman trophy celebration will be seen 24/7 since it was cut outta the movie
  8. I'd like to draft a team and sell them
  9. kgman

    Ready to play first online game?

    or if u live in a city with members u can meet up play live
  10. kgman

    Tournament Format

  11. kgman

    NHL 93 2 on 2

    just wondering if this was possibly created or not .....I'd set both goalies to 99
  12. kgman

    The Time is Now!

    the fact that the NHL actually has penalty called fighting is funny