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  1. don't sell it an unboxing video! lol
  2. I thought this was Allan bester maple leafs goalie .......he's the Bob basses of gc
  3. where r these votes coming from?? isn't this really just gdl with Excel pivot table ........sorry but I been awake for 24 hours just had job interview with licenced mj company .(so kg said he was good at excel lol 10hrs of YouTube and he is an expert is lucky he didn't get stuck in China 2 canceledx before Trudeau fucked it up for all Canadians........all things happen for a reason confusous once never said
  4. i would make a goalie with lowest ratings and both teams use em or empty net
  5. voting doesn't make sense ..........I rather see these guys play it out 1 on 1!.....not sure if the rom is possible
  6. tournament is off Raphael put out a hit on the 6x champ....he's in hiding
  7. congrats raph and aj!'s too bad gens final wasn't competitve but Wendell young is a beast! ....good job on commentary Trojan better than most NHL live casts lol
  8. usenet is watching you........but seriously have we passed the point of singularity? this is insane .....
  9. never seen this before but I think I might had a seizure watching it
  10. I want to get get a bowser jersey all of sudden
  11. im surprised Wayne Gretzkys corporate goons allowed his likeness to be used
  12. wow awesome job .....tsn might be using it!
  13. the interesting part was the reaction on the bench not the hit I don't recall seeing bench react to anything
  14. King of 94 Buffalo! we could airbnb a hostel for a week for same price as 1 night in nyc...but nothing to do in Buffalo lol......I always wanted to see a fight at msg