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  1. Hey all. These Facebook polls have sucked me back in. Gonna try to dig out my controller tonight wherever it might be and read up on how to do online gaming again. Would mean giving up an extremely unhealthy Pro Evolution Soccer addiction on xbox but we'll see what happens. Still have it on my bucket list to make it the US at some point for a King of 94 tournament. Hi to all the guys who were around a few years back....must be about 5 since I last played now?!
  2. Just awesome. Who'd have thought playing 94 would bring about such an incredible life experience!
  3. I always thought that home & away advantages just affected the "flow" of the game? There are times when your guys will mess up passes, be out of position or periods in the game when one team just totally dominates. There are those times where you can just sense a goal coming. Am I wrong on that or is it that those times in games are determined by the factors you're talking about?
  4. Thanks Raph, I really wanted to go to Vegas, especially with it being one of the closed places for me to get to..............but life just got in the way. I am hoping that next year will calm down & that i'll have more time to get into playing once again & be present in the community. Hopefully the next King of 94 I will be able to make it!!!
  5. Are there any plans to involve a retro game shop or anything in selling at King of 94 in Vegas?
  6. The best hotel prices in my experience are usually the week of the date you're looking for, when they are just trying to fill their remaining rooms. The "cheap room" websites are often very useful a few days before the date.
  7. Its already for all of you! I'm currently converting all these prices into pesos :-/ I have a couple of clinics in the US this year which will pay well so look like I know what theyre getting spent on! lol
  8. Exactly. I'm there! Can I now book flights with 100% confidence?!
  9. Hey people! Hope everyone is well, & that hopefully there are still lots of guys around from the last time I played a couple of years ago. The announcement of the Vegas tournament in September has motivated me to open up the 94 web page again. As soon as all the details are confirmed I will definitely be heading out there. As you all know I will be no threat to the title challengers, but it will be great to be part of the experience & celebrate this wonderful game from my youth. As Vegas is a short & relatively inexpensive flight from Mexico City i'm not going to let the opportunity pass by again! Life is pretty manic, which was why I stopped playing anyway, but I guess i'm going to have to try to dig out the gamepad & at least put some practice in :-) Eagerly awaiting more news!
  10. Couldn't keep it to 10 1. NHL94 (Megadrive (Genesis)) 2. TOCA Touring Car Championship (Playstation. 2 player via link cable) 3. Sensible Soccer 4. Pro Evolution Soccer 2006 (Xbox) 5. Football Manager 2008 (PC) 6. Wrestlemania (Nintendo 64) 7. Fight Night Round 2 (360) 8. NHL13 Clockwise hack (GENS) 9. Championship Manager 93 10. PGA Tour Golf 2 (Megadrive) 11. Madden 93 (Megadrive) 12. Wrestlemania (90's arcade with Ultimate Warrior, Hulk Hogan, Road Warriors etc)
  11. lol I may also be aroun. Wooohoo! This computer is on a wireless connection at the top of the house so will need a test run to see if its good enough for online play cos I aint buying however many metres of cable it would need to reach here! lol
  12. Haha. Great to see this thread has got running again. Big hi to everyone
  13. Sorry guys. I actually got on last night to start playing only to hear about this. No problem. I have so much going on right now as fortunately my professional life is really starting to take off & I have all sorts of projects in the pipeline. Just crazy & occupying all my time. GL to Kgman. I will try to be on as much as possible during Thursday, Friday & the weekend to get Blitz games in, & I will let Raph know if I have enough time free to play classic B. Sorry again
  14. Nice! Let us know when the hotel is confirmed! Negotiations with the GF seem to be going well & there's possibly a bonus coming at work so % of actually being there is gradually rising lol
  15. So the 94 tourney in Toronto, as part of the documentary is confirmed for September 12th. Is it going to be a one day tournament? I'm looking at flights & they're less than $600 US which is excellent IMO, but with the weak peso it hits nearly $9000 MX. Certainly doable but gotta look at hotels too so an idea of how many nights i'm looking at will help. Thanks