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  1. I was introduced to NHL ‘94 through this version. From what I remember, most players in the PS2 version have a jersey number that’s 10 lower than their real-life counterpart. Mario Lemieux’s counterpart is #56, Roenick’s is #17 and so on.
  2. I remember Detroit had players named Bonar and Penisson
  3. Coaches tend to play with worse players in WBF Roms, making the game feel slower and less fun.
  4. Verbeek shoots right, but Sanderson and Zalapski shoot left. My guess is that the animation looks different depending on what side of the stick you are looking at.
  5. I think Raph is hinting that they will manipulate the brackets to put you in the top 3. Before you call me a troll, smozoma confirmed that they don't even bother to verify the wins/losses: "I (smozoma) won my game, but something in the score spreadsheet got mixed up and it was recorded as a loss, sending me down to the 2nd/3rd seed bracket right away, putting a lot of games between me and moving on to the Final 16." Source: And, why is that part even on the website? That would make me question the legitimacy of the tournament.
  6. Only feedback I have is to make things more concise. That's something I need to improve on too.
  7. I disagree. Yes people may not want to go to Vegas or Vancouver because it's expensive, but Toronto isn't far from most community members. Guys were showing up to Toronto excited to meet people live, not play NHL '94. Even if there was no formal tournament, guys would have showed up. Nope. The rules can't be taken seriously for that. People could play in a tournament for free, but they would prefer a much different ruleset. Not enough good players are attending for you to see the BS. KingRaph and AJ play against jer_33. OK yes maybe you will see consistency there. Have tons of elite players there, and you will find the winner would be like picking a name out of a hat. No, but people have the impression that I do nothing but troll. I don't like guys like chefstar88 who do nothing and sit around slacking and wasting time calling me a troll who "sucks the life" out of things. Nobody ever mentions how I was the only one who worked to bring GDL back from the dead, how I worked to bring Blitz back from the dead, confirmed more newcomers than almost everyone, commissioned multiple leagues, made multiple league ROMs, ran multiple drafts, etc.
  8. I'll rephrase it in a nicer way. I say the King of '94 tournament is nothing more than a get together with NHL '94 on the side because the charm of the tournament is meeting community members in person and having a good time. NHL'94 is just icing on the cake. Let's put it this way: Almost all community members who attended the King of '94 tournament would have likely attended even if there was no tournament, but almost nobody who attended the King of '94 would bother to play in a King of 94 tournament if it weren't a live event. I said the format is something you would set up for a birthday party because it is. I added in the 12-year old part for exaggeration, but besides that the King of '94 really reminds me of something I would find at a birthday party. --------------------------------------------------------- A true competitor is not going to take the King of '94 seriously (from a competitive standpoint). The rules are too wacky for it to mean anything at a high level. That's why I find it crazy when people are talking about best players in the world because of the King of '94. --------------------------------------------------------- Yes, I like to troll. But at the end of the day, I actually do help out the community more than 99% of members. If there was an all-time leaderboard of productive community members, I would definitely be extremely close to the top.
  9. Hopefully matthurray doesn't cause any fights with his annoying style of play. It's a real possibility that someone tries to fight him.
  10. Gretzky-Lindros-Davydov Coffey-Burt Moog I like the kind of teams that are very good but not elite or overpowered. This is a mix of my most dominant teams (GDL 13, Blitz 11) and my favourite player in Gretzky. I wouldn't mind swapping Coffey for Bourque and Burt for Lowe or Dahl.
  11. I think saucer passes happen when the pass would otherwise be intercepted by a stick on the ice. I'm not 100% sure though.
  12. Look at the difference between hot/cold in GDL and Blitz. In GDL, the players seem to always be consistent, but in Blitz there is a clear difference in the stats. In Blitz, players with 4 stickhandle toddle when HOT, but this is not the case in GDL. I think this has to do with the home/away advantages because it happens with the strong advantaged teams in Classic.
  13. I don't think you get guys "WAY COLD" or "WAY HOT" in GDL or Summer League though. I'm pretty sure the home/away advantages don't allow that to happen.