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  1. Ultramagnus sent me his initial edit on the 3 on 3 rom. It's not finished but after playing for about 3 minutes, this is without a doubt my favorite new way to play classic NHL. I swear the game feels smoother. There is more room to set up plays and the passing seems to work better. It's the perfect way to play against a friend. The addition of the drop pass and better goalie control means a more competitive game with less generic scoring. Honestly, so far it's great! You need to keep going on this one Ultramagnus. I grew up playing all the NHL games and this current hacked
  2. Hi all. Has anyone ever done an nhl95 mod with 2 on 2 or 3 on 3? My friend and I have been playing a mixture of all the NHL games lately and I would love to play 95 with a little less chaos because sometimes it's impossible to set up any plays with all those bodies on the small ice. If not. Deft a request!!