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  1. I hope they played this music at Klima's Funeral! RIP!
  2. You can become a rom hacker and make your own 4-on-4 ROM. You may not be a ROM hacker right now, but we all have to start somewhere!
  3. I see what you mean. I'll use controller then
  4. How does me playing on keyboard online make live events impossible? Obviously I would use a controller at a live event..
  5. I will be returning to online play sometime this year.
  6. In the summer of 2020, I was suddenly kicked from the Discord. When it happened, I actually thought Discord was down for maintenance or that someone accidentally removed me because it was so random! Did I unknowingly break a rule? Let's fix things so I can get back in!
  7. You guys should pay a professional to make your promos/streams
  8. Good idea, but good luck trying to get people to show up every Saturday or Sunday. People in this community prefer to play on their own time, not a scheduled one (at least when I played)
  9. When is the draft? never mind i see it's the first week of Jan.
  10. yes it's possible. I don't know of any roms like that out there, but you can create one. take the 3v3 ROM you play with and follow the guides below (you will need a hex editor to give the goalie more freedom of movement - you can download HxD or use HexEdit)
  11. Off-topic, but I'm looking at the site, and I see what @kingraph listed for Agility/Speed is not what I thought. It says: Agility - How quickly a player stops and turns, deking ability. Also affects acceleration Speed - How quickly a player achieves top speed (acceleration) I thought Agility was the speed at which a player accelerates from a stationary position. Then it transitions into the player's SPEED stat Speed is how fast a player will skate after the agility acceleration (or deceleration) - so not everyone has the same top speed. The top speed of a player is the higher of the agility/speed stat Example: Brian Leetch has 6 agility and 3 speed: This means Brian Leetch starts skating at 6 speed but then decelerates to 3 speed over time Example: Peter Bondra has 4 agility and 6 speed: This means Peter Bondra starts skating at 4 speed but then accelerates to 6 speed over time EDIT: Also, I think weight affects agility speed, but not speed speed. I think there is a multiplier, where 7 weight is the average. anything lighter makes you faster, and anything heavier makes you slower. So for example, Lemieux is 10 weight, 5 agility.. I think that's the equivalent of let's say 6 weight 4 agility.
  12. The word "gay" is just slang. Nothing deeper than that. EDIT: notice how african-americans are allowed to say "nigga" and nobody cares? funny how some things work in this society.
  13. You're crazy Klima is the best or second best player in the game Klima > Roenick
  14. i think a better solution is to ban anyone who fakes a desync why cater to people who want to cheat?
  15. @corbettkb is kind of like the NHL94.com equivalent of Ron Francis or maybe Patrick Marleau
  16. Your post says we retired after GDL14 We retired after GDL16 Me, Freydey, AJ all played in GDL 16
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