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  1. Achilles heels do exist in games like this tho. Freydey just for some reason had Carse's number Like you Raph are for sure better than Zalex. But are you 6-1 times better than Zalex?? Matchups can be weird like that
  2. Yeah that's a really really tough one. Carse's 8 titles stand out, even tho 5 of them are classic. Freydey only has 5, but 3 blitz and 2 gdl is very very legit They are a close call and could be swapped. I guess I'm glad my rankings are unofficial lol
  3. After seeing raphs table and thinking about it, I changed the last spot in my rankings and the honourable mentions. I'm satisfied with the list now and don't feel like there's much bias
  4. LOVE that table raph. That's a really great way to compare high level coaches. Some real interesting stuff, its def better than my overall win:loss ratios, since it factors out super lopsided matchups I would completely understand if some people object to me making the cut because i have the smallest sample size, i just have a hard time justifying putting others above personally Such epic careers from Zalex and Icestorm as you can see! So cool
  5. I have a document of top player career 'series win : series loss' ratios for gdl+blitz+classic. I call this nhl 94 kill-death ratios My rankings are heavily based on those ratios + factoring in title wins
  6. 1. Plabax 2. Carse 3. Freydey 4. Swos 5. Angryjay 6. Kingraph 7. Kgman 8. Fpb 9. Tomkabs 10. Icestorm Honourable Mentions: Uncle Seth and Zalex
  7. Bruh I wish I was someone else, anyone else Love this thread tho. Cant believe its only 5 years old, feels like its from a different generation
  8. Wish I would've tried to optimize the recording process at least a tiny bit so it would be less painful to watch
  9. The date was Saturday September 12, 2015. I was still reeling from the pain of losing 2-1 to AJ a few games earlier, after making the mistake of picking Anaheim and giving him Florida. I had clawed my way back to him again after 3 hard fought wins against 3 skilled online players of whose names I shall withhold. I didn't think I'd get another crack at him. A revenge opportunity in the same day, perfect! But why was I even at this point? 2 losses?? This was not how it was supposed to go down. It was all going according to plan until I met kgman earlier, and was shocked to get bested 6-4. And then the next game was my previously mentioned ANH-FLA game with AJ. This all didn't compute. It wasn't supposed to be this difficult. But that's okay! I earned another shot. And this time, I had the opportunity to choose the matchup. This felt like a wonderful example of justice. I was extremely overwhelmed with pressure and commotion and my brain was in a foggy haze. But I still had enough brainpower to know, no way in hell I'm letting this be another bottom-tier grind match. I'm going to hit him with the hardest-hitting matchup I can think of! (that I hadn't picked in a previous game). And so... I gave AJ Chicago at home. And the rest is history. That was my last game of nhl 94 against another human. And my life has been slowly spiraling even more out of control ever since
  10. o m g i feel like im back in the 2010s, hello friends
  11. This game was important, as it was how plabax first discovered this game . Playing 94 on nhl 06 with his brother
  12. I actually like your tiers and choices hali. You guys really think Dallas is that bad? Why? Yes they are flawed, but they have both speed and talent up front. I personally think I would take Dallas over most of the tier 2 teams, but I'm also stuck in 2015...more like 2013 lol Imo Dallas rolls over teams like PHI TOR QUE
  13. 'brutus khan is coming to town' would have flowed even better, but still an A+ effort
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