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  1. TomKabs93

    Infamous "Long Stick"

    i wonder what community member has the longest stick
  2. TomKabs93

    94 Memes

  3. TomKabs93

    94 Memes

    How it feels playing new players
  4. TomKabs93

    94 Memes

  5. Many people came close to beating me in Toronto. The live in person pressure gets to me more than it does anyone! Id bet on that honestly. I like being in my own safe personal space, alone on a computer with a working internet connection, preferably not in a basement. Im not too big on that human contact stuff lol.
  6. Im washed up my friend. What even is a cb check Also I feel like im using unsharpened skates when I dont have my analog stick lol
  7. The toronto pictures are all terrible and every copy, physical or digital, should be burned
  8. Center - 7 Weight, 5 Agility, 5 Speed, 4 Shot Power, 5 Shot Accuracy, 5 Stickhandling Wingers - Right handed with at least average skating and shooting attributes Defensemen - Right handed with at least average skating Goalie - Whatever Bill Ranford's attributes are
  9. From what I can remember, saucer passes have nothing to do with button or directional execution. Saucer passes only happen when your pass is a breakout pass out of your own defensive zone, and they happen automatically. Saucer passes never happen in the offensive zone. This is just from memory though so I could be completely wrong.
  10. Ron MAKES coach's corner. He really is in my eyes, as close to perfect a man can get.
  11. TomKabs93

    Testing RetroArch for Online Play

    Genesis 94 emulated smoothly for all? Blasphemy
  12. Just read this for the first time now, what an awesome looking tourney! Sounds like it was a blast. Makes me miss 94 and all you A-holes
  13. TomKabs93

    NHL94 - Set plays, and how to pull them off.

    Pulling the goalie and then replacing him after he runs through the faceoff dot before a bench-side defensive zone faceoff lol That was a mouthful
  14. TomKabs93

    2017 NHL'94 bud of the year!

    Finally took the plunge You've chosen to ignore content by tru.
  15. TomKabs93

    Pass Shots and CB Checking: The Truth

    Why do you really think he used a lag switch? Thats insane. He hates losing but would never stoop that low