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  1. Lw Granato C Richer Rw Hogue Ld manson Rd housely Ea Lindros G irbe
  2. Im in oh you did put me back on B I keep running into jv and losing. Give it another shot.
  3. Team Name: Prince George Cougars LD: Dave Ellett RD: Jamie Macoun LW: Sergei Makarov C: Pavel Bure RW: Muller X: Kelly Miller 3rd D: Cam Russell G: Curtis Joseph
  4. Team Name: Vancouver Canucks LD: Rob Blake RD: Dana Murzyn LW: Geoff Courtnall C: Craig Simpson RW: Russ Courtnall X: Dimitri Kristich 3rd D: Garth Butcher G: Kirk Mclean
  5. Team: Vancouver Canucks LW: Bondra C: Derek King RW: Bure LD: Fetisov - change to #4 RD: Leetch G: Richter Extra: Bassen
  6. Sounds good but if it's not possible to get everyone together on chat then just do quick pick times on discord.
  7. Vancouver LD: Fetisov RD: Bodger LW: Sundin C: M Lemieux RW: Shanahan X: Lomakin 3rd D - Ozolinish G: Burke
  8. Hokkee trades Gilmour to Kazel for Mario Lemieux Confirmed final ass trade
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