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  1. Team Name: Vancouver Canucks LD: Rob Blake RD: Dana Murzyn LW: Geoff Courtnall C: Craig Simpson RW: Russ Courtnall X: Dimitri Kristich 3rd D: Garth Butcher G: Kirk Mclean
  2. Team: Vancouver Canucks LW: Bondra C: Derek King RW: Bure LD: Fetisov - change to #4 RD: Leetch G: Richter Extra: Bassen
  3. Sounds good but if it's not possible to get everyone together on chat then just do quick pick times on discord.
  4. Vancouver LD: Fetisov RD: Bodger LW: Sundin C: M Lemieux RW: Shanahan X: Lomakin 3rd D - Ozolinish G: Burke
  5. Hokkee trades Gilmour to Kazel for Mario Lemieux Confirmed final ass trade
  6. I used the analog stick on PS4 and Xbox controllers but I officially put them to rest and will be starting to use a six button Sega controller.
  7. All I know is that it seemed a lot better back then and it seemed like everyone had a lot more fun. I remember sitting up till 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning Pacific time and having multiple coaches available to play and during the days it was crazy! Now the only person up really late at night is Dan who is probably the most dedicated player coach right now. I guess everybody's a bunch of old sissies these days
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