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  1. superb Rom seamor - just some feedback - one bug happened twice playing the CPU (as All Stars 94) (me Tampa) in the "Challenge" Final - an Allstar 94 player sent to the bench for a foul - as he took his place on the bench this happened - but the rom is good and i feel somehow the CPU plays tougher than traditional 94'
  2. yes correct Smozoma - I knew that - my query was because we had different definitions of the term "one-timer" - my definition is that "one-timer" means "the striking of the puck immediately on receiving a pass" ( with pass being the 1st setup action and the "one-timer" being the 2nd action) so in my definition it's a 2 step process - i think Tickenest was defining a "one-timer" as BOTH the pass and the strike combined into 1- so when he said the following I couldn't figure how he could define the one-timer as a pass , when in my definition it was clearly a strike
  3. Provided you've downloaded the retroarch package from nhl94online (right middle of page) .......when you extract that retroarch zip file - theres a DirectX Installer subfolder - inside that theres a dxwebsetup.exe file - install that - then if it asks to reboot when installed do that and you should then have sound
  4. Ahhhh right that's different - to me "setting up a one timer " (yes that is a pass) - is distinct from a "one-timer" I would see a one-timer as just that a "one-timed shot" - the "act of striking the puck" as a result of (the first part ) a setup pass You're correct - Just a different angle on the terminology
  5. And neither they should - because a one-timer is a shot on goal (or have i missed something obvious) ? (BTW really great work Tickenest - but I cannot see the logic in a one-timer being recorded as any sort of a pass )
  6. hey DrBill -Welcome just want to say as regards to which game is the best / most popular etc IMHO (and I'll stick my neck out and say most others) its NHL94 - I grew up with them all up to NHL98 - but NHL94' has BY FAR the most fluid passing, player skating and turning, and checking , the variety of ways to score is better than all the rest, it's the goalie control (a skill in itself) - and its the camera angle / view of the Ice Rink that just feels "right" - it's the totally realistic satisfying gameplay mechanics that puts NHL94 head and shoulders above all other Hockey Vide
  7. Yes I'm up for gens possibly...... European players come out come out wherever you are ...
  8. was gonna send you a thumbs up kingraph but the emoticon doesn't exist so i'll leave that one for chaos
  9. Purely from a potential bug found perspective - as of right now (after many refreshes) Position number 11 (dmm1000) is missing from the Gens C bracket - see attached
  10. hi Halifax i'll have a go at the C league ONLY on SEGA Genesis - thanks
  11. Hi seamor i'll take Clarkson (dmm1000 also on discord)
  12. thanks Halifax not a gamer and have never played online in anything ever before , 20 years spent playing NHL games against the CPU - thought i was decent - then i played head to head - totally different game - will be getting getting schooled for quite a while i think
  13. Hi Folks dmm1000 here from Donegal in Ireland - i had joined way back a few years ago but never had a decent internet connection to do sweet FA - so now i have and want to dip my toes in the online waters. I am not a gamer of any seriousness - i've never had a "modern" console so to speak - i just dablle about on the PC, i did have a megadrive back in the day - went thru a few games Desert strike / Streets Of Rage was decent ......I always maintain over the years we've had games with beautiful graphics but only 10% of them were "enjoiyable" to play. Then the NHL series came along and
  14. just curious so as a Draft it'll be moving existing players to other teams - since there are no pl;ayer transfers in NHL94 how will players move from one team to another - using a modified ROM ?