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  1. dmm1000 takes BOSTON
  2. hi Halifax i'll have a go at the C league ONLY on SEGA Genesis - thanks
  3. Hi seamor i'll take Clarkson (dmm1000 also on discord)
  4. thanks Halifax not a gamer and have never played online in anything ever before , 20 years spent playing NHL games against the CPU - thought i was decent - then i played head to head - totally different game - will be getting getting schooled for quite a while i think
  5. Hi Folks dmm1000 here from Donegal in Ireland - i had joined way back a few years ago but never had a decent internet connection to do sweet FA - so now i have and want to dip my toes in the online waters. I am not a gamer of any seriousness - i've never had a "modern" console so to speak - i just dablle about on the PC, i did have a megadrive back in the day - went thru a few games Desert strike / Streets Of Rage was decent ......I always maintain over the years we've had games with beautiful graphics but only 10% of them were "enjoiyable" to play. Then the NHL series came along and for me it changed EVERYTHING , i played them all, the early ones were great, the more recent ones were over elaborate , had unnecessary tweaks and were being overcomplicated and had badly tweaked ice rink views , .but there was ONE GAME that stood out in that series ,as the mst realistic , a just about "right" learning curve & difficulty, perfect gameplay mecahics , ideal balance between challenging and enjoyable, and gave the player the feeling of being totally in control , of course that game was NHL 94'. I thought I was an OK player until I had a look of some of the game videos of you guys (any female players on the site as a matter of interest ? you know you're ALL welcome ). The qualities and skills amongst the top players here are just off the chart, never knew there was such a thing as a "pass shot" till I came here , nor did I ever manually control the goalie Played a few test games and have so much improvement to do . Think i'm the only one from Ireland on here (correct me if i'm wrong) , will do my best to recruit new players from here in Ireland and indeed this side of the pond My hope for the future is that someone makes a new Hockey game with modern graphics , but with the Ice Rink views and gameplay mecahnics,speed and difficulty of NHL94 intact.
  6. just curious so as a Draft it'll be moving existing players to other teams - since there are no pl;ayer transfers in NHL94 how will players move from one team to another - using a modified ROM ?
  7. in the times that are in it - always interested in something new - look forward to trying your rom if you release it
  8. Hi Folks Created an AIM at this page by using my Google account for login (so i didnt create a password when signing up) How do i sign in on the AIM client - it asks for username which is puckman - if i enter my gmail / google password it rejects it. so when one uses their Google account to create an account on that page above - what do I enter on the AIM client ? I can sign in on that web link but i'd rather sign in on any client - there is no option on the AIM client to sign in with my google account ??
  9. OK sorry about the delay - it was a nightmare setting AIM up. my AIM = hockeymandanno I need to confirm with existing coach before Friday for the FALL League Bear in mind i've never played ANY GAME EVER online - kinda now the theory but not the practice From Ireland - all coaches welcome to message me
  10. Hi brianon am also in ireland if you want a game - i'm not a user of IM but surely AIM isnt the most used chat system in the world today ? however my AIM is puckman if you or anyone else wants to arrange a game - new user here have registered for a league but NOT confirmed AIM : sorry ignore this till i get this AIM thingy sorted its a right royal inflexible PITA