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  1. I've read something like this twice now, the other time being about Brad Marsh. Does this mean that classic leagues using the weight bug generally don't allow subbing when a penalty is taken? Or that coaches simply don't do it?
  2. Ha! I scoured YouTube looking for this really nice feature by Hockey Night in Canada about him, but I can't find it. It shows how he has "Bergeron-Cleary" etched onto the Cup to honour both of his parents, about his dad's heritage tracing back to Belfast, and what it means to the Irish community of Boston (and Bruin fans) to realize that one of their hockey heroes is really one of their own, considering his family tree. I know that there are written articles about it out there.
  3. In that case, why are there separate Gen and SNES leagues?
  4. It's destiny that he's a Bruin. You probably knew that he's from the Quebec City area, grew up a Nordiques fan, and hated the Habs. Many Nordiques fans have adopted the Bruins. He also has Irish ancestry on his dad's side, so it fits perfectly with Boston. Have you heard that story?
  5. Sometimes I tell myself that it's all good, that the wait will be worth it because then my kids will be old to enough to enjoy it. I was 6 in '93, so I have vague, but priceless memories. I can't imagine being a fan of a team that hasn't won in a long time, or ever.
  6. Good, because the last thing I'm doing is getting into a debate about it :p The rivalries are great for the game. I've enjoyed Boston-Toronto the last few years just to see who will win the muckduck (thanks, Dwight) match. I've watched almost every Stanley Cup-clinching game since 1996, and the only one that I couldn't handle was 2011. I had to turn it off. I was hoping it would light a fire under the Canadiens' collective butt...guess not. I was happy for Patrice Bergeron. Class act. Edit: turn off = the celebration. I watched the whole game.
  7. Can you play in either Gen or SNES no matter what type of gamepad you have?
  8. Haha! Is this what happens when the ideas from "Her" take over entertainment?
  9. And apparently doing better.
  10. I would bet that Bourque's rating was based on his results over the years during the accuracy shooting at the skills competition, and not on any actual gameplay. That leads me to this, brought to you instantly from the brain of Derp: How did the programers know who was actuall good? Did they have scouts? Did they scout?!? - Gretzky got hosed. - I feel the same about Kovalev, @trudatman
  11. Dang, I already named my child that was born in 2017.
  12. One of the greatest things I've ever seen.
  13. Boy, you weren't lying about that chemistry. All this firepower, and going from blistering hot to ice cold. And Vernon is some sort of adventure. I like how you've found players' playability and AI through repetitive play...things that can't be measured so simply with skill and awareness ratings.
  14. I thoroughly enjoy reading you guys nerd out like this, and I mean that with the utmost respect. I know nothing about computers, ot code, or whatever hex means, or anything.