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  1. Oops, guess what I was doing when I came to this...and still am doing.
  2. @Bob Kudelski @jer_33 @clockwise Thanks for your help, everybody. Hopefully I can make this work soon.
  3. I remember all of that, except for hitting the officials. That game is the best. The only thing I really really really really really don't like is that so many players have the wrong shooting side given to them, whereas in '94 (and NHL Hockey for PC) it's rare. I don't get. Everything else is amazing. The menus, music, sound effects, gameplay...
  4. Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately, I don't know how I would do that. I'm computer illiterate, so it would be a dream to be able to figure out how to play those games. It's taking me a while just to get my brain around the steps to be able to join you guys in some online fun.
  5. Hey Bob, I happened upon some SNES gameplay on YouTube, and I didn't realize it was so different from Gens. It actually more closely resembles the PC version. Playing NHL '95 for PC at my cousin's is my fondest childhood memory of video game hockey, so I was very surprised to see that the SNES gameplay is quite similar. I've visited lots of topics, and see that you are a SNES man, so I just thought I'd mention that. Mr. Derp. p.s. Wanted to send this to your inbox, but no dice. Is it possible that you're not on Discord either?
  6. I looked up the date of that game in order to find the coach...never heard of Dave Chambers, but he didn't last long in the NHL. Couldn't find names of assistants. Maybe Fogarty was too messed up that game, or maybe it was spite...you never know with coaches. One season as a teen I was playing a regular shift as a d-man, then late in the season the assistant coach for the forwards switched places with the one handling the defensemen. My ice time reduced significantly, and I could never figure out why. I tried to ask the assistant what was up, but nothing concrete came out of it. I didn't push too hard because I was the youngest player on the team aside from one of our goalies. You just never know what variable will make everything work or fall apart.
  7. AJ makes a comment in his Penguins line-builder concerning Fogarty. I have some undestanding about Fogarty's history. I remember watching some sort of documentary or short story about him. Also read articles about him. It made me think that he could have been one of the greatest of his generation at least had his life not fallen off the rails. Before learning all of this, I remember watching Fogarty with the Habs. He was the Maurice Dupree of hockey. ESPN 30 for 30 did a great story on that. Might remind you of Fogarty a little in terms of promising careers gone down the drain. Not necessarily the same problems. I'm looking forward to you one-upping me in your next reply No sarcasm, just a casual troll :p Thanks for taking the time.
  8. Yeah, I knew that about Marsh and Ludwig. I was just a little surprised reading about them, because to me it implied that they couldn't be subbed off in some formats if your D got penalized or hurt. So you confirmed my suspicions, thanks. Any insight on that Bryan Fogarty joke? Is it because he's pretty much the worst in the game?
  9. I've read something like this twice now, the other time being about Brad Marsh. Does this mean that classic leagues using the weight bug generally don't allow subbing when a penalty is taken? Or that coaches simply don't do it?
  10. Ha! I scoured YouTube looking for this really nice feature by Hockey Night in Canada about him, but I can't find it. It shows how he has "Bergeron-Cleary" etched onto the Cup to honour both of his parents, about his dad's heritage tracing back to Belfast, and what it means to the Irish community of Boston (and Bruin fans) to realize that one of their hockey heroes is really one of their own, considering his family tree. I know that there are written articles about it out there.
  11. In that case, why are there separate Gen and SNES leagues?
  12. It's destiny that he's a Bruin. You probably knew that he's from the Quebec City area, grew up a Nordiques fan, and hated the Habs. Many Nordiques fans have adopted the Bruins. He also has Irish ancestry on his dad's side, so it fits perfectly with Boston. Have you heard that story?
  13. Sometimes I tell myself that it's all good, that the wait will be worth it because then my kids will be old to enough to enjoy it. I was 6 in '93, so I have vague, but priceless memories. I can't imagine being a fan of a team that hasn't won in a long time, or ever.
  14. Good, because the last thing I'm doing is getting into a debate about it :p The rivalries are great for the game. I've enjoyed Boston-Toronto the last few years just to see who will win the muckduck (thanks, Dwight) match. I've watched almost every Stanley Cup-clinching game since 1996, and the only one that I couldn't handle was 2011. I had to turn it off. I was hoping it would light a fire under the Canadiens' collective butt...guess not. I was happy for Patrice Bergeron. Class act. Edit: turn off = the celebration. I watched the whole game.
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