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  1. Great WORK !!! How did you do that :-D No easy way i guess :-D Thank you
  2. Great do you already have an Discord acount ?
  3. Hello everybody, Since it is sometimes not that easy for EU players to play NHL94 leagues, I wanted to ask if there are enough EU players who want to revive the EURO94. Very much like SNES but also GENS :-D Maybe we can get enough for a small league together. Just write in at # Euro94 in Disccord or here in the forum. Is just an idea ... Player GENS SNES 1. dmm1000 X 2. Pearate X 3. Kaba78 X X 4. LaTormenta X X 5. Hot_sauce X
  4. Let it be Boston...
  5. Definately C for me. If the league will be up next year too, you could think of the top 3 of B promotion to A and the last 3 from A moving down to B, like in European Leagues...
  6. Lets play the Finals and we'll see :-D
  7. Here are the Regular Season Stands + Not Played Games Minus
  8. @kidswasted perhaps... :-D We want to call it Spring League next year, so there might be a real Summer League. The problem is that most of the time the guys don't have that much time playing during that time. We might just ask how many we would be. An be kind to @Chaos asking him to set up another League.
  9. No problem, we'll guide you through.. im new still new too, and i guess you'll crush me in every game :-D
  10. I think it should work as long as you play on RA... just PM me on Discord and we can check it. :-D
  11. As long as they can run RA... sure
  12. Just wanted till chaos has approved the League :-D
  13. ### SNES NHL94 Summer League 2020 ### If chaos agrees, I would organize anothers SNES Summer League. ### Register ### Just post your nickname here. ### Rom & Rules ### Rom and Rules an in the normal SNES League, fom the NHL94Online.com site. Rom for the playoffs ist the SNES Playoff Rom, fom the NHL94Online.com site. ### Draft ### A random generator determines the order of the draft. ### Format ### SNES Summer League is an one divion league. Any Team has two home and two away games. The top half
  14. Draft order according to the result from the random number generator and drafts of the Coache's... 1. @koke_45 VANCOUVER 2. @JotaC007 PITTSBURGH 3. @diabledesbois QUÉBEC 4. @corbettkb BOSTON 5. @therexershow DETROIT 6. @BobKudelski26 BUFFALO 7. @annatar MONTRÉAL 8. @Pornichon CHICAGO 9. @KaBa78 CALGARY 10. @HoganDoink LOS ANGELES 11. @schwartz WASHINGTON 12. @MikeGartner22 NEW YORK RANGERS 13. @Acadius WINNIPEG 14. @BlackDevil19 TORONTO