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  1. I also came back after a 10 year hiatus. I think my last classic season was in 2010. A bunch of things contributed to me stopping, new job commitments, girlfriend, moving etc. And there was a bit of a lull in committed SNES players at that time. I played in the Vegas tournament in 2017 and got my ass kicked by the Vancouver guys. Came back to online play for the SoChel tourney and got my ass beat again so it motivated me to get back into playing some seasons. Like Dan says in the post, there’s been so many improvements in the last 10 years. Retroarch seems to be working a lot better than
  2. Yes I just did a SNES 2020 update with the Golden Knights roster. It doesn't have updated logos or colours but the roster is updated. At this link:
  3. Ok, here it is. Finally finished it. I updated the Rom to the 24 teams that qualified for the 2020 NHL Covid Playoffs. I also added a Top Prospects team of the top 2020 draft eligible players and a Seattle Kraken team of my best guesses at random players that might be available next year. That rounds out the 26 teams, for the All Stars, I updated these to actual SNES players from this past classic season. The attributes for the All Star players were unchanged other than the names. For the NHL teams, every team should have the same rating other than whatever Home/Away advantages each team has.
  4. Alright looks like i only need 2 more names from East and 3 from West. I moved Halifax to goaltender at his request and bumped everyone else up a position. I added a couple guys that sent me messages and wanted to be in. I still have one vacant spot.
  5. Ok just waiting on the names for 3 East guys and 3 West guys. I’ve messaged them all on Discord.
  6. Hey, so I started this project earlier on in Covid, I was hoping to have it released just prior to the NHL playoff return but it's taken me a lot longer to finish than anticipated. I'm almost done now but need your help to finish. I wanted to update the SNES ROM to 2020 rosters based on the 24 teams that qualified for the Covid-playoffs. As an extra, I'm throwing in a Seattle Kraken team composed of random teams 9th and 4th best Forwards/Defensemen and goalies I think might have a chance at the roster. Let's see if I get any right. I also put together a Top Prospects team of 2020 draft eligibl
  7. Haha yeah he was pretty good. He wasn't the nicest dude to deal with on these forums tho. I remember one of these finals I had to move away for a construction job from Mon-Fri for 6 months with very terrible wifi so I said I was only available to play on weekends and his response was he was only available on weekdays so we couldn't play lol. Maybe by publicly calling him out like this he'll come back to play our 10 and 12 year old finals.
  8. 12 and 10 years and counting! Lol anyone know how to contact Masterof94 to play these?? His profile looks like he’s from Chicago. Can we send @DanK to track him down?
  9. I think I have some wrong too. Joe Juneau is left shot on the Bruins but right shot on this WSH team. Not that big a deal tho. Would probably take a while to check every player. Also, did anyone notice their line fatigue goes wonky when they edit lines? I was just playing a practice game vs the computer and switched up my lines and for some reason my 2nd line and 1st line would fatigue at the exact same rate. My 2nd line wouldn’t even have a shift yet in the period and after the 1st lines first shift the bar would be fatigued to the same level as line 1. So weird. This only happened when I mes
  10. I’ll take Boston @Skankhunt is next.
  11. I don't know how much time I'll have with a new baby but I'll try my best to get my games in. I'll go in A league if there's room.
  12. I just registered so you can remove the **
  13. http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/story/?id=373202 The Belfast Bruiser signed to a "Tryout Contract"... not officially back in the league yet but there is still hope for dalstarfan!
  14. Glad to hear I'm still alive with the Lidstrom signing... Sounds like it could be his last year though so I likely won't win the pool. I think Kovalev, Selanne and Modano are close with 1 more year left at most... But Hamrlik is only 37 so I could see him playing at least another 2... It also looks like there might be another pool option with the possible return of Jaromir Jagr: http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/story/?id=369559