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  1. @kingraphVery interesting post! Do you know if this same logic can be applied when looking at SNES graphics? Is SNES also broken into tiles with 8x8 pixels and do we know if SNES also has 4 different palettes of 16 colors? Are SNES logos also 6 X 6 tiles?
  2. 1. Name, age, occupation, location, system? John M, 35, Civil Engineer with the Public Water utility, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, SNES. 2. What hobbies or other interests do you have? Ice hockey, ball hockey, golf, sometimes play other sports like soccer and snowboarding. Love the ocean and being on the water. Enjoy traveling although haven't done much in last few years. Prefer to listen to podcasts over music. 3. When did you get introduced to the game NHL'94? How did it happen? Not sure the exact timeline. I think it was late 90's. My siblings and I weren't allowed to have video game consoles growing up, any games we did play were on the computer. Until sometime in the late 90's my older brother bought a used SNES at a flea market or something. It came with like a dozen games and NHL94 was one of them. I honestly don't remember playing it that often when we first got it. It wasn't until I went to university where I decided to bring the SNES with me to play with my roommates, that's where I fell in love with NHL94. From 2006-2008 I probably played a best of 7 series with my roommates every day. So 100's maybe even 1000 best of 7 series were played over a 2 year span. A couple of my roommates were awful at the game but there was one roommate (Birdman86) who was competitive with me and we had a ton of fun playing it. We'd pickup a 12 pack of beer each from the Alexander Keith's brewery next door and sit down and crush NHL94 until all the beer were gone (about midnight) then head to the bar for a couple hours and often continue playing when we got home until we passed out. 4. When did you get introduced to nhl94.com and the online community? Were you playing between these two dates? (That is, between first becoming aware of game, and first becoming aware of nhl94.com.) It was in early 2008. Not sure how I found it, maybe just googling the game or something. I knew I was good at the game vs my friends and when I found this online community I was excited to try it out and see how competitive I was. My first online games were against JotaC, who was the defending SNES Classic champ at the time. I split games with him 1-1 using the keyboard and he was pretty shocked I think. He said I should join online and so I ordered a SNES controller adapter off of ebay and signed up for 2008 Spring Classic which I ended up winning with STL. After graduating from University in 2008, I bounced around a lot over the next couple years changing jobs and locations, living in areas with very unreliable internet connections so I played a bit online from 2008-10 but my availability became less and less. It eventually became too difficult to sync up with players for games so I stopped playing from 2010-2017 until I was contacted by Halifax about the upcoming Halifax and Las Vegas live tournaments. I attended both of those events but then stopped playing again until SoChel 2020 came around and I fell in love with it again and have been online playing ever since. 5. What are a couple things that you love about the game? I love how competitive it is to play against someone with top end skills. There's no such thing as "cheap goals" against a great player because every goal is defendable with how you play either defensively or how you use your manual goaltender. You can have 10-9 blowout games, or you can have 1-0 super defensive games and either version is so much fun as long as it's competitive. 6. Are you a gamer in general? What other games do you play? Like I said I never really had gaming console systems as a kid, and I've kind of continued that into my adult life. I have a very addictive personality to games (luckily not drugs), so it's probably in my best interests to limit the amount of games I play. NHL94 is pretty much the only game I play although I will join the other community members in the odd game of Haxball or Risk. 7. Do you follow hockey in real life? Any other sports? Yes, I've always liked playing and watching hockey. I'm a big Pittsburgh Penguins fan because I live in the same hometown as Sidney Crosby and have enjoyed following his career. I also follow the NFL and I'm a Patriots fan. I really like watching Golf, especially the majors and enjoy following the Raptors and Bluejays (admittedly only when they have good teams). 8. If you have been to a live tourney, what was it like meeting the real people behind the screen names? Any big surprises? I attended the small live tourney in Halifax, NS in 2017 just prior to going to the Kof94-2 tournament in Las Vegas. It was a lot of fun meeting all the different community members. The Vancouver guys (Jammer, Fed, Kris Mack) were definitely a big surprise that tournament because they were unknown to the community beforehand and they all did so well with Jammer ultimately winning. 9. What is behind your screen name? (Origin story, if there is one.) No real story to it. Anyone who has played me knows that I like to deke a lot which we used to call "dangle" when I played with my friends, so naturally when I had to think of a screen name dangler was my choice because it was an accurate description of my style. 10. Favorite NHL94 player in game (and why)? Probably Jeremy Roenick. I feel he often gets the recognition of being a great Sega player but doesn't get as much respect in SNES because of his size. His skills are just as good in SNES as they are in Sega, you just need to learn how to deal with his size to make him an effective player. If you can avoid the checks, he's certainly one of the top players in the game based on his skills.
  3. I didn't see this answer posted for SNES so here's what I just did to get a 99 min 59 second OT period, I went to Byte 1033890 and changed 2C01 (300 seconds) -> 6F17 (5999 seconds).
  4. Here's one I did based on the 2020 24 Playoff Teams
  5. Just tried this and it looks like it worked, thanks!
  6. I agree Mooney. If we don't edit home/away advantages we'll give weaker advantaged teams to stronger players
  7. I'm definitely in, don't care on team I'll wait until later and make a selection. Couple comments on editing. I can definitely switch all the players on the teams and set lineups. I'm not aware how to edit home/away advantages or penalty time lengths but if that's desired I could probably figure it out with a little digging into it and discussions with smoz. I'm pretty sure editing is very similar to the Gens version.
  8. Awesome stuff @kingraph! I agree with everything you've described here. A few thoughts of my own: You're absolutely right that most of the "A" level players already have the knowledge parts down, and like you said there are still some players that are slightly better in the knowledge or I'm just going to call it the "skills" department. I think the biggest thing that sets the elite apart from the rest is the mental game. For lower skill levels, I would say that results are 80% skill based and 20% mental. Usually the higher skilled player will win the game and the bigger variance there is in skillset the less mental effort is required to win. What I mean is an A level player will have to focus a bit more to beat a B level player than they would to beat a C level player. As the skill levels increase, and the variance between skills of the opponents decrease there's a huge shift in the skills/mental breakdown to where I think results become based on 20% skill and 80% mental. When it's the best guys playing the best guys, it is a gruelling mental game. They both have the skills to know how to score and how to defend, it really comes down to who has the stronger mental game. Most goals aren't determined by a higher skill level, they're usually caused by one of the opponents making a mental error. I know for me personally the difference between me feeling mentally strong vs not can mean the difference between winning by 5 goals or losing by 5 goals vs the exact same opponent. I think the best of the best are where they are because of their mental strength. They have the ability to get "in the zone" and stay there for the duration of their game/series. I compare it to Tiger Woods in his prime. He was the best because of his mental game. Every player on tour can hit it 300 yards and never miss a 2-putt. So there's not a huge difference in the skills, its the mental game that sets the elite apart. If Tiger had the lead on Sunday, it was an automatic win. He intimidated opponents with his mental game.
  9. @chaosIs there any defined tie-break rules in case there’s a tie for the last playoff spot?
  10. I also came back after a 10 year hiatus. I think my last classic season was in 2010. A bunch of things contributed to me stopping, new job commitments, girlfriend, moving etc. And there was a bit of a lull in committed SNES players at that time. I played in the Vegas tournament in 2017 and got my ass kicked by the Vancouver guys. Came back to online play for the SoChel tourney and got my ass beat again so it motivated me to get back into playing some seasons. Like Dan says in the post, there’s been so many improvements in the last 10 years. Retroarch seems to be working a lot better than other programs we used to use. Discord is a million times better than AIM for communication. Also adding the save states for SNES to track the stats on the website is a huge add that we never had before. I bet if more guys knew how much better it is now it wouldn’t take much convincing to get them back. I’m having a ton of fun again and happy to be back!
  11. Yes I just did a SNES 2020 update with the Golden Knights roster. It doesn't have updated logos or colours but the roster is updated. At this link:
  12. Ok, here it is. Finally finished it. I updated the Rom to the 24 teams that qualified for the 2020 NHL Covid Playoffs. I also added a Top Prospects team of the top 2020 draft eligible players and a Seattle Kraken team of my best guesses at random players that might be available next year. That rounds out the 26 teams, for the All Stars, I updated these to actual SNES players from this past classic season. The attributes for the All Star players were unchanged other than the names. For the NHL teams, every team should have the same rating other than whatever Home/Away advantages each team has. Also, I updated weights for players so that will have an effect on their hit/get hit abilities. I didn't want a completely stacked roster so I threw in some mid to lower tier players as well. I laid out every teams roster the same so the first forward listed is the #1LW and has Pavel Bure's attributes. The second player listed is the #1C and has Jeremy Roenick's attributes. 3rd is the #1RW and is Brett Hull and it goes down through the list like this: 1LW, C, RW - P. Bure, J. Roenick, B. Hull 2LW, C, RW - K. Stevens, T. Linden, J. Jagr 3LW, C, RW - R. Tocchet, P. Falloon, K. Tkachuk Ex. - D. Hunter 1LD, RD - R. Bourque, C. Chelios 2LD, RD - G. Wesley, S. Smith 3LD, RD - J. Lummer, D. Lidster 1G, 2G - E. Belfour, D. Beaupre I updated the names, shot handedness and weight for each player, left all the other attributes the same. So some of it is not consistent, like Brenden Dillon has Ray Bourques attributes (99 overall) because he's a LD and John Carlson has Chelios attributes (84 overall) as the RD, Malkin has Trevor Lindens attributes as the 2C, etc... It would have been too time consuming to update all the players attributes individually. This gets it close enough I think where it's still enjoyable game play. Hope you guys can have some fun with it and let me know if you notice any errors with players or any glitches in general with the game and I'll try to fix it. NHL94-Covid-2020.smc
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