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  1. Thanks. When I load it up I only get about 30 players and a small portion of the teams. Also could you set it up where if I adjust players stats the overall rating adjusts real time?
  2. Is there a way to get this to work on Windows 10?
  3. This doesn't appear to work on Windows 10.
  4. You put together the lines for each team and I'll do the ratings.
  5. Could you add the ability to see the players overall rating?
  6. Are there player indicators in this one?
  7. Put the player indicators back in. My only thought on the rom
  8. It's your thread. So. Since always.
  9. I don't think the issue with a lack of indicator is the game being too challenging... I think the issue is, it doesn't make sense. It's like making the puck the same colour as the ice. You, in theory, can have a good idea of where the puck is at all times, but it's unusual, and without any justification as to why it should be the same colour. Especially when playing multiplayer. I only ever play 4 players. This is feedback. Do whatever you want with your rom. Just understand not everyone's going to find an adjustment like this to be favourable. Just remember. It's your rom. Do whatever you want with it. But when you put it in a public setting, it's subject to criticism. This isn't your forum.
  10. I'd work on another rom if there was an overall calculator within the software.
  11. I don't foresee myself making another update. I want accurate ratings and to achieve this with lack of software available is painfully slow and challenging. Thanks to everyone who downloaded and enjoyed. If anyone who ever wants to play me, I consider myself a top tier player and will gladly play online.