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  1. Yo, could I use your rom as reference for an snes update? 

  2. Hey dude, when do you think your updated rom will come out? I'm working on an snes update. I used to make them a decade or so ago but I've got less time now. I'm wondering if you'd be fine if I copied your roms roster and player ratings? If so, could I have access to a rom file where I could open up with nose?
  3. yes, it works, thank you. For the purpose of quick copy and pasting can I somehow remove the overall rating in the SNES csv, since the genesis one doesn't have it, or will that ruin it when I upload it? Right now I have to copy a certain section > paste - then copy another section > paste.
  4. Right click the editor and go to properties. Go to compatibility then click windows xp. Thats what I did for the editor and it worked
  5. i dont get it. How did yours end up without spaces? I'll show you what my CSV file looks like. All I did was extract the rom and that's how it came out. What's the difference between XLS and CSV? I'll attach my CSV for reference. also, when I copy and paste from your CSV (or mine) then go to save the CSV I get an error message indicating: NHL20.csv may contain features that are not compatible with CSV (Comma delimited). Do you want to keep the workbook in this format? - To keep this format, which leaves out any incompatible features, click Yes. - To preserve the features, click No. Then save a copy in the latest Excel format. - To see what might be lost, click Help. So I save it anyway, then import the CSV to the rom and check to see if it's been changed in SNESEditor and it hasn't saved. Damnit nhl.csv
  6. There's spaces when I extract a rom to a CSV. I'll check your files tomorrow, thanks for being responsive to this, you're a good community member.
  7. why are the values 0-10 in the genesis one? It's 0-1 in the SNES one... There's many things I'd have to manually change to make this work. Did you get the rom?
  8. I tried just copying and pasting the names and I'd get an error when trying to save the SNES one. When I opened the new file in the editor no changes were saved...
  9. Here's the rom. Also the genesis CSV has a row for G|H & H/F and the values range from 0-10 it seems, the SNES CSV has values that range from 0-1 (I think indicating whether they're right or left handed players...) NHL 13.smc
  10. I have edited a Rom using the editor. I made an updated Rom up to nhl 2013. My issue is when I export a csv for genesis there are no spaces in the genesis file, and there are spaces for the snes csv. I'm guessing there's a way to create spaces between cells, I'm just not great with excel. My wife actually created a formula in excel to updated players overall ratings in real time, would you be interested in adding that into a future version?
  11. I'll try this Does it not matter that the formatting is different? The snes one has spaces between players. Also, the genesis edits typically have more teams and many more players that the snes can yield.
  12. I tried. It didn't work. I think there's too many players in many of the genesis updates. Oh, also I'm using updated roms, I'm not copying the genesis data from 94 to the snes 94
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