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  1. skip

    ETB2 Playoff ROM

    ETB Playoff ROM Et_Tu_Brute_S02_playoffs.bin
  2. @clockwise that video is fantastic.
  3. skip

    Tournament Format

    The normal format sounds cool, and I hope it doesn't change before attending my first major tourney...NYC!
  4. skip

    The Time is Now!

    I like the leagues.
  5. skip

    Yes I'm still alive

    Hokkee, sorry to hear about the loss of your wife. Keep your head up bro.
  6. skip

    NHL'94 Team Rankings

    Weight Bug. Check it out!
  7. skip

    Game of Thrones ROM

    Awesome stuff man, I always thought about this since there are so many characters to fill out rosters, glad someone got to it!
  8. skip

    No love for the original NHL Hockey?

    He doesn't mean the same exact game, he means same game engine and gameplay, which it definitely is. Only the teams and players are different.
  9. skip

    Swiss National League 2018/19 rom

    @Jkline3 not sure, I think Lupz said he noticed something but really not sure exactly what he was seeing. Decided it'd be better to just do what the game makers did haha
  10. skip

    Swiss National League 2018/19 rom

    Good stuff bud! Just a head's up (and I am not sure if this is true) but someone told me way back that if you make the off and def awr different for a goalie (ie. 3 off and 5 def awr), they act a bit "wonky". I did not notice it myself, but in the original '94 ROM, they're all equal for goalies. So, without a proof, I started always making the off and def awr the same for Gs. Just wanted to let you know in case this is true.
  11. Quebec NordiquesC MahovlichLW SavardRW BureLD LaperriereRD HatcherG Belfourx GeoffrionFirst Forward Sub: GeoffrionFirst Defensive Sub: Pronovost
  12. skip

    Exis Rom

    UPDATED ROM Et_Tu_Brute_S02_beta_09.bin
  13. skip

    Et Tu Brute 2 Draft Order

    Sorted by Fwd/ Dmen / Goalies, by Overall (goalies + crap players not adjusted) et_tu_brute_draft_pool_excel_positions.xlsx
  14. skip

    NHL 2019 by Skip & Slapshot67

    thanks @halifax!