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  1. 15 of 16 in one game is awesome but that just as well could be 1) luck and 2) slower opponent on draws, if its a factor. If he won 12 of 16 in 7 games straight, then that guy figured it out for sure.
  2. hop on the discord channel and get some exis in bud!
  3. Hey bud, you can get on the waitlist/sub list. Are you already playing online here?
  4. trade deadline has passed
  5. Guys, just a heads up that we only change jersey #s if there is a duplicate on your team.
  6. hey you have no dupe #'s, you're looking at the overall ratings not jersey #s
  7. skip


    hey bud! I hope you're well!! My man Tru!
  8. 9.7 Rexer Show picks Viktor Arvidsson
  9. Colorado / Skip First Line: LW - Barzal C - Tavares RW - Pettersson LD - Trouba RD - Rielly G - Grubauer X - Getzlaf Second Line: LW - Pettersson C - Pettersson RW - Getzlaf LD - E. Johnson RD - E. Johnson X - Barzal
  10. Here are the ROMs for VHL8. Attached is the Season ROM, good luck guys. VHL8season.bin
  11. Once you have a full starting roster, leave your line combinations here. Be sure to list any jersey # changes (former numbers preferable) if a duplicate exists on your team. I'll make default changes for exi rom's sake. NOTE: It is ok to have duplicate players listed on 2nd line. For example, you really want your 3rd dman to come on for either of your starting dmen in case of injury/penalty. List them both, and I will add your 4th guy to 3rd line. I will do the same for fwds if you want to list a duplicate for LW/C/RW on 2nd line. Look at my team for example, below. Team Name / GM First Line: LW - C - RW - LD - RD - G - X - Second Line: LW - C - RW - LD - RD - X -
  12. skip


    I'm in a category just called "Skip" - I will write my epic later tonight.
  13. 2.2 Skip selects John Tavares