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  1. Yo, could I use your rom as reference for an snes update? 

  2. skip

    ETB F/D Trades

    Free Agent Add-Drop Add: Robert Kron (backup D) Drop: Bernie Nicholls
  3. NEW LINES - Swaping Granato to starting RW, Carbonneau to starting RD, Nicholls to backup Dman, QUEBEC NORDIQUES C RoenickLW RonningRW GranatoLD Larry MurphyRD Carbonneau #20G Josephx - Nieuwendyk1st Fwd Sub: Kvartalnov2nd Fwd Sub: NieuwendykDman Sub: Robert Kron
  4. QUEBEC NORDIQUES see below
  5. Good stuff bud! Also, I totally agree - Slapshot67 should be bud of the year every year! I wouldn't be making ROMs without him.
  6. skip

    NHL 97 v.2

    yes, we should all get moneys for our works.
  7. skip

    NHL 97 v.2

    I love what you guys are doing here. I really wanted to do a full updated 32-team National ROM for NHL'94 but never got to it, only got to the IIHF Legacy ROM which has 2020 rosters + some classic teams. Made it easier lol. Nice work - LOVE seeing more international ROMs being created!
  8. good stuff, are you already on the discord channel? AIM is dead lol
  9. thanks bud, good to see you back! Thanks @AtomicRaven -the tourney will be fun
  10. skip

    USHL 20

    Nice work man! I'd love to see some CHL ROMs but doing 3 ROMs for one season is TOUGH! Well done.
  11. All of the classic teams are up for grabs This is a NON weight bug fixed ROM we're using, the 1994 rosters are as they are in classic 94 ROM, the others are edited for attributes AND weight (if they got it wrong in 94)
  12. Doing a tourney with this ROM, deadline to join is 3/29/2020.
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