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  1. I hope they fixed the golies, in highest difficulty level is like shooting against a wall...
  2. I see so that program is not compatible with PS1 games?
  3. A "Deluxe Edition" with this bug fixed and Shaq-Jordan-Barkley back in the game would be a blast
  4. In Barkley's case according to basketaball-reference.com the most expendable players of Phoenix are: 1- Aaron Swinson, 2- Antonio Lang 3- Richard Dumas About Jordan: 1- Greg Foster, 2- Larry Krystkowiak 3- Dickey Simpskins Thanks!
  5. Wow! That would be awesome!
  6. Really? I thought it wasn't possible because I haven't seen any mods/patches for Genesis' version, only for PC
  7. Well another crazy idea of mine... Genesis' NBA Live 95 "Playoffs Edition". The game only allow trades in season mode and you can only trade players from the starting 5... so it's mostly useless. Also there's no Barkley in Phoenix for license issues (no Jordan wearing 45 either) and many rookies are missing, so there's no way to fix the rosters with in-game options.
  8. Thanks to you @von Ozbourme!!! You're the real MVP of this mod
  9. Yes, I like 97 rosters but I prefer 96 gameplay. Let's say that I'd like to play 96 like It was "1996 palyoff rom", not 1995, so just copy the all rosters and Colorado artwork, keeping Winnipeg, would work for me. Unfortunately I'm absolutely a technoob so I can't do it myself...
  10. Genesis NHL 96 updated with 97 rosters and stats would be great
  11. Thanks a lot for your answers, I think I'll stick to weight fix only rom, IMHO is the closest version to what Mark Lesser had in mind when the game was originally released, although there's another thing that EA fixed in NHL 94 Rewind, the edit lines ratings bug, is it meaningful? Thanks!
  12. I really really appreciate your explanation, I'm taking my first steps in NHL94 (and in hockey video games in general) so everything is new to me... Last questions (I swear it!), what do you think about the rom with "Wgt bug fix + bonus/penalty due to checking rating"? Does it play "better" or is a complete different experience compared with the one with only WB fix? Is this rom with "2 fixes" the base for the yearly mods? Is it played in your official leagues? Thanks a lot!!!
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