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  1. Shoooot. I cant wait to BE neck deep in that s**t
  2. Antonio Winfield on the cover throwing up the peace sign to Tyreek Hill would be a great cover !!!
  3. Me iam ready for PRIMETIME . Just in time For Fathers Day.
  4. A friend of mine did this a couple of seasons ago. You can trade players to update the rosters yourself to this season. Ken Griffey Jr.'s Winning Run 2016.smc
  5. Your the man ! Thank you for this
  6. PRIMETIME all day ! Way more in depth as you said with trades , city relocation , create a player . deeper stats and just overall better game.
  7. Can't wait for this one ! Out of all your work for me this is most anticipated. , we've been talking about this for a couple years ! Great work and thank you !
  8. Opinions opinions. 95 kills 94 in every way! Season play stats schedule create players plus season playoffs. Only thing cool about 94 is the fighting. Can't even trade players on 94 to keep rosters updated. Nah 95 KILLS 94 OLD TIERED ASS
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