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  1. Anything with a season mode is better period nhl 95 and up
  2. Don't have a computer and IAM old school to all that I'd pay some one for the edits
  3. Hey all I have this ROM kingraph was working on , am looking for some one to edit a few city names . ILL PAY !!! Message me
  4. Anything with Vegas in season mode yet ?
  5. Does anyone no of any minor league roms , or old whl roms.anything is appreciated
  6. I'll join if there's still a spot.
  7. Just checking king in king, how's it going ?
  8. S.fedrov on the cyotes and s.yzerman
  9. How's the progress going king?
  10. Oct.7th Arizona vs. Las Vegas almost heeeeeere
  11. Is today the day king ? Feeeeeening hahah
  12. great work I can't stay off it. I appreciate what you do !