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  1. Can't wait for this one ! Out of all your work for me this is most anticipated. , we've been talking about this for a couple years ! Great work and thank you !
  2. Opinions opinions. 95 kills 94 in every way! Season play stats schedule create players plus season playoffs. Only thing cool about 94 is the fighting. Can't even trade players on 94 to keep rosters updated. Nah 95 KILLS 94 OLD TIERED ASS
  3. That would be awesome. Maybe take out Sacramento.
  4. You have to re select the whole roster after you select the pelicans ,to advance to the game.
  5. New Mexico ice wolves
  6. Engelby77


    Anything with a season mode is better period nhl 95 and up
  7. Don't have a computer and IAM old school to all that I'd pay some one for the edits
  8. Hey all I have this ROM kingraph was working on , am looking for some one to edit a few city names . ILL PAY !!! Message me
  9. Anything with Vegas in season mode yet ?
  10. Does anyone no of any minor league roms , or old whl roms.anything is appreciated
  11. I'll join if there's still a spot.
  12. Just checking king in king, how's it going ?
  13. S.fedrov on the cyotes and s.yzerman
  14. How's the progress going king?
  15. Oct.7th Arizona vs. Las Vegas almost heeeeeere
  16. Is today the day king ? Feeeeeening hahah