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  1. Here's a link to some updates https://tecmobowl.org/forums/topic/64412-the-quest-for-32-tsb4s-journey-to-completion/page/3/#comments
  2. Yes, but I haven't been updating this thread since TBorg came back up. I am really close to finishing the Created Player Faces hack. Then it's just some minor editing after that, no new hacks are planned. Just creating plays, doing the rosters and a few minor graphical changes for some teams that have updated logos/jersey colors.
  3. Still at it, finally got it to where you can edit the face on the created player menu. Screenshots here: https://tecmobowl.org/forums/topic/56988-2013-mt-remix-project-mayhem-trailer/page/16/#comments
  4. In the words of the late great Scott Hall... Hey yo!? Still at it, got a huge chunk of coding done in preparation for adding face editing in the created player menu. Will work on the part for reading the controller inputs and refreshing the tiles for it. But the faces are in the save file and can be slightly edited. You just can't see the edit in real time. However, in season team data you can now see the created players face correctly. Just a little buggy in game viewing. I will get this done.
  5. I started trying to do that, it's still a lot of work. There are still graphics that need to be updated/added. There are a handful of hacks that were created that won't apply to the original. If I am going to put time into it, I'd rather work on the new rom. That's the best I can do. Trust us, no one wants this out more than us.
  6. Still at it, but adding editable faces to the created players menu is giving me fits.
  7. This is news to us? Did they cut our funding? Oh, wait...
  8. Oh yeah, working on a hack that will update the play graphics to reflect the personnel that is in the game. Want to put your full back in? Cool the graphics will reflect that by showing the I formation. 2 TEs? No problem, you can do that. The coding will adjust and the players will line up where they should. Long hard work, but if we can pull it off, straight awesome!
  9. Also, as a side project I am trying to do minimal edits to the original TSB3. Just adding 2 teams, but it's not as easy as it seems. I did a horrible job early on documenting some of the areas that I need to expand to make a 32 team basic TSB3 rom. So when I hit a creative block or just have a little time I also work on that version. Technically TSB4 is already a 32 team rom, the plays and rosters are the only functional things missing. My brother and I have been discussing getting those done to finally after 8+ years get a fully playable version to the masses.
  10. The version we are creating used TSB3, but everything we've added, it would be misleading to call it a TSB3 mod. We've changed most the graphics, added ratings to players (impact rating for all playerd that the code uses for boosts, IQ ratings for positions that the code uses for decision making, etc) Added player faces for all and the fields have a midfield logo now. Did I mention selectable alt jerseys, and RPOs?
  11. Started plugging away again, things at work are calming down so I should have more free time now. Also, Tecmobowl.org is back up so I am back on there updating my original thread.
  12. This has been such a crap year, I really thought I was going to get this done. If 2020 has proven anything, it's that making plans is useless. With that, I have 2 straight weeks of 4 day weekends with no travel or family plans and plan to try do some coding. This game will be done at some point, let hope 2020 gives me a break these last 2 weeks of the year. Fingers crossed!
  13. I haven't posted my versions yet. I've been MIA for a bit, work has been stupid crazy. 2020 can suck a big one. Since my old boss quit, so much has changed. Hoping by 2021 things start getting back to normal. I can say the next 2 months will be exhausting for me. Wish I had better news guys.
  14. Sorry guys been an incredibly busy month. Working really long hours lately and I just haven't had the time or energy to edit.
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