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  1. Finished adding the button controls for directional punts so you can control the direction. One glitch that I have to figure out, short punts go straight up or down depending on the direction you choose. But still cool being able to pin the returner to a sideline. I will get the fix for the glitch sometime this weekend.
  2. Just installed the first part of a code xplosiv gave me a long way back. Forgot all about it. You will now have directional punting. Need to install some AI stuff but it's in there now.
  3. TSB does use 4 & 16 bit graphics though. Most of the lettering is done in 4 bit. The name plates for the team select map are also in 4 bit. That's the only weird graphical thing about TSB3
  4. I was able to get some RAM locations for the Created Player. I need to expand this to work for 32 teams. Once I figure that out, I plan to add a General Manager Mode in the exhibition screen that will use the same kind of coding from the Create a player mode that will allow you to alter your team's coach, offensive play type, defensive alignment (3/4 or 4/3) and edit your coaches offensive, defensive and special teams IQ. Coaching IQ will be a secondary filter that will help players make better decisions when that player's IQ fails. This will be a Create a Coach option added to the game. So basically if a CB with a Pass IQ of 2 fails a check it will check the coaches Defensive IQ. If it is equal to or higher it will run the check again. A coach with a lower IQ than a player will never help that player pass an IQ check. With the create a coach option I will be moving the tables in the ROM that decide the above things in the game and move it to RAM so that it can be edited in real time. (unless the season has been started in which you won't be able to switch your defensive alignment until the end of the year) Offenses can be alter mid year as this happens all the time, but no team has ever switch from a 3/4 to 4/3 or vice versa mid season. The personnel wouldn't allow it. This should also allow you to make teams better than they normally would as this will also alter the sim value based on the coaches ratings. The remaining 5 player slots will be used as in Game sliders for game speed, power etc. It will also have a slider for the manual run controls and the chances of a pass/fail. I plan to keep the Improve part of created players too, so if one wants to just play the COA option only, they will be able to start a career as a Coach in the NFL. I think I can even have it where you can trade coaches between teams. I hope. I will try to get both of these things edited, but if I have to choose 1, I haven't made a decision on which one I will go with. I think both would be good for the game.
  5. Most of my progress from here on out will mostly take place on weekends. My job is going to keep me busy during the week. Last night I tracked down information for the Created Player stuff. I am not sure when a beta will be available. Still writing out our ideas on paper for plays and concepts, then we will start coding it.
  6. I found the coding to fix the FA Mode, will go through and make sure everything is working correctly, but I had to find the code that loaded the table from SRAM for team control type (MAN/COA/COM/SKP) and RAM location x7E0E23 & x7E0E24. Found the coding, have changed it to load to RAM location x7E0E60 & x7E0E61. First check loads SEA, now I will make sure everything works correctly. I will update the first post with the locations to adjust this in the ROM. Updated: First run through and everything seems to check out. Done until further testing. I've updated the doc on the first page with the updated location changes.
  7. Now that I wrote that out, it might not be as hard as I was thinking. I would have to see if I could do what I did for the player view screen but instead hack the helmet shell code that is used for the vs screen. Very interesting. hmmmmm
  8. I thought about that, it is doable but would require a boatload of coding. Would also need to find space in the rom as it would need a large section to point to the mapping of each face. It's on my things to do next time. Like replacing the start movie with the previous years stat leaders as you play through seasons. I already coded the first screen to load the color pallets of the last 2 teams you played a game with.
  9. Once I get past the FA error, I will be able to get back to the creative stuff. I still need to fix the Returning from injury cut scene. It sometimes loads the wrong team jersey, but not just the wrong team jersey the opposite team jersey the other team is wearing. So if you are playing Green Bay in Green Bay, your guy might come back wearing an Away Green Bay jersey. So he got it somewhat right. lol. So I will have to go through my coding to see what I screwed up. (I may end up creating a sideline reporter just reporting that the player is coming back) I also need to change the Superbowl win cut scene, the 2nd consecutive Superbowl win if you win 2 in a row and the magical 3rd straight Superbowl cut scene. I also need to finish the pregame cut scene, I added the national anthem, need to create what will be showing on screen when it plays... I found this before the "controversy" over the national anthem. So I am not 100% sure I even want to go down that path. I think I am just going to have the flag waving. You can do what you want to do when it is playing. I also need to fix the Washington Team now. Also update the Rams, Raiders, chargers, Atlanta, Tampa and Jacksonville's jersey layouts, logos and names. I also need to gather my notes on how the game loads play tiles. I am going to attempt to load the tiles according to who you have in the game. And with that I need to hack in the offensive package hack. This will let you make offensive adjustments on the fly in the playbook select screen. I have a loose code on how to make the computer use this. I need to get updated rosters, ratings and player faces done. If my brother doesn't get me something soon I may look for outside help to get me these. Then finally finalize the playbooks. Did I mention we will have endzone celebrations (right now they are randomize based on the player's ratings, working on trying to make them button executed) Seems like a lot, but considering all that we have done with this game I can't believe that's all I have left.
  10. Fixed the Trade issue, it was a roster load problem. I have updated the Trade/FA section in my first post that shows the locations and the table that needs to be moved. It was pointing to a table that was set up for 30 teams, the 32nd team pointed to value D2, which is why SEA was not loading correctly. I included 4 locations that control the scrolling menu of the team you trade with. I think there might be a couple of codes that need to be checked (Player numbers, A0 04 is the last player number in the original game, there are still like 3 locations in my rom that compare this number. The one I changed was for names and ratings and stat tracking) I was also able to find the location in RAM that seems to be causing the SKP issue with SF and SEA. I can see what is causing the issue, now I have to find the code that is doing it.
  11. I am 97% sure the Trade error is caused by a roster load program. I am on call all week so I can't dig deep but the section that controls the scrolling between the team you are trading with checks out. Only when Seattle's roster needs to load does it freeze. Haven't looked for the coding as to why SF and Sea get skipped if any other team is HUM controlled in the FA mode. But I'm quite sure they are 2 separate issues as it doesn't skip either team in the Trade mode.. I think I have an idea of where to look for the Sea roster load error. Just might have to wait until this weekend. I am also going to clean up my 1st post and move the coding to word docs and attach them that way. They will be labeled like their stage names for easier navigation. Screen Shot of the Kansas City midfield logo and new animations: QB drop back QB running foward still looking for the pass : Ball carrier
  12. This one plays fast, not a lot of time to throw it. You may slow the defensive line down some. We used a 5 level ratings system. If you have trouble figuring out what we did I can explain it deeper, but I believe we took the 17 ratings slider and divided into 3 tiers. Big guys, medium guys and small guys. Speed and power are based on those. Big guys 5 is fast for a big guy but slower than a 5 medium etc. If you would rather just go back to the original sliders I can make the adjustments graphically and coding wise.
  13. The NCAA-TSB 2019 is one of our beta roms. This was before some major hacks were discovered. I found a code that lead me to more codes that lead me to knowing I could hack the game to 32 teams. So our NCAA rom got abandoned for now. I've attached the completed one that the rom you posted was based on. This one has all the plays completed, (yours was in the process of being recoded for the Jstout logic coding he helped me with. It has the Option Hack (from Jstout) and screens let you set up your blockers and control them and you as you run and and you control the lead blocker on runs. This is based on the end of year rosters for 2010. This is from Cam Newton's Auburn championship year. NCAA 2K11.zip