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  1. And this is along the lines of the ones I have done in my mega-thread elsewhere:
  2. This is the best picture I could find (at this time of night!), so hopefully it does the job. The problem with the rink pictures seems to be that very few are taken with a wide angle lens, so there is not much "dead space" at the side of the actually rink to stop it fading into white, if that makes sense. If you happen to find a high resolution one, post it by all means and I'll have another stab at it.
  3. There's not a cat's chance in hell of me entering this, as I would get my ass handed to me(!), but I'd be keen to watch any live streams if it ends up being on Twitch.
  4. A lose .BIN file would be sweet. If anyone is daft enough to include it, it will be EA!
  5. Awesome work as always, @Sauce. I have just knocked this together in a few minutes, just in case anyone wants it for RetroArch. It will need resizing depending on what system you use.
  6. It sounds like I might be in the minority here (so please don't bite my head off!) but I am not too angry about the fact that it seems to be a straight port. I would have bought (and did buy) NHL '21 anyway and pre-ordered it well before Rewind was announced, so I just saw this as a welcome bonus, especially given that it actually includes proper rosters (albeit crystallised a little too early for my liking) and the organ music, unlike the stripped-down version that featured on the PS2 version of NHL '06 (with its made-up rosters!). I made the mistake of booting up my PS2 yesterday to p
  7. I've just watched (and enjoyed) it. The Jágr segment was actually pretty gut-wrenching! And seeing that 1st edition copy gathering dust in Lesser's basement, geez... It was certainly the shot of positivity that I needed before watching Belgium inevitably give England a kicking in an absolutely pointless international (football) tournament that is going on over here at the moment.
  8. @Jkline3 - Glad you like them. I am going to do the "noughties" covers over the next few days and will add them to the thread. I am also going to slightly update the 2019-20 cover above later today for consistency purposes. And yes, I am fully aware that I need to get out more!
  9. Before anyone asks, I will be updating this in the post-season to reflect whoever wins the cup. Matthews is featured just because he is on the 2019-20 box art for the current gen console versions of the game.