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  1. Thanls, @Sauce. At least the new Leafs roster cannot repeatedly clock "too many men" minors on this!
  2. Which core did you use, just in case anyone else is having the same problem? I have never had any problems with playing ROMs from this forum on my Mega Drive / Genesis Mini, as using Retroarch through a Hakchi CE build with Genesis Plus GX as the core seems to do the business.
  3. I have already joined, but my handle is "domokunwins" (also my Twitter handle).
  4. Yeah, I know what you mean about the motivation part. I have a list as long as my arm of "to do / finish" stuff and it's difficult, especially where the audience is relatively small by comparison to, say, an NHL' 21 deke guide. An updated website would be a good idea (I have the strategy site bookmarked!) and that would allow different people to contribute towards it, rather than you doing the lion's share (and having the burden of being responsible for it).
  5. @kidswasted - If you get stuck, download the .ISO and .BIN files from this link and lob them into a single directory. This is what I use and it works perfectly in Fusion or GENs. '94/ I, like @naples39, use a .CHD file when playing the game in RetroArch on my Genesis Mini. It works a treat and the files are easy enough to find online. (Admin - Feel free to delete this post if it it a "naughty step" thing. Given that the game is available for download here anyway, I assume sharing this public link is fine but let me know if not!)
  6. This is stating the obvious, I guess, but the lack of different difficulty settings in the game itself is an issue for me. Anyone can give an AI opponent a regular kicking in the game but it is no substitute for going mano a mano with a human opponent, which is where people like me (solid C level players) can hone their skills. Then, it is a catch-22 of sorts, as unless you play against better players (B & A), you just revert to the old tricks that will work against lesser opponents but will get batted away by others, or you chance your arm and play a big boy and then spend ages lic
  7. UK? Good to have you on board, mate. Manchester in the house over here. And yeah, £10 a drink sounds about right at the moment!
  8. There are some really good guides on the forum that can help with ice logos and menu screen logos (which is what I am struggling with at the moment!). I have attached to this email a guide that I found on another site a while back (authored by someone on this forum, I believe, although his name always escapes me). It might help with the graphics. Good luck! NHL 94 - Editing Guide (Genesis) (V2).pdf
  9. Apologies if there is another thread for this but I just wanted to say a huge thanks to @halifax, @kingraph, @smozoma and @danTML7 for all of your hard work during the two weekends of the Ko94 V tournament. I suspect that I have probably missed some people here (whether visible or working behind the scenes) but you were the ones that, well, entertained me (and annoyed the hell out of my better half as I hogged the TV...) whilst watching a load of people I have never met play an almost 30 year old game on Twitch. What a time to be alive! I get the sense that the whole thing was a lo
  10. Right, after what feels like a decade, my copy of the "NHL '94 Game Card Set" finally arrived in the UK yesterday. I know that the set has been scanned previously (and features on one of the main website's pages) but here is a further set of the 225 cards, all scanned at 1200 DPI (but averaging around 2.5MB a card, as I have not buggered around with the output size). The cards have been scanned on an "as is" basis and, other than applying some basic filters during the scanning process, I have not edited / Photoshopped the cards to get rid of, for instance, any scratches etc. That said
  11. I am still working on this! I am off work over the Christmas period now and have finally managed to procure a copy of Photoshop, so will hopefully be done over the next couple of weeks. I have been battered at work for ages now (law monkey, 14+ hour days and COVID has had no impact on my sector) and, frankly, the weekends have been for sleeping and hammering the rum! If you have been messing about with player ratings for the EIHL teams, let me know, as I would be grateful for a second opinion on these.
  12. Okay, "mastered" might be the wrong word, rather "try not to be a complete pixelated sieve"! And the injury sounds grim. Hope you manage to get some R&R soon.
  13. @halifax - Apologies for the tardy response. I have only just seen this, having just logged on for the first time in a few weeks. For some reason, I have not been receiving email notifications (but that is an issue with my secondary account rather than this place). I might have missed this somewhere, as I have been all over the place recently, but will this be available for online viewing? I wouldn't mind throwing a few bucks the way of the tournament in any case if it helps towards the running of it, especially given how much I get out of the site for free. Next year, I plan to
  14. It was an eleventh hour announcement. I pre-ordered the game months ago (like I do every year) and it was a nice bonus. Then again, I live in the UK and the game is pretty hard to get a month or so after it has been released, so I always pre-order for that reason. Plus, there is a suggestion that it will have a wider release in December (keep an eye on EA's social media feeds). Given that the game has been pretty well received, who knows, it might even come with an online option to help everyone get through a COVID Christmas. Fingers crossed!
  15. Even if it is not shared (which I agree with), I'd be curious to know why it is over 250MB in size! That is some serious padding right there...