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  1. If I was not so snowed under with life and work, I would do an updated roster list in NOSE for the EIHL, seeing as we actually have a season this year going on. If things let up I will sort it and send it on to you.
  2. I use retroarch on my Android mobile. Sure, touchscreen controls are awful, but you can bind a variety of controllers to it if needs be. Battery life is decent, and emulation quality is generally good. The fact you can emulate everything up to PS2 era games on a moderately powerful 'droid is a big plus. Literally as cheap as free.
  3. @UltraMagnus - your skills are needed!
  4. Then by all means, have a look at them! Thanks.
  5. Pretty sure they don't need changing, do they?
  6. Ok, as promised, the ROM, after I have fiddled with it yesterday. Here is what I have done... Changed to white ice (personal preference, don't hate me) Changed Cardiff home kit to have correct red shorts, which fortunately has not changed any logos etc. Changed Belfast away kit to white (for consistency), with as accurate teal, red, and black detailing as NOSE would allow. Went for uniformly teal helmets eventually, as they looked less odd than asymmetrical ones of white/black/teal. EIHL_20_Edited.bin
  7. I simply switched the red to white in NOSE. Decent stopgap (other than odd helmets) until a better effort is worked out.
  8. Sure - might have to wait until tomorrow until I can upload it though. Still playing around with the white Belfast kit as the helmet bugs me!
  9. Having a play session now. Have changed devils home shorts to red with no issues. Also made the ice a less vivid blue (personal taste), but can't have white due to palette limitations doing odd things with other rink features. No issues thus far. Fingers crossed! Ooh, found one. Belfast visitors kit is a reddy pink, which they used ascan alternate. Gonna change it to white and teal to avoid confusion. Ok, sorted a Giants white kit, and also got white ice without weirdness. All is grand!
  10. Must have been Sandstrom being binned then.
  11. Good point, didn't think of the limited pallette. ... and yes, it may have been an accented character that caused reality to fold. Might need to remove them. Looking back at the kits its only really the black Cardiff shorts that really stand out - does making them red break anything?
  12. Yep. Cant remember who got binned which seemed to trigger the issue. It wasn't the first PP that game either, so it might be player specific.
  13. ... Or maybe just an Amazon voucher. Gave this a whirl on my phone during a break at work. Loving it. 94 just feels so more coherent than the breakneck speed of 95. However, this occured - see attached. Dirty steeler got binned, and the world went all melty pixels. No idea why. Went back to normal between periods. Probably an emulation issue? Oh, also, a few kits might be a bit off. Black shorts on the Devils, for example. Easy to change via NOSE though. Finally, did you leave the weight bug in? I might remove it for my own use, if you did.
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