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  1. Thanks again for this. Gonna get it into my Mega Drive now and totally fanboy out on it.
  2. Thanks for this. Seriously, you are a superstar, and did a far better job than I could have. After giving it a whirl, only one issue stands out. I utterly love the player photos - really nice touch. But, for the 4 non-leauge teams, the photos show as the logos for the ducks, columbus, red wings, and LA. You would know better than I why that might be...?
  3. Gotta say I am not sold on the "4 team" format, rather than some other naming mechanism (regions, or suchlike), but glad GB players will get some ice time before the world championships. Might have to root for your lot, as I cant see myself cheering Steelers, Panthers or the Blaze, even though they won't really be those teams, what with the odd draft and all that.
  4. Oh god, it was torture. Enjoyable torture, oddly enough, but questions like "how fast is DeLuca compared to Ulmer" became tedious. As for Ginn - expect to see my lot swoop in for him to fill the Bowns shaped void. Lord did give him a start for Greenville, so clearly had eyes on him
  5. Might as well include our awful trophy names. Centre ice? Logos please. GB teams could have the flag. All stars should probably have EIHL logo. Thanks for the cards - a nice touch. Ticker could be Premier Sports logo as they are the most decent broadcaster... Also, in those screenshots, it reads "ranksing"... (and the Belfast banner needs to be teal and red or green, with cardiffs being red and green. Logo banners wont have that issue).
  6. My effort at rosters is finally at a state where I feel further tinkering will drive me mad. Attached is a ROM derived from the CHL ROM (as it had 3 teams in it I needed...) with them in. I have only edited the rosters, lines, kits, and basic team details, but none of the logos etc, so this isn't for playing, but instead for @UltraMagnus and @LaTormenta to use as they see fit in their own work. Further editing to make team names etc. appear in a ROM correctly might be needed, but all the basics are there to build on. Feel free to use\amend\ignore as you see fit The rosters are for 14 team
  7. As posted above - the awards are literally the name of the award...
  8. It really helped that I decided to make an all star team. I sifted eliteprospects data to find the players who have at least 2 EIHL seasons and sorted by goals, assists and PIM. I built that team first, with player ratings overall between 82 (Corcoran, assist machine) and 72 (Schiestel). When building teams, I used any "all star" players to help calibrate ratings - so, say for Cardiff, Martin is 2nd line centre for the all stars at 80, so our top line of him, Haddad (also an all star at 76 thanks to his shooting) and Riley (72) kinda felt accurate. Steelers top 2 lines are similar - they score
  9. Oh, I have it all worked out using gamesheets (broadly accurate, with fudges to take into account game limitations and how very few teams roll consistent lines). I tended to put players in the top line who put up good numbers, which broadly match records from key fixtures. Its just finding the time to concentrate on getting it done! Though, it would be very interesting to compare how we rated players (you might be pleased to see how highly I rated Matt Ginn, based on his percentage)...
  10. Aaron Murphy is the main voice of hockey on TV here. Hitting a bit of a wall with rosters. Imported pretty much every player for 14 teams, but setting liness and kits is a bit of a slog. Give me a few days...
  11. I will get them into a stock 95 ROM via NOSE once I have enough done to be happy, and pop them here.
  12. Looks great on an android emulator. So far I have 7 rosters planned, with 3 of them the heavy lifting of the custom teams.