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  1. I can second that advice above. Using NOSE makes is incredibly easy to create teams, players, rosters, and kits. I don't find it so easy to create logos etc, bu thats as I am a bit of a rookie at that. I have been tinkering in order to create EIHL teams\rosters in both 94 and 95, but am holding off on any serious effort on graphics in case @LaTormenta resumes work on his EIHL project... In short, if an enthusiastic but low skill amateur like me can do it, so can you.
  2. I woukd like to know why this version has no freeze bug rather a lot. How was it fixed?
  3. Been overdosing on 95 recently due to @UltraMagnus CHL ROM. Checking definitely changes checking (duh, lol), but I have seen zero noticable difference in players controlled by cpu or human when it comes to roughing or aggression for shooting.
  4. Starting in the pipes? A dream come true!
  5. This makes me think it isn't actually emulated 16 bit software, but actually a modern package made to look and sound retro.
  6. Surprised I hadn't noticed that yet either. Possibly as in my season playthough I hadn't come across them yet. I have noticed a tiny graphical issue with Berlin EB, where a black line from the logo appears as white (on a white background), but it is no minor and momentary you have to be really looking (or playing them several times early in the season) to spot it.
  7. Pretty sure you know my thoughts from the CHL thread (lack of CHL this year, teams in 2020\21 having incomplete rosters due to CoVid, stronger Swedish, Finnish, and German teams, etc.) Perhaps an IIHF ROM instead, based on the last completed tournament, so I can recreate GB's escape v France? Or, possibly, this years one which was cancelled, including some teams from the division below to bring you up to 32 teams?
  8. Been playing around in NOSE a bit more, and noticed a few things while tweaking some stats (boosting some scandi and German teams, nerfing Stavenger, swapping all goalie handedness to make them correct in game, deleting a few duplicated players). 2 teams had odd data. One, Minsk I think, had all stats set to max, and sequential numbering. A squad full of 120 rated players was not fun to play against. Not knowing the team, I basically randomised the player numbers, and built them a squad similar to Neman, the other team from Belarus. The other was Zug, who had player numbers\we
  9. Well, the biggest issue there is that there isn't going to be a CHL this year thanks to CoVid! Maybe holding off a season until one runs again so you know what teams to include... Not all the league's that supply teams are running this year either, with lots of players out on loan from shut down leagues into ones actually running - so rosters will be a bit unusual for 12 months! FWIW I do have familiarity with some of the CHL leagues (detailed knowledge of EIHL, decent knowledge of Scandinavian and Austrian teams, passing familiarity with German and Swiss teams), so might be able to offer some
  10. Posting this here incase anyone might know. So, with the help of @UltraMagnus, I have been playing around with NOSE and a ROM of NHL95. Specifically, I have been editing lines for a team. My issue is that the lines I edit do not appear accurately in game - the right players are there, but the centre and left wing are swapped, or one half of a D-pairing is swapped between lines. My PK and PP lines in game are totally different to what NOSE thinks they are. Any ideas? Edit: no worries, solved the issue. The system I am playing on hid a .bin file as some kind of initial save stat
  11. Nothing leaps out at me as needing fixing - thanks! Also, got NOSE working with the ROM. Not sure what was wrong, but now I can edit the Devils lines until my heart is content. Though, now having edited lines, I have more questions... Strangely, the lines I built are not preserved accurately within the ROM. My SC1 has the wing and centre switched. Same for SC2 and CHK, with one of my D pairing in each swapped. My PP and PK lines are all over the place. Any ideas? EDIT: solved this issue by finding and deleting a .bin file my emulator created and hid away.
  12. Thanks, will give this a try and see how it goes. Hmm. Curious. Tried opening the CHL ROM in that version of NOSE, but got exactly the same error. How odd.
  13. Trying to edit a NHL95 ROM in NOSE. Opening the .bin file gives me an error box saying... "Err.Number: 9 Subscript out of range" ...followed by "The selected file does not appear to be a valid file format!" Uh, help?
  14. Seriously, for the sake of me wanting to shuffle a few lines around and adjust few positions its not worth anyone's trouble other than my own. Edit: OK, so I tried opening the ROM in NOSE to make a few tweaks, which failed with 2 different errors. How do you edit the 95 ROM?
  15. Giving this a go ASAP. Curious as to some of the rosters, considering the problems CoVid has caused sone of our Leagues over here... Ok, utterly loving this. Played a few games as the Devils against Sheffield and Belfast, dominating in both. Noticed a few minor errors in rosters (say, #4 for the Devils being Reddick instead of Louis), but nothing I can't tweak myself, and nothing inexcusable considering you wont be familiar with the teams! Thank you.