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  1. Might just have to give Lordo's Swamp Rabbits a whirl agaibst his olf team from Wheeling... Working lovley on RetroArch. One minor text issue where the "na" from the end of "arena" doesn't scroll with the rest of the text when at the extreme end of a long row of text, but that's a incredibly minor issue. Enjoyed my first game, getting Pelech (ex EIHL player who I intensely dislike) deliberately binned repeatedly for the Swamp Rabbits against the Nailers. Lost 0-1, but being 3 on 5 for 85% of the game hardly helped, lol.
  2. I thought as much. Might be worth a punt, seeing as cheap dongles are less than £5. I shall also bung an email to ATGames, but dont hold out much hope - I can't see anything resembling a standard 2.4gHz receiver inside the casing, but can see what I suspect is some kind of reciever...
  3. Right, not sure this has been posted in this thread - didn't see it after a quick skim read, so apologies if its a repost... My main NHL play nowadays is via PC emulator (Gens, keyboard) or via Retroarch on Android (touchscreen). Both control methods are adequate enough. I also own a fairly ropey ATGames Genesis repro console, and have modded it to an extreme to fix its many issues with sound, emulation quality, SD card compatibility, firmware... In my defense, it was bought as a toy for my kids, and as an excuse to get them to play some NHL with me - lol. It comes with some decent controllers - 6 button genesis style, 2.4gHz wireless. They aren't the real thing (what with buttons for menu and rewind, but are a decent copy, even if they are a bit light, with lower quality plastics, especially on the d-pad. My question is this: would anyone know how feasible it would be to get these to talk to a PC emulator, or to Retroarch? I know they are not Bluetooth, which complicates things somewhat, and possibly also specific to the ATGames unit (maybe a dongle mounted inside the unit?), but I am nothing if not curious - as I already own them, I might as well see if I can take advantage of them. Any ideas?
  4. Indeed! I look forward to seeing this, and giving it a go. If you need any sort of questions answering about EIHL rosters, I might be able to help (and shall try to be objective, lol).
  5. You might consider a Champions Hockey League ROM if you are merging European teams into one ROM - 32 teams, from pretty much every decent league, with the best teams from each qualifying... Its basically the real world equivalent of the UEFA cup for hockey mentioned above. Add in the right EIHL teams and you might tempt me to give 95 a whirl after years of neglect!
  6. That may be highly entertaining. Is a second version without the bug too much to hope for? If not, no worries, the weight bug fix is simple enough to apply myself.
  7. Same situation here in Wales - no ice available for the immediate future for any of the teams that use IAW. Convinced there will be no EIHL this year, and even if there is its gonna be much reduced in terms of duration and quality (with players understandably moving to operating leagues). As such, news that you are having a push on this project has cheered me up. Alas, I have no help to offer with your transparency issue, but am still looking forward to the finished article. I've been playing Sauce's 2020 ROM a lot to get my fix recently, but I would much rather rip a Haddad one timer past Duba instead of an Ovechkin one past Rask. Oh, one question: how will the playoffs work? 10 into 16 is an awkward fit. Are sone teams going to need to play themselves to simulate a "bye"?
  8. Ok, as a fellow EIHL obsessive, I have signed up here simply to follow the progress of this rom as I need it in my life. Playing as my beloved Cardiff Devils being called by Murph in the Genesis NHL engine would be a dream. Not sure if I can be of any help, but willing to volunteer enthusiastically!