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  1. Definitely recommend using RetroArch over the Mini's default emulator. The default emulator creates a weird issue where every shot is a backhand regardless of ice position and handedness.
  2. @LaTormenta @UltraMagnus @MonkeyHead Amazing work again, guys. No EIHL mods and then two come along at once. Have to admit I'm starting to pay attention to EIHL a little more than I was previously since these two projects really gained momentum. Look forward to the prospect of a mod based on the upcoming Elite Series too.
  3. We didn't get any of the games here post Montana '93, so I've only relatively recently been starting to discover the series after they changed the game engine. I keep hearing it has a cult following but there's so little out there about it (that's positive, anyway). So, it's great to see it get some love. Stoked for this.
  4. I noticed that the music in Elitserien 95 is much slower than NHL '95 due to being a PAL/50hz game. Is this slowdown evident in the gameplay also? And if it is, does playing it at NTSC/60hz speed things up to the point it affects the physics like the NHL Hockey/EA Hockey region difference does?
  5. Here's @von Ozbourme's translated mods if you want them EliteSeries 96.bin2 MB · 26 downloads EliteSeries 95.bin2 MB · 37 downloads
  6. About two/three weeks too late to realise this... (last thing I wanna do is add to your workload, I know it wouldn't be a simple swap and would mean inputting all that work again) but would using Elitserien 95 as the base for the mod be better suited? @von Ozbourme has a translated version which would remove a potential obstacle.
  7. @UltraMagnus @MonkeyHead @LaTormenta Awesome collaborative effort guys, this is amazing. Can't wait to get this onto the Mega Drive Mini and give the season a play through once you got the final touches sorted!
  8. I play an F1-style manager browser game that sounds very similarly set-up to this. So I’m interested to try this out - especially now there’s a completely free version
  9. @MonkeyHead @LaTormenta @UltraMagnus Seriously, all three of you deserve a virtual beer – this is looking amazing! Awesome work all of you. Is there any interest in seeing a version for the lower leagues with National League and Division 1 North/South maybe? Would mean 1 team getting left out, though. Of course, it'd have to be in the distant future for heads to unmush and would need a bigger group to contribute to the research.
  10. This is such an awesome idea for a series! Amazing work and great to see the other NHL titles getting some love. Retro review/summary adds a neat feel of authenticity too.
  11. I like the idea of keeping it as accurate as possible to current season/format. But the final decision should go to @MonkeyHead and/or@LaTormenta to make the call on teams to include. It feels unfair as they properly follow the league
  12. @UltraMagnus That would be amazing - consider me tickled! I don’t have anywhere near the knowledge base that @MonkeyHead has - but if there’s anything else in the workload I can help with I’ll be glad to pitch in.
  13. Oh sweet, I'm definitely on board for that too if you ever get the season working! Be a good reason to check out 95 some more I figured there'd been snags when I saw the topic had gone silent for a while! I appreciate all the work that goes into these mods, I got no worries being patient. Sounds like you've made an amazing amount of progress despite the snags
  14. I just wanna voice my support for this mod. Early progress and planning looks/sounds great I'm not a big follower of the EIHL (I've never really had much interest higher than my local team – Invicta Dynamos – in NIHL South Div 1) but it'd be awesome to get some British hockey represented in NHL 94!
  15. Hey all, UK hockey fan since my Dad surprised me with NHLPA 93 on Mega Drive when I was a kid. Not sure what came first - that game or seeing the sport at the Winter Olympics. Either way I've been a hockey fan ever since. I first found this place when I played the 2018 mod. Then after hacking my Mega Drive Mini last year I came back to get the latest mod and became overwhelmed by just how many you guys have actually done. I've got a massive folder now filled with almost every season and league. I seriously need to seek out all the individual creators and give thanks, cos the the work