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  1. Awesome stuff as always, it's great seeing those logos on the team select screen, and the subtle little nods that it's actually a closeup of the jerseys and not just the logo. Lot of nostalgia for this tournament for me, being in the UK. First live hockey I ever got to watch, and I always remember that shootout. (Sorry, still too soon?) I saw some magazine reviews from the time mention this is the only video game related to the 1994 Winter Olympics thats worth a damn
  2. Hey this sounds great! Last year I started a little project to do a Mutant League Hockey version of NHL 94. I was hoping to change tons of stuff but anything beyond NOSE is way over my head. I’ve come up with Mutant League versions of all the NHL 94 teams (including possibly being sacrilegious by changing some of the existing MLH versions of NHL teams!) I also have brand new logos created for all the teams. Backstories/histories for some of them finished or planned. The next step was to make Mutant League versions of the players but I never got around to that. I’m more than happy to collaborate if you’re interested in seeing what I’ve got
  3. @UltraMagnus Have you got any advice for Madden 92? I've found all the team uniforms in Hex Workshop. But I have no idea how to independently change colours for home and away team banners and the end zones. I can see they're all linked to a different part of the uniform for each team. Green Bay's end zone colour is linked to their home number colour, whilst Minnesota is linked to their helmet. Minnesota's secondary home banner colour is linked to one of the skin tones. I was gathering it works like the centre ice logos for NHL 94, but I can't get Tile Molester to run, or Tile Layer Pro to display anything properly, so I can't really tell if it needs to be edited there or if it can be changed in Hex
  4. Covers for both '95 editions: IIHF 95 IIHF 95 - World Championship Edition
  5. Damn, great work. Gonna echo the props for the attention to detail and the muted colours on everything just making everything feel super old-timey, it's really immersive.
  6. Covers for both '94 editions: IIHF '94 IIHF '94 - Championship Edition
  7. Covers for both versions of the '93 edition: International Hockey '93 IIHF Hockey '93
  8. There’s a ‘Battery Saves’ folder within the openemu folder. Change the extension to .sav, remove any existing save file in that folder for this game (should only happen if you started the game up first). IIRC the Open Emu folder isn’t easy to find. Best I can remember is to right click ‘Show game in finder’ on a game in open emu and backtrack from there.
  9. Just out of curiosity... I’ve noticed the Ravens and Titans never make the 30 team cut of any roster update for any 80/90s NFL game. I’m not saying there’s better teams to swap out, just wondered if there any particular reason it always is these two teams?
  10. I haven't had time to get stuck in, but I've had a quick nose around and it looks awesome. Great stuff again If it doesn't go in the same folder as the ROM, there should be a folder somewhere where 'battery saves' are stored. If you have other games with battery saves stored in the same core/emulator folders check which file extension they use. If they all use .sav change it and it should still work – it has for me in OpenEmu.
  11. Oh man, that fits in so perfectly with the taunting aspect and general attitude of the original game
  12. Unexpectedly, I actually found time to work on something! How's this?
  13. With @von Ozbourme's blessing I started working on the boxart for the series using the original NHL series as a template. Here's the covers for '91 and '92 IIHF Hockey IIHF Hockey '92
  14. I’m very short on free time at the moment - but if no one else throws their hat in the ring beforehand, I can have a go at the box art
  15. It's been a long, long time since I actually anticipated the release of an NFL game. Can't wait to get my hands on this!
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