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  1. here is the original rom NHL 94 - 32 Team ROM by slapshot67 org.zip
  2. It also depends which rom you are looking at, the original 32 rom I released to the community has all the player cards.
  3. You should change the pelicans to the eastern team so you don’t have to select a custom roster. my mistake, that won’t work, certain players are linked to the all star teams.
  4. So you were ok releasing the nhl 06 94 for the ps2 on here? but not this one, why, is it because they gave you a free copy?
  5. I don’t have a ps4 or xbox so has anyone tried to look for the rom in any of the install files? I ripped the special nhl 94 rom from a ps2 disc, also the special madden 93 rom from a ps3 disc. it was inside an .RN or .ELF file, maybe they used the same file system.
  6. looks like it will be just teams and players, in the gameplay video from ea, they didn't even update the ice. https://twitter.com/EASPORTSNHL/status/1312151879376281603
  7. A74EC - CHANGE 4801 TO 6801 A74FC - CHANGE 4801 TO 6801 A750C - CHANGE 4801 TO 6801
  8. nice work, good to see a 93 update. the location for each teams ratings are just above each teams goalie, you can't change the power play and home team adv. the random goalie starting can be changed by watching the players on the menu screen, if you don't want that goalie to start, just switch teams and come back and see which goalie is playing.
  9. the 90's are finally here NHL 90.binNHL 91.binNHL 92.binNHL 93.binNHL 94.binNHL 95.binNHL 96.binNHL 97.binNHL 98.binNHL 99.bin Next updates will be other scores N/A fix proper ice layouts proper arena music convert 94 to 93 and add fight ratings
  10. here is the hex list for how many teams you want 7012 = 18 teams 7013 = 19 teams 7014 = 20 teams 7015 = 21 teams 7016 = 22 teams 7017 = 23 teams 7018 = 24 teams 7019 = 25 teams 701A = 26 teams 701B = 27 teams 701C = 28 teams 701D = 29 teams 701E = 30 teams 701F = 31 teams 7020 = 32 teams also found the location for the 93 30-32 team rom 000146BC - 7018
  11. some good news, I found out how to limit teams showing up on the "EA Hockey Night" animation and the "Other Scores" screen, one issue is you can't go below 18 teams or it will crash. the first example I took my NHL 78 rom and went to location 00018032 and changed 701A to 7012, now only those 18 teams will be shown, no N/A the second example I took NHL20 and changed 701A to 7020, now all teams will be shown.
  12. here is the ini file, just back up your original before replacing. roms.ini
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