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  1. here is the ini file, just back up your original before replacing. roms.ini
  2. change these values in a hex editor. 0000E2A8 - CHANGE 7814 TO 7816 0000E6C6 - CHANGE 0013 TO 0015 0000E6CC - CHANGE 7413 TO 7415
  3. open nose and add Vancouver to the playoff matchups, that should fix that freeze.
  4. if you look at nhl 92, there is a guy there, I guess they deleted him for some reason, lol
  5. Installed fine, just crashes when saving xls file
  6. this is excellent work, although I cant get it working on my windows 7 home 64bit, I get the "NHL94 Stat extractor v0.1has stopped working" will this support 30-32 team roms?
  7. It is finally here, Hockey 19 - 93-32 Team ROM Special thanks to skip for his rosters and ratings...thanks bud! Notes: -Updated graphics - title screen, Stanley cup, player bench, and ice. -Updated team rosters for 2018-19 season. -31 NHL Teams, 32nd team is the NHLPA'93 All Stars. slapshot67 HOCKEY19v1.bin
  8. some feedback try and leave the skate blade color 0666 or you will get different bench carpet color. not a fan of the time ea logo, I always hated the original, lol you should also add a custom scoreboard logo change the menu team select, pitts and nash are out. excellent work, keep it up
  9. try this nose, it should work
  10. There is no way to fix, I hope you copied your rom before you applied it. if you do have a version before that, I can add the sprite patch to it, just send it to me.
  11. The sprite patch was already added to naples version of the 32 team rom. No need to add it again.
  12. here is the official Pyeongchang 2018 rom, it has both men's and women's teams, just needs the rosters filled. NHL 94 - Pyeongchang 2018.bin