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  1. I set up first and second round as you suggested. When set up like this you are always the Home Team. I went with 15 second periods, with the goalie pulled and scored an own goal in each game. I had to play 7 games in each round so it was a little time consuming. I got what I wanted which was 4 team playoff bracket with the Cup skated at the end. As an added bonus the team I was controlling had no stats when you got to the real games in round 3.
  2. In my Original 6 roms, I have been able to create a 4 team playoff bracket by blanking out the other 12 playoff spots. I am happy with everything about it except that I would like the players to skate the Cup after winning the second playoff round. Is this possible?
  3. #1 Minnesota is good. #2 Green Bay is better. I loved my trip to Green Bay. It was the high point of my NHL 94 career. Arguing with Trojan about my seeding and then promptly beating him in pre tourney exis Traveling and rooming with AJ Pre-tourney games with Smoz, EA, Tex, AJ, and Jer Beating Raph in an official tournament game of NHL'94 Post tourney 2v2 with Raph, AJ, Jer and Arda #3 Make it Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I'll be retired and totally free #4 SNES was the big negative of my trip to Green Bay. Huge waste of time and it screwed up the Gens tour
  4. NHLPA '93 30 team roms also won't play on an Everdrive. I have no idea why.
  5. This has my attention. Can you please describe exactly how you accomplish this. I do not follow what you wrote but would love to be able to switch teams. Are you altering the rom or the emulator?
  6. How do you disable one-timers?
  7. I have still never figured out why the 30 team rom does not work on the everdrive. Aggravating!
  8. Posting this for reference. Thanks @kingraph So to have 20 minute periods that last 2 minutes (just like 5 minute periods in original game) SET 015DEC to 2AA8 To make penalties match up time wise (2 minutes is 12 seconds) SET 128CC to 0006
  9. OK, Roger that. Works perfectly. So now how do I set the penalty clock to match? Do I set 128CC to 0006? (60/6 =10) I want it to run 10 times faster than real time also.
  10. 65536/6553 = 10 6553 = 1999 Hex So that would make 20 minutes play just like 5 minutes in the original game? Which is really 2 minutes
  11. I have an X5 and it is just fine.
  12. Yeah, this is what is interesting to me. I never knew that 5 minutes of NHL 94 time is only 2 minutes of real time. So after experimenting setting the code if you set it to 1AAA a 20 minute period will be about 2 minutes. Great now I may have to change all my roms.
  13. Everdrive is amazing. get the real thing by krizz not cheap chinese knock offs. Evactly what I have on my everdrive is this!