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  1. How do you disable one-timers?
  2. I have still never figured out why the 30 team rom does not work on the everdrive. Aggravating!
  3. Posting this for reference. Thanks @kingraph So to have 20 minute periods that last 2 minutes (just like 5 minute periods in original game) SET 015DEC to 2AA8 To make penalties match up time wise (2 minutes is 12 seconds) SET 128CC to 0006
  4. OK, Roger that. Works perfectly. So now how do I set the penalty clock to match? Do I set 128CC to 0006? (60/6 =10) I want it to run 10 times faster than real time also.
  5. 65536/6553 = 10 6553 = 1999 Hex So that would make 20 minutes play just like 5 minutes in the original game? Which is really 2 minutes
  6. I have an X5 and it is just fine.
  7. Yeah, this is what is interesting to me. I never knew that 5 minutes of NHL 94 time is only 2 minutes of real time. So after experimenting setting the code if you set it to 1AAA a 20 minute period will be about 2 minutes. Great now I may have to change all my roms.
  8. Everdrive is amazing. get the real thing by krizz not cheap chinese knock offs. Evactly what I have on my everdrive is this!
  9. 71-99 are Slapshot's I included my 75, 80, and 93 80 has the NHL and Olympics 68-70 are ones I had been working on but never completed. They are now complete. 51-70 have updated ratings. I thought it would be nice to have them all in one place.
  10. through NHL 71.bin NHL 72.bin NHL 73.bin NHL 74.bin NHL 75.bin NHL 76.bin NHL 77.bin NHL 78.bin NHL 79.bin NHL 80.bin NHL 81.bin NHL 82.bin NHL 83.bin NHL 84.bin NHL 85.bin NHL 86.bin NHL 87.bin NHL 88.bin NHL 89.bin NHL 90.bin NHL 91.bin NHL 92.bin NHL 93.bin NHL 94.bin NHL 95.bin NHL 96.bin NHL 97.bin NHL 98.bin NHL 99.bin
  11. NHL1951.bin NHL1952.bin NHL1953.bin NHL1954.bin NHL1955.bin NHL1956.bin NHL1957.bin NHL1958.bin NHL1959.bin NHL1960.bin NHL1961.bin NHL1962.bin NHL1963.bin NHL1964.bin NHL1965.bin NHL1966.bin NHL1967.bin NHL1968.bin NHL1969.bin NHL1970.bin NHL1975.bin NHL1980.bin NHL1993.bin
  12. I like all of this post. 92-93 was a great year and most of what you requested is in my roms. Not sure how much I care for perfect jerseys as sometimes I like them slightly altered to look better in the rom. An example would be Chicago and Minnesota. Chicago I replicated accurate to 92-93, but I hated the changes Minnesota made to their logo for that last year so most of the time I left their look and logo more 91ish, but it is totally possible to do replicas easily with NOSE, just be careful as it can screw up the Center Ice logo. I have a bunch of versions of this rom. Some more accurate and some more to my liking. I think they are all posted so poke aroung the above linked thread and if you don't find what you need PM me. I am not doing much with 94 right now but would be happy to help you. As far as moving the logos around on the ice like the PC version does, Which I agree is cool. I do not think is possible in SNES or Gens, but KingRaph or Smoz could better answer that. # 3 and #4 are easy and in my rom.
  13. Yes, it becomes more and more complicated around here. I wish I could help you but I got the 30 team rom pretty dialed in and plan to just keep working with it as I don't plan to create any roms needing more than 30 teams. Good Luck!
  14. The Home Team gets the last change and 93 and 94 both have this built in. If you send your CHK line out as the Visiting Team the CPU as the Home Team matches. If you send your CHK line out as the Home Team the CPU essentially has already sent out Line 1. It was a great way to guarantee a Probert vs Neely or Roberts fight in 93. Play as the Red Wings at Home and send out the checking the line the CPU Bruins would have already sent out Neely on Line 1. 93 and 94 both have this.
  15. Finally figured out editing TSB. 2019 College Football 1970, 1971, and 1972 College Football