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  1. CoachMac

    Premium Retro League 4

    Great Start to the Season. Regular Season ends in 2 weeks on October 1. Playoffs are Top 4 based solely on Points. Semi-Finals 1v3 and 2v4
  2. CoachMac

    Vancouver KO94trey Hotel HQ's

    I will do what I can at thrift shops on the way up I can also bring my Gens HD thing, but Everdrive does not work on it, just Original carts.
  3. CoachMac

    Vancouver KO94trey Hotel HQ's

    Good job! EA. I'll have a system and TWO Everdrives so we can have TWO 2v2 set ups if we want. I am also going to try and pick up a CRT TV on my drive up from Seattle. Maybe we could call LaQ and ask if TV's have the inputs we need.
  4. No problem, saves me some work.
  5. CoachMac

    Classic Official ROM

    I am for lots of polish. I made a rom with the Pro Set Logo, Improved uniforms, logos, and player cards. The after the whistle checks I like to rack them up. They took fighting out, after whistle checks is my answer to no fighting. I don't like the idea of showing actual attributes. This will be a big can of worms. Have at it boys!
  6. I like 60. The Federal League Rom just has guys from the Movie all rated 81. I made it originally as a 2v2 rom with just the Chiefs and Bulldaogs and am converting it to 5v5 for this league and including all the teams from the Movie. Broome County Blades Charlestown Chiefs Hyannisport Presidents Lancaster Gears Long Island Ducks Peterboro Patriots Syracuse Bulldogs Plus I could add custom teams people want. Rockford Ice Hogs for Brutus etc... if we have more than 7. Since this is different would be cool to have different teams and this is more a minor league. We could even make some of the guys from the movie as new players with low, unique ratings.
  7. These guys are in my Original 6 roms. I love these unique type players. They have different names but very similar attributes. In many of my 1950's roms, Rudy Migay of Toronto has Randy Wood's attributes, and George Armstrong, Joe Klukay, and Ed Westfall have Folingo and Eagle's attributes. I would suggest letting @angryjay93 set the parameters of the players, in fact we could just draft the teams he drafted to create the Capitals. He did like 14 teams. I included the KC Scouts he drafted/created in the summer rom. I am working on the rom now. It is the Federal League. IF you guys like it we can use it, if not I had fun making it.
  8. CoachMac

    Premium Retro League 4

    Season is on. Huge Thanks to @chaos for setting us up to upload games. @corbettkb and I kicked it off tonight with a 7 game set. I would suggest that as the form of play. We played all 7 at my place, next time at his. 0-6-1 start for Montreal could spell trouble for me. This will be a tough competitive league. Regular Season ends on October 1. Semi-Finals done by October 8. Finals by October 15.
  9. CoachMac

    Premium Retro League 4

    Predictions for PRL 4 (1967) #1 Chicago @MikeGartner22 this guy is a rising Superstar. He played the full slate of 160 games in @jackandjose Summer League. He has been regularly mixing it up in 2v2 action, he did well at the Long Island Retro-fest and has excellent GC skills. He has by far and away the best roster in this rom. The Hawks are loaded and the best team at forward, on defense, and in goal. @MikeGartner22 was brought in as coach to do what Billy Reay could not. I think he can do what the real 1967 Hawks could not and bring home the Stanley Cup. #2 New York @corbettkb the Lou Gehrig of '94, a true Ironman, no one plays more or plays harder, He has a real opportunity to capture his first online championship. The Rangers have some speed and talent and an All-Star Goalie. Can the deliver a parade on Broadway. #3 Boston @IceStorm70 this will take some mad skills to lead this team to the promised land, but I believe they have the right man in Boston. Ice has 6/6 skating Bobby Orr, but not much else. His skills will be tested. This is a team @angryjay93 would love. The question is can Ice be patient and change the Bruins fate from 1967. Can he start the Hockey revival in Boston a year early. We think so! #4 Detroit @aqualizard this is a tough call between 4 and 5. Aqua has improved over the last year and I am giving him the nod for the 4 spot based on his teams skill. Weak Goaltending will test just how far Aqua has come in his GC. #5 Toronto @AtomicRaven this could guy has skills and has been beating Aqua in preseason action so this pick will probably put a bee in his bonnet. Toronto has a fairly weak roster and will be to much for Atomic to overcome over the course of a 70 game season. #6 Montreal @CoachMac not quite enough here talent wise for Montreal to compete with me at the sticks. The '66 Canadiens would have made me more competitive. Playoffs Semi-Finals #3 Boston over #1 Chicago in 7 #2 New York over #4 Detroit in 6 Consolation Round #5 Toronto over #6 Montreal in 5 Stanley Cup Final #2 New York over #3 Boston in 7 @corbettkb is my pick to win PRL 4 (1967)! Season starts tonight!
  10. I'd be in. How about the Federal League??
  11. CoachMac

    Et Tu Brute Delayed

    Glad you are good Brutus! Colon Cancer is real, but also super easy to prevent. Get a colonoscopy (not pleasant but far better than dying, which is what will happen if you don't get checked and you have cancer, you won't know it until it is to late without getting checked). They go up your backside with a camera and a snipper. If they see pre-cancerous growths they get it right now. Super-easy, I've had 3 (40, 45, and 50) lucky me, I get another one at 55. I have always gotten a perfect report. Funny part for me is it is one of my former players who does my colonoscopy and as he says I've seen you a whole new way Coach.
  12. CoachMac

    Premium Retro League 4

    Lots of great ideas from Summer League. I had considered a Double Elimination Playoff. Yes. 1v3 and 2v4 plus we will do a 5v6 consolation round.
  13. CoachMac

    Premium Retro League 4

    C/B fix is so that in WBF rom you can't C/B check with the little guys. All of my roms have it and all WBF leagues use it.
  14. CoachMac

    Premium Retro League 4

    @MikeGartner22takes Chicago I'll take the Habs. League Champ gets one of these! @aqualizard is up!
  15. CoachMac

    Premium Retro League 4

    Teams, It will be the ultimate handicapper. Ha! Not your pick! I will take them at #2 if Gartner passes