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  1. Amazing Game! The AI is excellent. Playing the computer is actually fun and somewhat challenging. The lack of manual goalie is made up for with amazing Defensive AI. They really clog the middle and while the deke is still a very good move it is not money or cheesy. They will often level you or force a bad shot. So much more of a Hockey simulation than any other version. Really has all the best parts of 92, 93, 94, and 95! Other awesome stuff, Full Season Mode, Ron Barr including speech, plus an awesome rink announcer, Anthems (no kneeling), USA and Canadian Flags, Back up Goalies Play, Varied and accurate center ice logos, Sound of the boards, goalie pads, sticks, pucks, etc...., better music, more dynamic and accurate crowd, guy blowing a single horn at times, Jumbotron including Fan Meter and other cool stuff, Ref retrieves puck and goes to box and signals penaties, calendar, 4 actual accurate lines, scratches and deeper rosters, 1993 season celebrated, Stars in Minnesota, No Ducks or Panthers, 3 Stars, skate out after being announced EA Sponsor, Shows total goals when a player scores for season or playoff not just that game, more accurate goalie pulls like when down 1 or 2, not just when down 2, visual line changes when players go on and off, dynamic crowd, announcement of 1 minute left in the period, so much more amazing game, an actual Stanley Cup presentation and skate with the Cup, Long Live DosBox!
  2. CoachMac

    NHL 2019 Season ROM by The Sauce

    Thanks. I like both of these points, especially the checking. Anyone else have feedback on the goalies in this rom. Both of these seem applicable to my Original 6 roms. (goalies staying in the net and less checking)
  3. CoachMac

    NHL 2019 Season ROM by The Sauce

    What does making all the goalies speed zero do? I also noticed all the checking ratings are really low. What does that do to gameplay?
  4. CoachMac

    Banner Creativity

    New Banners for Original 6 Roms. Thanks for the Inspiration. Cool Ideas!
  5. Thanks Guys! I really would love to make this. Probably about 60-40 yes right now. I will have a decision by early next week! Looks awesome Great Job organizing this!
  6. CoachMac

    Coach Mac's Historic Roms

    I made some updates and changes to my roms over the Christmas Holidays. --1 Original 6 rom with each teams best squad from 1952-1962. --1 1970's/1980's rom with every team that played in that era. Some best teams and some worst teams. The year is noted in the rom with the team nicknames. All of the players are meticulously and individually rated. --1 Classic 94 rom with all of the awesome updates (players cards, sponsor logo, etc...) --1 Original 6 2v2 rom. --1 Slapshot 2v2 rom that includes 4 teams. The Chiefs (The 3 Hanson Brothers and Dennis Lemieux) The Bulldogs (Ogie Oglethorpe, Tim McCracken, Clarence Swamptown, and Tommy Hanrahan) NHL '94 All-Stars (Gretzky, Lemieux, Bourque, Roy) (99,66,77,33) NHL '94 Enforcers (Probert, McSorley, Domi, and Hextall) ---Plus I included all of my other roms that I still have on the first page of this post. More details on each rom is posted above.
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    Coach Mac's Historic Roms

    NHL'Original6.bin WT BUG FIXED C/B FIXED No Overtime in Regular Season. Stick Tape and Eye Patch Applied. Player cards for all starters. ESSO as the Scoreboard and 3-Stars Sponsor. Music matched to appropriate teams. All Sim/Team Data set to reflect Actual Regular Season Points and Statistics. All player data reflects Actual Year Statistics. 4 Team Playoff Brackets. (Hidden NHL '94 All-Star Teams) Foster Hewitt as the Announcer. 1953 Bruins (Lost Final to Montreal.) ( Milt Schmidt, Jim Henry, Fleming MacKell) 1961 Blackhawks (Won Stanley Cup.) (Stan Mikita, Bobby Hull, Glenn Hall, Pierre Pilote) 1952 Red Wings (Won Stanley Cup. 100 Points. 8-0 in Playoffs.) (Gordie Howe, Ted Lindsay, Red Kelly, Terry Sawchuk) 1956 Canadiens (Won Stanley Cup. 100 Points. First of 5 straight Cups.) (Rocket Richard, Jean Beliveau, Doug Harvey, Jacques Plante) 1958 Rangers (Finished 2nd in Regular Season.) (Andy Bathgate, Gump Worsley, Bill Gadsby) 1962 Maple Leafs (Won Stanley Cup. First of 3 straight Cups.) (Dave Keon, Tim Horton, Frank Mahovlich, Johnny Bower) 2v2'Original6.bin Classic 2v2 version of the above Original 6 rom Same teams as above. All Advantages equal. Bonus Disabled. 20 minute Overtime. NHL'1971-84.bin WT BUG FIXED C/B FIXED No Overtime in Regular Season. Stick Tape and Eye Patch Applied. Player cards for all starters. Coca Cola as the Scoreboard and 3-Stars Sponsor. Music matched to appropriate teams. All Sim/Team Data set to reflect Actual Regular Season Points and Statistics. All player data reflects Actual Year Statistics. Jiggs McDonald as the Announcer. Stanley Cup Champions 72 Bruins (Gerry Cheevers, Phil Esposito, and Bobby Orr) 75 Flyers (Bernie Parent, Bobby Clarke, and the Broad Street Bullies) 77 Canadiens (Guy Lafluer, Ken Dryden, Larry Robinson, ) 82 Islanders (Bryan Trottier, Mike Bossy, Dennis Potvin, Billy Smith) 84 Oilers (Wayne Gretzky, Jari Kurri, Mark Messier, Paul Coffey, Grant Fuhr) Stanley Cup Finalist 72 Rangers (Jean Ratelle, Vic Hadfield, Rod Gilbert (GAG Line), Ed Giacomin and Brad Park. Lost to Boston in 6) 71 BlackHawks (Stan Mikita, Bobby Hull, Tony Esposito and Keith Magnuson. Lost to Montreal in 6) 75 Sabres (The French Connection Gilbert Perrault, Rick Martin, and Rene Robert. Lost to Philly in 6) 81 North Stars (Dino Ciccarelli and Bobby Smith. Lost to NY Islanders in 5) 82 Canucks (Stan Smyl, Richard Broduer, and Thomas Gradinlost to NY Islanders in 4) Good Teams 77 Atlanta Flames (Tom Lysiak, Willi Plett, and Eric Vail) 84 Calgary Flames (Lanny McDonald and Kent Nilsson. Lost to Oilers in 7 in Smythe Final) 80 Whalers (Gordie Howe and Mark Howe. Whalers first year in NHL) 81 Kings (Triple Crown Line. Marcel Dionne, Dave Taylor, Charlie Simmer. 99 Points) 82 Nordiques (Peter Stastny, Real Cloutier, Michel Goulet, Lost to NY Islanders in Conference Final) 81 Blues (Bernie Federko, Brian Sutter and Mike Liut 107 Points) 78 Maple Leafs (Darryl Sittler, Borje Salming, Mike Palmateer, and Tiger Williams. Lost to Montreal in Conference Final) 76 Penguins (Pierre Larouche, Jean Pronovost, and Syl Apps Jr.) Horrible Teams 77 Red Wings (16 wins 41 points) 75 Capitals (8 wins 21 points) (The worst team ever) 81 Jets (9 wins 32 points) 74 Seals (13 wins 36 points) 78 Barons (22 wins 57 points) 79 Rockies (15 wins 42 points) (Don Cherry was the coach) 76 Scouts (12 wins 36 points) 84 Devils (17 wins 41 points) International Teams 72 Canada Summit Series Team 72 Soviet Union Summit Series Team 80 USA Olympic Team 80 Soviet Union Olympic Team NHL'94classic.bin NEW IMPROVED CLASSIC VERSION Classic Version Has the WT Bug and the ability to C/B check just like the Original Rom. Stick Tape and Eye Patch Applied. Original Ron Barr as the Host KingRaph and CoachMac Player cards for all starters. Music matched to appropriate teams. All 26 Teams from the Original Rom with exact ratings and lines. All Sim/Team Data and Advantages just like the Original Rom. PROSET sponsor of Scoreboard and 3 Stars. EASN Scoreboard. Exact Playoff Tree from Original Rom Improved Uniforms and logos. 2v2'Slapshot.bin Classic 2v2 Rom All Advantages equal. Bonus Disabled. 20 minute Overtime. Charlestown Chiefs (Hanson Brothers and Dennis Lemieux) Syracuse Bulldogs (Ogie Oglethorpe, Tim McCracken, Clarence Swamptown, Tommy Hanrahan) All-Stars '94 (Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemieux, Ray Bourque, Patrick Roy) Enforcers '94 (Bob Probert, Marty McSorley, Tie Domi, Ron Hextall) Gene Carr is the Host. Old Fashioned Root Beer is the Sponsor. (Hanson Brothers Favorite!) Brass Bonanza is Intro Music and All Teams Face off Music. Stick tape and Eye Patch applied.
  8. CoachMac

    Changing Weights

    I know this can be done, because the Smoz rom tool does it. I just want to do it slightly differently. I want the weight increments to be 15 pounds instead of 8. So, A = 230 9 = 215 8 = 200 7 = 185 6 = 170 5 = 155 4 = 140 I can't find weight values in Hex editor. @smozoma ? @kingraph ? Anyone?
  9. CoachMac

    Off the Grid

    I am going off the grid. I have never been much of a computer or tech guy and after spending the last few weeks basically off the grid, I have decided to go even further off. As most of you know my Discord account has been terminated and I am not playing in classic. Thanks for the PM's checking that I was OK from many of you. I still plan to attend LIVE events (possibly more buffed when I rip my shirt off) and check in on the forums from work now and again. I consider many of you my good friends and will look forward to seeing you at Live Events. The rest of you keep your heads up and on a swivel!
  10. CoachMac

    Coach Mac's Historic Roms

    @CutterTML These roms are made up of compilation teams. -Not a particular year but a general feel of the team from the decade. -No player was placed on 2 teams. -I tried not to use players in multiple decades. (Obvious exceptions like Howe and Beliveau) -Each team has 9 forwards (mostly playing as lines that played together) -Each team has 6 defensemen. -Each team has 3 goalies. Check out the manual I made for details on the players. Manual.docx I found myself always struggling to decide which year to play of my roms so I wanted to simplify my choices and rate players based on multiple years rather than on a particular year. I worked hard to maintain the integrity of the original ratings (much like @naples39 does with his roms). Almost no one has any 6 ratings and 5 ratings were given based on the percentages in the Original rom. I spent the most time I ever have on getting the ratings correct since I only had 2 roms to worry about and 12 teams. The Habs rosters were probably the toughest to make with so many great players. The 1950's rom for the Habs leans heavily on the 1956 team, but also includes Elmer Lach and Gerry McNeil from earlier in the decade and Claude Provost and Charlie Hodge from later. The 1960's Habs was the toughest as I left Boom Boom (50 goals in '61) and Dickie Moore off the roster. But I wanted the team to feel more like the mid-sixties over achievers than the early sixties disappointments on St. Catherines Street. Plus Boom Boom and Dickie get their due credit in the 1950's rom. I also wanted these roms to be available to @Brutus or anyone running a draft league so that these players feel and are arted differently than the Original '94 players. In my year by year roms players are just cloned. I would love feedback or to discuss my choices and your impressions of these roms. @Matt55 Yes! Love It! Thanks! Here is the 1987 Rom. NHL'87.bin
  11. CoachMac

    Coach Mac's Historic Roms
  12. CoachMac

    Coach Mac's Historic Roms

    NHLPA'93 Original 6 Roms NHLPA'93fifties.bin NHLPA'93sixties.bin
  13. CoachMac

    NHL Hockey (DOS)

    Aside from the fact that there is no WT BUG in this version, checking is also much nicer as Board Checks are also not 100% successful. Sharks play in the Cow Palace! I Love it everytime I hear that! 3 Stars Formula seems better! And again the Defensive AI, will really shut you down and not let you get to the net for the deke!
  14. CoachMac

    NHL Hockey (DOS)

    @kingraph use this: Assuming you are using a Gens controller. Set Button 3 to ALT-R (B button on Gens controller) (Pass) Set Button 4 to Enter (C button on Gens Controller) (Shoot)