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  1. I like all of this post. 92-93 was a great year and most of what you requested is in my roms. Not sure how much I care for perfect jerseys as sometimes I like them slightly altered to look better in the rom. An example would be Chicago and Minnesota. Chicago I replicated accurate to 92-93, but I hated the changes Minnesota made to their logo for that last year so most of the time I left their look and logo more 91ish, but it is totally possible to do replicas easily with NOSE, just be careful as it can screw up the Center Ice logo. I have a bunch of versions of this rom. Some more accurate and some more to my liking. I think they are all posted so poke aroung the above linked thread and if you don't find what you need PM me. I am not doing much with 94 right now but would be happy to help you. As far as moving the logos around on the ice like the PC version does, Which I agree is cool. I do not think is possible in SNES or Gens, but KingRaph or Smoz could better answer that. # 3 and #4 are easy and in my rom.
  2. Yes, it becomes more and more complicated around here. I wish I could help you but I got the 30 team rom pretty dialed in and plan to just keep working with it as I don't plan to create any roms needing more than 30 teams. Good Luck!
  3. The Home Team gets the last change and 93 and 94 both have this built in. If you send your CHK line out as the Visiting Team the CPU as the Home Team matches. If you send your CHK line out as the Home Team the CPU essentially has already sent out Line 1. It was a great way to guarantee a Probert vs Neely or Roberts fight in 93. Play as the Red Wings at Home and send out the checking the line the CPU Bruins would have already sent out Neely on Line 1. 93 and 94 both have this.
  4. Finally figured out editing TSB. 2019 College Football 1970, 1971, and 1972 College Football
  5. Good news: I thought it would be tough to get 4 and we got 8! So, we will split into 2 Leagues. Champions of each league will meet later in the week in a format to be determined. Bad news: I can't get Discord to work on my Windows XP computer, so I may be out of my own league. That is embarrassing DRAFT ORDER Teams Available Red Wings Maple Leafs Canadiens Bruins Eastern League 1. @danTML7 2. @AtomicRaven 3. @corbettkb 4. @kingraph Western League 1. @jer_33 2. @JSchmidt 3. @CoachMac 4. @angryjay93 DRAFT is LIVE! Eastern League Champion vs Western League Champion on Tuesday or later in the week in a format to be determined.
  6. All of the above! Plus some, I have a secret proprietary formula used by the selection committee. Bottom line is everybody will get chances to play, coaches will be relegated between levels, coaches may sometimes be asked to show up as sub, coaches may get left out some weeks, lots of room for creativity and need to be flexible. Even the night we play will take flexibility and creativity as somebody may not show. Deadline is midnight tonight.
  7. NHL1951.bin Here is the rom, so that you can get familiar with the teams. GENS/Hamachi Classic Style 5 Minute Periods Line Changes OFF Penalties OFF/Offsides OFF (B-check enabled) Best of 7 Playoffs Only HARDCORE ORIGINAL 6 PLAY STYLE No editing lines, changing goalies, or calling timeouts. No in game pausing or delays during the series allowed. (Take a piss, get your beer, change the kids diapers, please your woman before or after your series...Be a Man!) DEFAULT everything plug and play. #1 Detroit vs #3 Montreal #2 Toronto vs #4 Boston TEAM DRAFT will be Wednesday. Coaches Currently looking for jobs. @AtomicRaven @jer_33 @corbettkb @JSchmidt @danTML7 @CoachMac Midnight Eastern tonight is deadline to submit application.
  8. It looks like we may get more than 4. I have a plan for that. Open sign-up until tonight's Midnight Eastern Deadline. Then I will post the committee's (me) selections and match-ups.
  9. GENS/Hamachi @CoachMac 1951 Rom (Each week will progress through the 1950's and 1960's) Classic Style 5 Minute Periods Line Changes OFF Penalties OFF/Offsides OFF (B-check enabled) Best of 7 Playoffs Only HARDCORE ORIGINAL 6 PLAY STYLE No editing lines, changing goalies, or calling timeouts. No in game pausing or delays during the series allowed. (Take a piss, get your beer, change the kids diapers, please your woman before or after your series...Be a Man!) DEFAULT everything plug and play. Set Schedule Day and Time Do not commit if you cannot show up, and be on time, both nights. You do not have to commit to every week. You can sign up week by week. I will select the players each week if we have more than 4 sign up. The selection committee (me) will consider your skill level, overall dedication to the hardcore league, and general awesomeness for who gets in each week. TEAM DRAFT 4 players and order to be determined below. Sunday 12/1/2019 Semi-Finals 10 PM Eastern Series A #1 Detroit vs #3 Montreal Series B #2 Toronto vs #4 Boston Monday 12/2/2019 Stanley Cup Final and Consolation Series 10 PM Eastern Winner A vs Winner B Loser A vs Loser B Awesome Retro Awards Antique Tin Hockey Guys to weekly winner. Gordie Howe and other Original 6 Bobbleheads to Decade Winners. INTERESTED IN THE LEAGUE AS A WHOLE. IN @angryjay93 @jer_33 @AtomicRaven @corbettkb @JSchmidt @danTML7 IN THE LOOP @LeifErikson @kingraph @jackandjose SOMEDAY @Brutus I don't like computers or being online, but I miss playing NHL 94. Anyone including those listed above who would like to be in for 1951 (12/1 and 12/2 at 10 PM) sign up below. Deadline to sign up is Monday at Midnight Eastern. I will select the 4 players Tuesday if we have more than 4 and post the rom. TEAM DRAFT will be Wednesday. EXI's Thursday, Friday, Saturday SIGN UP FOR 1951 Below.–51_NHL_season
  10. Solitaire Play with the human player having the smaller goal and the CPU still having the regular goal would be amazing.
  11. I've got carts that say the same thing, plus they have a big red EA instead of the spinning pucks on the opening Splash screen. I do think they are just later versions after the whole EASN thing. I like the EASN and spinning pucks better, but cool to have both. I have looked for other differences but never been able to find any, besides the in game timer, center ice logo, and the splash screen.
  12. Sold again! Thanks to everyone who contacted me.
  13. Turns out a blessing for me. OK, so I am pulling back some things and not selling them as when I was testing everything and boxing it up, I realized how awesome those Gamerz Tech HD systems are. I had a framemeister and for me these perform much better. I am keeping these. Still could sell some pieces individually. Especially the SNES Everdrive. DM if interested in it or anything else, besides the Gamerz Tech stuff, but pick one up and trash the CRT TV.
  14. Plenty here to get a start running a tournament. Thought I'd post here before selling things Individually on E-bay. @halifax @Edge of '94 Midwest @McMikey @kingraph @chaos or anybody else. What is included? 1 Genesis Everdrive. 1 SNES Everdrive. 1 Sega Genesis 1 with 2 6 button controllers, power cord, and hook up. 2 Sega Genesis 2 each with 2 3 button controllers, power cord, and hook up. 1 SNES, 1 controller, power cord, and hook up. 1 Gamerz Tech Mini Gen HD with controllers and power cord. 1 Gamerz Tech NES HD System with controllers and power cord. 1 EA Sports 4 way play. 2 Genesis NHL 94 Carts 3 Genesis NHLPA 93 Carts 2 Genesis NHL 92 Carts 1 NES Tecmo Super Bowl Cart 1 SNES NHL 94 Cart 1 SNES Griffey Baseball Cart. Asking Price $200
  15. @IAmFleury'sHipCheck yes I always enjoy yours and Jill's company. My apologies on the post. Heading back to the cave.
  16. Leagues are Dead. Forum is Dead. AIM is Dead. Gens is Dead. Kof94 One = Perfect. Why did anything change? Downtown, HHOF, Mikey, Toronto, Air Canada, Craziness, Triple elimination, Real Sports, Blue Jays vs Yankees, All the Best players and Best Guys. Kof94 Two = Uh oh we forgot to have it. HUGE MISTAKE and loss of Momentum. Kof94 Two Part 2 = Nice try. Good Idea and could have been awesome, but went to dead part of Vegas (did anyone consult the guy from Nevada). East Coast Bias and Eastern guys did not come in great numbers, Stupid format begins, Movie is late and still not complete. Kof94 Three = Horrible. Format stunk, Venue Stunk. Nobody came. Kof94 Four = No thanks. Video game geek venue. 94 use to feel like hockey, now it feels like video games. I hate video games.
  18. Extending names can cause problems when the player scores a goal and on the 3 stars screen. I can't remember the details but I have changed shortened names in my retro roms because it looks bad. 10 letter max sounds about right.
  19. Remember the game is actually based on the 1992-93 Season. This sounds more like a rom based on the 1993-94 Season. Which is a cool idea. I actually think the ratings from NHL 95 are better than the ratings for 94. They were done by Neil Smith of the Rangers as opposed to Igor Kuperman. They would be a good place to start as 95 has all of the tweaks you mentioned and more. I am also glad that at least you, me, and @kingraph care about the player cards. I watch them every single time. One thing about my roms is that I left the ratings and game play untouched so that it plays exactly like the Original , but it looks tons better. I can barely look at the Original rom with the improvements made to Logos, player cards, and splash screens.
  20. I have done my versions of this. Not everything you posted, but it does have some of it. I have some other versions I have made for guys as well, such as my Mike Modano special. More info can be found here. NHL'93classic.bin NHL'94classic.bin
  21. CoachMac

    93 One-Timers

    That is a great video. I am inspired. To get better. @DaDonch44 ran a GDL 93 in 2012. That was the first league I played in. I then ran some 93 leagues in 2013 and 2014, followed by some 92 leagues. Lots of great buds played in them. @kingraph@Brutus@jer_33@angryjay93 93 is also far more fun and challenging to play against the computer. Hard to explain why as the deke is super easy to score in 93, but play 20 games of 94 vs CPU and then try 20 of 93. 93 is better. I used to know this, having to relearn. you were behind the awesome 93 site?