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  1. I use to have a website with all the rosters of the teams. www.nhl92.com San Jose is completely fictional. #22 for Edmonton is Charlie Huddy A couple other mistakes but overall well done.
  2. @E2A8 change 7814 to 7816 @E6C6 change 0013 to 0015 @E6CC change 7413 to 7415
  3. Yes. I've got lots of them. Coming Soon. Also on the EA Hockey does anyone know how to make USA and Yugoslavia selectable for Playoffs. Seems I saw it posted at one point. Also anyone know how to edit banners? Sim Data?
  4. So let me give you the details on his awesomeness. I have been trying for years to take the Original Tecmo Bowl and make it into an NCAA rom encompassing you guessed it the 1960's, 70's, and 80's. The biggest glitch was the end zones and playbooks. I asked him for help and in minutes he jumped in with both feet. Additionally he is helping edit the scoreboard and helmets. I tried for years to get help on this other places to no avail, but this guy did everything and more in a day. So be on the lookout for some awesome Tecmo Bowl roms in the near future.
  5. This guy is brilliant and helpful.
  6. For an 8 Team Bracket Do your 8 teams on the left side of the bracket. Put an Easter Egg team or teams on the other side. I also make all the banners for the Easter Egg Teams Blue like the screen My 1968-1970 Roms have 8 team brackets. 1967 and before have 4 team brackets. I do not know of a way to actually make the bracket, just 8 teams. I would love to be able to hack the rom to be best of 3 (H A H) and Best of 5.
  7. It is On! Season is Live now Thanks to @chaos for getting us up on the site. 20 Game regular Season play each team 4 times (2 H 2 A) Regular Season ends 2-18-2021 Semi-Finals complete by 2-25-2021 Finals complete by 3-4-2021 1952 Season to follow immediately. You do not own your team each season will have a brand new team draft based on previous season. Slackers will be booted. Waitlist @MikeGartner22
  8. At one time the 1951 rom had it own original splash screen of Billy. He was a bad ass, more than a goal scorer, but he is quite a story.
  9. Not a problem. We can wait on your pick
  10. Here are all the roms for the Dynasty League. NHL'51.bin NHL'52.bin NHL'53.bin NHL'54.bin NHL'55.bin NHL'56.bin NHL'57.bin NHL'58.bin NHL'59.bin NHL'60.bin NHL'61.bin NHL'62.bin NHL'63.bin NHL'64.bin NHL'65.bin NHL'66.bin NHL'67.bin NHL'68.bin NHL'69.bin NHL'70.bin NHL'75.bin NHL'80.bin NHL'93.bin
  11. Original 6 Era Dynasty League (1951-1967) Team Draft of @CoachMac Premium Retro Roms WBF/CB Fix Period Length = 5 minutes Penalties = OFF (B checkenabled) No overtime in Regular Season 20 Game Regular Season Play each team 4 times (2 H 2 A) Playoffs Best of 7 Top 4 make Playoffs (1 v 3 and 2 v 4) Bobbleheads and other cool retro hockey swag will be given each season and to the overall dynasty coach. First Season will be 1951 NHL'51.bin Team Draft Order #1 @CoachMac (Red Wings) #2 @aqualizard (Maple Leafs) #3 @AtomicRaven #4 @sheehy #5 @JSchmidt #6 @angryjay93
  12. I was hoping to make this a dynasty type league starting in the 1950's and progressing through the Original 6 Era, but we need 6 guys to get started. I'll bump this to the top one more time and see if we can get it going. If not, Oh well
  13. Dragons #42 Blood Clot = Ronnie Lott #8 Tongue = Steve Young #44 Ratbone = Tom Rathman #33 Crunch = Roger Craig Coach = Vince Lombardi???
  14. ??? Nothing to go on here except that he is one of the few Rangers to wear #13. Camille Henry and Danny Lewicki were tiny little guys who played for the Rangers but neither ever wore #13. This one bothers me as we have most of the team.
  15. Slayers Coach Buck Troll = Chuck Noll (wrong team but....) Evils #11 Warlock = Norm VanBrocklin (QB 1960 NFL Champs)
  16. Liars #22 Rick Tocchet (slow skater) Derangers #13 Nemchinov
  17. Monsters #9 Grim McSlam = Jim McMahon Razors #83 Deadhead = Ted Hendricks
  18. OK, The boys are back in town! More info coming soon!
  19. Legzrgone is classic for Dino. His skating should be 4/2.
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