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  1. I was hoping to make this a dynasty type league starting in the 1950's and progressing through the Original 6 Era, but we need 6 guys to get started. I'll bump this to the top one more time and see if we can get it going. If not, Oh well
  2. Dragons #42 Blood Clot = Ronnie Lott #8 Tongue = Steve Young #44 Ratbone = Tom Rathman #33 Crunch = Roger Craig Coach = Vince Lombardi???
  3. ??? Nothing to go on here except that he is one of the few Rangers to wear #13. Camille Henry and Danny Lewicki were tiny little guys who played for the Rangers but neither ever wore #13. This one bothers me as we have most of the team.
  4. Slayers Coach Buck Troll = Chuck Noll (wrong team but....) Evils #11 Warlock = Norm VanBrocklin (QB 1960 NFL Champs)
  5. Liars #22 Rick Tocchet (slow skater) Derangers #13 Nemchinov
  6. Monsters #9 Grim McSlam = Jim McMahon Razors #83 Deadhead = Ted Hendricks
  7. OK, The boys are back in town! More info coming soon!
  8. Legzrgone is classic for Dino. His skating should be 4/2.
  9. Liars LD #44 Shawn Cronin Dead Things C #22 Dino Ciccarelli (because of his horrific broken leg in junior hockey)
  10. Cadavers G #40 Andre Racicot Bots Coach Don Cherry LW #2 Milt Schmidt (should be #2) Ooze RD #21 Tony Twist Liars LW #12 Rick MacLeish (should be #19) LW #2 Dave Schultz (should be #8) G #1 Bernie Parent RD #4 Tom Bladon LD #45 Mark Howe Mighty Weenies Disneyworld Center Dead Things Coach Scotty Bowman G #1 Terry Sawchuk The Shrimps Stadium Cow Palace Interesting that Slaycity Slayers Goalie name is Kraken
  11. Minnesota Drop Odjick and Add Probert Drop Kozlov and Add Keane
  12. Minnesota North Stars LD Russell RD Burt LW Eklund C Reichel RW Drake X Keane 3D Blake
  13. I'd like to play. You know my computer situation. If I can get everything up and running, I'm in. I'd like the Minnesota North Stars.
  14. @kingraph Mission Accomplished!
  15. Incredible job! Love everything about this! Let's do that Hockey thing guy was the perfect choice for Ron Barr. If I could like this more I would. Throwback players and teams?
  16. When you apply the sprite patch it seems you also get the modern ice markings. Is there a way just to get the sprite patch and not change the ice?
  17. @seamor Nice job! This is a rom that I have often thought about making, of course mine would have ended with the 1994 Rangers when the NHL cease to exist in my mind. Here is some feedback, from my perspective. I really didn't look at anything after the 94 Rangers. Amazing Center Ice logos with the Stanley Cup included for Cup Winners and Historically accurate logos, especially 51 Leafs and 52 Wings. Sponsor logo leaves something to be desired. 1930 Bruins? why not 1929 when they won the Cup? Better Regular Season? They also look like they are helmetless whi
  18. @deadmeow Does anyone know what happened to Jeff? I know he was sick. The last I know of him being around was when I was running 92 leagues in in 2015 and 2016. He played in a couple of the seasons I ran. We talked on AIM and played lots of 92 exis.
  19. I am not sure what this has to do with the price of tea in China, but No Ron Francis would not be in my Top 10 of All-time players. I pretty much concur with this as far as Top 10 players in the NHL of All Time.. I think we are talking about NHL 94 coaches and @corbettkb is in my Top 10 in fact I put my whole list up. Do you rank Chocolate Chip Ice Cream ahead of Rocky Road?
  20. Who says they don't? @kingraph is a great statistician and the work he has done is amazing. Stats can be manipulated to say what you want them to. Top 10 coaches means more than stats and especially stats from a few leagues. @corbettkb is getting no love. Plays every league, great attitude, great dedication, great talent. And statistically by Wins and Games Played he is #1.