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  1. Does anyone have any insight into the processes and memory addresses for how the 94' Genesis cartridge handles injuries? Specifically, how and where does the Genesis decide if a hit will result in an injury? I'm assuming there a set of values for that probability - has that has been identified? Given how rarely injuries happen in game, it's been quite a task to ID, beyond me. Appreciate any help. Thanks!
  2. Thanks @VonOzbourme this is great! I had to experiment with a new hex editor as for some reason I couldn't find the memory address using wxHexEditor....??? Not sure what was happening there, but I had no trouble when I switched to using ImHex (great tool!). I'll experiment with this some and eventually hope to release a ROM; will upload it to the custom ROMs section. FYI, my focus is on recreating the 1980 Olympics... the so-called "miracle on ice".
  3. Thank you Smozoma for the headsup on the line edits and thanks Von Ozbourme for the tip on the hit box for the net - can you tell me where I'd find that value in the hex dump? I tried comparing BINs that included/did not include this mod, but there seemed to be too many changes to narrow in on what I imagine are a few bytes at most. You guys are great, thanks!
  4. Thank you, Smozoma! Especially appreciate insight into that roughness value - I'd assumed it was associated with aggression or something of the sort. Do you have any thoughts into ways one might minimize the success of those known early NHL 9x goal scoring moves i.e. the cross moves, crash the net, stuff the net type moves? Anything that can be done to make the goalie supper human beyond maxing their ratings? Also, I've noticed editing lines now crashing my game - perhaps because I deleted some player rosters ... assuming, I have to fill that data in with null space? Thanks again!
  5. Hello, I've been playing around with an Olympic conversion of NHL94 - thus far mostly focusing on rosters and cosmetics, but wondering about ways one might approach making the game more difficult beyond increasing goalie ratings. Are their any non-obvious values we should be looking at that could be HEX edited? Any other approaches one might take? FYI, unrelated, for those interested in AI, I came across some work using NHL 94 for training algorithms: https://github.com/MatPoliquin/nhl94-ai Its cool stuff, but I'd rather not need a bank of Nvidia RTX cards to play NHL 94 Thanks!
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