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  1. Hey Seamor...still enjoy your games...these are biblically HUGE and fun..I got a question, you did the neutral and outdoor roms but for the end of the year, do you intend to do roms for Final four? where any and every team could be part of the final four with the final four ice and crowd stuff? Just thought I ask since it hasn't been mention. I know there's a lot of work involved and wondering if you might not do it, which could be understandable..but just wondering if sets of playoff roms will be added. Stay safe and thanks a million for your work. Always there to support you man!!
  2. Your set is f****N BRILLANT!!! Thank you so much for these roms!!! Cheers!!
  3. Hello there! I haven't done much in quite awhile and finally get out of retirement with this opportunity. This is a mod of seamor's excellent rom for 3 on 3 hockey based on the brand new league 3vs3 '3ice. For more information about this league please refer to this link:https://www.3ice.com/ and https://www.3ice.com/rules This league is filled with players who focus on speed and agility. The coaches are almost all hall of famers (Carbonneau, Trottier, Mullen, Fuhr etc etc) Each team has a roster of 6 players and 1 goalie. What I have done are the splash screens and the roster. What I haven't done is change the team logos which might be done in a future version if I find time. Or if anybody wants to pick up the ball, do it and post the results here, go for it!!! but at least we all have a basic rom for this league which could be promising and a blueprint for settling the rules and the sport of 3vs3 hockey, maybe as a future olympic or global sports like they did for 3vs3 basketball and rugby sevens. This might become fun to watch. Enjoy!!! NOTE: I am uploading version 2. It has updated jerseys. the first version has jerseys themed on the coaches' t shirts on the 3ice website. The roster seems, as I looked in the show tonight, as it is gonna be quite volatile. Probably I will update it in a later version. 3ice 22 v2.bin 3ice 22.bin
  4. to apply the patch, if you have windows. this tool is doing it. Had no problems with it. A utility called 'Beat'. https://www.romhacking.net/utilities/893/ Played a game on each version: each game was Colorado-Detroit. On the 'arcade' version, I wasn't totally thrown off by the speed. I would make it speedier. The 'original' had a great feel. Had a great game and I scored 2 goals. Love the flow of the game. For the 'rookie' bizarrely, I only scored a goal and thought it would be a goalfest. The flow of the game is good but like the 'arcade' I would like more goals. I haven't played nhl 94 in awhile so maybe I am slightly offbase with my observations but all I know is that all 3 versions were very pleasant and thus, gives a great hockey experience. Maybe some twinking is needed to differentiate more the versions from each other. Other than that, all 3 are great to introduce a noob to nhl 94. hope it helps, Cheers!
  5. Yeah, I would enjoy a variety of Patch. Thanks
  6. Xstioph, for feedback go in their steam store page shown at the top, they have a link for their discord server where you can leave feedback directly to the developers. ... and to your question, yes me too I am bloody old but feel so young cause I play virtual hockey man!!!
  7. I strongly recommend it as I have been a tester for it for many months. The gameplay is real and fun, almost like nhl94, not perfect yet but I am guessing rightfully that they're going toward making a masterpiece. Try the demo now! I am sure you will like it
  8. Thank you for the rom. Looking forward to your future projects. Hang in there.
  9. I hope sincerely that it will improve...it needs it bad...I found it hard to criticize a hockey game and the effort to do one but ...I bought and tried and it really really needs improvement sadly
  10. got another game...VNHL 22....if you have nothing good to say about a game don't say anything. Unfortunately, it applies here. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1206000/VNHL_2022/
  11. Yeah sure, any update possible from the above would be cool!!!
  12. hehehe...von Osbourne, you beat me in the post by a second...this is so funny...thank god we save those roms so that we can help the community when needed. Cheeers!!!
  13. NHLclassic+75-78.binNHLclassic+69-73.srmNHLclassic+69-73.binNHLclassic+usa.binNHLclassic+86-91.binNHLclassic+81-85.binNHLclassic+80.bin Hey Semenko, was able to retrive some roms. Enjoy! Coach Mac, hope its ok I helped out. Had the roms so I hope everything is cool. Just wanted to help. Cheers!!
  14. NHLclassic+80.binNHLclassic+81-85.binNHLclassic+80.binNHLclassic+86-91.binNHLclassic+80.binNHLclassic+81-85.binNHLclassic+86-91.bin Hey Semenko, was able to retrive some roms. Enjoy! Coach Mac, hope its ok I helped out. Had the roms so I hope everything is cool. Just wanted to help. Cheers!!
  15. hey there, just thought I would add an already existing indie that is not that bad and lately is on special on steam. Go check it out...not the perfect game but graphics are cool, you can do custom ices, 2-on-2 and 1-on-1 hockey and customization galore. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1351400/Canvas_Hockey/
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