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  1. Thanks for all the hard work and excellent roms. Cheers!!!
  2. Shoot!!! I already answer this post. Never mind the last post. I got the puck is getting old and lacking memory
  3. 2 memorable and unforgettable meetings with Guy Lafleur!!! no wonder he's my proflie pictrure. Honorable mentions to Guy Carbonneau,Yvan Cournoyer, Paul Henderson, Russ Courtnall, Borje Salming and a quite grumpy Maurice Rocket Richard!!!
  4. Great work!! Quiz time!!! if you would have to do a 2021 iihf wc rom, which version are you gonna use? which one is your fav? and the other question I have is of course, are you planning to do a 2021 WC rom? btw, any version will do...just thought I ask. It would be cool if someone does a 2021 rom.
  5. Hey thanks for the precision...up to now, I always thought Finland was part of Scandinavia...hope you will like my game...Thanks
  6. Hey there, the site has been quiet for awhile and I was busy so I did not post for awhile. I probably won't for awhile either, taking a break from Hockey Modding. This rom, an update of seamor's great pond rom offers 3 on 3 hockey. I had this rom done a few months ago. Swenden vs Finland. 8 teams, 4 from each country with the top 40 point leaders. Each team has 9 skaters and a goalie. So if you enjoy this fierce international scandinavian rivalry, you will be served with splash screens and jerseys. Hope you like it. See you some other time. Enjoy! Sweden Finland on the pond.bin
  7. Really like the game. Thank you and for the game and for the series.
  8. Hi there again, here is another update of Seamor's great pond rom. Updated it to 3 on 3 action, rosters, splash screens and even the score ticker updated. This time, 6 Canadiens Teams who won the Stanley cup face each other. '56, '65, '71, '77, '86 and '93. All the greats are here. As goaltenders, I replaced in '71 Ken Dryden for Rogie Vachon. I wanted to have a different goaler for each team. However, this dream was cut short as I didn't have the courage to change Patrick Roy for Steve Penney in '86. I guess it is a smart move anyway. All teams are on an even table. However a play
  9. Hey, here's another update of Seamor's great pond rom. I seasoned it with 3 on 3 wild action and this time it's the Philadelphia Flyers. 36 all-time points leaders and the top 4 all-time goalie. Clarke, Lindros, Parent, Giroux etc etc are all in here. Even Gritty is somewhere on the rom. You'll find that very fast. Cheers and have a good one! Flyers on the pond.bin
  10. Great rom...really like it...one suggestion for more teams...I think the fans of the EIHL and british hockey would not mind at all to add Team France in the rom as they are arch rivals and GBR beat the french in a recent world championship and it was a big thing. Maybe add also Italy and Denmark as other teams but I think it is a winner to put Team France in the rom. Just my 2 cents here. Thanks again for the rom.
  11. hello, here is another update of Seamor's great pond hockey rom. This time, I showcase the LA Kings...great storied franchise...Dionne, Gretzky, Robitaille, Quick etc etc. 40 best points leaders, with some personal preferences all split into 4 teams of 9 skaters and a goalie. Cool splash screens but no update of team logos yet. Still it rocks. Different uniforms too in purple and gold and of course Black and Siver. Should be fun and also cheap thrills because hey this rom's free. Enjoy! LA Kings on the pond33.bin
  12. Hello, here is the update of Seamor's great on the pond rom. 3 on 3 action at Lake Tahoe for this weekend's extravaganza out there. All 4 teams are here, with their reverse retro jersey. Roster are 6 forwards plus 3 defencemen plus a goalie. The roster are the point leaders of each team as of last week. Added cool splash screens. Should be fun. Try it, cause anyway, after all, this rom's free. Enjoy!!! Lake Tahoe is The Pond3.bin
  13. here are more updated roms here OTH Original 6 on the pond2.bin Red wings on the pond2.bin Bruins on the pond2.bin Canadiens on the pond2.bin Leafs on the pond2.bin
  14. hello, just updated the 'on the pond' roms with great intros...I have to learn how to do the team and ice logos but it is a bit more complicated. But I am moving toward it and the results here are great for the splash screens.Nothing new for rosters but you will find those versions more colorful, I hope. Enjoy! 1972 Summit Series on the pond22.bin 1980 Miracle on the pond44.bin Battle of Alberta on the pond3.bin Blackhawks on the pond444.bin Canadiens Nordiques on the pond33.bin Islanders OTP3.bin Ladies on the pond33.bin Penguins on the pond v44.bin Rangers on the pond23.bin
  15. For me, I met Guy Lafleur twice, once in Montreal when I was very young and when I lived in Calgary. The most amazing and nicest player i've ever met. Also it was fun to see Borje Salming, Guy Carbonneau, boom boom Geoffrion and I waved on the stands at Patrick Roy as he was injured that night and, while he was on the ice, I shouted 'Bonjour' to Luc Robitaille and he smiled. Also met Maurice 'Rocket' Richard, it was ok but think he was a bit grumpy.