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  1. thanks for your quick answer. No worries as priorities comes first. I will be waiting patiently. Thanks again!
  2. hello UltraMagnus, out of curiosity, are you still planning the release of AHL or will it wait for another time? I hate to ask that question but I was just wondering as I was looking forward to play with the Laval Rocket. If you cancelled it, it's ok, no problem but then you sounded that the release would be imminent. Just asking. Thanks for your wonderful job for all the mods
  3. THANK YOU!!! A legend is a legend.!!!
  4. you are right,,, I know the league but not any player at all...so I wouldn't be good in the ratings. Anyway, let me know if I can gather the names, at least it will be one thing done for you. It's up to you. thanks anyway.
  5. Ultramagnus...if you want to do the ECHL, maybe I could do the rosters but I don't understand what you mean by that. If it meant scouting the internet for the echl rosters and put it in one big Word file, then I would have no problem to do that at all if it can help you. If it is using a software for nhl 95 modding for the rosters, I have zero knowledge in that although I manage to mod nhl 02 and 04...I checked how to mod 94 and it was too complex for me. However, please clarify what you want for roster work as I am willing to walk many miles to get a echl mod. Also, the ECHL mod has never been done before, if done very barely. It would be very original thus quite interesting to see. Think about it and pm me if you want.
  6. hello...really enjoy your ncaa 21 rom although I have a hard time to score in nhl 95...have you ever thought of doing the ECHL? just a thought. Thanks and keep up the good work.
  7. Cool!!!!! Great job!!
  8. kids, check this out!!! https://www.operationsports.com/nhl-rewind-94-revealed-on-australian-classification-board-ea-is-the-publisher/?fbclid=IwAR0zr7Hvv8sTPI-ckYzNvB5-2BoOd0Nne4TfjXKR9rj72c4s6H2ZtJQoxCA just food for thought
  9. Thank you JKLine!!!! really appreciate it!!
  10. tried it and love it...using lunar ips was easy and fast....really like the game
  11. Thanks for the adding of Seattle...really enjoy although I would have rather give Seattle a middle-of-the-road rating...Vegas did not look bad at all in their first year but that is just my 2 cents here...thank you again.
  12. too bad these games aren't available as rom...a bit over the top for hockey but they looked fun and a bit realistic.
  13. Jkline....it's great you are working on the chl...the CHL needs some love here...As I am in Canada, if ever you need info about the CHL, feel free to PM me...as far as NHL 94 hacking, I think I should start small and maybe try a 8-team league or one of the CHL league just to start....I was a newbie for nhl 2004 and now took the time to do some nice mods...it's really cool so I hope in the near future do the same for nhl 94. See you soon and thanks for your answers, it is indeed a great community here!
  14. Thanks the sauce, I will look into all of that..it's when I tried a few years ago to hack one and it did not work...problem is I don't have a physical copy of nhl 94..anyway, I'll make serious reading here and hopefully, don't know when, I will find out how to do this rom...I modded nhl 04 and if you can see in 'Other games' forum here, I did quite a few jerseys available for custom play for NHL 2002 ...yes , 2002 so that's why I look into trying again into modding nhl 94...i'll come back soon...cheers!!