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  1. Thank you for the rom. Looking forward to your future projects. Hang in there.
  2. I hope sincerely that it will improve...it needs it bad...I found it hard to criticize a hockey game and the effort to do one but ...I bought and tried and it really really needs improvement sadly
  3. got another game...VNHL 22....if you have nothing good to say about a game don't say anything. Unfortunately, it applies here. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1206000/VNHL_2022/
  4. Yeah sure, any update possible from the above would be cool!!!
  5. hehehe...von Osbourne, you beat me in the post by a second...this is so funny...thank god we save those roms so that we can help the community when needed. Cheeers!!!
  6. NHLclassic+75-78.binNHLclassic+69-73.srmNHLclassic+69-73.binNHLclassic+usa.binNHLclassic+86-91.binNHLclassic+81-85.binNHLclassic+80.bin Hey Semenko, was able to retrive some roms. Enjoy! Coach Mac, hope its ok I helped out. Had the roms so I hope everything is cool. Just wanted to help. Cheers!!
  7. NHLclassic+80.binNHLclassic+81-85.binNHLclassic+80.binNHLclassic+86-91.binNHLclassic+80.binNHLclassic+81-85.binNHLclassic+86-91.bin Hey Semenko, was able to retrive some roms. Enjoy! Coach Mac, hope its ok I helped out. Had the roms so I hope everything is cool. Just wanted to help. Cheers!!
  8. hey there, just thought I would add an already existing indie that is not that bad and lately is on special on steam. Go check it out...not the perfect game but graphics are cool, you can do custom ices, 2-on-2 and 1-on-1 hockey and customization galore. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1351400/Canvas_Hockey/
  9. Great work!!! Really enjoy the game and the retro effects of the ice
  10. hey there is another one coming...check PC Hockey league here!! https://store.steampowered.com/app/1684580/PC_Hockey_League/ I am looking to get all those hockey games you mentioned....thanks for posting this man!!
  11. Hey there!!! congratulations and thanks for your hard work. The Finnish league 'la LIIGA' could need some love on NHL 95. that"s my suggestion.
  12. Thanks for all the hard work and excellent roms. Cheers!!!
  13. Shoot!!! I already answer this post. Never mind the last post. I got the puck is getting old and lacking memory
  14. 2 memorable and unforgettable meetings with Guy Lafleur!!! no wonder he's my proflie pictrure. Honorable mentions to Guy Carbonneau,Yvan Cournoyer, Paul Henderson, Russ Courtnall, Borje Salming and a quite grumpy Maurice Rocket Richard!!!
  15. Great work!! Quiz time!!! if you would have to do a 2021 iihf wc rom, which version are you gonna use? which one is your fav? and the other question I have is of course, are you planning to do a 2021 WC rom? btw, any version will do...just thought I ask. It would be cool if someone does a 2021 rom.
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