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  1. too bad these games aren't available as rom...a bit over the top for hockey but they looked fun and a bit realistic.
  2. Jkline....it's great you are working on the chl...the CHL needs some love here...As I am in Canada, if ever you need info about the CHL, feel free to PM me...as far as NHL 94 hacking, I think I should start small and maybe try a 8-team league or one of the CHL league just to start....I was a newbie for nhl 2004 and now took the time to do some nice mods...it's really cool so I hope in the near future do the same for nhl 94. See you soon and thanks for your answers, it is indeed a great community here!
  3. Thanks the sauce, I will look into all of that..it's when I tried a few years ago to hack one and it did not work...problem is I don't have a physical copy of nhl 94..anyway, I'll make serious reading here and hopefully, don't know when, I will find out how to do this rom...I modded nhl 04 and if you can see in 'Other games' forum here, I did quite a few jerseys available for custom play for NHL 2002 ...yes , 2002 so that's why I look into trying again into modding nhl 94...i'll come back soon...cheers!!
  4. jkline, your rom is fantastic....really had a blast. Thank you....as I mod other hockey games I really acknowledge all the hard work that goes into that. It is really good!!! It inspire me to do a 94 rom on the CHL, the canadian junior league but I have tried once and failed to accomplish to do one...maybe I did not have the right tools because you seem to have the hang of it since you can quickly put one rom up ...almost once a week for the ncaa...if anybody could give me some advice or links or how tos for doing a rom, I would appreciate. JKline3, if ever you are interested in my project (32 teams, 10 from the quebec junior league, 10 from the ontario league and 10 from western league plus a canada vs russia junior challenge) please pm me..otherwise if you or anybody knows how to build a rom from my laptop, I would really appreciate it. Once again jklIne, thank you very much!!
  5. really enjoy your 3 on 3 rom...great!! Cheers!!
  6. The Avengers? can't talk the end of the world without involving Marvel superheroes right?
  7. Really awesome job. Thanks a lot to bring some great things in our quarantine.
  8. Thanks....really enjoy your ncaa mods...cheers!!!
  9. Just tried it. Great rom. Looking forward for the other roms. Keep up the good work
  10. Hello Garblog, I would have appreciate more details on your issue but will give you some info on how to run it for windows 7 as much as I know and can. NHL 2002 might not work on newer windows version unless you use the following adapter 'nglide. I am sending you the link where you can download this wrapper. http://www.zeus-software.com/downloads/nglide Then here's the list of the compatibility for nglide. You will see instructions for 'NHL 2002' and follow them. http://www.zeus-software.com/downloads/nglide/compatibility if all fails, please follow the instructions on this page. Really easy straightforward info on how to run nhl 2002 on newer versions. https://classicgamefixes.wixsite.com/home/nhl-2002 if it is still a no-go, please tell us in details what happens when you try to install it. Warning you I am not very technically inclined to solve entirely the problem but enough to help you troubleshoot for nhl 2002. Good luck with these instructions and keep us posted.
  11. it's maybe a long shot here but could anyone have taped the segment on tsn and post it here? I missed it and I think it could be great to see it again and keep it in the forum. Just saying.
  12. Hello...i am back again...this time to offer you my entire collection for custom teams for NHL 2002...please follow instructions in my previous post for using these jerseys as 'Custom Teams' inside NHL 2002...these jerseys have been made for the last 12 years more or less...so this collection is massive ...DO NOT LOAD this entire file in the game as the overload will make the game crash...pick about 30-40 teams max and remove and use at will...I am happy to finally share this collection....one note: I made quite a few jerseys but a lot have been adapted from various files in the internet . Just thought I let you know. Hope you will enjoy. Any Questions? feel free to write to me. Cheers link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/15K3t24nk3rOCrRQwy-GOylI3L_pyE_2S/view?usp=sharing
  13. BONUS!! I am in a giving mood today...this one I have made..the ncaa ice that you could have when playing 'custom teams'...please replace the arenapc.viv file on your 'gamedata' folder...BUT FIRST...Back up your arenapc.viv file BEFORE placing my ncaa file. the file also updates various nhl ices on the nhl 2002 game. So there you go. you will be able to be in a ncaa mood with my custom fantasy ice for ncaa teams….any questions, complaints or just say hit? feel free to write me. ncaa arena for nhl 2002.7z