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  1. Thanks dsgamby ...it works....a little slow the gameplay but I can figure it out..cheers
  2. Hello...would love to play that game ….I downloaded all the files in the link and have dos box for other games. Problem is DosBox is already programmed for other games i downloaded from old-games. I want to add Solid ice and I tried install it and I have no idea how dosbox works...I know a bit of DOS but not enough to start the game. Can by any chance someone could help me on that? I have DOSbox but don't know how to include Solid ice in it. If you can, please help.
  3. Hello juste join in...looking forward for great Times hère....I AM a nhl 2002 PC junkie and have quote a few jerseys i might share. Still have time to rediscover nhl 94...talk to you soon hockey disciples!!!