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  1. Hello there, another great update of Seamor's on the pond rom. This time, I wanted something different so I gather the players from Russia, from the top points leader from quanthockey.com. Russia has produced as you know great players so here they are. Tretiak is added as a goaler although he never played in the NHL. He is an icon of russian goaltending so he is in. I did the rosters, team names and uniforms only. Sorry to not be able to update graphics but the rom still stands as being fun in my opinion. the uniforms were based on Russia's 1950's uniforms, summit series and 1980 unifor
  2. Here is another installment of Seamor’s awesome pond hockey rom. I set it up as 3 on 3 hockey with different themes for the experience. Today, I present you a fierce rivalry: Canadiens-Nordiques. 8 landmarks teams, 4 aside and each containing 9 forwards and 1 goalie. -Canadiens 79 = team after they won Stanley cup -Nordiques 79 = first year on the league -Canadiens 84= Good Friday Brawl edition -Nordiques 84=Good Friday Brawl edition -Canadiens 86= Obviously, Stanley cup champions -Nordiques 90= why? Stastny, Sakic, Goulet and Lafleur in the same team.
  3. Just tried the rom and really love it!!! Excellent work!
  4. Following provinces on the pond, I move South of the border and it's 3 on 3 hockey with the top nhl points leader teamed up by their birth states. 6 teams, the 5 biggest states where Hockey is played plus a 'rest of the USA' team. 9 forwards and one goalie per team (ooops, I added a few defencemen here and there either because it was too weak and I couldn't imagine Minnesota without Dustin Byfuglien). Of course, everything that is graphics comes courtesy of Seamor but for this rom, the graphics are not updated as I am a klutz on that. However, I did rosters, lines, uniforms (they ar
  5. Hello again, it's world juniors time in Lake Louise, Canada (nicest big lake closest to Edmonton and Red Deer). The graphics and presentation, splash screens etc is from Seamor. What I have done is rosters and uniforms and team names. 6 teams of 9 forwards and a goalie that represent as much as I can the present junior tourney. Yes I know 4 teams are missing because of time restraints and also out of interest so I focused once again on the pretenders to the championship. If anyone wants to tune the lineups, rosters and/or anything else, please use the NOSE software and perhaps post the re
  6. PROVINCES ON THE POND 8 3-on-3 teams split into birth provinces (Maritimes provinces are paired up) with NHL all-time points leaders per province according to Quanthockey.com. The vast majority of players are born after 1950 (couldn't vision Saskatchewan without Gordie Howe). The uniforms are not color rushed like the nhl legends rom. Hope you like it. Provinces on the pond.bin
  7. Just got the game as a xmas gift. I am more of a player than a manager usually but then I am slowly adopting to this game. They have a 2d simulation engine which is not bad although I had to adjust it to make it decently work. (Growing pains of a new game I guess). The price of it is a bit stiff but it seems justified for those who like hockey management. Any fans of the game out there?
  8. Hello there, I decided to put another post for the on the pond series and wil communicate my new themed roms here. All graphics, logos, splash screens etc etc were the great work of Seamor. I personally only updates the themes, rosters, uniforms and team names. Here is what I have done until now and I have more ideas coming. Enjoy! 1980 Miracle on the pond.bin 1972 Summit Series on the pond.bin Worlds on the pond v2.bin Penguins on the pond.bin Habs on the pond 3 on 3 v1.bin Ladies on the pond.bin NHL Legends on the pond v2.bin
  9. ok now 2 more 3-on-3 events that needs no presentation. Enjoy!!! 1972 Summit Series on the pond.bin 1980 Miracle on the pond.bin
  10. hey I mispelled Crosby as Croisby on the rom...will repair it later...working on a few other roms...Stay tuned!
  11. Hey there, updated roms with minor improvements (added Crosby and updated uniforms, 3 on 3 habs showcase) and a Pittsburgh Penguins all time forwards intra squad showdown. Enjoy!! Habs on the pond 3 on 3 v1.bin Worlds on the pond v2.bin Penguins on the pond.bin
  12. OK I am on a roll here, xmas is not that boring but I got the time to do something that was never done before here. A rom on the USA-Canada Rivalry for Ladies. Only 2 teams needed. 3 on 3 madness 9 skaters and a goalie for 3 lines per team. All the star ladies are here. I wonder why it has never been done before that's why I have done it. For one, it is hockey and two, the rivalry is ferocious and thus fun to watch. Hope you like it. Ladies on the pond.bin
  13. pretty boring confined xmas eve so I turn the heat a bit and created another variation of Seamor's fantastic outdoor rom. This time is the Worlds on the pond. 3 on 3 action with the 6 countries contenders for the world's supremacy (you know who they are)based on Quanthockey.com's all time points leader per country. Couple of notes: -Went for Marty instead of Roy in canada's goal -Choose Tretiak because he's the greatest russian goaler ever. -Put Jim Craig for US as he helped to get the 1980 olympic US gold - I only did the rosters, uniforms and team names...the
  14. hey there, These are variants of the rom made by Seamor and all the graphics is from him. Thank you Seamor to allow me to do variants as a Xmas present from me to all the nhl 94 community. Still 4 on 4 hockey. NHL Legends on the pond and for those habs fans out there, Le Canadien sur le lac\ Habs on the pond. NHL legends is complete with the top 50 players that ever played in the NHL. 8 teams of 6 players plus the top 8 goalers ever. For the Canadiens all the greats are here and some alumnis....( yeah, I know why Dave Morissette but then again why not?) All of these can be sub
  15. Cheers!!! this is really cool!!! Happy Holidays to you too!