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  1. BONUS!! I am in a giving mood today...this one I have made..the ncaa ice that you could have when playing 'custom teams'...please replace the arenapc.viv file on your 'gamedata' folder...BUT FIRST...Back up your arenapc.viv file BEFORE placing my ncaa file. the file also updates various nhl ices on the nhl 2002 game. So there you go. you will be able to be in a ncaa mood with my custom fantasy ice for ncaa teams….any questions, complaints or just say hit? feel free to write me. ncaa arena for nhl 2002.7z
  2. ooops...a quick note….I did not do all the jerseys...some are adapted from various sources on the internet too numerous to say but my goal is to adapt whatever was done in ncaa for nhl 2002...I do not own ownership or credits on some of the jerseys...just thought I let you know….I do not mean to offend anyone here. I just want to able people to have access to ncaa jerseys for nhl 2002...that's it...hope you will have fun with the jerseys.
  3. Hello there….got a wide collection of jerseys for nhl 2002...I am posting here a sample of my collection…..all my ncaa jerseys….They all go into the 'teams' folder inside the 'user' folder on the main nhl 2002 folder. You can get it into the game through 'custom teams' ...Click on the jersey icon at the bottom right and the menu will come up and you select your desired ncaa team for your custom team. Don't load the entire folder of my file as It may crash. Pick the jerseys you want and if the game crashes, remove some files from the 'team' and the game should work. Any questions? feel free to contact me...I have several nhl 2002 stuff that I may post here in a near future. ncaa2002jerseys.7z
  4. Thanks dsgamby ...it works....a little slow the gameplay but I can figure it out..cheers
  5. Hello...would love to play that game ….I downloaded all the files in the link and have dos box for other games. Problem is DosBox is already programmed for other games i downloaded from old-games. I want to add Solid ice and I tried install it and I have no idea how dosbox works...I know a bit of DOS but not enough to start the game. Can by any chance someone could help me on that? I have DOSbox but don't know how to include Solid ice in it. If you can, please help.
  6. Hello juste join in...looking forward for great Times hère....I AM a nhl 2002 PC junkie and have quote a few jerseys i might share. Still have time to rediscover nhl 94...talk to you soon hockey disciples!!!