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  1. I know this is pretty much a done nhl 94 hack but i played and experiment around with the NOSE editor and make the whitewalkers player sprites actually look like whitewalkers so they stand out more from the other teams
  2. it visually looks identical but i do see improvements. At the moment, its on its alpha stage where people can sign in as a tester and according to its website, this new sequel promises Better physics, graphics, networking, replayability and a lot of features and new content this time around. but will the "physics" also include player collision and checking? that remains to be seen.
  3. I would not necessary categorize NHL rinksters as a hockey mmo since you don't actually get to play a full hockey game that falls more in line with those kid casual virtual world games akin to club penguin which also had a hockey rink and a unofficial way to play hockey but you don't see that much major coverage of it on youtube and no one starting hockey leagues or holding tournaments or championships there besides club penguin wars and army battles. As for Kiekko, well.. that is more of so a stick skill based online hockey game kind of up there with Hockey Question Mark and the other Slapshot (which has no relation to slapshot underground and made by a entirely different developer) you know due to the lack of interest of adding body checking or decent physics and stuff like that.
  4. Bodycheck Online Bodycheck (바디첵온라인) was a Korean arcade-styled ice hockey game developed and published by Gravity in 2007, the gameplay is similar to NHL HITZ. However, what makes this somewhat different is its an online-based game that you can play with friends, you get to choose players with hockey characteristic(grinder, enforcer, playmaker,etc), a skill ladder system that improves your player as you play each game or practice session, and the most unique of all: an armor system where your bodychecking powered hits can really (and literally) obliterate the helmet and uniformed armor off the opposing player affecting their performance in the game. the developers had the support and input from the Anyang Halla Ice Hockey Team (South Korean hockey team of the ALIH) while working on and improving the gameplay, speed, and physics. but despite all that the game didn't last long as it shutdown service the next year on September 1, 2008. Slapshot Underground If you wonder what an NFL streets equivalent of the NHL might look like (excluding EA's World of Chel) well this one might kinda give you an example of that, Slapshot Underground a street roller hockey game developed by Numix Entertainment and published and serviced by Nexon, the gameplay focused on dynamic action, skill, expressive player customization, and fast-paced gameplay and real physics. it ran from 2007 winning an "Excellent Game Award of 2007", got an English version release under Gamigo in October 2009, then ended service completely on April 9, 2009. basically beating Gravity's bodycheck online by 2 years. Hockey Dash Hockey dash was the last short-lived MMORPG inline roller hockey game launched by ogplanet on June 9th, 2010, and shutdown on September 29, 2010. Why do online mmo sports games (like hockey) find very little to no success: not a big enough player base to drive interest in the game impossible to find players or matches to play not enough funds or resources to keep a mmo game running little interest in updates or polish in the game online sports mmo games tend to be the least popular in general
  5. the title for this sounds like something not only mutant league hockey but from Jeff Martin hockey comic book called Hockeypocalypse, where it takes place in a nuclear winter post-apocalyptic Canada and the traditional sport of hockey is now a form of ritual warfare in which communities gamble their resources on the hockey squads that battle for the puck on the ice.
  6. such good art and graphics, it would of been a good promise for a good hockey game if it wasn't like pong or windjammers.
  7. An acadey hockey game created in 2012 by Daniel X Moore. dumbmanex provides the artwork for the game. Red ice is made with HTML 5 coding You play as 6 crazy teams and crush your opponents into the ice till they turn it red and slapshot that puck into that goal. remember one thing: Look out for the Zambonis, they can run you and everyone else over and blow up when they take critical damage. The game kind of like a mix of both Hit the ice with Mutant league hockey and Ike Ike! Nekketsu Hockey Bu. Originally was going to have 2 skaters and 1 goalie on each team (commentary by dumbmanex the artist) The creator behind the game, Daniel X Moore, decided to shorten it to 2 v 2 with 1 skater and 1 goalie. The only way to play the game is the demo on Newgrounds with only 2 teams available https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/614376 Or the betas or alpha versions in his github https://github.com/PixieEngine/RedIce the full game used to be in the Chrome store but then got pulled down because of it being outdated or incompatible. But you can listen to the games kick awesome music by Aaron Cherof on bandcamp https://cherof.bandcamp.com/album/red-ice Old site saved from the wayback machine https://web.archive.org/web/20141010204024/http://redicegame.com/
  8. It in terms plays like hit the ice or nhl 2 on 2 with simple graphics. it still requires a game controller to play it though. you might need to ask him about keyboard support while you are in the discussions. maybe ask about blockey 3d
  9. Bumping this post with Breaking news, WTG Bear Studios has recently re-emerged and is looking to re-release his xbox 360 indie game, Blockey on steam this September. Check the steam page for more information. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1145280/Blockey_Block_Yeah/ No word yet on the fate of the 3d sequel Blockey 'Rockin Hockey since its development from 2014 through 2017.
  10. ice hockey with lots of hits and fights, rage-inducing challenges, and a franchise mode with a backstory straight out of dystopia sci-fi flicks. A game simpler and violent than Bush hockey league and a spiritual successor to the NES ice hockey game.
  11. I respect your opinion, but I hugely disagree. The fights are just very stiff one on one with one hit that every time leads to a repetitive jersey grab lock every fight that leads to a 3 hits your out fight with the occasional one hit during the hockey-stick fights. And the line and bench brawls should have been more simultaneously hectic rather than duplicating the one on one fight for each instigated skater and passing itself off as a line or bench brawl. When a more of a group brawler mechanic would have worked better for line/bench brawls (look at super blood hockey for this example done right), and Injuries should not just always happen during the fights it should also occur during the game in play where the players health diminishes from taking damage from each check and hit being thrown at them, until they are injured and out of the game entirely. Maybe even end up on the ice, or against the boards in a ragdoll fashion if the game was also physics-based. If anything, for a game that presents itself as an "arcade-style hockey game" that tries pride itself as old time hockey or a bush league hockey videogame, this where the game should have at least tried to step up, offer more, and have more hockey antics and violence happen in the game. Such as, players getting smashed through a pane glass window or into a goal post, helmets getting knocked off and team uniforms getting destroyed and ripped off, and everyone's favorite moment, players knocked into the team's benches or penalty box. Now that's how you make a violent-oriented hockey video game to be considered Bush hockey league.
  12. I played it myself. The aesthetic and style of the game presentation are cool and all but I felt the gameplay and mechanics should have been executed better. like "NHL 94 meets super blood hockey or mutant league hockey" better and also needs customizations and mod support. also a better brawl system.