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  1. After 2 years of development, Puck off skated its way on steam on May 13th to bring its own brand of rough and tumble no rules hockey on the frozen pond, think of it as Rock the Rink and the World of Chel turned on its head. its physics-based no holds barred hits and contact on ice gameplay it has, that other indie games like hockey? and slapshot rebound sadly is missing. The downside is that currently there is no online multiplayer and it requires a controller in order to play. so, also no keyboard support yet but has a challenging single player mode and you can play with your friends on remote play with up to 4 players for co-op or versus. You can check it out for yourself here:
  2. So last year, the creator of this game himself, Jason Gauci, has emerged with a insightful retrospect of his work on threadpool: https://threadpool.cc/undead-hockey-club-0-0-2-89eecdb7a2b3
  3. So, after a few days later... Tape 2 tape kickstarter had been successful funded. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/tapetotape/tape-to-tape/posts/3509541
  4. Tape to Tape a indie game that's part hockey, part RPG, has just landed a demo on steam, so far there is no keyboard support yet, so it can only be played with controllers only. The developers are also looking for testers to playtest the game. here is a link to try the demo out for yourself. You can also play with 4 people via remote play: The game is aiming for a December release date of this year, but they also have a Kickstarter coming up so watch that prelaunch space as well https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/tapetotape/tape-to-tape
  5. Colorful graphics and exciting intro music yet primitive sound effects and the teams are all red and green shirts. and the players of every team are named after Canadian political figures at the time. but the gameplay is identical to Konami's blade of steel.
  6. Like another love letter to the blades of steel hockey game with some 3 on 3 action? Then watch this space for Light the lamp Hockey going for a late 2022 release on steam.
  7. Ready to drop the gloves again at the Bush hockey league of the 70s this time on the road? https://www.terminals.io/games/bush-hockey-league-switch/news/3596?fbclid=IwAR2nziGcWCATu0oJaFSpVL72tD8GoPa7Uuu_IvF8yTQVHbd7CItrntn0IUk
  8. despite 2021 being over, i hope to make a thread that list every indie hockey game in a new topic, even the ones i went over and newer ones that are oncoming or released.
  9. I like the ideas you think up, maybe we should also create a nhl 94 rom but it replaces the player models with the ones from kunio-kun hockey game or create a nes rom hack for the captain tsubasa (or tecmo cup soccer game) game that replaces soccer with hockey. Anyways, sometimes a total conversion hack rom always deserve a creative facelift make over.
  10. This rom certainly getting somewhere to looking like a unreleased SNK hockey game. i wonder how much of the sprite work of the on-ice gameplay can be edited. specifcally, the players and the face off screen animation.
  11. I have came across this game couple of times on steam, looks rough around the edges and there is no gameplay video, but I am sure it will most likely improve. Thanks.
  12. Its kind of like thinking of it as NHL2k before NHL2k was a thing on the era of consoles of the Dreamcast, PlayStation 2, GameCube, Xbox ERA. Of course i understand the gameplay is a mix of other hockey games, it has that top to bottom camera view, identical scoreboard and presentation, and 95 faceoff like the NHL games and the fight system reminds me of the one used in Mario Lemieux Hockey (Super Slapshot) and Wayne Gretzky Hockey NHLPA All-Stars. clunky as it is. it has pretty good sprite design and animations even for bodychecking and shooting, decent puck physics, nice sound effects, music, and including play-by-play commentary audio which is a detail some hockey games not even NHL games on the Sega genesis or snes console era had (with the acceptation of blades of steel on the nes).
  13. Ice league Hockey is out on the app stores, free to download, try for yourself, its fun but don't expect it to play like super blood hockey. Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.koalitygame.iceleaguehockey… iOS: https://testflight.apple.com/join/IDKlMSa6
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