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  1. bushhockeyfan

    Underworld Hockey Club

    name another hockey game that could do ragdoll physics like this, it might also be the backbreaker of hockey Here are some great hits from a couple games
  2. Make no mistake, this hockey game is popular with the Kunio-kun Nekketsu/River City fans. there also have been numerous hacked roms of this game too. power moves in the game
  3. bushhockeyfan

    Android Genesis emulator app?

    I have tried playing some of the NHL Hacked Roms on the android emulator. ball hockey challenge, 6-a-side-soccer, and Et Tu Brute seem to work perfectly. the only one that works on the computer but doesn't work on the android is 77's Toughguys NHLPA 93 rom, which just gives me nothing but a black screen. I tried different android emulators. same results. have you guys had any good or bad luck with an NHL 94 or 93 hacked rom on the android emulator?
  4. Did you use some of your quarters to get the power drink? it is pretty much a foreshadowing pay2win, Luckily at least its worth a quarter, not a dollar. Indeed, it would have been a different take on sports games and how they handle story-based campaigns.
  5. bushhockeyfan

    Rock the Rink (ps1)

    that, and NES ice hockey, Ike Ike! Nekketsu Hockey-bu, mutant league hockey, NHLPA 93 (with 77's toughguys mod),Wayne Gretzky and the NHLPA All-Stars, and super blood hockey.
  6. bushhockeyfan

    Rock the Rink (ps1)

    That's how I like my hockey game, hard-hitting, fast-paced, no holds barreled, hockey without the boring pursuits and other repetitive stuff in a hockey game. it is a simple concept, make a hockey game about 2 teams skating and literally have to battle for the puck on the ice.
  7. EA attempt at arcadey 3D hockey You play as one of the fictional hockey teams to battle through the NHL teams in NHL challenge to unlock them, upgraded gears, and even extra goodies in the unlockables.
  8. I try to bring as much to the table as I can with these games.
  9. NES ice hockey + Blades of steel + Mutant League hockey = this game. you pick a team of crazy warriors with their own stats and ability. 3 skaters and 1 goalie each side. a goal is 10 points, a kill and a goal is 5 points extra. nothing is known about this game or the company Basento that published or created it.
  10. If you guys remember playing Hit the Ice on the arcade or the console ports of the said game, you might know what I am going to talk about here. But, what you may or may not know that there was going to be an NES port for the game and what makes it different is that it would have been the first hockey game to have RPG elements to it and be a hockey/RPG hybrid driven game. Now what I mean by this is that there is a mode called Quest Mode, Quest puts the player in the overworld with what you expect from an RPG game, walks around an overworld map, exploring houses and stadiums and facing random encounters, building up the team and playing all the other teams on the World Map. Throughout the game, money is earned, and items and powerups (even the iconic/infamous, Power drink) can be purchased from the shop that can be used to help the player along the Quest campaign or Matches. Visting citizens in the overworld map by entering houses would vary between giving you money, taking money, or giving you hints for either traveling the overworld or playing a match. Matches start when you enter the opposing team's stadium or when an opposing team appears in a random encounter fashion(random encounters are short 1 minute 1-period matches while the standards other are 2 or 4 minutes 3 period matches). gameplay is still the same as the arcade game 2 on 2 with a goalie on each side but the rink is size is big and not small. Winning a match provide experience and money for your team. Certainly an original unique concept, but sadly quest mode and the NES version of Hit the Ice was abandoned altogether and hasn't been in the other console port releases. with some polish, it would have been something. you can get your hands on this game either by buying the reproduction prototype cartridge by Gorilla Games or by finding the rom and playing it on the emulator.
  11. Before Mutant Hockey league, there was this: The Kunio-Kun hockey sports game that never made it to American shores.
  12. Heres another indie hockey game, being created by WTG Bear Studios, its a successor or sequel to the 2011 Xbox 360 indie game, Blockey. But this game unlike the 2011 game, the new Blockey is a 3d hockey game using Unity and its a hockey game with its own arcade variation and format. It is nuts. Blockey had been in development since 2014, then in 2017 the creator decided to take a new direction and started putting in more sports in the game (such as tennis, baseball, and basketball) and retitled Blockey to Rocko Blocko Sports, which is a pretty questionable concept. No new information from WTG Bear Studios or new video game footage has come out about Blockey, as of this year. So nothing yet is known about this game being on Hiatus, scrapped, shelved or even canceled.
  13. bushhockeyfan

    Underworld Hockey Club

    Don't knock the idea till you try it, I mean, have you checked out the newer successor, Mutant Football league? it is a new take on the original Mutant league football game and it still staying true to its arcade gameplay roots and best of all its created by the original creator of the series and still working on improving the game and currently adding dynasty mode to it. If MFL plays its cards right and becomes a success in the long run, we might get a slash at Mutant Hockey League. Still you got to give credit, at least the unreleased Amiga version did certain things right that Sega Genesis could not, such as have the opposing team play in their respective team color scheme and not being stuck to the red and grey color scheme like in the Sega version and the intro and menu music sounds way better and does justice than the ones used in the sega version. I still wish both gave me the ability to watch an entire demo game like NHLPA 93 and perhaps a better fight system or line and bench clearing brawls. if anything MLH could have gone more chaotic bonkers to the point hitting the players through the glass or into the team benches or penalty boxes. like UHC did. pretty much be ahead of its time. Now it would be cool to see hacked Sega roms for MLH to do something like cpu vs cpu games and fix the away team color scheme.
  14. I Feel a Mutant League Hockey vibe from this game. UHC is a physics-driven arcade 3D hockey that offers: ragdoll physics upon big bodycheck impact even through shattering glass panes and into benches, Exploding mines on the ice that reduce players to limbs and body parts, an ice rink arena turned into a battle zone littered with blood and a stacking body count, dirty tricks assigned to different team member roles, center and wings scrum and brawl for the faceoff as the puck drops from above, I should mention the puck has razorsblades and the puck can be sent flying by a single shot rather its a high or low shot, the ability to play differents roles during the faceoff and a built-in replay feature where you can edit and save your moments from the game and top it off as the games name: Hockey in H-E double hockey sticks of the underworld, literally. Not bad for an open source game created by one man, its made in 2009 and could have gone far to adding management elements and other gameplay elements, or better yet. got remade in unity or unreal engine. or just wait for Mutant Hockey League to be made. This game can be sometimes hard to find, so I will also post it here for you guys to play for yourselves. keep in mind, certain elements were not programmed as the creator abandon the development of this game (forfeits and the match ending when the entire team is dead, online play no longer works as there is no network or host server, certain parts of the pause menu score stats were not programmed, team and player stats are not implemented.) also there are third party libraries in the folder you need to install in order to get the game to work. UHC_1.30_Windows.zip