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  1. Well, you did such service contributing to the modding community, Coach Mac. I praise you that. Also To modify a game like MHL that seems to use the NHL engine to add 1 thing and fix 1 thing? I'm simply asking if the impossible could be possible, no need to have your winter cap strings crossed in a knot. Plus kingraph said he is attempting to make an NHL 94 hacked rom based around Mutant league hockey and succeed or fail, I am supporting him on the project.
  2. I know, that's my unpopular opinion, the away team is always red and gray, ironically a slapshot NHL 94 rom by coach mac allowed both the Chiefs and Bulldogs to play in their primary team colors and the unreleased released amiga port of MLH also allow both teams to have their own team colors rather than the away team being red and grey like in the sega game. It's okay, Kingraph and I wish you best of luck on your attempt to mutate the nhl 94 into the MLH. I might want to try it when you make the rom operational. Oh, i do understand that too, Kingraph. if you look at any nhl 94 modded or hacked rom that's been given a new presentation via new sprites, menu, and arena overhaul makeover, roms such as TheTome NHL 94 Ball Hockey Challenge and PeteC 6 aside soccer are 2 shining examples of this I can think of that puts a lot of hard work in changing the presentation of the game and sprites out of any NHL 94 modded roms in this community another non-nhl 94 example would be the mutant league football rom done for Tecmo super bowl. Sure you can't change up the hockey player models to be a robots, a undead skeletons or trolls out of MLH or try to have the skin of the player match with the uniform color, but I just don't think that would be necessary. It pretty much does, as I said before, NHL94/nhlpa 93 and MLH might tend to have programming and coding differences. still, no denying that they both work off the same engine.
  3. I figure I would ask this question because some have often claimed that Mutant league hockey uses the NHL94 engine. You think with all the hacking and modding being done with NHL 94 and nhlpa 93 roms all these years. You think someone would take a stab at hacking a rom of mutant league hockey and see how crazy and bonkers how they would make the game. Of course I could see the closest possibility of someone hacking NHL 94 or even NHLPA 93 to have the MLH look, from the splash intro, main menu, certain parts of the ice rank arena, to character profile presentation, maybe make the AI of your team and opposing team play a little more violent, player sprite edits could also be a challenge but giving them the team colors based on the MLH teams would be close enough. But yes, I know with how hacking you can give NHL 94 you can not program the game to have landmines on the ice or even weapons that get thrown on the ice for the players to do damage to eachother either. Mostly the case between both NHL94/nhlpa 93 and MLH might tend to have programming and coding differences despite MLH used the NHL94 engine for its game, so yeah you can't add most charm and elements of Mutant league hockey to NHL 94. I would like a CPU vs Cpu demo game mode being added to the MLH game. Don't get me wrong, I know its arcadey and I get just about the same CPU game option with certain NHL94 hacks like 77's toughguys mod and the Et Tu brute rom that have the slapshot teams the Charlestown Chiefs and the Syracuse Bulldogs in them, those were fun roms, but you can't deny that it does lack a violent presentation or crazy things the MLH has to offer in its gameplay. And also fix the opposing teams red and white team color so they can play in their respective team color and battle the home team also in their team colors on the ice, but that's just me. What do you guys think?
  4. that attempt to add sonic to the game looks so weird.
  5. Interesting, thanks for sharing, 77. i didn't know you do hacked roms for kunio-kun hockey, now i wish someone made a hack that adds a cpu.vs.cpu mode
  6. I'm surprised you are still around, 77. I think your toughguys mod would also make an excellent template for an LNAH mod for NHLPA 93, LNAH Ligue Nord-Américaine de Hockey (or Quebec Semi-Pro Hockey League (QSPHL) in the 90s )is semi-professional league based in the Canadian province of Quebec, and the league's teams were stocked with many enforcers on its roster and had a lot of fights in its games (compared to the National Hockey League, LNAH averaged 3.2 fights a game during the 2010–11 season) and were rough, earning its reputation and moniker of the "world's toughest hockey league". in recent years nowadays, the league is trying to find a balance in its games of both focus on skills and gameplay, despite its reputation and moniker that gains the semi-pro hockey league fans in the first place, they still keep some of its tough elements intact there are still fights that fans craved.
  7. name another hockey game that could do ragdoll physics like this, it might also be the backbreaker of hockey Here are some great hits from a couple games
  8. Make no mistake, this hockey game is popular with the Kunio-kun Nekketsu/River City fans. there also have been numerous hacked roms of this game too. power moves in the game
  9. I have tried playing some of the NHL Hacked Roms on the android emulator. ball hockey challenge, 6-a-side-soccer, and Et Tu Brute seem to work perfectly. the only one that works on the computer but doesn't work on the android is 77's Toughguys NHLPA 93 rom, which just gives me nothing but a black screen. I tried different android emulators. same results. have you guys had any good or bad luck with an NHL 94 or 93 hacked rom on the android emulator?
  10. Did you use some of your quarters to get the power drink? it is pretty much a foreshadowing pay2win, Luckily at least its worth a quarter, not a dollar. Indeed, it would have been a different take on sports games and how they handle story-based campaigns.
  11. that, and NES ice hockey, Ike Ike! Nekketsu Hockey-bu, mutant league hockey, NHLPA 93 (with 77's toughguys mod),Wayne Gretzky and the NHLPA All-Stars, and super blood hockey.
  12. That's how I like my hockey game, hard-hitting, fast-paced, no holds barreled, hockey without the boring pursuits and other repetitive stuff in a hockey game. it is a simple concept, make a hockey game about 2 teams skating and literally have to battle for the puck on the ice.
  13. EA attempt at arcadey 3D hockey You play as one of the fictional hockey teams to battle through the NHL teams in NHL challenge to unlock them, upgraded gears, and even extra goodies in the unlockables.
  14. NES ice hockey + Blades of steel + Mutant League hockey = this game. you pick a team of crazy warriors with their own stats and ability. 3 skaters and 1 goalie each side. a goal is 10 points, a kill and a goal is 5 points extra. nothing is known about this game or the company Basento that published or created it.