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  1. So looking at the home team colors in the main menu, i kind of see the problem with most of the team player colors in the game, more so then just the away team being the red and grey the whole time. Infact, most of teams seem to have colors that are the same or don't really match up with the colors of their team logos, i don't think mutant league football had this problem. in certain sense it kind of made me think, mlh was rushed and not in a 2010 EA way either. hopefully this hack with fix that, the unreleased amiga copy kind of did.
  2. If madden and any simulation football videogames don't have players breaking tackles, shedding blocks, and trucking like this and does not have cpu vs cpu league options via Gfycat I'm not interested, the no fun league has already taken out the ambulance, helmets getting knocked off years ago and also don't have sideline collision like arena football.
  3. Oh thanks for clearing that up for me. As you were.
  4. its interesting that the logos on the pucks are different colors in the menu and easy to tell while here seem to use some of sort of corresponding coloring for every logo, perhaps the colors are coded in for each layer? i hope this does not disrupt the idea of custom logos.
  5. Wow, what a rundown of codes, I am impressed what you dug up so far @kingraphkeep up the good work and i can agree with you @von Ozbourme it would look awesome if all that would be possible in a moddable rom of MLH.
  6. i believe the unreleased amiga version of mutant league hockey game, didn't have a problem giving the away team their correct team colors rather then the red and grey colors like the sega version i think it could be possible. If we are able to get the the game not only modded but also able to work on the modding programs used for the sega nhl games. then it opens to possibilities of how many things can be modded to MLH similar to the nes kunio-kun hockey modding. Until then, lets see where this code breaking lead this project.
  7. this sounds interesting, I wonder if it would be possible to set up cpu/demo games like in the nhl 94 or uniform colors can be modified in the game, i am not much ofa fan with every away team wearing only the grey and red colors every time in the game.
  8. Roller hockey, inline hockey, skater hockey, and street hockey. some considered these variation, the flashy and extreme sports cousin alternative of hockey, one that plays with a ball, played on rollerskates mostly inlines, sometimes played indoors rinks and facilities and outdoors where there is space to fit in a rink, sometimes have unique uniform designs then solid color or solid white unis, also can have rule difference but still play like its hockey counterpart. If people consider Ice hockey (mainly the nhl) was considered the WWE on ice then roller hockey would be its ECW or AEW on rolle
  9. this was a fun project to participate in, Ultra. I can tell modding nhl 95 was not easy in term of changing the presentation of the game.
  10. pretty much reminds me of nes hockey, blades of steel, and super blood hockey. I have seen it on steam a couple of times, seems fun for the couch and online gamer all together for simple pick up and play hockey.
  11. and at certain cases with hockey gamers, damaged the NHL game series and owning the hockey market. to be fair the cracked EA logo comes close
  12. anyone wish we can find the picture of the EA logo as a ruined or wrecked structure as a satirical jab?
  13. this thread is close to deserving a win.