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Hlockey, its basically a blaseball take on hockey

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before i talk about Hlockey, let me get the explanation of what is Blaseball out of the way. Even with a video attached

Blaseball is a browser game per-say a simulated browser-based rpg sports betting text story driven game played by ai with player-driven fan interaction that decide outlandish rule changes each season, player trades, and even giving special equipment for the teams and players to use in the game and said games are played top of the hour and a season last a week. The game came out in 2020 when the pandemic hit sporting events to a standstill. in a presentation, its nothing more then a idle rng game watcher guided by text and a interface that keeps track of real time scoring (like any sport) and actions that the a.i performs with its fictional players and teams. However, the game does take an odd twist in its cosmic horror and absurd approaches that happen in the game when new decrees and blessings are voted on by the fans. like players getting incinerated by rogue umpires without warning during a eclipse. Interest in Blaseball grew over the 3 years with a dedicated community contributing fan work and researching the games lore that was spanning 3 eras and 24 seasons. However, during the 3rd and final era. the constant changes and financial side became too much for Game Band to run Blaseball and the game shut down on June 2, 2023 and staff being laid off. Leaving most fans looking for alternatives to Blaseball and even looking to create their own.

That is until someone made Hlockey. a blaseball-inspired Hockey-like sports simulator.

Like blaseball the rules are simple you create a account, pick your team from the league of any of the 4 division to support, and bet on matches. then watch all the teams play out live top of the hour. the game format is made up of a regular season that has 37 matchups or 114 games til it leads to a single-elimination tournament playoffs made of 3 matchups or 15 games leading to a championship game where it ends with the winning team is champion of the season. Then during each season, elections will be held and anyone can vote for things that change the league and the next season such as Bribery affect the entire course of the league, Treasures that are won on a raffle between the teams, or even Coachings that are given to each team, with teams getting the coaching they vote for the most improving the players and team of the skills. but also just like Blaseball with weather, teams in Hlockey are also at the mercy of any chaotic weather that hits the rinks and effects the game in play. such as Audacity causes players to take shots regardless of the circumstances of the game, Waves replaces a player on a team's roster with a random player from their shadows part of their roster, Inclines adds a random amount of score to a favored team's goals while Sunset makes goals worth less the more team's score.

Hlockey is currently in its 5th season will gain new things every season from the votes that change the course of said season. So if your fan of both Hockey and Blaseball (RIV Rest in violence). check out Hlockey on its website https://hlockey.onrender.com/ to get in the game and even join the Hlockey discord https://discord.gg/2N8VN8Q69E for direct communication with the devs, notifications of when a draft, a season, or game begins, and engage with the fan community who post fan work and research what is going on in the league and season.

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