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  1. 3 years ago, a game studio by the name of Bit Fry Game Studios, Inc. created and published a game called Ultimate Rivals: The Rink, a 3 on 3 hockey game. this game not only had NHL players like Wayne Gretzky, Alex Ovechkin, Brad Marchand, and Tyler Seguin. playing against each other in this futuristic hockey game, but also feature other athletes from other sports such as baseball (MLB), football (NFL),basketball (NBA,WNBA), and Soccer (WNSL). athletes like Skylar Diggins-Smith, Alex Morgan, De'Aaron Fox, Jose Altuve, and JuJu Smith Schuster you would never think or imagine slipping on skates and hitting the ice, and each player also has their own ability based on their respective sport they play in. Ultimate Rivals: The Rink seemed like a promising game that was ambitious game with a more ambitious crossover than Infinity War having access to more leagues and player associations, that this would make 2k and EA blush. with athletes of both hockey and other sports playing a space jam style version of hockey with skillful and action-packed arcade gameplay and unique presentation. Unfortunately, Ultimate Rivals: The Rink was released as an exclusive through Apple Arcade on December 12, 2019 and can only be played through IOS supported systems, while the game was doing alright and was getting updates going far as August 25, 2020. Ultimate Rivals: The Rink was quietly withdrawn from Apple Arcade in Fall 2021. Some users speculated that this was related to the game being beta-tested on Steam for a PC release, though it has yet to be officially released there or on PC. but as of now, Ultimate Rivals: The Rink is Discontinued. On July 9, 2021 Bit Fry Game Studios, Inc would also try a similar approach with the sport of basketball in its next installment Ultimate Rivals: The Court, ever want to see NHL players dunk on other sports athletes and even wrestlers from the WWE putting them on ice, NBA jam style complete with Tim Kitzrow on commentary? this might be the game for you Sadly like the Rink, this venture of Ultimate Rivals would not last long as Ultimate Rivals: The Court was released as an exclusive through Apple Arcade and also was quietly withdrawn from Apple Arcade in Fall 2021 getting the same speculation this was related to the game being beta-tested on Steam for the PC, like The Rink. but nothing much is official yet If these games were to escape being exclusive to apple arcade to being playable in multiple places like steam. How long would they last and what sports would Ultimate Rivals take on ? no one knows, as of right now, Ultimate Rivals is at a stand still. by Concept Art House by Goran Bukvic
  2. i know i been late to this game but Light the Hockey has been out on steam.
  3. This just in Tape to Tape is heading into early access release, so wish list the game and mark your calendars for may 3rd.
  4. could you imagine creating a hockey stars box cover and title screen like this
  5. i can imagine a hockey stars game using the NHLPA 93 game, i think would be either called Hockey Stars: Professional or Hockey stars: Minor league. Ironically as one of the baseball stars games is called: Baseball Stars Professional that came out in 1990s as a follow-up to the original Baseball Stars which lead to the baseball star sequel two years later. it would be the rare Hockey stars game to allow fighting.
  6. Been years in the making, ODR Hockey Heroes (Formally known as Hockey Heroes), is ready to strap on its skates to bring you its fast paced, no rules, arcade rpg fused hockey experience to pc and consoles. Watch this space or wishlist it on steam to follow ODR Hockey heroes for release date and possibly demos:
  7. Formally known as Goons: Legends of the Hockeyverse last year, Goons: Legends & Mayhem will be bringing 3v3 arcade hockey beat em up mayhem with PVP, PVE, and a story-driven campaign this year on pc and consoles. Wishlist it on steam to follow this game.
  8. Certainly, looks like an arcade hockey game similar to that of the Backyard Hockey 2005, Disney and ESPN gives Nick doing NFL wild card games and Cartoon network NBA All-Star Slam Dunk Contest a run for their money. I wish they gave all those players their own models in the game though. nitpick aside, this article explains everything behind the scnes here: https://www.nhl.com/news/nhl-big-city-greens-classic-adds-new-dimension-to-rangers-capitals-game/c-342182936
  9. Backyard sports was one of the most popular sports video game series that came out of the late 90s making itself onward into the 2000s and 2010s and loved by the casual gamer and the young at heart sports gamer. Humongous Entertainment captured the atmosphere of playing your favorite past time sports with neighborhood kids in alleys, ballparks, rec centers, and the school yard playgrounds in a more colorful and cartoonish world. drafting your team roster from a cast of both backyard kids with unique personalities and backgrounds but also kid versions of your favorite pro athletes that played or still play the sport. fast-paced powered up arcade action with lite simulation like team management and season mode leading your team to victory was certainly the fun of the series. Starting off with Backyard Baseball on pc (with no MLB licenses til 2001) it quickly grew in popularity to acquire many licenses of many major professional sports leagues in america as well its professional players of said leagues. and went on to create other sports games for Computers and consoles ranging from Baseball, American Football, Basketball, Soccer, and Skateboarding. then in 2002, Infogram and Humongous Entertainment decide to faceoff with the NHL to create Backyard hockey. like any formula followed in the Backyard Sports series, players create their own teams choosing from more than 30 "neighborhood kids" who each have their own unique strengths and weaknesses. Players may also choose from several National Hockey League hockey players as children, such as Steve Yzerman, Mike Modano, Joe Sakic, Jaromír Jágr, Jarome Iginla, Martin Brodeur, and Curtis Joseph. and play fast paced 3 on 3 ice hockey with on ice powerups and rock, paper, scissor fights that swings the momentum of the game. commentary is provided by the all-around Backyard sports league commentator, Sunny day and colorful commentator of the sport, Buddy cheque (his name is a play on body check). in season mode the player managing their roster and battle though BHL season game after game dominating the ponds and ice rinks til they reach to final game of the season and win the Clanky Cup. in 2004 Atari release its next hockey installment: Backyard Hockey 2005 the gameplay and replayability in its season mode is the same but also made the jump to 3d even with titles like Backyard Baseball 2005, Backyard NBA Basketball, Backyard football 2006, and Backyard Skateboarding. The backyard sports games have been fun when it came to any sport, even hockey. sadly things were not looking good for atari, and Humongous Entertainment as backyard sports was going into the decades of the late 2000s it will be backyard sports last hockey entry of the series. On 2007, Backyard hockey came out on the Nintendo DS, it was the last hockey game in the backyard sports series going forward. Backyard sports was a fun game franchise with unique gameplay, atmosphere, and a cast of characters and real athletes and offered a lot to come back to and play. Unfortunately, the series in recent memory has been a victim of many things that happened in the 2010s from Humongous Entertainment given its rights to developers and publishers that later on merged or went bankrupt to the BYS franchise rights itself being bought and held hostage to this day after their 2015 mobile games that was meant to be a plan to relaunch the series but didn't see any return. If there is one sports game series i missed the most, it was backyard sports.
  10. It does take a while to get used to but i think people who play games like nes ice hockey as well nhl94 will fit right in. not mention those that like to run a cpu played or multiplayer league.
  11. Formally known as Pond Hockey simulator' 84 during its early stages of development sense last year, Hockey legends is a indie game that can be played from the comfort of your browser, that throws back to the old school hockey both in 5 on 5 gameplay of nhl 94 or blades of steel and the pond hockey decade of the 80s. and not only you get to play the game against the cpu or another person, but its also a league simulation where you can create your own season with how many teams you want in your league and how many matchups are played between each teams. Keep in mind, once you have created your season, the teams, players, and calendar order are randomized when the season you created is generated but your free to edit each teams team colors, names, logos and cities, and players' names and jersey numbers to your own liking. Also like most sports games with sim-based features, you can watch 2 ai controlled teams duke it out on the ice or simulate a game to see the outcome results, the game engines also can compile, update, and keep track of the stats of each game played in the season. So no need to worry about downloads, sign ins, buying the game, or even buying DLCs or microtransactions, its free to play on the browser on itch.io: https://frost914.itch.io/hockey84
  12. bump because a demo is available to play on steam, try it for yourself.
  13. After 2 years of development, Puck off skated its way on steam on May 13th to bring its own brand of rough and tumble no rules hockey on the frozen pond, think of it as Rock the Rink and the World of Chel turned on its head. its physics-based no holds barred hits and contact on ice gameplay it has, that other indie games like hockey? and slapshot rebound sadly is missing. The downside is that currently there is no online multiplayer and it requires a controller in order to play. so, also no keyboard support yet but has a challenging single player mode and you can play with your friends on remote play with up to 4 players for co-op or versus. You can check it out for yourself here:
  14. So last year, the creator of this game himself, Jason Gauci, has emerged with a insightful retrospect of his work on threadpool: https://threadpool.cc/undead-hockey-club-0-0-2-89eecdb7a2b3
  15. So, after a few days later... Tape 2 tape kickstarter had been successful funded. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/tapetotape/tape-to-tape/posts/3509541
  16. Colorful graphics and exciting intro music yet primitive sound effects and the teams are all red and green shirts. and the players of every team are named after Canadian political figures at the time. but the gameplay is identical to Konami's blade of steel.
  17. Like another love letter to the blades of steel hockey game with some 3 on 3 action? Then watch this space for Light the lamp Hockey going for a late 2022 release on steam. Update: game been released on early access.
  18. Ready to drop the gloves again at the Bush hockey league of the 70s this time on the road? https://www.terminals.io/games/bush-hockey-league-switch/news/3596?fbclid=IwAR2nziGcWCATu0oJaFSpVL72tD8GoPa7Uuu_IvF8yTQVHbd7CItrntn0IUk
  19. despite 2021 being over, i hope to make a thread that list every indie hockey game in a new topic, even the ones i went over and newer ones that are oncoming or released.
  20. I like the ideas you think up, maybe we should also create a nhl 94 rom but it replaces the player models with the ones from kunio-kun hockey game or create a nes rom hack for the captain tsubasa (or tecmo cup soccer game) game that replaces soccer with hockey. Anyways, sometimes a total conversion hack rom always deserve a creative facelift make over.
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