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  1. I like the ideas you think up, maybe we should also create a nhl 94 rom but it replaces the player models with the ones from kunio-kun hockey game or create a nes rom hack for the captain tsubasa (or tecmo cup soccer game) game that replaces soccer with hockey. Anyways, sometimes a total conversion hack rom always deserve a creative facelift make over.
  2. This rom certainly getting somewhere to looking like a unreleased SNK hockey game. i wonder how much of the sprite work of the on-ice gameplay can be edited. specifcally, the players and the face off screen animation.
  3. I have came across this game couple of times on steam, looks rough around the edges and there is no gameplay video, but I am sure it will most likely improve. Thanks.
  4. Its kind of like thinking of it as NHL2k before NHL2k was a thing on the era of consoles of the Dreamcast, PlayStation 2, GameCube, Xbox ERA. Of course i understand the gameplay is a mix of other hockey games, it has that top to bottom camera view, identical scoreboard and presentation, and 95 faceoff like the NHL games and the fight system reminds me of the one used in Mario Lemieux Hockey (Super Slapshot) and Wayne Gretzky Hockey NHLPA All-Stars. clunky as it is. it has pretty good sprite design and animations even for bodychecking and shooting, decent puck physics, nice sound effects, music, and including play-by-play commentary audio which is a detail some hockey games not even NHL games on the Sega genesis or snes console era had (with the acceptation of blades of steel on the nes).
  5. Ice league Hockey is out on the app stores, free to download, try for yourself, its fun but don't expect it to play like super blood hockey. Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.koalitygame.iceleaguehockey… iOS: https://testflight.apple.com/join/IDKlMSa6
  6. Tape 2 Tape is on steam, Wishlist here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1566200/Tape_to_Tape/
  7. Puckoff is now on steam aiming for a next year release date on may 13, 2022. Wishlist it here https://store.steampowered.com/app/1765990/PuckOFF/ and join their discord for further developments: https://discord.gg/q4sDV5HycV
  8. Spacy Hockey added, thought the development went dead in 2020, the game spacy hockey (formally known as space hockey) re-emerged this year in September 18th with a new website and screenshots and is aiming for a stream release. keep an eye out on that space.
  9. Thank you, even though canvas hockey, is not a game that's in development this year, as its already came out last year, but with the game constantly getting updates. I will add it the thread showcase never the less. its a pretty interesting hockey game.
  10. In 2018, a user by the name of Super Roboprotector, made a hacked rom for Blades of steel, and adds a violent twist to the game, turning hockey into deathhockey or Deathmatch Hockey. Now what i mean by that, is that it does more then change team colors and names of the 8 teams but overhauls the gameplay and the a.i. to live up to the premise of its name. The AI of your team mates and the CPU team are even more ruthless and will not hesitate to knock anyone in their path with a full check or hit. they will also start fights more often and when a fight does happen, the HP of the player is increased to 8 rather then 5 and the indicator is invisible. But this is where the "death match" part of the rom comes in, instead of the defeated player getting dragged to penalty box, the player is left there on the ice and remains knocked out completely with a team down a man and playing short for the rest of the period and with the fights being kicked up to 11, the carnage will to continue rise with more K.O'd players of both team littering the rink to the point of one team ending up with no one but a goalie. It just might make you question if you are even playing Blades of steel or a homebrewed Mutant league hockey for the NES. Luckily all Knocked players will only get up during period changes sometimes one or two guys might get up if a team lost all if not almost-all of its players. Imagine adding all this concept in any NHL rom that allows fighting (preferably NHLPA Hockey '93) Not at all convinced? well no need to worry heres some gameplay video from the very same romhacker himself playing for the Scorpions taking on the Sub-Zeros. And just for you, a patched rom for to play for your self, as always this rom is by Super Roboprotector https://www.romhacking.net/community/4595/ He also did another BOS hacked rom called the Goon mod WIll you survive Deathmatch Hockey? Deathmatch hockey (patched).nes
  11. Added to the thread, Thank you for mentioning this game. indiegame hockey seems to booming recently.
  12. Hockey heroes: Puck off: Goons: Legends of the Hockeyverse Pond Hockey Simulator '84 Ice League Hockey: Tape to Tape: Pc hockey league: Canvas Hockey: Spacy Hockey: VNHL 2022 Got any other current indie Hockey games in the making to add to this thread? share them here in this showcase.
  13. Well i ofcourse talk about how most of the teams player sprites have the similar colors not just the away always being red and white, but how some of the home teams colors have colors that are identical to each other and not don't really correspond with their colors in their team logos. now if we can get this hacked rom to change the colors of the away and home team uniforms, this would make MLH look more like a complete game. Also i still wonder if its possible to code a demo mode or cpu vs cpu in the selection screen so we can watch both teams battle each other for the puck for a full game.
  14. So looking at the home team colors in the main menu, i kind of see the problem with most of the team player colors in the game, more so then just the away team being the red and grey the whole time. Infact, most of teams seem to have colors that are the same or don't really match up with the colors of their team logos, i don't think mutant league football had this problem. in certain sense it kind of made me think, mlh was rushed and not in a 2010 EA way either. hopefully this hack with fix that, the unreleased amiga copy kind of did.
  15. If madden and any simulation football videogames don't have players breaking tackles, shedding blocks, and trucking like this and does not have cpu vs cpu league options via Gfycat I'm not interested, the no fun league has already taken out the ambulance, helmets getting knocked off years ago and also don't have sideline collision like arena football.
  16. Oh thanks for clearing that up for me. As you were.
  17. its interesting that the logos on the pucks are different colors in the menu and easy to tell while here seem to use some of sort of corresponding coloring for every logo, perhaps the colors are coded in for each layer? i hope this does not disrupt the idea of custom logos.
  18. Wow, what a rundown of codes, I am impressed what you dug up so far @kingraphkeep up the good work and i can agree with you @von Ozbourme it would look awesome if all that would be possible in a moddable rom of MLH.
  19. i believe the unreleased amiga version of mutant league hockey game, didn't have a problem giving the away team their correct team colors rather then the red and grey colors like the sega version i think it could be possible. If we are able to get the the game not only modded but also able to work on the modding programs used for the sega nhl games. then it opens to possibilities of how many things can be modded to MLH similar to the nes kunio-kun hockey modding. Until then, lets see where this code breaking lead this project.
  20. this sounds interesting, I wonder if it would be possible to set up cpu/demo games like in the nhl 94 or uniform colors can be modified in the game, i am not much ofa fan with every away team wearing only the grey and red colors every time in the game.
  21. Roller hockey, inline hockey, skater hockey, and street hockey. some considered these variation, the flashy and extreme sports cousin alternative of hockey, one that plays with a ball, played on rollerskates mostly inlines, sometimes played indoors rinks and facilities and outdoors where there is space to fit in a rink, sometimes have unique uniform designs then solid color or solid white unis, also can have rule difference but still play like its hockey counterpart. If people consider Ice hockey (mainly the nhl) was considered the WWE on ice then roller hockey would be its ECW or AEW on roller-skates counterpart (with street hockey being backyard). in video games, there is 54 ice hockey video game titles as of today. So why hasn't roller hockey had a game? well there are some here starting with RHI Roller Hockey '95 on the SNES This game was created by Radical Entertainment's and was officially licensed by Roller Hockey International with use of its teams and players of the 1995 season, RHI Roller Hockey '95 was cancelled and never released, despite that it was in a near finished state, it was pretty much a reskinned version of Radical's Brett Hull Hockey games. Then pigging backing along in the year 1995 and snes roller hockey games is GTE infamous attempt at a roller hockey: Street Hockey'95 for the snes So how can a street roller hockey game with a no-holds barred rules gameplay of NBA jam (or NHL open ice or hit the ice) mixed WWF Wrestlemania, streetwise lingo and trash talking roller hockey players with different designs, unique urban hockey rinks with ramps and obstacles and hazards, and 5 game modes with different scoring and handicap have a infamous rep? Some people say its the 90s cheesiness of the games presentation or others say its the box cover art, but I think we can evaluate any game in a vacuum regardless of its presentation and cover, However the justification lies in the jerky player movements and slow reactions as its issues. Speaking of street hockey did you know the uk over seas used to call roller hockey inline hockey, skater hockey, or even street hockey in certain years back in the day? Infact, the sport was popular in Britain during those years, the had a televised street Hockey Nationals games of the week on Channel 4, featured in commercials and tv shows like blue peter and you bet, and documentary that cover sport. but also in 1990 had its own licensed game on the amiga The execution is a convoluted result, while game seem to have some sort of rpg and management element to it, the hockey gameplay take place with 2d sprite players and a 3d playing field, that is primitive compared to another infamous hockey title that came out of 1993, NHL Stanley Cup on the snes which used SNES's Mode 7 hardware. on top of that the game backdropped in the American city of New York rather then Britain just makes Gonzo Games feel incredibly out of touch with the BSHA and miss certain details of uk street hockey. These are the only roller hockey video games i know of, i leave out MMO roller hockey games because that was talked about in a previous forum and also left out Backyard hockey and NHL hitz pro that have roller or street hockey modes, they are simply modes not necessary full blown standalone games. and with how niche the market is on the variation of roller hockey, there won't be a video game of roller hockey for a while.
  22. this was a fun project to participate in, Ultra. I can tell modding nhl 95 was not easy in term of changing the presentation of the game.
  23. pretty much reminds me of nes hockey, blades of steel, and super blood hockey. I have seen it on steam a couple of times, seems fun for the couch and online gamer all together for simple pick up and play hockey.
  24. and at certain cases with hockey gamers, damaged the NHL game series and owning the hockey market. to be fair the cracked EA logo comes close
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