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  1. A great resource to point people to when starting a new mod! Is there a 32-team ROM like this?
  2. Thanks! I tested it out juuuust in case, and yeah even if I get the Bruins into the playoffs with 126 points, they play the 2nd seed in the 2nd round. So I guess I'll put together a ROM with the fix, and an IPS patch. And maybe figure out game genie codes...
  3. Thanks! I tested this out and Boston stays in 1st place when they have 128 points, and they make the playoffs. The 1st-rounding seeing is correct, they play the 8th-place team in the conference. However, in the 2nd round they were matched up against the 2nd-place team. Is the 2nd-round re-seeding usually correct? If so, then I need to find the re-seeding code and fix that as well.
  4. Get a Mega Everdrive x5 : https://krikzz.com/our-products/cartridges/mega-everdrive-x5.html You can download ROMs (full games, with the updates already included) from this site and put them on the Everdrive cartridge. The x5 will work for like 99.9% of Genesis games, but not crazy mods like the 40MB Sonic Delta mod.. If you want to play EVERYTHING (CD games?), there's the "PRO" but it's quadruple the cost.
  5. Mullets.. mullets everywhere Love the HNIC theme of this, with Bob Cole, the music, the graphics...
  6. Music is something we're just starting to figure out (see some video examples here: https://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?/topic/19935-editing-musicsounds-in-nhl-94-a-start/) Taking the music out is possible. Sound effects.. probably also possible... But you could solve your problem by playing with manual line changes, too.
  7. Hm so if you got the main retroarch package, the original ROMs are actually in the package, too. You should load RetroArch.exe, then Load Core (pick the Sega one), then Load Content. In Load Content, click "Start Directory" or something like that.. it's the first option. Then click ROMs, Genesis, nhl94. If you pick "CDL" or something like that, that is not the original game, that's a custom league game. So at this point the game runs... And you are saying the Hawks are missing? Can you go team-by-team and see what other teams are missing?
  8. If you go here and filter by 'tournament' there's no NHL tournament. But I don't know how accurate/up-to-date it is... https://east.paxsite.com/en-us/schedule.html But there's NBA Jam: NBA Jam Sat, Mar 25, 2023 • 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM Location: Console Tourney GoldenEye 007 Sun, Mar 26, 2023 • 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM Location: Console Tourney Maybe push the NBA Jam organizer to do a '94 next year
  9. Hi, can you tell us what you downloaded? Normally we recommend the package from here: https://nhl94online.com/html/getting-started.php Which includes the original versions of the Sega and SNES NHL'94 games, which include the Blackhawks. If you downloaded a customized ROM from a thread on the forums, it depends on what the creator of that ROM wanted. Another possible issue... Maybe your controller is double-mapped so every time you press right or left the teams change by 2 teams instead of 1, so it always skips every other team, including the Blackhawks... does it look like all the other teams are there?
  10. This program extracts a single track (instrument) from a MIDI. They can't be combined (yet). It likely won't sound good as a main theme. It's for the organ songs (single-instrument songs). So my suggestion is to first try replacing an organ song like the Whalers song like in my video. Don't jump straight to the main theme, it will not be possible.
  11. great, good to know. I didn't realize github made it so difficult to download the project. I'll add a note into the Readme with the zip link.
  12. OK, in case something went weird with copy/paste, use this link to save it: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/nhl94dotcom/midi_2_nhl94/main/midi_2_nhl94/midi_2_nhl94.py Or this to get a zip: https://github.com/nhl94dotcom/midi_2_nhl94/zipball/main
  13. not from python command line. from powershell/cmd. Please check the link. make sure you use the 3.11 python.exe when running the command. Also can you tell me where you got midi2nhl94.py? the github copy is midi_2_nhl94.py (https://github.com/nhl94dotcom/midi_2_nhl94)
  14. My tool can't replace the base theme. It only does the organ songs from faceoffs/goals. My bad, "pin install mido" is something you need to do on the commandline, not in a python script: https://docs.python.org/3/installing/index.html Odd that you didn't get an error like "mido package not found", but got an error further down... Did you edit the file at all? It's so weird that it's using python 3.11 but giving that particular error on "print" statements, because when I google it, the error is usually that they are using python 2.
  15. Can you humour me and run the script from this page https://www.w3resource.com/python-exercises/python-basic-exercise-2.php
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