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  1. The best thing to do is to start trying to do it yourself and if you get stuck on a particular step, ask for advice. Instructions for how to do everything are on the forums, but sometimes it helps to ask and then someone can send you the exact thread you need.
  2. You can play NHL94 Rewind against other people by using the Share Play feature available on the PlayStation even if you don't have NHL94 Rewind. Only 1 person needs to have Rewind, but both need to have a PlayStation Plus subscription. If you have a PS4, you can join the Community. Press 'up' on the main screen, find Communities, and search for the "King of 94" community. If you have a PS5.. well they kiboshed communities for some reason, so instead you need to add people to your friends list. So if you want to do that, please share your PS name here so people can add you as a friend
  3. Thoughts on the "threaded video" option in RA for dealing with this?
  4. Quick Tips: Wi-Fi Disconnect from your wifi. Even if you have the ethernet cable plugged in, often your computer will favour using wifi. DON'T USE WIFI General Internet: Connection will be worse if other people in your house are using the internet at the same time, especially for things like youtube/netflix. Try to play when family are not watching netflix/youtube. Go to this site ( and observe the "latency" and "jitter" measures. Latency corresponds to lag(delay). Jitter corresponds to lag-spikes, which is the worst thing. I
  5. Rewind displays in your language
  6. We'll have to figure out what causes the game to crash and avoid it. Seems to be connected to changing lines. Could have issues on injuries, too. Would have to select game rules to minimize the chances of a crash (NLC, no line edits, .. hope no one gets injured..)
  7. You'll get to play at least 8 games, against various people. So I wouldn't worry about not being practiced up or losing in the first round. Only a few guys have a shot at winning the event, but we still get a few dozen players on each system, because it's fun either way. As for the money, we don't actually keep it, it goes to prizes(trophies this year, which we'll need to ship)
  8. No. Although on the PlayStation you can use PlayShare to share your screen and play online with someone that way (both of you must have a subscription to whatever the PlayStation equivalent of "xbox live" is)
  9. What are you trying to play? NHL'94 Rewind on xbox doesn't have online play.
  10. I'm pretty sure the freeze bug is due to the game trying to read player records scoring data from the SRAM (battery backup) and it reads into an area beyond where it's supposed to and gets invalid data, causing it to crash. For some reason Kega handles it properly (Kega probably detects that it read where it shouldn't and returns a value of 0, whereas Gens just reads whatever is there anyway so it gets some bad data that puts the game in an infinite loop or corruption due to buffer overflow). I tried to look into this but couldn't figure it out at first. I need to spend more time on it.
  11. My thinking on this... They've said they might add online play if there is enough demand for it. But without online play, I just don't see much demand for this game. It's a chicken/egg problem. If the game had online play, I think it would make money for them - basic initial demand will be higher, demand for the game will grow because there's a scene to participate in, and they could release new $15 updates every year. They already have online matchmaking systems so it shouldn't be toooo hard to make it work. The one issue could be, as always, the game's internals are not coded to de
  12. Trying to catalogue all the differences... Work in Progress... Some of the differences are shown in the "What's Different in NHL'94 Rewind?" video. I'll refer to buttons as the XBox buttons. A=bottom, B=right, X=left, Y=top. Startup: Alexander Ovechkin splash screen instead of the original "EA" logo and "NHL Hockey 94" splash screen. Credits are not shown on this splash screen like in the original, other than FMOD, Arsenal, and Empty Clip studios. Main Menu: "Profile" entry with your xbox username (haven't tried it with a 2nd account yet to see what exactly
  13. Welcome! Just to let you know, we also have a live chat server: And here is our general guide for things you can see and do here: