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  1. Welcome! What are you trying to do? This page may help out: https://nhl94.com/JoinUs The forum organization should look something like this...
  2. Also make sure you're using a 32-team ROM as a base. If you try to use the original game, it has a 'checksum' security routine that tests if the game has been modified and doesn't play if it has been changed.
  3. Press 'Esc' to apply the image before saving
  4. And always keep a backup before making any change.
  5. Check out the "Thread Guide" (which maybe should in this forum not "general"..) https://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?/topic/8090-gens-editing-the-game-thread-guide-newbs-start-here/ In particular "Tile Molester graphics offset bookmarks - (Nov 25 2005) - wboy" Althoughhh.. I'm not sure those locations are correct for the 32-team ROM.. someone with more up-to-date editing experience will need to chime in.. But the general settings will help you find the logos by setting the correct colour format..
  6. Something I wanted to work on this year, that I ended up spending zero time on after christmas break.. was a completely reworked Ditherer that uses all the cores of the CPU to work faster, and lets you select certain settings (such as forcing particular colours, choosing which algorithm...)
  7. It's in there. Don't know about a fix. You could fix it with a hex editor, by searching for the hex string "90 2b 00 67 d0 2a 00 67" and replacing it with "90 2a 00 67 d0 2b 00 67". (the 2b/2a need to be swapped) Or, you can 'override' the bug during gameplay by using the CB check: press C to throw a check, press B to give up control of the player before the check connects -- and the check will behave as though there is no weight bug.
  8. Stories, pictures and feedback! So they aren't lost to history on the discord server (unless that's what you prefer!).
  9. Nope, I don't think anyone's found anything about that. Anecdotally, I think when guys turn around and suddenly get hit head on, they have a higher chance of getting knocked out.
  10. No clue how to make the goalies better, unfortunately, other than increasing Agility is the biggest boost. Yeah, when you delete players without fixing the lines, you get crashes. Go into the Lines editor in NOSE and make sure they're all valid. The game stores lines as the index of the player on the team, so if you made the team only have 16 players, and the left defenseman in the original line was the 17th player, it crashes.
  11. Some possible things: * decrease the speed boost multiplier * increase the energy depletion rate * increase the "roughness" attribute of the players (this attribute is misnamed, because no one knew what it did back then.. it makes the CPU players shoot more)
  12. Whatever the 2nd pointer is to, it has a constant size of 70 bytes. On the other hand, the first pointers are generally around 250-750 bytes apart (but some are totally random, in their own banks for some reason..)
  13. Oh if East and West have identical pointers, then that messes up the idea that it's the logo...
  14. It's two "pointers" to other locations in the ROM. I assume it's a logo and a palette... The SNES CPU likes numbers backwards ("little endian"). "73 BE 9A 00 " Means... bank 009A, offset BE73. Since the SNES CPU is 16-bit, it can't actually address the whole ROM with a single number (16-bit maxes out at 64kb, but a typical ROM is 2MB), so it uses 2 numbers to specify where something is within the ROM: a memory bank number, and an offset within the bank. Each bank is 64kb (or 32kb??), and 0080 is the first bank so the data is in the 009a-0080=1A-th bank. So the image or paletteis at 001ABE73 in the ROM (if banks are 64kb), or maybe 000D3E73 (if banks are 32kb -- the first bit of the offset is removed, so BE73 becomes 3E73 (B-8=3)). Why doesn't the Genesis use banks if it's also a 16-bit CPU? It's actually a hybrid 16/24-bit CPU. Data is handled 16-bit, but addresses/offsets are 24-bit so it doesn't need banks because 24-bit can handle a 16MB ROM without banks.
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