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  1. I'd love to see some recommendations on this, too! A couple resposes from the Discord chat: scribe99: I’m considering getting one of these. If you buy the 16gb +64 gb version it supposedly comes with the games preloaded. Or you can load them yourself. chaos: I'd just get a used PSP and hack it
  2. Montreal: "The Ice Room" is probably supposed to sound like "The Forum" St. Louis: "Coach Scary" = Bob Berry
  3. In 94, the checking rating just controls how often AI players will check (but not, as far as I know, how effective the checks are). I don't know about the later games. I made a hack that factors the checking rating into the actual checking, so if you're using a weight bug fixed ROM you might notice that (Ulf Samuelsson becomes a beast). "Roughness" is actually a mistake by wboy. He guessed it was roughness by noting that finesse players tended to have 0 and tough guys had high values. It turns out it's actually "pass/shoot bias". Finesse guys had 0 because they had a lot of passes, while
  4. Also if you use the project lunar emulator... The goalies will be messed up.
  5. More shortened names:
  6. About Bourque's 5 shot accuracy: They "broke their own rules" in giving him that rating. Shot Accuracy in the game is extremely closely tied to the the player's actual shooting percentage in the 92-93 season. That's why Gretzky has a lowly 2 ShA, because he had an extremely off-year, with an 11.3% Sh% (17.5% over the previous 5 years, 19.9% in his career up to that point). That's also why defensemen across the board have terrible shooting accuracies, because they used the same scale for D as for F. But Bourque despite scoring only 19 goals and a shooting percent of 5.8% was given a 5 accu
  7. 5 Speed, 1 Agility The one and only NHL94 hotrod, Randy Wood
  8. line changes and player cards were a no-no in 2on2 NHL94 too (although I did make a hack to fix line changes..)
  9. This is probably possible to do using the NOSE tool. Just set the unwanted players on the Lines to the "invalid" value in the dropdown.
  10. Please use descriptive titles for posts in the future :). I changed it to "Looking for NHL95 2on2 or 3on3 mod". You had set it to your name, which doesn't give readers an idea of what the post is about.
  11. If you install an emulator (such as RetroArch) on your chromebook, then any of the ROMs on here will work on that. Here are the ROMs: I don't think it's straight-forward to install an emulator on a Chromebook, though? It's not a general-purpose computer, it's kind of a glorified web browser device. Google for something like "install retroarch on chromebook"
  12. Anniversary mode in NHL14 wasn't really 94, though... It was '14 with star indicators. NHL94 Rewind doesn't have fighting. It's cool (it's the real '94 engine!), but there's no fighting. It also doesn't have built-in netplay which in my view makes it kind of pointless in the end (although EA says they might add netplay if they consider there to be enough demand!) If you've got Rewind on the PS4, join the Community called "King of 94" to play some people online on there.
  13. I think one of the splash screens actually composed of 2 or 3 images (big central area, plus a bar at the bottom and maybe the top), each with its own palette. So you need to find those other palettes. Pay careful attention in the guide that you probably started with. It should show you all the separate images and palettes.
  14. Yes, you MUST change the palette colours first to get the best results. Otherwise it just picks the closest colour from the existing palette, so some different colours from your image may get mapped to the same colour index, and if that happens you will lose detail in your image. For example if your image has 2 shades of red, and the existing palette has 1 shade of red, then your final image will only have 1 shade of red, even if you add the 2nd shade of red into the palette afterwards.
  15. And for sega I'm pretty sure you can change these in NOSE?