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  1. smozoma

    NHL "95 Full Season Bug

    I think all the Gens versions make compatible .srm files, but just in case, please use this one, since it's the hacking emulator I'll be using:
  2. smozoma

    NHL "95 Full Season Bug

    Can someone do me a favour and make a .srm of a season with a team with 126 or 127 points, and then another .srm with the with the bug symptom? I'll take a stab at fixing it. Maybe can be used as a way to recruit people for ko94-3 and then the 95 tournament if some social-media-savvy folks can get the fix some publicity.
  3. Next tourney will be out east. We'll do whatever we can to get clockwise there. Laws may be broken.
  4. smozoma

    NHL "95 Full Season Bug

    Can't say I actually found the code in the ROM, I can just see what the problem is because it's a common thing to need to deal with in old-school programming . Might even be a fixable bug.
  5. smozoma

    NHL "95 Full Season Bug

    That's funny. The cause is that a "signed byte" can store numbers from -128 to 127. If you try to add to a number greater than 127, it'll wrap around to -128, -127 etc. If the game displayed 0, I guess they had some code to protect against displaying negative numbers. I don't know why they didn't use an unsigned byte (0-255)!
  6. The Mac OS is built on Unix, so it might work. If a command is missing, you just need to Google for how to install is on mac.
  7. NOSE was written in Visual Basic 6, which is a long-dead programming language (I used it in high school) made by Microsoft. So I don't see NOSE being released for Mac because of the unpredictable amount of work that would be needed to port it to the latest version of Visual Basic (some things may upgrade without issue, some things may need extra work, especially since I think wboy made some custom widgets). Have you followed wboy's instructions in this post?: PS: please don't make "mystery" post titles. I updated it to be clearer.
  8. smozoma

    Vancouver KO94trey Hotel HQ's

    Awesome, thanks I've got a 2 bed room booked not a 1 king (friend of mine from the Toronto tourney is coming). @CoachMac @corbettkb ?
  9. smozoma

    Vancouver KO94trey Hotel HQ's

    Awesome wait.. a whole extra room just for gaming? Should someone drop their own reservation and take that room? Or we all chip in for the extra room?
  10. smozoma

    Vancouver KO94trey Hotel HQ's

    I think that one had 4 rooms and 6 beds (2 sofa beds), so "12" assumes everyone is double-bunking. 15 minute walk to the venue, not bad. Total cost was around CAD1200 for 2 nights, so with say 6 people it's around 100/night per person before some adjustments for who's sharing a room or sleeping in the living room. It did look really nice though, and great for exhis. I think there's 6 of us staying at La Quinta (assuming Jill is coming?); others have family/friends they'll be staying with and one group got their own airbnb in vancouver. Thanks for looking into the adjoining rooms!
  11. smozoma

    Vancouver KO94trey Hotel HQ's

    We're staying at La Quinta, go ahead and book! I'm thinking we try to get them to set us up in rooms with an adjoining doorway, if they have those. Then we can spread the manstink out a bit (game room, break room) We discussed it on Discord. I should have posted an update on here. I like the house idea, but La Quinta is so close to the venue... Something we can look into next time.
  12. smozoma

    nhl 95 help changing city names

    Does the NOSE editor work?
  13. smozoma

    2018 2v2 League Idea.

    An idea: Have captains, but instead of having a stable of 2ndary coaches associated with each captain, just switch partners during each series. So if there are captions C1 and C2 and partners P1 and P2, play C1+P1 @ C2+P2 C2+P2 @ C1+P1 C1+P2 @ C2+P1 C2+P1 @ C1+P2 That way captain records don't depend on which partner is available
  14. smozoma


    I'm a believer in the rock-paper-scissors theory proposed by Brutus in one of the links, also backed by Plabax a few posts later. I have no evidence for it, though. Just has felt right a few times (was losing a lot of faceoffs, changed my direction, started winning all of them.. could be random though!)
  15. Love the Hanson brothers cartoon splash screen