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  1. smozoma

    NHL Legends

    Make your emulator window smaller before making a screenshot. Or use an image editor on your computer. Like irfanview (image, resize)
  2. Looks great. The SNES hacking emulator I used before has some similar features. How is it with RAM and code traces? Does it work the same as Gens or have a better interface? (The SNES emu was so much better than Gens)
  3. Unfortunately I don't know the answer to your problem. But you say you have modified the music in FIFA 95.. can you point me to a resource for that? We would love to know how to write new music for NHL94. Also, what modifications were made to Super Monaco GP? I loved that game, but once you've learned how to win, it's too easy (I remember purposely losing to get the worst car, then challenging the top team on Australia, winning, and getting promoted straight to like the 3rd car).
  4. I think it'd be cool to have a computer with modded ROMs, online play set up etc, so guys can see what's possible. Actually we've wanted to do that for a few events now but never got to it with all the other stuff to worry about. But for the stream, I feel like it should be reserved for actual tournament games. I would much, much prefer the stream hosts build hype/drama and context for the actual event.
  5. Like for interviews on the stream? Yesss. At the very least, I think it would be cool to have a sort of 'players introduction' at the start of the event.. maybe we just quickly interview a random subset of attendees, on stream and mic'd into the venue, asking them where they're from, how long they've been playing, a favourite nhl94 memory, and what their hopes for the event are. Or after a game, one of the players talks to the hosts during the 1st period of the next game.
  6. With the new owners of Waves, I think the atmosphere will improve - for one they intend to add food and alcohol. They're also more into growing the retro scene. But I get what you mean, it's a big place and the energy wasn't the same (although at Real Sports we inherited atmosphere from the coincidence of an important Blue Jays double-header). The lack of food made it hard to keep people around for the finals, and having just the 1 system per day sort of cut the crowd the in half (not to mention that in 2015 we had 60 players on EACH system but just 30ish each this time, so it's more like 1/4). I think we'll get more people this year since it's at a consistent location (there was one guy saying he was going to bring his 15 family/friends who play). I wish the location were more central. And the hotel situation got screwed up (3 hotels with deals didn't make sense - better to get just 1). Maybe we can get mic'd commentary going earlier in the day in order to build atmosphere and get the casual players more into the overall event. So it kind of feels like a televised event from the start. Any thoughts anyone has on improving atmosphere?
  7. It was an 'in theory' because someone would need to make a website that accepts NHL95 savestates and then tabulates them all and creates a new .srm for download after each game is uploaded.
  8. Imagine if season mode was done, by transferring the .srm around after each game Clearly impossible to coordinate, but would be epic.... Dervin showed it was possible to edit .srm files to input arbitrary stats, so in theory the stats could be exported from saves and then input into the .srm for browsing.
  9. That league sounds amazing. Would love to see stats for that! As for Brent.. I really have no idea why his shot would consistently disappoint. I could understand that the AI might not get him into good positions, but I'd expect the shot to be OK. On the other hand, I never could get a good shot out of Dmitri Khristich (4/6) so I wonder if there's something in common there...
  10. Ah OK, I get you Those times where the CPU gets the puck in your zone and you know you're not getting it back until it's at centre-ice after they complete a tic-tac-toe quick-timer for a goal... that's a real thing. I have no illusions of ever breaking the record, but I need to work on scoring the gimme goals, especially dekes. Generating more shots/chances per possession, too, I guess. Get them Corsi's up.
  11. I'm sort of surprised you didn't feel this when doing your world record attempts. I'm up to ~30 goals consistently (I can't even get as many shots as you had goals!), and there are definitely games where Roenick's shot feels sloppy, or Bure is really wiring it.
  12. Nice charts! I had actually forgotten about the whole divide by 3 thing. I definitely will sub a guy out if he seems cold and there's another decent guy on the bench. I only notice it when a guy who is supposed to have a hard shot shoots too slowly. I can't tell due to skating, though I imagine some better players can tell that.
  13. There was the Capitalism League that had a ROM with all the players at 99 speed etc. The ROM must be on the forum somewhere.
  14. I think this is the second report we've seen here of genesis mini having mirroring problems. No such reports on other systems from what I can remember.