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  1. I didn't find a correlation with penalties. Which is kind of surprising since checking is a good way to get one. But probably the User-controlled skaters threw way more checks than AI controlled skaters, so it wasn't possible to see the AI penalties. Same for aggression, there wasn't an obvious correlation between the aggression attribute and penalties per skater in a human-vs-human league.
  2. I'm not sure aggression results in penalties, I could never find a correlation there when comparing Aggression ratings to penalty stats in my old Blitz league. Edit: I see that you did some CPU games and found a correlation. So maybe when under user control it doesn't do anything (much like the Checking attribute)
  3. I suspect it's the speed boost nerf that makes the game feel slow. Did you increase the energy depletion rate, too?
  4. You've got it right The nice thing about going with your RNG value of 7 (or a value of 8) instead of the original 9 is that it eliminates the overlap case where a player rated 1 higher than another in attribute (on the base 0-6 ratings) can be equal to a player rated 1 lower, if the better player is max cold and the other is max hot.
  5. Doesn't this already have hot/cold randomness minimized? It says "less variance in Hot/Cold rating randomization" in the description. If this is Chaos's hack, then it reduces the hot/cold effect from +/- 6ish percent down to 3 percent.
  6. Sure, put an emulator on there that can play Sega Genesis games (such as RetroArch with a Genesis 'core')
  7. Season mode: technically possible of course, but don't think we have people with the experience/skill to do it unless they had like a year of full-time work to dedicate to it. Part of the problem is that the game engine was rewritten in 95 (after being basically the same for 92-94) so nothing would "copy/paste" between the games and work. We haven't even added fighting from 93 into 94, and that's the same game engine.
  8. Yep, season mode was added in 95. 94 was one of the first games on Sega with a memory chip, so having playoffs and user records was all we got, it was probably added as an afterthought..
  9. KingRaph's ultimate strategy guide has you covered! http://nhl94strategy.com/
  10. A few hard-to-read ones in here... C10877(???) - Dennison, Minnesota, United States C14205 - Essex, Maryland, United States F15540 (15640?) - St. John's, NL, Canada H16917 - Ucluelet, British Columbia, Canada H17278(???) - Emmitsburg, Maryland, United States H22650 - Whitby, Ontario, Canada J14273 - Salt Lake City, Utah, United States No good geographical matches by letter in this batch...
  11. NJ, doubtful, but there were 2 per year in NY pre-pandemic. @kingraph @chaos any plans for NY?
  12. https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/nhl-94-tournament-battle-of-vancouver-ii-genes-tickets-265762752547 Tournament run by @rcv
  13. You can now use these on the forum by typing :abbreviation or selecting them from the emoji list
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