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  1. also: OBS would let you capture the window and crop it and resize the output, so you could record in window-mode if that's easier.
  2. OBS Studio, by far the best I've ever used. Pro streamers use it. It's a little hard to set up in some ways (watch some youtube videos to learn how to use it), but it works well, and you can do a lot of stuff with it However, it isn't useful for editing and stitching multple videos together. It's for live capture/streaming.
  3. It creates a virtual LAN. Search the forums, plenty of topics on it because it's what we have usually use for league play for the past 10 years
  4. Right-click -> Save As You will need a special program to play the game file. It's not a program on its own, it's just the raw game data like on the original cartridge. To play it, follow these instructions:
  5. The fact you managed to create a hack for Def Controls ON - by default (snes!).. Wow! Hat off for you good sir! 

  6. Daft Punk have weird hobbies Or someone is a big FLCL fan
  7. I'm not sure if it has any effect on the reach or effectiveness of the event on facebook, but if you're on there, please consider marking yourself as "Going"! The Vancouver event had 30 people marked as "going" and 74 as "interested." Toronto is currently at 20 "going" and 85 "interested"
  8. Wesley for Sweeney sub.. interesting.. I was watching the vancouver replay and was thinking I should actually have taken Bourque out for Wesley since Bourque wasn't shooting well. Good call saying to expect manual goalie.. they're really good. Do MikeGartner or Schmidt do something special to get so many goalie interference calls? Wondering if it's possible to use GC to generate powerplays Great close games Thoughts on going best of 5 for the finals if the players are up for it before it starts?
  9. Amazing prep Don't hesitate to ask questions if you get stuck on anything. #1 tip: keep multiple backups as you go, so if ever you realize you made a mistake, you can go back to an earlier ROM.
  10. fast forwarding etc works now. Didn't realize it played it 'live' if doing a scheduled 'premiere' On top of the games themselves there's also standings updates and team comparisons
  11. [did some cleanup. I know it's a 90s game but let's leave some stuff back in the 90s]
  12. It's at the Dallas Let's Play Gaming Expo. Admission to the expo gives you free admission to the tournament. Sega Genesis version Top 3 prizes are Dallas Stars tickets (see the rules sheet) Click here for the Rules PDF via the expo owner on facebook: Rules are similar to the usual except: you can be any team other than the All Stars, and it's automatic goalie. Round robin followed by bracket. The rules say best-of-3 for all matches, but I think that's just the playoffs actually.