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  1. SportsNet aired the QUE-BOS Tugnutt 70-save game. He's in it. They have an offensive zone faceoff with like 15 seconds left and they don't play Fogarty even though he's their top scoring defenseman by miles. Kinda weird. 21 year old Sakic by far the best player on the ice (assisted all 3 goals).
  2. I couldn't quickly find the joke in the video, but the story on Fogarty is he broke a bunch of Bobby Orr's minor league records and looked like a great player, but he had addiction and emotional issues and couldn't keep it together on his own. Mats Sundin is quoted as saying (roughly) "Brian Fogarty could skate faster, shoot harder, and pass crisper when drunk than the rest of us could sober". He has a few years of impressive/promising stats (31 pts in 45 games with QUE in 90-91), but he got bounced around the league and the minors a bunch (playing for like 3-4 different teams each year), further exacerbating his problems. He died a year after retiring, in 2002 in his early 30s.
  3. I forget if there's an easier way, but the instructions for doing it manually are here: Do only the "CHECK STATS" part. Alternatively, it might work if you apply the 'simple' weight bug fix and if that also adds the check stats (I forget if it does...) then you would just go in and do the reverse of the "SIMPLE WEIGHT BUG FIX" to restore the weight bug but keep the check stat.
  4. Anyone know if they still run an NHL94 tournament at that Hartford event? NYC or Long Island are the places to go if you're driving from Boston though.
  5. MemeStars? Leeroy Jenkins, Badluck Brian, Charlie Bitefinger, Scumbag Steve, Hidepain Harold..
  6. West Coast Billionaires. Like the Vancouver Millionaires, but it's Bill Gates, Steve Jobs (back from cryostasis), Elon Musk, etc. Their money can't help them here, but they feel like they have the most to lose. So they play. Everyone knows the Vaticans only play in the minor leagues. Dune's House Atreides. The ice must flow. They attack really slow, but their strategies and mind games are top notch. Game of Thrones. A first round exit would still be a better ending. Whose Line is it Anyway? 1st line, 2nd like, checking like, doesn't matter; no one is better at improvising on the fly. Goal horn needs to be customized to be the game buzzer. Hoe-down organ music.
  7. smozoma

    Good goalies?

    Agility is the most important attribute. Roy and Belfour are the only ones with 99. The goalie ratings in the game also value "defensive awareness" highly but this has very little effect on their actual ability. Puck control and the stick and glove attributes are more important If using manual goalie, a light goalie can be moved faster (low weigh = fast acceleration)
  8. Kind of funny that they'd insert Ottawa and Florida in the alphabetical order but not fix the other ones.
  9. Fun fact, the Flyers traded two 1st-round picks to the Leafs for their backup goalie, Ken Wregget. What a steal for the Leafs? Well.. Ken Wregget would play another 375 NHL games, while Allan Bester (Leafs' starting goalie), #12 draft pick RW Rob Pearson, and #21 draft pick D Steve Bancroft would go on to play 337 career games after that season (62 for Bester, 269 for Pearson, and 6 for Bancroft). The defenseman taken with the pick after Bancrot was Adam Foote.
  10. For the discerning connoisseur... "SPORTS"
  11. A 3/3 player who is maximum hot should be the same as a 4/4 player who is maximum cold, because each 1 point increase in base attribute is worth 5 in the game, and the maximum hot bonus is +2 and the largest cold bonus is -3. That -3 is very rare though. 3*5+2 = 17 = 4*5-3.
  12. "I used smoz's hot/cold hack to collect proper agility/speed numbers" One of the hacks allows you to disable hot/cold entirely. Should make it much easier to see a pattern.