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  1. Never heard of this! Post a video of instant replay if you can? If only for the novelty of it. Since you're (relatively) new here, can I ask how you found this place? Googled for nhl94? Saw something on facebook/twitter etc?
  2. Dooo iiiit Don't let perfection get in the way of doing something great :). Regular CRTs are easy to get for $0-$25. Then if you happen to get some more PVM's you can toss the regulars to make room.
  3. When you say they shoot on their backhand, do you mean their wrong hand (righties with the stick blade on their left), or the animation is weird and they do a backhand animation? If the handednesses are reversed, then you can use NOSE to just go in and swap all the handednesses.
  4. When the goalie has the puck in 93, do you get goalie control at that point? are you able to move him and pass? If so, maybe the 94 goalie button hack could be adapted to add basic goalie control to 93?
  5. It might be possible to disable WIndows Defender from scanning RA, rather than disabling it completely? You'd select "Process" in step 5 and then find the retroarch executable. Do this step while RA is running.
  6. for some reason it can't be clicked on, have to copy/paste :/ for some reason it was pasted as PlayNHL.%20TK
  7. Thankfully it's also on Youtube (because sharing and links doesn't work well)
  8. @The Dopefish @Tex if you guys are still having trouble with in-game season saving - have you tried using the emulator save-state saving? To simulate never turning the game off
  9. No, sorry. Just checking to make sure my Facebook post was accurate (saying pc/mac)
  10. I posted on Facebook. Are SNES leagues PC/Mac crossplatform compatible?
  11. Time to get back on that horse. There are a lot of tiny duck-sized horses at these things. Just beware the horse-sized ducks.
  12. I thought PAL would slow it down? Maybe finding a PAL version of the game and running it at NTSC would make the game faster? What if you just edit all the players to give them 99 speed, 99 passing, etc? You can use the NOSE editor to do that.