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  1. Extra work but it'd be awesome if it could update a "totals" worksheet
  2. Did you do the "save game remap file" at the end? That's the step that's supposed to revert the change automatically when you play a different ROM.
  3. They might be OK in 'A'? Kentucky took a game vs MikeGartner22 (but for some reason FF'd out of the consolation bracket so no further info.. ) NHL94og went all the way to the consolation bracket finals, lost in 2 straight but cumulative score of 11-8, pretty competitive (and I saw quite a few of the winner's games on the stream, he's good).
  4. NES Ice Hockey always made me scratch my head... Canada, USA, USSR, Sweden, (T?)Czechoslovakia, and.. Poland?
  5. Damn, Denmark OP. Detroit should have been Soviet Union obviously.
  6. Can you post the old one? shoudl be easy to find the original. Why don't you keep a copy of the original photo so you're not downloading and reposting each time? EDIT: Oh I misunderstood.. an NHL94 game screenshot!
  7. I'm thinking 4 is too many spots now. Like are there 4 new players each year who are going to have hall of fame careers? (I know they don't need to use all 4 spots, but having them encourages them to use them..I was going to say keep a 4th spot for non-NHL players, but it seems like they already have a 5th slot for that)
  8. wow we need to copy that guide over to here! I've never seen it before. (or rather we can link to it from relevant places ) Mondays, amirite?
  9. save as PNG or BMP, which are 100% accurate. JPG is a "lossy" format, it will smudge some details, change some colours slightly... I suppose the real issue is that the EIHL logos are, well, horrible, so some artistic license may be required to get them down to such a small size, and in only 16 colours.
  10. Oh, you don't actually need a physical copy. Download the ROM (cartridge data) from (bottom-right of the page). It's just a plain old file (nhl94.bin). You edit that and then it can be played on a computer with an emulator ( Follow the advice of the others and read up on the editing tools and techniques. If you get stuck on something in particular, just make a new post/thread and guys will be glad to give you more specific advice.
  11. More info about what's available on the site here:
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  13. I had the same experience. Coming back to it, it felt really boring, and the atmosphere was odd (like the game doesn't have enough sounds, or the sounds are dull?)
  14. SportsNet aired the QUE-BOS Tugnutt 70-save game. He's in it. They have an offensive zone faceoff with like 15 seconds left and they don't play Fogarty even though he's their top scoring defenseman by miles. Kinda weird. 21 year old Sakic by far the best player on the ice (assisted all 3 goals).