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  1. Also, welcome back @Deac0nFr0st, first posts since 2010!!
  2. No, they haven't. id is very much an outlier, and even then the decision to release the source code was controversial within id (it was mentioned in a John Carmack interview I listened to recently). EA isn't cool enough to do that . I don't think they even have the source code anymore anyway. Source control wasn't a thing back then.
  3. in theory yes, but in the reality of 30-40-somethings with other stuff to do than spend 100 hours trying to figure it out, no it's very hard to edit the code because it's not source code, it's the raw assembly code, without any variable names. figuring out just what code from 93 is the fighting code would be a lot of work to begin with. and then to actually copy the code over, adjust all the now-broken code links in the 93 code, and somehow attach the 94 code into the 93 code, and vice-versa.. and then also add all the sprites.. it's really really really hard. Supposedly the fighting code is still in there but disabled or perhaps chopped up. So that could make it somewhat easier, but still really really hard. The sprites are definitely missing.
  4. Technically in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, near MTL It's a SNES tournament (though the graphic is Sega) $5 to compete
  5. hm strange, not what i expected! Thanks for figuring this out
  6. I suspect that gens-netplay-save.exe is acctually just gens11b gens.exe with saving allowed. no renaming is necessary. in other words I don't think the config settings change teh screen behaviour, it's the particular version of gens (you noted it had a plethora of graphical options)
  7. Does this one have the weight-bug-fix?
  8. I had a lot of fun creating players and simming seasons in 95. I never actually played the games though, because it kinda sucked.
  9. Brackets: Stream:
  10. too hard to enforce... but yeah the PP is a double-edged sword. In the Vancouver round robin video, I refer to it as the "power kill" because there were so many short-handed goals so on the other hand.. the penalties are pretty random, so the fact it can work out either way is maybe not a bad thing?
  11. I will bring: 2 genesis consoles 2 SNES consoles 1 retro trio console (dual system) 4 sega NHL94 carts 4 SNES NHL94 carts
  12. Home town advantage seems to be a thing, so I think he's got a good chance. But we've got 5 of the 6 finalists all attending, plus AJ and Raph, so it's wide open on the SNES side. Like 7 guys with a shot. EDIT: 8 guys, Jason To (IlivetoNHL94) was 4th in Toronto, but has a large inactivity penalty in the rankings. Sega on the other hand has the KingRaph-AJ duo who are head and shoulders above everyone else, at least in terms of event rating (1200 is perfect, ~1150 is "2nd", so both appear unbeatable by the rest of us. After that there's a kind of rock-paper-scissors thing between myself, corbett, and EA (corbett always beats me, i have had EAs number except he started beating me in exis so who knows now, and I think corbett and EA split games?), so it kind of depends on our routes through the tournament. Clockwise is coming and putting a wrench in the usual results - he's a Blitz champ so he could be anywhere from 1st to 6th! After that, though, I think it's incredibly competitive. Kevin Brennan was I think 5th in Vegas (so maybe I should be listing him in the 2nd tier above). Michael Sroka and Roberto Z made the final 16 in Toronto 2015. Jer just missed the final 16 with a 5-3 record (unfortunately got beaten 3 times by Roberto in the triple elimination! I may have not "cross-polinated" the bracket correctly). Trent Young has beaten both me AND AJ in Saskatoon (single games, not final result). Eric Lefaivre won the Hartford tournament and had a tough group in Vegas so didn't make it to the bracket. So while the right side of these standings may look a little sparse in terms of bolded players, the Sega side is still looking like a great, competitive field. EDIT: Also DPS is pretty good I think. Not sure about Mort. PS: error, it's Mike Norwood (SNESboy) who is coming, not Mike Viske
  13. Also, names to clear up for the rankings: Is Matt H = Matthurray, or the same Matt H from the Long Island tourney? There was a John Schmidt at the NYC tourney, is that the same as Schmidt from this tourney? Brian R = brian rausse / choas rison / bad moon rison? Tom C, is that Tommy C from Long Island 2018? Geroge F, is that George from NYC? I will assume Luigi = Luigi Hat Trick from LI2018!