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  1. I'm a Leafs fan and I still can't wrap my head around that. I figured they were doing regional covers, but.. no it looks like Matthews is indeed the cover player again. Maybe the idea is that it appeals to Canadians (Leafs) and Americans (Matthews) at the same time? Or just because it's the first PS5/XBX edition and they think appealing to Toronto fans will pump up the numbers? Swiss player Nino Niederreiter was on their regional cover 3 years in a row. Roman Josi twice in a row.
  2. You might be able to make the first round a bunch of mirror matches. But then in the first round you play against yourself.
  3. My CDL3 teams analysis (likely missing some trades)
  4. C00268 - Magnolia, Delaware, United States H22749 - South Plainfield, New Jersey, United States K14112 - Red Bud, Illinois, United States
  5. Thanks for the questions! 34-team 95: Point me to a compatible roms.ini for that and I'll add it in the next update! I assume the 34-team ROM has a custom ID string in order to tell them apart? Don't want to break the editing of the original game. " thoughts on having menu option functionality for the NHL 96-98 games?" I don't know what this is about, I've only ever used it for Sega 94 :). Give me some more details? This is specifically about SNES 96-98? Antivirus: Interesting! I wonder what's different about the EXE i'm producing... It could be that the antivirus is familiar with the old NOSE already somehow, since many people have used it in the past..
  6. This thread is for new test versions of NOSE, with new features. Let me know if you have any problems with it (did I break anything??) The installation instructions are the same as for the 'official' NOSE, see here. If you have previously done the steps 3 and 4 from there, you don't need to do them again. v1.2c - 2020-Sep-26 New features: NOSE remembers the directory where you last opened/saved a ROM You can associate NOSE with .bin ROM files in windows so they can be opened by double-clicking (instructions) Future Features? NOSE keeps a list of your 10 most recently-opened ROMs in the File menu. Applying simple mods/hacks like the weight bug fix. Super Nintendo ROM support (this will be a slow, progressive feature. First version will probably simply open a SNES ROM and display teams and players but not allow editing. 2nd version might allow changing team/player names but not the number of players. 3rd ... more improvements each time.)
  7. B04224 - @ac3100 would I be correct in guessing you're from Ontario? B06347 - London, ON, Canada (ebay) B07616 - Ottawa, ON, Canada (smozoma)
  8. C02137 - Reading, Massachusetts, United States I wonder if we would have found anything interesting by tracking the locations of these things. Previously listed: 04212 - Massachusetts (Gretzky) 04414 - Fresno, California, United States A24615 - Calgary, Alberta, Canada B04224 - @ac3100?? B06347 - London, ON, Canada B07616 - Ottawa, ON, Canada (smozoma) B26834 - Landenberg, Pennsylvania, United States C02137 - Reading, Massachusetts, United States C23944 - Beaverton, Oregon, United States F05397 - Fergus, Ontario, Canada G12624 - Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada H01987 - Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania, United States J19857 - Gadsden, Alabama, United States K20764 - Celina, Ohio, United States L09129 - Stollings, West Virginia, United States
  9. I might have it backwards! Is your 'banner' different? It's red and green in the usual ROM we use
  10. Success! So definitely ~348k of these. I read that Madden (91?) sold 400k. Supposedly NHL94 outsold Madden94. Wish these sales numbers were available somewhere.
  11. 04195 I'd be really interested in knowing if these non-lettered carts are the ones with the alternate Devils uniforms (green as secondary colour instead of black). @Gretzky ?
  12. smozoma

    SNES 94 Rewind

    @INDIOcan you re-post the ROM? Something went wrong with the attachment! Weird, I"ve never seen that before!
  13. You're right (I was ignoring that on purpose, as though there were an infinite number of sets). That changes B=0.9999655 to 0.9999684. Changes our current odds of "no match" to 60.01% (or 39.99% odds of a match). But I think that's still not exact because each sampled cart reduces the 348000..347999..347998... But 39.99% is closer to the true value than 43% from before!
  14. This is very similar to the Birthday Problem (you'd think it would be hard to find 2 people with the same birthday, but by checking 23 people there's a 50/50 chance of finding a duplicate) Birthdays are completely independent, but in our case we're not being exact because each time you see a code, it reduces the odds of finding the same number by 1/12 but also increases it by..1/29000? But anyway ignore that... We have about 180 codes so far, not counting the un-lettered codes. pairs: 180*179/2=16110 = A The chance of 2 codes NOT being the same (pretending it's totally independent): 28999/29000 = 0.9999655 = B Then the chances of getting this many codes without a match is: B^A = (28999/29000)^16110 = 0.5737 So at this point we have a 57% chance to have NOT seen a match. 43% chance to have seen a match. At 200 codes, we'll be pretty close to 50/50.
  15. H22749 I figure we should include pictures otherwise we could just be making these up! These are a few mentioned yesterday, already in the list: