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  1. The most common way to go 5-hole is to pass the puck straight up (or down) from a distance. Often from a centre-ice faceoff. or when your goalie for some reason fires a pass 200mph straight at the other goalie. Also if you take a player with high shot power (like a Hull or Iafrate) and do a slapshot while holding down (when shooting up) (or vice versa), you can sometimes sneak it through. hokkeefan has also invented an off-angle 5-hole shot from the faceoff circle, but I have only seen it done a handful of times.
  2. I think the solution is to play more NHL'94 Toronto: Sept 28(sega)/29(SNES) - https://kingof94.ca/ I think the Minnesota one is right around the corner And there's usually one in NY in mid-august
  3. No, the season bug fix was discovered in April 2023, but this ROM was last updated in 2022. For the time being: If you're using an emulator, you should be able to apply the GameGenie codes. Or you can use a Hex Editor and make the changes manually. (i.e. do what I do in the video between 2m00s-2m45s)
  4. Yeah I liked this year's skills competition for the first time in ages. Back to basics. Would have liked a few more players in it, and maybe spread the prize money around more so guys don't give up if they know they can't win.
  5. It's ok if the in-NOSE rating goes over 100. That formula is built into NOSE and doesn't work right with the 0-15 rating scheme. But it will work fine in the game. (This is assuming you're using the 0-15 rating scheme mod) Stick handling is likely doubled up with handedness. Odd values = left handed, even values = right handed (or maybe I have that backwards). So 0-1 is the lowest score. 2-3 is the 2nd lowest score. 4-5 the next...
  6. The extra weird thing is that the bug only applies when the human player is controlling the player. It looks kind of like it was test code that got left in by accident and no one made the connection in testing that Fleury shouldn't be able to cream Lindros
  7. Yes, you can edit the rosters in NOSE and this will still work. None of these hacks touch the team/player data in the ROM.
  8. Hi, please don't make 4 identical posts Descriptive titles are also appreciated (so I edited this one) As for your question... Unfortunately not a lot of work has been done here on editing the PC versions. Hopefully someone knows.
  9. In NHL'94 on the Genesis (i'm not sure if this exists in 92 or 93. But it's not on SNES 94, or either 95 game), they mixed up the player weights in the checking calculation, so that the lighter a player is than who they are trying to check, the greater the chance of the check succeeding. So light players can check heavy players, instead of the other way around. Originally I tried simply reversing the player weights (make Lindros light, make Fleury heavy), but since weight also affects acceleration, the game felt weird, with players who should be quick (e.g. Gretzky) accelerating really slowly, while Marty McSorley was now super quick. So I bit the bullet and learned how to hack the game in order to fix the actual code. If you set all the players to be the same weight, the game is kind of boring because few checks work. You normally need a 16 pound difference in weight (or 2 units of weight in the under-the-hood rating system) for a check to succeed. So if they're all the same weight, checks usually don't work. This weight bug fix, well, fixes the bug. It re-reverses the weight comparison, so lighter players can check heavy players. So it's the best way to fix the problem.
  10. Sorry, no, this is tailored specifically to NHL'94's compiled assembly code.
  11. Summary: Sega Genesis: September, maybe the 23rd Super Nintendo: November, announced for the 15th, but was late, probably 26th Sega CD: January The Genesis and SNES months match with the magazine scan hnfoo provided Genesis SNES Sega Genesis Posting records of the Genesis version being on sale as early as September 23rd: ^ He says "last night", so I am making the assumption that he picked it up at midnight, or the store gave him his pre-order copy early, because I can't find any messages on Sept 22nd. And one from Sept 24 that seems to be from a store employee: On the other hand, you have this guy on Sept 24 saying it's "Coming soon" Sega CD Someone called EA and was told it would be out in January or February. Then this guy posts that it's among newly released games in January: And someone had it (and had returned it for a refund) by Jan 27: Super Nintendo A lot less usenet activity for this one... It was scheduled to come out Nov 15th: However, it may have been delayed until Nov 26th?
  12. Pull CPU Goalie when losing by 1 to N goals Triple-team job (McMarkis, chaos, and me) on Discord to solve the number of goals bug. I ran a trace in the emulator tonight and I think this should work: ROM Offset: 0000 F758 Change: 6B to 63 (BMI to BLS) ROM Offset: 0000 F760 Change: 66 to 62 (BNE to BHI) ROM Offset: 0000 F75F Change: 02 to 0N Note: N is the max number of goals to pull the goalie on. Example: Set to 03 for the goalie to be pulled when down 1,2, or 3 goals. For how it works, here is the code: ================================================================================ OLD - Only pulls goalie if goal differential is exactly 2. The code is run twice, swapping the teams the second time. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 00:F750 30 29 MOVE.W $000C(A1),D0 ; D0 = "Score of one of the teams" 00:F754 90 6A SUB.W $000C(A2),D0 ; D0 = D0 - "Score of the other team" 00:F758 6B 00 BMI #$5D0A [01:5464] ; Abort if D0 < 0 (don't pull goalie) ; Continue if D0 >=0 00:F75C B0 7C CMP.W #$0002,D0 ; Bits = D0 minus 2 00:F760 66 00 BNE #$5D02 [01:5464] ; Abort if D0 != 2 (don't pull goalie) ; Continue if D0 == 2 ================================================================================ ================================================================================ NEW - Pull goalie if goal differential is >0 and <=2. (Still runs twice with the teams swapped) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 00:F750 30 29 MOVE.W $000C(A1),D0 ; D0 = "Score of one of the teams" 00:F754 90 6A SUB.W $000C(A2),D0 ; D0 = D0 - "Score of the other team" 00:F758 63 00 BLS #$5D0A [01:5464] ; Abort if D0 <= 0 (don't pull goalie) ; Continue if D0 >0 00:F75C B0 7C CMP.W #$0002,D0 ; Bits = D0 minus 2 00:F760 62 00 BHI #$5D02 [01:5464] ; Abort if D0 > 2 (don't pull goalie) ; Continue if D0 <= 2 ================================================================================ How to read an instruction: 00:F750 30 29 MOVE.W $000C(A1),D0 ; D0 = "Score of one of the teams" ; stuff after a semicolon is a "comment" not code ^^:^^^^ ; address in ROM file ^^ ^^ ; instruction hex code ^^^^^^ ; instruction human-readable name ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ; instruction parameters ; "D0" is "Data Register 0" (a place to store temporary calulation values)
  13. I think you usually set the sound card info in some files, like AUTOEXEC.BAT or CONFIG.SYS. See this for an example: https://www.techguy.org/threads/solved-setting-sound-card-in-dos.443958/ But I have absolutely no idea what settings to use
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