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  1. We'll be doing a live stream at 11PM EST on facebook, with Halifax, KingRaph, BobKudelski, and myself
  2. PS2 controller doesn't plug into a PC :/
  3. A couple ways to get the images: 1. Run the game with the graphical filter you desire, then take a screenshot and crop and resize the image, and do whatever you want in photoshop/etc. 2. Open the game in a graphics hacking tool like TileMolester and find the images that way, then again take a screenshot and manipulate in photoshop/etc
  4. I haven't run the game, but in the youtube clip he actually talks about writing a program to generate fake names. I assume they're bland names.
  5. I'm curious, if you read the Ronn Barr text, does he call the team the Whalers or something else?
  6. I forgot to mention - due to licensing law stuff, they had to remove player names and edit: one team logos. So the logos are is a fake logos. As are the player names.
  7. Added the PS2 version! (under classic roms)
  8. PS2NHL94.bin This is the version of NHL'94 that came with the Playstation 2 version of NHL'06. EA/Sony used fake player names and logos due to licensing issues (for example, most players were retired so no longer in the NHLPA). Maybe someone could put together a table mapping the fake player names to the real ones, and the various fake logos. Extracted by elfor on Discord - Thanks! The story goes that Brian Provinciano, who made Retro City Rampage (not to be confused with River City Ransom), worked on putting 94 into 06. Here's an interview with him in which he mentions his work on it, at 27m: If anyone downloads and plays it, please post a few screenshots!
  9. Redid them to show handedness. Normally I put the top player at C, then the next best forward on his "on" wing, then the 3rd forward in the remaining wing position. Similar idea on D. I put Gretzky on the wing, so LA is a little different with the top rated player on the wing.
  10. Is there tier overlap in SNES? I like the overlapping circles, it gives a better idea of the relative strengths of teams in a tier
  11. That's him in the hockeycanada link, yes (couldn't check the linkedin)
  12. I took the formula/values you came up with and made these Radar charts using Unfortunately it doesn't capture things like sub-worthy players or handedness, or changes in perception of value based on the CB check and toddling. Just thought it was neat.
  13. Goulet would have a respectable 1st liner with those original stats!
  14. Head on over to the ROMs section of the website and you can download a variety of different updated versions of the game. Place it in the same place as the nhl94 game file you opened in RA. (ROM = console game file) (Note: no need to update the game, you just download separate versions of the game, so you can have dozens of versions on your computer) Ask if you need more details