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  1. Is it just me, or does it look like the guy in the yellow hat has 3 legs?
  2. I've seen that once or twice, it's hilarious. Just rocket around the endboards like a luge sled through a curve. It's almost like a minigame, trying to hit each other during the penalties. I never noticed that!
  3. Oh yeah, I call that "losing friction". Usually seems to happen when backchecking, then you fly past your opponent and need to bounce off the boards in order to regain friction. I've also seen it happen a couple times during the penalty screen (when the player is heading to the box and you can still skate around). Pretty funny when the guy flies by super fast. Oh and there's that weird quirk/bug/oversight where during the penalty screen the up/down/left/right is still relative to the usual rink view, so you need to press left or right to go 'up' on the screen to "talk to the ref" or check a guy into the penalty box.
  4. I'm also a fan of the checks sending players all the way back across the ice. If they make it nearly all the way across to the other side, that's cause for an instant replay to verify if they did in fact hit the far boards or not. Another checking quirk is that sometimes you'll check the player and then continue your speed boost check really far, like from the goal line up until almost centre ice. If you aim for the top corner from in close and off to the side of the net, but miss the net, the puck will fly off into the sky at a billion miles per hour. You can one-time the puck out of mid-air. Sometimes the player will automatically one-time their own rebound (regular slapshot on goal, bounces off the goalie, player automatically makes a huge wind-up and slapshots it again, usually for a goal). It is possible for two players to check one player at the same time (with the crosscheck animation, into the boards) Sometimes the goalie spontaneously morphs into a skater and lays a huge crosscheck on an opponent who got too close. If you check a player and he's relatively near the boards, but another player is between him and the boards, he will still fly into the boards, but from farther than usual. If you slapshot a puck and hit a player in the head when he's near the boards, he'll fly into the boards violently. Most of these appear in my old highlights videos
  5. smozoma

    Goals after Whistle

    (I was unclear, I was trying to show why it's not really feasible in a tournament to do honour goals, because it creates questions. The tournament rule is: if it's in the game, it's in the game. A goal is a goal. Also good point by Raph that you lose your earned penalty shot so giving back the goal is actually hurting yourself assuming an upcoming penalty shot is worth like 0.5 goals, and you've just turned it into -0.5 goals)
  6. smozoma

    Goals after Whistle

    Tournament play is a tough one... Thankfully I haven't heard of any disagreements so far. But say you're behind by a goal with time running out. Your opponent scores a glitch goal, and then there is only enough time to allow the make-up goal. The empty net goal takes up the time you could have used to try to score the tying goal. What do you do? Do you restart the game and give the guy 60 seconds to score or what...
  7. smozoma

    Goals after Whistle

    Yeah, it's similar to how if I got pokechecked on a penalty shot (which sometimes doesn't invoke a whistle), I wouldn't go pick up the puck and try to score again.
  8. smozoma

    Goals after Whistle

    I think I've done that, given them a goal back... But hard to be totally sure of a memory from that long ago...
  9. I think it was the hotel breakfast that was.. suspect.. "I don't think these are real eggs"
  10. Man.. The PAL version has way better graphics than NTSC
  11. smozoma

    2018 Classic Fall League

    Wow, that's cool
  12. smozoma

    King of 94 III - Media spots

    Added an MP3 of Halifax on Sportsnet 690 Vancouver. Can't find the link for Jamil's spot, was that posted on here?
  13. As predicted, the final images used in the article were resized way down to 768x432. And since they're 16:9 widescreen, as opposed to the original 4:3, they look weird. But, great article.
  14. smozoma

    NHL 93 2 on 2

    You can make it in NOSE by going into the Lines window and setting the unplayed players to the Invalid option
  15. Marleau's playoff stats are in line with his regular season stats, and Cechmanek's aren't far off (and small sample size). Reichel's playoff stats with the Leafs are pretty horrible though.