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  1. This is so cool. I like fictional teams and stuff like this. Will check it out!
  2. Yeah. Came out flying, but seemed to stall a bit at 33%. But it's looking pretty good now that it's passed 50% go go go
  3. #93 Doc Killmore got a hat trick in my second game! Absolutely see potential in this game. Any place to preferably post feedback? I for one lost track of the puck a lot of the time (while sittning rather close to a 40").. I'd need some kind of suddle trail behind the puck or something and I feel like the puck could be almost twice the size (at least visually during gameplay - IE hitbox sized during replay).. Sure, I'm old, but aren't all of us on here?
  4. This is awesome! Personally I really like fictional teams and players in sports games and this looks really well made.
  5. Off topic: Just dropping by to say how cool I think this is. I'm realizing the naming could be better and not entirely satisfied with how it plays against ai so I'm very curious to know how it plays player VS player. I might have set the stick handling a bit too high overall. Please pm if you have any concrete suggestions. Make sure you grab the latest version I posted last year. It has "Def controls ON" by default. https://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?/topic/4213-xstiophs-corner/&do=findComment&comment=178316
  6. https://bangordailynews.com/2015/02/21/living/retired-developer-who-created-nhl-94-video-game-in-maine-barn-reflects-on-career/ I'm assuming and hoping most have read this already. But in case someone's missed it! Browsing with mobile didn't give me any results of this exakt link being posted before... So, sorry if it's already been posted.
  7. *kicks a few cans* Hey! What happened here? Get this kickstarter going already! No but seriously.. The amount of fuzz around this game nowadays is crazy. Most everyday there's references to it from official NHL posts.. Oh, just a season mode and some increased difficulty... *dreams*
  8. So, time for an update pack: My "The Real" rom hack is simply put: fixed rosters (and jerseys) according to the actual 1993-94 season. I've fixed a few bugs but most prominently added this: Defense control is now ON by default! Huge thanks to @smozoma for this hack finding! Amazing! Menu defaults are: 5, 10, 20 minutes. Penalties: On, no offsides. Line changes: On. Goalie: Manual. I've also made and included new 1on1, 1on2 and 3on3 roms based on the "The Real" hack. These have: 3, 5 & 7 minute periods (instead of the default 5, 10, 20 which is retained in the 5on5 rom). An additional 3on3 rom that has 2 defenders and 1 forward (to make use of the defense controls) alongside the 3on3 with 3 forwards. Line changes off, but supported. Penalties off. Goalie control: manual. NHL94_xstioph's_'the_real'_roster_hack_pack-2019.7z
  9. It's now available! Starting with a 41% price cut, so 0,47€.. But still, is it worth picking up? I don't know what game I would pass up on to play this. It does not look fun. Seems like it absolutely requires 4 humans to be enjoyable, if at all.
  10. Xstioph

    SNES 2vs2 ROM

    Alright, it was this post that made me think I should make them unheadered. So it's the same to me. Tush easily adds/removes header anyway, so that's no problem.
  11. Xstioph

    SNES 2vs2 ROM

    Ah.. Bummer. Rookie mistake! Pretty sure I fixed checksum on my later hacks. I'm reworking a bunch of my roms and they'll all be unheadered and checksum fixed. Fingers crossed. If there's any interest at all I'll be giving the same treatment to the 2on5 roms... But as I have to make one rom for each damn team, I'm thinking a better idea would be to leave the All-Star teams FULL, combined with the 2on2 rom.. So thay you and a friend easily can play either 2on2 or together against a full team of AI players.. I am not of native English tounge (and very little use of English the last 4-5 years) so I'm sorry if the sentences get a bit messy and hard to understand... *edit: Someone years ago asked for juiced 2on2 so I might just have to make juiced versions as well.. Hmm... xD
  12. Xstioph

    SNES 2vs2 ROM

    What was the problem? Issues with it having a header? I only played on Zsnes back then.. Now I'm using Snes9x.
  13. It's the 3D EA game I've played the absolute most. It's been awhile now, but I usually return to it and play through a season every other year or so! Players with "hammer" and power shot are a bit over powered though.. Players without them are a bit under powered. But yeah, the intro rocks! If you haven't already, I'd recommend you try NHL Hitz Pro. It's a bit along those lines of being "simcade" (mix of realism and arcade). One of my favorite non EA hockey games.
  14. The fact you managed to create a hack for Def Controls ON - by default (snes!).. Wow! Hat off for you good sir! 

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