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  1. Team Name: Edmonton Oilers LD: Dave Manson RD: Gord Murphy LW: Brent Gilchrist C: Peter Klima RW: Denis Savard X: Vladimir Ruzicka 3rd D: Chris Dahlquist G: Jon Casey EDIT - Kingraph, can I do LW Savard C Klima on the penalty kill?
  2. I would definitely check out any deep dives you do. I enjoyed the breakdown you did of your game at Edge of 94. The concept reminds a bit of the Detail series.
  3. Great topic. I have quite a few thoughts that I have been testing. The org structure above is perfect. There's the technical execution side of the game and a strategic side. On the technical side, you have to study or have someone show how to perform certain moves. The different pass shots come to mind. Or the rebound goal that AJ is so deadly with. You have certain angles, combinations of buttons presses, etc. It can be hard to see it, reproduce it, and use it if you don't know where to begin. For instance, I'd love to hear AJ break down his step by step rebound shot, or Schmidt or Corb
  4. I agree. Why not give every team the same home ice advantage to keep it even and to make hom ice mean something?
  5. I like all of your ideas Chaos. I'd be fine without boosted goalies. I guess I feel like at the top level players have enough defensive skill and polished goalie control to make up for the low ratings.
  6. A minor note but Seth topped me 3-1 in our regular season series instead of 4-0. Love the writeup - thanks for all you do Kingraph!
  7. Calgary Flames Emerson (LW), Ciccarelli (C) , Sakic (RW) Dahlquist (LD), Numminen (RD) McInnis (First Fwd / X) Huddy (First D) Terreri (G)
  8. First things first, Troy and Leif deserve a huge credit and thank you for making Edge of ’94 Midwest an amazing experience. Like many of us, I have loved ’94 since the days of playing friends over and over again on the console. To see the growth of the game through this website, leagues and online play, and now tournament competition is incredible. As someone who joined this website in 2005 and had the privilege of playing against many of the long-timers like AngryJay93, IceStorm70, EA, and Smozoma, thank you all for keeping the flame alive. Edge of ’94 Midwest was my first live tourna
  9. Count me in. I'm also working from home for the foreseeable future.
  10. Ha, it's good to be back! Looking forward to knocking off the rust.
  11. I just downloaded RetroArch this weekend. The startup is confusing at first, but this guide helped with the basics: While running RetroArch, select online updater, and then select the gaming system that you want to "update," i.e. download. RetroArch will then install the latest versions of the supported emulators that you select, which are referred to as "cores." Genesis Plus Gx and Picodrive are the two genesis options. Both have been updated recently. To start a game you have to "load core" (emu