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  1. Los Angeles Kings Forwards Selanne Oates Fleury Klima Savard Sanderson Defensemen Manson Stevens Murphy Wesley Goalies Cheveldae Ranford
  2. LA Kings C - Yzerman RW - Tikk LW - Leeman LD - Kasatonov RD - Svoboda Goalie - Casey F4 - Nieuwendyk D3 - Stanton
  3. Team Name: LA Kings LD: Wesley RD: Lumme LW:Sanderson C: Selanne RW: Clark X: Turcotte (change to 9) 3rd D: Konroyd G: Chris Terreri
  4. Team Name: Los Angeles Kings LD: Al MacInnis RD: A Burt LW: N Borshevsky C: S Yzerman RW: E Davydov X: C Janney 3rd D: J More G: C Joseph
  5. Team Name: LA Kings First Line LD: Darius Kasparitis RD: Al Iafrate LW: Jaromir Jagr C: Theo Fleury RW: Evgeny Davydov X: Paul Ranheim 3rd D: Neil Wilkinson Second Line LW: Kevin Todd C: Evgeny Davydov RW: Paul Ranheim G: Tim Cheveldae Jersey dupes: change Kasparitis to #26 change Berthiaume to #31
  6. Team Name Edmonton Oilers Sc1 LD Gord Murphy RD Scott Stevens LW Stefan Lebeau C Yuri Khmylev RW Adam Oates Sc2 LW Adam Oates C Ed Olcyzk RW Dmitri Kvartalnov Third D - Luke Richardson Extra attacker - Ed Olcyzk Goalie 1 - Dominic Roussel Jersey dupes: Olcyzk to 2, Pantaleyev to 23, Khmylev to 26, Matvichuk to 44
  7. I know the sound and situation the original poster is talking about. I've experienced it and am not sure how to reproduce. This is a different type of "fake shot" but repeatable. You can actually take a weak shot aiming down and away and catch it.
  8. I would also double check your own controller inputs to be sure that you haven't set Port 2 binds. That can create a conflict sometimes when player 2 joins you in netplay. This is what Port 2 Binds should look like - follow the path Chaos listed above to Port 2 Binds:
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