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  1. This worked for me. Thanks @chaos @kidswastedand @McMarkis
  2. This thing is still kicking my tail - I'm getting the screen that kidswasted is showing above. Its running in compatibility mode and i installed the library files and Visual Basic 6 but no joy. Any other troubleshooting tips?
  3. This one might sound odd.... In these pieces, which are well written and give a good overview of what line combinations work and why, you mention different strategy types. Could you maybe expand on each of the strategies? I think we all get what 'puck possession' means, but what attributes are best for those players who want to use that strategy with every team? Which teams are best suited for that strategy? One-timers, counter-attacking, aggressive fore checking, all of these can be strategies that have success but what attributes from individual players best suit those strats? It's
  4. I'd love to be Minnesota if the Gophs are still available same name as discord