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  1. Yes, it’s between the first and second version for me.
  2. Genesis 3-button OEM controllers use a variety of different d-pad designs. I'm aware of at least four different types of d-pads. In the US, Sega released three different 3-button controllers, all with different d-pad designs. Sega also released at least one unique d-pad design for the 3-button sold internationally. I've collected all four versions of the 3-button controller. The following summarizes the different designs and how to tell them apart by the controller shell if you purchase any of them. First OEM model sold in the US. The dpad has a plastic nub inside that acts as a pivot point. You can pick it out by the red lettering. At least one top online player uses this model. The dpad feels stiff and precise and there isn't much travel, or wiggle when using it. The second OEM model solid in the US has no red lettering or accents on the shell. The feel is similar to the first OEM version, but perhaps slightly looser and more travel. Instead of a plastic nub, the second version model has a ball bearing attached to the contact pad that acts as a pivot point. The speculation is that this change was made as the first OEM version plastic nub tended to wear out more quickly with use. You can see the differences between the dpad designs in this picture, with the second version OEM shown on top and the first version OEM on the bottom. The third OEM version solid in the US changed up the dpad design again. This dpad has two interlocking plastic pieces serving as the pivot point, with no plastic nub or ball bearing. This dpad does not feel as premium as the earlier versions. It's much looser and has something of a cheap feel. The second and third version OEM controller shells look extremely similar. You can tell them apart by looking at the connection at the end of the controller wire. The second version OEM has a flatter design. The 3rd version OEM is on the left, 2nd version on the right. Lastly, there is a fourth dpad design on the OEM 3-button controller available only on foreign controllers, so they'll say Megadrive. The dpad has something like an internal joystick piece attaching the pad to the contact board. It feels different than the other dpads. Not all megadrive 3-buttons have this dpad design. You can pick it out by the circular divot on the back of the controller as shown here. That divot indicates it will have the "joystick" dpad model. This site has information on the different variations of the official 3-button controller. It doesn't provide as much detail on the different dpad designs. https://segaretro.org/Control_Pad_(Mega_Drive)
  3. Los Angeles Kings Forwards Selanne Oates Fleury Klima Savard Sanderson Defensemen Manson Stevens Murphy Wesley Goalies Cheveldae Ranford
  4. LA Kings C - Yzerman RW - Tikk LW - Leeman LD - Kasatonov RD - Svoboda Goalie - Casey F4 - Nieuwendyk D3 - Stanton
  5. Team Name: LA Kings LD: Wesley RD: Lumme LW:Sanderson C: Selanne RW: Clark X: Turcotte (change to 9) 3rd D: Konroyd G: Chris Terreri
  6. Team Name: Los Angeles Kings LD: Al MacInnis RD: A Burt LW: N Borshevsky C: S Yzerman RW: E Davydov X: C Janney 3rd D: J More G: C Joseph
  7. Team Name: LA Kings First Line LD: Darius Kasparitis RD: Al Iafrate LW: Jaromir Jagr C: Theo Fleury RW: Evgeny Davydov X: Paul Ranheim 3rd D: Neil Wilkinson Second Line LW: Kevin Todd C: Evgeny Davydov RW: Paul Ranheim G: Tim Cheveldae Jersey dupes: change Kasparitis to #26 change Berthiaume to #31
  8. Team Name Edmonton Oilers Sc1 LD Gord Murphy RD Scott Stevens LW Stefan Lebeau C Yuri Khmylev RW Adam Oates Sc2 LW Adam Oates C Ed Olcyzk RW Dmitri Kvartalnov Third D - Luke Richardson Extra attacker - Ed Olcyzk Goalie 1 - Dominic Roussel Jersey dupes: Olcyzk to 2, Pantaleyev to 23, Khmylev to 26, Matvichuk to 44
  9. I know the sound and situation the original poster is talking about. I've experienced it and am not sure how to reproduce. This is a different type of "fake shot" but repeatable. You can actually take a weak shot aiming down and away and catch it.
  10. I would also double check your own controller inputs to be sure that you haven't set Port 2 binds. That can create a conflict sometimes when player 2 joins you in netplay. This is what Port 2 Binds should look like - follow the path Chaos listed above to Port 2 Binds:
  11. Team: Edmonton Oilers SC1 LW: Teemu Selanne, C: Valeri Kamenski, RW: Joe Murphy LD: Igor Kravchuk, RD: Rob Blake G: Bill Ranford XA: Ray Ferraro 3D: Neil Wilkinson SC2 (for forward subs) LW: C. Millen, C: R. Ferraro, RW: V. Kozlov Jersey Duplicates: Please change Kozlov to #16 and Fitzpatrik to #32
  12. Count me in. Appreciate all your efforts Chaos
  13. Team Name: Edmonton Oilers LD: Dave Manson RD: Gord Murphy LW: Brent Gilchrist C: Peter Klima RW: Denis Savard X: Vladimir Ruzicka 3rd D: Chris Dahlquist G: Jon Casey EDIT - Kingraph, can I do LW Savard C Klima on the penalty kill?
  14. I would definitely check out any deep dives you do. I enjoyed the breakdown you did of your game at Edge of 94. The concept reminds a bit of the Detail series.
  15. Great topic. I have quite a few thoughts that I have been testing. The org structure above is perfect. There's the technical execution side of the game and a strategic side. On the technical side, you have to study or have someone show how to perform certain moves. The different pass shots come to mind. Or the rebound goal that AJ is so deadly with. You have certain angles, combinations of buttons presses, etc. It can be hard to see it, reproduce it, and use it if you don't know where to begin. For instance, I'd love to hear AJ break down his step by step rebound shot, or Schmidt or Corbett explain their dekes. There's a technical knowledge there. On the strategic side, perhaps the most basic question I ask myself and cannot easily answer on offense is, why? Why I am skating or passing it here versus there? Is this way more efficient or productive than doing something else? How should I initiate my offense and why? I think that the answer maybe lies in how reliant offense in the game is on flow. When I try for a tactic I'm predictable and miss opportunities. As I said recently to Sheehy, the more I play the more convinced I become that great offensei is about time and space. You shouldn't really look for your move. It's initiating offense by making that first defender miss or chase and skating or passing to open ice even if there's no immediate purpose. This creates flow and leads to openings in the defense that your brain will know what to do with when they happen.
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