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  1. You know, I loved NHL '94 for the Genesis but I never really got the feel for the SNES version despite the fact that I owned an SNES. And I downloaded this thinking it was for the Genesis but I quickly came to realize that they were SNES ROMs. Nevertheless, I gave the first one (NHL Hockey) a spin and I really enjoyed it! Thanks for the effort!
  2. FYI there's a typo in the Pause menu: "Reply" instead of "Replay"
  3. LOL sorry! I didn't mean to offend anyone! I prefer the more arcade-y nature of naples' version. Nevertheless I do play yours and AdamCatalyst's quite often as well, and I appreciate the work all of you do.
  4. Aww, yours was my favorite version
  5. Would probably work well today with some modest skill with a spreadsheet program!
  6. What a tome! Perusing the spreadsheet I found a couple notes so far: Mario Lemieux did play in 2006 as well; Taylor Hall shows up as playing in 1986, then not again until 2011.
  7. Well, in any event I sent you a PM with my thoughts, if you'd indulge me
  8. I agree that the colors in 5.1 look more accurate, and I like them more than 5.0. I think in many cases the colors are legacy holdovers from previous iterations and haven't been updated as the team's have changed their uniforms. I do feel like there could be an effort made to vary the banners a little more. For example, there's a lot of black-top/color-bottom styles; in fact I see none here that are the reverse (color-top/black-bottom) and I feel like Dallas and Chicago both could go that route. To me it would make sense if those banners reflected the sweater (top) and pants (bottom) colors of the "home" (color) jersey, but I see a few teams already in my research where black is the color for both the sweater and pants, so that should be considered as well. I just feel like the banners need a bit more personality and variation. If it were me I would simply go through each team's Wikipedia article and pick the first two colors for each team and try to match both the color and order.
  9. This might be a question that is pretty easy to those who are in the know, but: the Sharks' teal can be made on the jerseys, but not on the banner? What gives?
  10. Thanks as always for the work! As always, I'm looking forward to seeing how the Penguins feel this time around! Couple of things: it's Anthony, not Anthoney Angello, and I'd replace Taylor Fedun with Pierre-Olivier Joseph.
  11. I should say that I particularly like the speedier gameplay of EA Hockey as compared to later entries in the series. I'm playing on OpenEmu on my MacBook so I can't do the NTSC/PAL trick with, say, NHL Hockey, to replicate the experience. It's quite a change of pace!
  12. This looks like a lot of fun and an absolute blast to the past! Thanks for the hard work!
  13. Just curious to know if anyone has edited either of those ROMs.
  14. I should clarify that I do know a cheesy way to score from NHL 96 onwards: skate into the zone at the corner points with a shooter whose handedness matches the point (i.e. left-handed shooter in the left point, right-handed shooter in the right point) (after more experimenting it looks like backhanders work too) and take a slapshot aimed for the lower near corner of the goal. This works really well going downwards, and the goalie AI always seems to have a hard time with it. Going upwards it works less well but it still can do the trick. You want the shot to be off within the first two, maybe three segments of the wall. The more accurate and harder the shot, the better, but some goalies have a hard time with even slow backhanders!
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