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  1. Congrats to @sonoffett87for winning OHPL season 6. Some pegged him right away as being too overpowered, and maybe they were right! He lost only 4 games on his way to the championship. Selanne should be banned apparently. Too good when combined with sonoffet's insane D. Here's the new season teams. As usual, b***h and moan or try to trade within reason, and I'll allow it for a few days before we tag chaos to upload it to the site. GOOD LUCK! 1) @hokkeefan - NEW YORK ISLANDERS 2) @Scribe99 - ST. LOUIS 3) @Tickenest - NEW YORK RANGERS 4) @chaos - EDMONTON 5) @Tess - QUEBEC6) @Mitch
  2. Congrats to @dcicon5148 for winning! Here's season 6. 1) @hokkeefan - HARTFORD 2) @Scribe99 - NEW JERSEY 3) @chaos - WASHINGTON 4) @Tickenest - ST. LOUIS 5) @Tess - NEW YORK RANGERS6) @Thrillhouse - EDMONTON 7) @aepurniet - TORONTO 8) @seventieslord - DALLAS 9) @Mitch Kramer (Chris O) - CALGARY10) @sonoffett87 - WINNIPEG 11) @Tecmo@DPS - QUEBEC12) @TecmoJon - VANCOUVER 13) @NotThatJared - BOSTON 14) @Joe H - CHICAGO15) @kidswasted - ALL STARS EAST 16) @BigValboski - ALL STARS WEST waitlist: @lego @SlapshotSean @boehm23@Mr. T@Triple A@#KentuckyWindage@sheehy @onceaguru
  3. what is "long gone"? dead? why can't someone take a 2 year break of a 5 year break and then come back and be hardcore again? people have kids, get wives, etc.... then kids grow up, wives get boring, and they need more excitement!
  4. On Sega, you can't. You have to soft reset. Sucks for sure! But play 100 games on NHL94, and then go back to 95, and see if you still prefer.
  5. @seventieslord did a nice comprehensive review of 94 vs 97, because we played 97 for the last 22 years. Maybe he'll weigh in.
  6. Hey you. Yeah the one who quit a few years ago and wrote off the league for a variety of reasons previously discussed and that don't really need to be re-hashed. Okay, I'll re-hash a few: 1) gens is confusing and annoying - We are all on Retroarch now. it's not perfect, but it's easier and better and we have dedicated people who can try a bunch of stuff to fix it. 2) people are tryhards/ assholes/ douchebags - okay lay off @Uncle Seth, but pretty much everyone else is nice and fun to play against. This season, we had enough players to have a C division, and next year if most stay, we'l
  7. A lot of useful info here. In marketing, you have to walk a fine line between being everywhere so people find you, and being in one place so you look like you have your s**t together, haha. But then again, most companies have a website, facebook, instagram, Twitter. I will certainly admit it's weird to have the forum, nhl94.com, nhl94online.com, nhl94strategy.com, etc... but nothing would stop me right now from starting an nhl94tricks.com as well and making my own website. What can be done about this? Not sure, but I'll throw my hat in the ring if admins want another dedicated person to discus
  8. I've never heard of any of these guys. Go get them Jer!! Lot's of cool things going on now with stream and leagues and lots of exis!
  9. seems tighter and lower scores than SNES?
  10. ok! you're up too. thanks for reminder. hard to keep track of all names. much love bro!!!
  11. done. my twitch subs go to top of list as it also helps to create more engagement on that platform. better for the whole community!
  12. Hey everyone, Big congrats to myself (lol) for winning my own tourney with Washington on only the 4th attempt. I've also determined that after 16 OHPLs, I will take the 16 winners and hold a battle royale where the top 16 compete for cash and prizes. I'll be relying on help from some of the vets of the community to handicap the matches properly. I'm trying something a little different this time. After realizing that the all-star teams never win a round 1 matchup, I'm going to expand to .... expansion teams *GASP*... good luck all! (This will likely be an experiment only for season 5, afte
  13. You do need to mention about the stream key. It's kind of hard to find, but needs to be put into the OBS settings. Cheers!!