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  1. If it helps, on a 6 button, holding Mode and pressing start at the same time brings up that menu. So maybe there's some combination in a 3 button. Takes some digging tho
  2. Toronto, whichever division you need to balance. Hopefully B.
  3. Congrats to @Tickenest... Game 7 against Schmidt. 19 viewers tuned in to watch that amazing back and forth series. Here's our season 11 lineup below. Good luck to all participants!! Only 5 more chances to win and punch your ticket to the OHPL Master Series where the 16 winners will face off for cool cash and prizes. Because the B division isn't done yet, I just randomly swapped out some players for those on the waitlist to get some new blood in. We'll get at least the next 3 on the wait list in for season 12. Trading allowed between players, or changing teams within same tier or bel
  4. These two specifically. When your star player pumps multiple one timers into the chest of the goalie when there's two open sides to choose from... He cold baby. And when your goalie is "there" but lets in that wide angle one timer... Same thing.
  5. I told this to @Uncle Sethand he doesn't believe me yet, which I can't blame him... But we're all ABOUT the same age, and about the same life cycles. We're all middle-aged white dudes (mostly), and seems like most even have 1-5 kids about the same age. Well, once the kids get a certain age, the adults like us who are just big kids at heart go back to our true love. NHL94. I think that is happening now. And I hope that some of the people we saw in KO94 stick around, and I hope that ISPs get better with latency and jitter so that lag goes away. These are my Christmas wishes for 2021.
  6. I do know HTML! I mean... I think I did about the same as you did. I was pretty well versed in it, and then CSS came out, and I said f**k that s**t. I think if we did some screenshares and had me watch what you do, I could be ready to take over some responsibilities.
  7. Good points @Sauce. I look at all my votes and basically all 16 are from those who participated (or are participating) in my new OHPL league. So that's clearly important to them. And many I've also helped get their port forwarding working. Then I look at the votes on others, and a lot of names I don't recognize. In fact, I've never associated yet with @Jkline3, one of the other nominees. Only because I don't seek out those other ROMs. But clearly with 1000+ downloads, he's definitely using NHL94 to create and spread joy to thousands of others. When I voted for @smozoma, I did so because I
  8. @illegalsmileIV:XX, I love the love! but who are you? like what's your real name or your name on the socials? I'm glad I'm keeping you up to date a bit, and appreciate all the views. Smoz does all the "BIG TIME" games. My channel is mostly a snapshot into my leagues. But sometimes I stream other big time playas too. Also, you gotta click on my name above and click submit for your vote to be counted I think. Don't want to have any Georgia problems here..... Just did some digging. Over 3500 video views on youtube and over 200 hours of twitch streaming this year... I .... have no life.
  9. Thanks for the nomination! Means a lot
  10. I dunno man. I'm a sticky guy. All this new streaming tech is appealing. But let's get real... soon we'll all start dying, and then we'll really have an excuse for this community dying too. Until then... EXIS?!
  11. why did you delete your post? accidentally @Uncle Seth. You started saying "Would be nice to see talented A coaches like Sebe & Habs come back and play regularly online again like they did years ago. But I'm a realist, it... So far Sebe (Raph's teacher apparently?!) and his buds have played a ton in the last few days. Also, HABS reached out to me last night and watched some 2v2. He's hooked back in again. LET'S GOOOO
  12. @Pearate and @HABS....... I'm here all day and night and whenever for EXIS!! (that means exhibition games if you've forgotten :P) And now apparently I'm the DUKE of NHL94 SNES, and future WINNER of Sega King Consolation bracket this weekend also. So you can play against such royalty as myself lol
  13. Congrats to @kingraph... pretty much wire to wire, never in doubt. Great showing with Tampa Bay Lightning. Here's our season 10 lineup below. Good luck to all participants!! 1) @JSchmidt - OTTAWA2) @MikeGartner22 - NEW JERSEY3) @Tickenest - WASHINGTON4) @chaos - NEW YORK RANGERS5) @DPS - CALGARY 6) @hokkeefan - QUEBEC 7) @Mitch Kramer (Chris O) - LOS ANGELES 8) @sheehy - WINNIPEG9) @aepurniet - MONTREAL10) @Mr. T - VANCOUVER 11) @BigValboski - BOSTON 12) @TecmoJon - BUFFALO 13) @matthew_d - CHICAGO 14) @DoubleDown - DETROIT15) @boehm23 - ALL STARS EAST 16) @onceaguru -
  14. So that does it!! We've hit the halfway mark of OHPL. Thank you from the bottom of my hockey bag for finishing season 8 in a record 12 days, you animals. Congrats to @Thrillhouse for his come from behind victory over @JSchmidt. It was certainly a sight to see on the ol' Twitch box. He joins 7 other distinguished champs as we hit the back stretch of 8 to see who competes in the tourney of champions. This is a highly unique line-up. With 2 of the world's top 5 elites playing, the balance has shifted to having all stronger teams on the bottom, and two expansions up top. Here's your next seas