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  1. Looking for a few more players for an SNES League based on current 2022 playoff and final regular season rosters including trade deadline deals. Line changes, penalties, no offside, manual goalie. will start in a week or two and will play over the summer. ratings based on 2022 nhl stats. 9f 6d 2g in rom. Teams who are in: 1. Triple A-CAR 2. DanK-EDM 3. Skills324-COL 4. Mikeymac-TOR 5. TheWiz-NYR 6. Stewy-DAL 7. Greg9937-CAL 8. JeeLock-WPG 9. TheRexShow-FLA 10. CyberBread-STL 11. AfterShock-BOS 12. Decadent-PIT 13. Stheds2000-TB Team Rankings
  2. Anyone up for another SNES Juiced League using the 2021 rosters with line changes? please post if interested
  3. Any interest in a 2021 SNES Juiced ROM League? All players are 100 ratings so teams and players do not matter. no line changes 28 teams. 7 divisions of 4 teams randomly picked out of a hat. round 1 - each division plays 4 games vs. each opponent inside division = 12 games. top 2 teams from each division advance to elimination round = 14 teams, plus the next best 2 teams according to record, then point differential. best of 7 playoff format with the last 16 teams ordered 1-16. please post if interested and what team you would like. thought it would be something different and will not take long. thanks Edited 1 hour ago by Triple A 1. Triple A - NYI 2. Mooney - NYR 3. TheProfessor - TOR 4. DciCon5148- FLA 5. Ellis - EDM 6. Kaba78 - WIN 7. Mr. Bison - Pitt 8. Grillbit - Det 9. Indio - Col 10. bombjack - LA
  4. Looks like 24 Teams, 60 Game Season Draft Order 1. JCariello - Det 2. Badass94-Mon 3. DanK-Chi 4. Lego-NJ 5.MightyEskimo- Pit 6. BlacktopKid-Nyr 7. Triple A -Buf 8.Skills324-Bos 9. KidsWasted-Stl 10. Big_Valboski-Cal 11. TecmoJon-LA 12.Dcicon5148-Tor 13. Ellis_10-Van 14. Millertime_Van-Phi 15. BlackDevil19-Dal 16. PistolPete42-Win 17. Tickenest-Que 18. BobKudelski26-Ott 19.Dangler-Wsh 20. JotaC007-edm 21. Stantonator-nyi 22. Dethrox-SJ 23. Annatar-TB 24. TheProfessor-HFD 25. Gambi-Fla 26. Hasek39-Ana
  5. chi 88-x buf 84-x det 84-x nyr 84-x pit 83-x stl 83-x bos 81-x mon 81-x tor 81-x cal 80-x la 79-x njd 78-x van 78-x dal 76-x win 76-x phi 75-x edm 74-x sj 74-x wsh 74-x que 73-x nyi 71-x fla 70 hart 69-x tb 69-x ana 65 ott 65-x Rankings for The REALNHL94ROM
  6. Thank you. Will let you know how it plays. Looking forward to it.
  7. no can only have 1 team in each league on the website
  8. Looking for 26 snes players for a league on the nhl94 website that chaos will put up using therealnhl94 ROM created by xstioph. The ROM and player ratings are slightly different from the usually one adding a little wrinkle. The teams are updated with trades made at the deadline in 94 and the ratings are updated based on the actual 94 season stats with accurate rosters, as the original game was made after the 93 season. There is only a 19 point overall rating swing between the best and worst team for the most part, so the teams are more even than the original version. We will have a 26 team draft with the lower rated guys getting the top picks. We will have 2 divisions of 13 teams with (East and West) for 74 game reg. season (4 games in division and 2 outside). This will be penalties, no offsides, and line changes. Top 16 (8 in each conference) will make the playoffs. This will most likely be put on the site after classic ends soon. Let me know who is interested as spots are limited. Can create a second league if there is a lot of interest. Teams interested: 1.Triple A 2. Blacktop Kid 3. Big_Valboski 4. TheProfessor 5. Tickenest 6. Dangler 7. DanK 8.Lego 9. TecmoJon 10. Badass94 11. Dethrox 12. MightyEskimo 13. JCariello 14. Dcicon5148 15. BobKudelski26 16. Annatar 17. Millertime_Van 18. skills324 19. Ellis_10 20. Kidswasted 21. PistolPete42 22. BlackDevil19 23. JotaC007 24. Stantonator standby if needed angryjay93
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