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  1. annatar

    2018 Classic Fall League

    It's good to see some more cross system interest and I hope that once we get all the kinks worked out with Retroarch that we'll see some bleed between the two systems. All one platform is a great thing.
  2. annatar

    Tournament Format

    Personally I liked the format, round robin seems like a good way to seed everyone and the fact that there were first round byes (in SNES at least) meant you really wanted a top seed going into the elimination bracket. Only thing I would do differently is make it double elimination from the beginning of the elimination round, or at least from the last 16. I would also like to see best of 3 in loser's as well. I know it's due to time constraints, but I think everything actually ran surprisingly quickly in Vancouver and we could have gone even faster if we had a few more setups and more people helping hali and smoz. So I think it'd be worth trying to make the knockout round as fair as possible and increase the chances of someone getting knocked down to loser's early on making a big run to get back into it.
  3. annatar

    2018 Classic Fall League

    Hey @halifax I don't know if this was done but is there a way you can send an email to everyone, including people from the Vancouver tourney to tell them about classic league? I know there are people who were interested.
  4. annatar

    NHL'94 World Rankings List!

    How does this ranking algorithm work? Asking for a friend. I might be biased but it looks like it doesn't reward people for playing in multiple events (ie, someone like Daf ends up in 2nd after one tourney).
  5. annatar

    2018 Classic Fall League

    We just need the SNES buds to actually show up and then we're good. Where is everyone hiding?
  6. Much respect bud, and looking forward to playing with you sometime in the future!
  7. Caught the semis and final on stream. Congrats corbett!
  8. I plan on going. I know Vancouver a little bit but never been in the fall. Too bad it's not a bit closer to downtown but it's all good.
  9. Yeah after AJ knocking me out in Vegas if he'd flown to Montreal to beat me in a little bar on St-Denis street I think I'd have had to find some new hobbies.
  10. You take it for granted that organizing a tournament just kind of happens but goes to show what Darrell does isn't easy. We had I think 14 buds. Only one system, but single elimination so it went fast. Final was 10 minute periods, I blew a 5-1 lead then pushed back to win 8-6. The guy knew how to play. Always fun to meet people who appreciate the game! Thanks for the heads up @halifax and you'll get your customary 10% cut of my earnings. It was $40 in gift cards and a Budweiser goal light. We'll figure something out.
  11. annatar

    2018 World Cup Pool

    Count me in. My heart says England but my head says not so much. So, same as any other major tournament.
  12. annatar

    Ottawa meet-up this weekend? Sunday, April 22

    Yeah a Saturday is probably best.
  13. annatar

    Ottawa meet-up this weekend? Sunday, April 22

    Yo, as I said on discourse I am 100% down to do this some weekend soon. How about in May?
  14. I plan on being there and I'm hoping to get back into the money, but I expect stiff competition. Might be the toughest ever for SNES. I could be the person coming from the farthest east in Canada but I hope there are other east coast buds who will make the trip. Vancouver is beautiful and accommodations should be reasonable in October. Let's dooo this.