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  1. Team Name: Carolina Hurricanes (I would like to switch to Montreal if that's good @chaos they don't appear to be used) LD: Sergei Bautin RD: Al Iafrate (switch his number from #34 to #43) LW: Sergei Makarov C: Pavel Bure RW: Brian Bellows X: Yuri Khmylev 3rd D: Sergei Zubov G: John Vanbiesbrouck
  2. I wanted to write up a bit of a recap here of my SNES tournament while I still remember some of what happened, it might be boring but thanks for humoring me. If I don't mention someone, I probably just forgot to but it was genuinely nice to talk to everyone I did interact with over the weekend, and I'm sorry I didn't get to talk to everyone! Overall, it was a great weekend. Have to say big thanks to @halifax for everything he does - I can't overstate how much the community is in debt to you for putting together these live events and bringing so many of us together. It's also always a personal pleasure to see you and hang out, even though you're usually busy organizing or playing. I'm just happy I've been able to attend so many of these tournaments. Kudos to @smozoma as well who I can tell you spent a lot of time loading up his car with consoles, cables and TVs - along with doing lots of other stuff over the course of the event - to help make this thing happen. This was my second time at Waves and it is (was ) a super venue, we had all the space we needed, great setups to play and stream, and it was nice to be able to grab a beer or a bite without venturing out. Great to run into some of the old guard like @IAmFleury'sHipCheck who also seems determined to attend as many live events as possible. Love to see it and always amazing to chat even though we didn't have a ton of time to hang out. Likewise @kingraphwho is a fixture at these things and always has a smile on his face. Also wanted to shout out some of the folks who came from afar like @Stantonator who has a great attendance record representing the west coast, as well as some of my nWo buddies @TecmoJon @angryjay93 @Gambi and @koke_45 (too sweet). There was a good showing from the Maritimes too with folks like @dangler @Mooney and @slipperypete making the trip, great to meet dangler again after KO94 2 and put faces to names for the others. Mooney also showed he can put away the beers like a champ, I know you are doing the east coast proud. The community right now is just a great bunch of guys and like I said, there's too many others to mention so I'll just say it was great to meet everyone, whether it was SNES or gens people. I drove in on Friday and we did the 2v2 and it was a ton of fun. Nice to bring home some hardware with @Bob Kudelski. I don't really remember too much about our games except for the final where we sqeaked out a 2-1 win over angryjay and Tecmo with a nice passing play. I don't think it was very attractive 2v2 but we got the job done. Saturday was a fairly late start for me as I didn't sign up for Sega so I slept in and got over to the venue around noon to play some exis with @dangler and @koke_45, unfortunately those ended up being some of my best games of the day, should have saved those for when it counted! I started my tournament off with a loss to @McMarkis who always plays me tough. I can't remember the teams but I think it was a one goal game. I then got a much needed result against angryjay who is never an easy out in SNES. I won the rest but we had some bumps along the way, I was losing to The Professor's son who has come a long way with his game but managed to turn it around. I also had a 2-1 win over Yepster where he called EDM-SJ and I only barely won, lol. I think group D was a tough bunch of players, or maybe the overall quality was just really high! My other games were against Johnzors and StreetMage and I did manage to get a mercy in the last game which really helped my goal difference. But it wasn't enough, I finished 5-1 along with angryjay and McMarkis and I had the worst goal difference of the three of us. That put me on the top half of the bracket with dangler who was coming in as #1 seed. First I had to get through sickfish who had also gone 5-1 so I knew I couldn't take him lightly. He won the first game 4-3, I can't remember the matchup, but now I was definitely sitting up and taking notice. I was able to get some momentum going after that and I won 7-1 and 6-2 to ease through, but I was sweating after game 1! That meant last 8 in the winner's bracket and I had to face dangler in a 1 vs. 8 matchup. I normally play dangler pretty close but he can be so deadly if he gets hot, so I knew I'd have to be playing at my best. I wanted to call mid tier teams against him (the Mikail treatment) to try to slow the game down and we went NYI-PHI (I think) with him picking the Flyers. There wasn't much between us in the game and it went to OT and then almost to the end of OT after I couldn't bury a couple chances. He scored with 4 seconds left to take game 1, brutal. Real tough to get back in the right mindset after that but no choice. I'm already forgetting the matchups but I think it was something like MTL-WPG and I want to say I took the Habs. If you have a better memory than me please correct me. But I managed to get hot and it was a pretty easy win, 7-3 in the end to set up a decider. I went against my better judgement here and didn't pick another lower tier matchup, going for WSH-LA. I still think that's a good matchup, but he took the Kings and definitely got the most out of them. It was never really close, I lost 8-4 and got knocked down to loser's. My first elimination game was against @TheWiz84 (another guy I was happy to meet, a great new addition to the community and a solid bud) and I don't remember the teams but we both put some goals up on the board and I ended up making it 10-4 to move on. That set me up for a grudge match against my good buddy Tecmo who got the better of me in the last online King. He was actually higher seed after killing it in the RR, so I had to pick a matchup and again I don't know what teams I picked (he probably does, since he is way better than me at remembering these things). I had to play pretty tight and take my chances, it ended 4-1 and I was happy to inform him after that our lifetime record in King games was now 1-1. Now I had to wait to see who was going to be knocked down from winner's, and it ended up being The Professor who always manages to be a gentleman as well as a super tough opponent. We played on stream but unfortunately it wasn't a great game for the neutral. I picked a NJ-STL matchup, something I felt pretty confident about. I guess I expected him to give me NJ, but he didn't, and I ran into a red hot Claude Lemieux as well as Prof's usual precise play. I kept trying to get behind the net with Janney to feed someone out front and he kept reading the play perfectly. 4-2 loss and my day was done. All that remained was to see how things were going to unfold for the last 4 of Prof, dangler, koke and Bob Kudelski. Not exactly a shocking group to make it to the end, although I had hoped to knock one of them out. Dangler was on a heater and ended up mercying Bob in both games in winner's final, and probably thought he had one hand on the trophy. Bob really had to dig deep to then come from behind to beat koke in a best of 3 before playing some of the best 94 I've seen him play when the chips were down. A bunch of us got up on stage to watch the last couple games and both guys were giving it their all. Really impressive stuff. Ultimately it was Bob who edged it with some super clutch goaltending and I was happy for him. Felt like redemption for that famous Vegas final. Dangler played great and will probably win another one of these if he wants to, I know what second place feels like though bud. Was a pretty relaxing end to the night as we were about to get kicked out of the venue and I had a long drive back on Sunday so nothing much else went down. I was hoping to be top four going into the weekend and I ended T5 so I guess that's close - it doesn't feel like a total success but I also can't really complain as the top guys are just so good now and we had 7 out of the 9 guys in A league at the event. I'll be back!
  3. Sounds good super chief, I'm in. I'll take Montreal
  4. I'd play C/D league if it's not too late to sign up.
  5. Sure bud I'll do this. Thanks for doing the legwork so far, seems interesting. You can give me Washington.
  6. I have to admit that I can't get Gretz to work for me either but I think it's a question of play style. You guys nailed it though, if you use 99 you have to take advantage of his passing and agility to generate chances. He can definitely deke, if you get close enough to the goalie to get a chance. He's probably a good option for the shiftier type of coach who values those abilities, but I'm more point A to point B. Trying to learn to play other ways, but it's hard.
  7. Great writeup! This was always the lineup I used, although some people have had success recently playing Sandstrom at center with his elite shot and Gretzky on the wing as a pure passing option. The other winger would then be either Carson or Robitaille. I know @Bob Kudelski doesn't like Robitaille and likes Carson on his off wing to set up for one timers. What do you think about that setup? LA always struck me as a pretty deep team since Granato has a lot of skill (despite being small). I would probably play him over Kurri who is a bit mediocre, but neither would be in my starting lineup. Can't really think of anyone else I would want on the ice... Agree about McSorley over Zhitnik and personal preference does come into it. Charlie Huddy is also a solid stay at home guy if McSorley gets hurt and you prefer someone who won't stray too far from the net.
  8. Good initiative bud. In and paid in full. Curse the Canadian dollar (and PayPal fees!). Let's get this to 32.
  9. Sorry bud, we are full up, I didn't expect to get so many responses in a few hours. Will put you down as a replacement. And I'd like to run this on a regular basis if all goes well, so there should be other seasons.
  10. Thanks @Grillbit yes I will put you on the waiting list, sorry about that. We are going to go with a 26 team rom for this season as it makes it easier to edit. So I will include you among the replacements. If anyone else wants to be waitlisted just let me know but for now we have 26 coaches and will work on setting up a draft. If you haven't seen it there is a new discord channel for the league. We'll mostly use the discord but may keep some things on the forum if it's easier to keep it recorded here.
  11. Great response so far! This is awesome. We have a soft cap at 26 teams and hard cap at 28 teams as I can't really imagine doing more than one draft and rom, and 28 already assumes we can take over the all star teams. I am hoping we can. There will be a slight issue with goalies as probably a couple teams will not be able to draft a backup, but I don't see that as a deal breaker. @TokenToma has just confirmed on discord he wants to play and will take LA if still available, @Ellis and @Decadent also confirmed that they are in (were already on the list). Edit: The cap will be 26 teams for this season. Grillbit will be first one in if someone has to drop out for any reason before we start drafting, since the others had asked to be available as replacements later on. Otherwise that list will be the priority for replacements. Looking forward to this!
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