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  1. Sorry bud, we are full up, I didn't expect to get so many responses in a few hours. Will put you down as a replacement. And I'd like to run this on a regular basis if all goes well, so there should be other seasons.
  2. Thanks @Grillbit yes I will put you on the waiting list, sorry about that. We are going to go with a 26 team rom for this season as it makes it easier to edit. So I will include you among the replacements. If anyone else wants to be waitlisted just let me know but for now we have 26 coaches and will work on setting up a draft. If you haven't seen it there is a new discord channel for the league. We'll mostly use the discord but may keep some things on the forum if it's easier to keep it recorded here.
  3. Great response so far! This is awesome. We have a soft cap at 26 teams and hard cap at 28 teams as I can't really imagine doing more than one draft and rom, and 28 already assumes we can take over the all star teams. I am hoping we can. There will be a slight issue with goalies as probably a couple teams will not be able to draft a backup, but I don't see that as a deal breaker. @TokenToma has just confirmed on discord he wants to play and will take LA if still available, @Ellis and @Decadent also confirmed that they are in (were already on the list). I'll also start a waiting list
  4. After discussing with a few other people it seems like a great time to revive the SNES draft league (SDL) after a several year hiatus. This post is to indicate your interest and make suggestions or ask any questions you might have about the format. I would like to run this starting this winter with games starting after Classic finishes. Since it will naturally take some time to form a league and run a draft, we can get the ball rolling straight away. @dangler has some experience with editing the rom and has volunteered to help out, which is great! @TecmoJon will also help out with commish
  5. Very cool man. maybe you could make it more clear on your graph which scores are impossible. The ties are interesting to me. Up to 6-6, which seems pretty unusual. Also more than one person lost 13-5!
  6. Again, great write-up and some good reading. Something for everyone in these matchups and I hope we see some upsets (not me of course)!
  7. Just wait until you win Classic league this summer bud it should be a cakewalk for you!
  8. I'll take the New York Rangers
  9. Welcome back Saskatoon boys. We gonna either have a big A league or a really good B league based on the numbers so far. Exciting!
  10. Thanks for putting this up bud. Sounds like another well run tournament for you with a good format! I didn't catch you streaming it but saw that game you put on fb. Congrats @stheds2000 on the win and to @The90Jacket on fighting the good fight, if they ever come round these parts anymore.
  11. In also! You should post on the discord too to get some more interest.
  12. I am going with my old standby the Washington Capitals. Give'r buds.
  13. Another King of 94 in the books! I can't believe it's been 4 years since the first one. I'm lucky enough that I've been able to attend all of them, not to mention heading out to Saskatoon in November of 2016 to play. Some amazing memories from this game and I hope it continues. Have to agree with everyone else and give the first shout out to @halifax for putting everything into this and basically being an all around super bud. Great guy, great organizer, great commentator. Pretty good player too. Even a great roommate for the three nights I was there. We're a small community and there ar