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  1. I'd play C/D league if it's not too late to sign up.
  2. Sure bud I'll do this. Thanks for doing the legwork so far, seems interesting. You can give me Washington.
  3. I have to admit that I can't get Gretz to work for me either but I think it's a question of play style. You guys nailed it though, if you use 99 you have to take advantage of his passing and agility to generate chances. He can definitely deke, if you get close enough to the goalie to get a chance. He's probably a good option for the shiftier type of coach who values those abilities, but I'm more point A to point B. Trying to learn to play other ways, but it's hard.
  4. Great writeup! This was always the lineup I used, although some people have had success recently playing Sandstrom at center with his elite shot and Gretzky on the wing as a pure passing option. The other winger would then be either Carson or Robitaille. I know @Bob Kudelski doesn't like Robitaille and likes Carson on his off wing to set up for one timers. What do you think about that setup? LA always struck me as a pretty deep team since Granato has a lot of skill (despite being small). I would probably play him over Kurri who is a bit mediocre, but neither would be in my starting lineup. Can't really think of anyone else I would want on the ice... Agree about McSorley over Zhitnik and personal preference does come into it. Charlie Huddy is also a solid stay at home guy if McSorley gets hurt and you prefer someone who won't stray too far from the net.
  5. Good initiative bud. In and paid in full. Curse the Canadian dollar (and PayPal fees!). Let's get this to 32.
  6. Sorry bud, we are full up, I didn't expect to get so many responses in a few hours. Will put you down as a replacement. And I'd like to run this on a regular basis if all goes well, so there should be other seasons.
  7. Thanks @Grillbit yes I will put you on the waiting list, sorry about that. We are going to go with a 26 team rom for this season as it makes it easier to edit. So I will include you among the replacements. If anyone else wants to be waitlisted just let me know but for now we have 26 coaches and will work on setting up a draft. If you haven't seen it there is a new discord channel for the league. We'll mostly use the discord but may keep some things on the forum if it's easier to keep it recorded here.
  8. Great response so far! This is awesome. We have a soft cap at 26 teams and hard cap at 28 teams as I can't really imagine doing more than one draft and rom, and 28 already assumes we can take over the all star teams. I am hoping we can. There will be a slight issue with goalies as probably a couple teams will not be able to draft a backup, but I don't see that as a deal breaker. @TokenToma has just confirmed on discord he wants to play and will take LA if still available, @Ellis and @Decadent also confirmed that they are in (were already on the list). Edit: The cap will be 26 teams for this season. Grillbit will be first one in if someone has to drop out for any reason before we start drafting, since the others had asked to be available as replacements later on. Otherwise that list will be the priority for replacements. Looking forward to this!
  9. After discussing with a few other people it seems like a great time to revive the SNES draft league (SDL) after a several year hiatus. This post is to indicate your interest and make suggestions or ask any questions you might have about the format. I would like to run this starting this winter with games starting after Classic finishes. Since it will naturally take some time to form a league and run a draft, we can get the ball rolling straight away. @dangler has some experience with editing the rom and has volunteered to help out, which is great! @TecmoJon will also help out with commish duties. So thanks in advance to those buds. Proposed format: Classic rules: 5 minute periods, penalties on, no offsides, line changes off. Draft: Snake draft. Meaning if you pick 1st in round 1 you go last in round 2, and so on. Everyone drafts 6F, 4D and 2 goalies. Players would be redrafted for any subsequent seasons (i.e., no keepers). Trading: To be determined, but in the past trades had been allowed. All teams are unique so standings and stats would be tracked on nhl94online.com site as usual, subject to approval by@chaos The player pool is all the players from the classic rom. You can pick any team you want since it's a fantasy draft format. The players will be edited into your lineup. You don't have to use all of your guys but they are available as subs as needed. I believe in the past we had edited out home/road advantages to make all teams equal. I would propose doing the same here. I don't know if hot/cold ratings changes can be edited for players in SNES and I'm not sure I would want to do this anyway. To be discussed. I'm not personally in favour of turning off penalties, or editing the duration of penalties, but am open to discussing it. Depending on the number of interested coaches, my preference would be to run two divisions with the potential for promotion and relegation in the future. Under this format we can still do 1 draft, but coaches would be split off into two leagues. The number of games would depend on the number of teams. SDL IV was 15 teams and 56 games which I think is on the high side. It would be at least 40 games with checkpoints. If you're interested please respond below, and feel free to reserve a team. First come first served. We may have to cap the number of participants at some point and move people onto a waiting list, but let's see how it goes. See you on the ice buds. Sign-ups: See the list below compiled by Tecmo Jon. As of now the league is capped at 26 coaches so we are full unless people drop out. If you want to be put on a list to potentially replace anyone in future, just let me know.
  10. Very cool man. maybe you could make it more clear on your graph which scores are impossible. The ties are interesting to me. Up to 6-6, which seems pretty unusual. Also more than one person lost 13-5!
  11. Again, great write-up and some good reading. Something for everyone in these matchups and I hope we see some upsets (not me of course)!
  12. Just wait until you win Classic league this summer bud it should be a cakewalk for you!
  13. I'll take the New York Rangers
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