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  1. I thought that was a screen space limitation, all the Alexanders are spelled that way
  2. Are you and @CamKneely related? (he was rocking American flag pants at the Toronto tournament)
  3. That's a nice hoodie, and I think I'll be buried in the ron barr onesie
  4. Do you need a single-game cart? We don't recommend that. Get an everdrive cart. You can put thousands of games on a single cart, and yes it plays on an actual SNES.
  5. I'd rank them 1, 4, 5 I kinda like 1 without the giant the cart. On a dark red shirt. Only one I'd actually wear.
  6. Nice, any ROM from here should work: (there may be a small chance of them not working depending on the emulators used on your systems)
  7. I don't think you'll be able to open the images as typical internet graphics files. They'll be crammed into some custom format, like Doom's WAD files. (PNG wasn't invented until 1996 and barely used until the mid 2000s, and JPG is lossy, not appropriate for video game graphics (plus it was slow to decode on those old computers))
  8. That looks like a pretty good deal It's also really close to the subway line that goes to the venue 8 bedrooms, too. 3 nights = $5429 8 people -> $226/night 10 people -> $180/night I'd be up for it. Party floor.
  9. I checked out the double tree earlier, it was like $320/night. With the 2 day setup (3 nights), it adds up fast. I was hoping there would be a place along the subway but kind of half way between the venue and downtown but couldn't find one right by a subway entrance. I figure for people who would like to do downtown things they could get a hotel there for particular nights they'd like to downtown it up.
  10. Waves eGaming helped us* set up some hotel deals with 3 hotels near the venue. The details are here: (can currently book by phone, online booking available soon) Here are the relative locations: Here's my basic analysis. The "nearby" things are within walking distance, up to ~10 minutes. I included the travel times to the venue (Waves) and the Hockey Hall of Fame (HHoF). I used the HHoF as a downtown destination. There's no big difference in travel times to downdown, but the Holiday Inn required more walking to get to transit. I have no idea how nice the different hotels are (beds, showers, breakfast quality..). From the above info though: Four Points (currently Super 8) seems the simplest place - cheapest, closest, and the only one with a direct bus route to the venue. I assume it'll have a lot of new stuff due to the owner switchover. No particular advantage to the Holiday Inn? Courtyard - price suggests it's a nicer hotel. It has better stuff nearby, but is farther from the venue as well as downtown. Would be great to hear thoughts from people who are more experienced with travel/hotels. I don't know if any of the places would have a suite for us to rent out for latenight exis. * by "us" I mean Halifax, he's done 99% of the work
  11. I never realized how poorly rated Fogarty was in this. Mats Sundin said of Fogarty when he played ("played") for the Nordiques, "Bryan Fogarty could skate faster, shoot harder and pass crisper drunk than the rest of us could sober." If you use the NOSE editor, you can look up the values directly in that.
  12. Ouch why torture yourself. Hold (not tap) B for about .4 seconds to become the goalie You could get a bluetooth controller,review-6182.html
  13. To become the goalie, hold B for about 0.4 seconds. Tapping B (not holding it) will switch to another skater.
  14. Thinking more about this... The basic formula is: 18 × n + [-9, +8] Square brackets mean an inclusive range. If the value is under 50, divide by 2 and add 25. Unfortunately I don't remember if you need to round down or up. Typically on this kind of hardware you just omit the decimal, 9/2 = 4. so.. base values... 0: 18×0 + [-9, +8] -> [0, 8] -> 25+[0, 4] -> [25, 29] 1: 18×1 + [-9, +8] -> [9, 26] -> 25+[4, 13] -> [29, 38] (maybe 30-38) 2: 18×2 + [-9, +8] -> [27, 44] -> 25+[13, 22] -> [38, 47] (maybe 39-47) 3: 18×3 + [-9, +8] -> [45, 62] -> [25+22, 62] -> [47, 62] (maybe 48-62) 4: 18×4 + [-9, +8] -> [63, 80] 5: 18×5 + [-9, +8] -> [81, 98] 6: 99
  15. Try low defensive awareness. It sounds weird, but they may default to a basic defensive position that way. To make them check, set their checking ratings really high. Ray Bourque has a 99, and whenever you play against CPU Boston, he runs guys all game, it's hilarious. Getting one-timers against the CPU shouldn't be particularly hard, so you may need to adjust your play, angles, passing... On defense, you should take control of the players and not depend on the AI. It's an old game, the AI is not very sophisticated (and apparently was originally written for football/Madden). If you're not currently beating the CPU, work on the crease-cut goal - skate out from the boards right across in front of the goalie, and hold down the shoot button to wind up a big slapshot. The goalie will fall over and you'll have a wide open net. After that, start doing it from farther out from the net. THe goalie won't go down, but if your shooter has a decent shot, he can often score top-corner.
  16. Whoops... I don't remember the exact cutoffs. You could experiment to figure it out. Since the base attribute doesn't change, then if he had a 29 one time you ran the game, then the next time he had a 26, then it's 25-29 and 30-??. Unless it can overlap. I don't remember.
  17. I think they did that just to avoid a patent on the nintendo + shape (unless that's a myth)
  18. Nice story, thanks for sharing it! Can i ask how you found out about this site or what prompted you to search for it?
  19. Sega genesis setup guide: There are videos for setting up Sega Saturn, so maybe those are similar: (3m) (8m) (19m)
  20. Aw.. Anyone know who ran it? edit: oh it's @tbeb. I'll try to contact him.
  21. I think it just uses some hacks of mine, I don't recall working on the ROM directly
  22. The purpose of 0-15 is just to allow finer-grained ratings. The game remains essentially the same except that if you're creating players you can tune them more precisely. Unfortunately since I didn't make it 0-12 you can't directly map original nhl94 players to the finer scale by just multiplying by 2.
  23. How to convert between the 200+ ratings and normal ratings: divide or multiply by 2.5. 230/2.5 = 92 It might not be exact due to rounding or slight formula differences in the hack.