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    NHL'94 Family Ties

    Once again the NHL draft has featured a plethora of players who are sons of NHL'94 players. Keeping track... Bold for players who've made it to the NHL (roughly defined as was in the lineup consistently for a season). Grey for players drafted 4th round or later. 1989 #114 STL->EDM->VAN - David Roberts (LW) - Nephew of Gordie Roberts 2004 #33 WSH - Chris Bourque (LW/RW) - Son of Ray Bourque 2007 #11 CAR->PIT->VAN - Brandon Sutter (C/RW) - Son of Brent Sutter... etc #103 ARI Vladimir Ruzicka (C ) - Son of Vladimir Ruzicka 2009 #29 TB->TOR->KHL - Carter Ashton (RW/LW) - Son of Brent Ashton #32 DET->BOS->MIN - Landon Ferraro (C/W) - Son of Ray Ferraro #77 MIN->BUF - Matt Hackett (G) - Nephew of Jeff Hackett #61 PIT->ARI->CAR - Philip Samuelsson (D) - Son of Ulf Samuelsson #80 NYR - Ryan Bourque (C/LW) - Son of Ray Bourque #188 TOR -> Barron Smith (D) - Son of Steve Smith 2010 #30 NYI - Brock Nelson (C/LW) - Nephew of Dave Christian #34 CBJ - Dalton Smith (LW) - Nephew of Keith Primeau (and son of Derrick Smith (NHL 84-94) and nephew of Wayne Primeau (NHL 94-10), neither in the video game) #63 TB - Brock Beukeboom (D) - Son of Jeff Beukeboom #22 MTL->ARI - Jarred Tinordi (D) - Son of Mark Tinordi #40 NYR->MTL->ARI - Christian Thomas (LW/RW) - Son of Steve Thomas 2011 #20 ARI - Connor Murphy (D) - Son of Gord Murphy #31 EDM - David Musil (D) - Son of Frantisek "Frank" Musil, Nephew of Bobby Holik, Brother of 2015 #94 Adam Musil #51 ARI - Alexander Ruuttu (C/W) - Son of Christian Ruuttu #67 WPG - Adam Lowry (LW/C) - Son of Dave Lowry #73 CAR->ARI - Keegan Lowe (D) - Sone of Kevin Lowe 2012 #27 ARI - Henrik Samuelsson (C/W) - Son of Ulf Samuelsson #29 NJ->MTL - Stefan Matteau (LW) - Son of St├ęphane Matteau #39 WPG - Lukas Sutter (C ) - Son of Rich Sutter (and Nephew of Ron and Brent Sutter and a bunch of other Sutters not in '94) (Re-drafted #200 2014 by NYI) #79 CHI - Chris Calnan (RW) - Nephew of Jeremy Roenick 2013 #12 ARI->MTL - Max Domi (LW/C) - Son of Tie Domi #19 CBJ -> TOR - Kerby Rychel (LW/RW) - Son of Warren Rychel #85 VAN - Cole Cassels (C/RW) - Son of Andrew Cassels UND TOR - Mason Marchment (LW) - Son of Bryan Marchment (undrafted, playing for TOR AHL team) 2014 #8 TOR - William Nylander (C/W) - Son of Michael Nylander (and brother of 2016 #8 pick Alexander Nylander) #31 BUF - Brendan Lemieux (LW) - Son of Claude Lemieux, Nephew of Jocelyn Lemieux #43 ARI->CBJ - Ryan MacInnis (C/LW) - Son of Al MacInnis #56 BOS - Ryan Donato (C ) - Son of Ted Donato #63 DET - Dominic Turgeon (C ) - Son of Pierre Turgeon #157 LA - Jake Marchment (C ) - Nephew of Bryan Marchment #208 CHI - Jack Ramsey (RW) - Son of Mike Ramsey 2015 #14 BOS - Jake DeBrusk (LW) - Son of Louie DeBrusk #53 CGY - Rasmus Andersson (D) - Son of Peter Andersson #94 STL - Adam Musil (C ) - Son of Frantisek "Frank" Musil, Nephew of Bobby Holik, Brother of 2011 #31 David Musil #107 OTT - Christian Wolanin (D) - Son of Craig Wolanin #126 CAR - Luke Stevens (LW) - Son of Kevin Stephens 2016 #6 CGY - Matthew Tkachuk (LW) - Son of Keith Tkachuk (and brother of 2018 #4 pick Brady Tkachuk) #8 BUF - Alexander Nylander (RW/LW) - Son of Michael Nylander (and brother of 2014 #8 pick William Nylander) #11 OTT - Logan Brown (C ) - Son of Jeff Brown #16 ARI - Jakob Chychrun (D) - Nephew of Luke Richardson (and son of Jeff Chychrun, who played 262 games in the NHL from 86-94 but was not in the game) #19 NYI - Kieffer Bellows (LW/C) - Son of Brian Bellows #26 STL->BUF - Tage Thompson (C/RW) - Son of Brent Thompson #42 OTT - Jonathan Dahlen (C/LW) - Son of Ulf Dahlen #74 CAR - Hudson Elyniuk (LW/C) - Son of Pat Elyniuk #75 CAR - Jack Lafontaine (G) - Nephew of Brian Bradley (or, distant cousin, as per #86 BUF - Casey Fitzgerald (D) - Son of Tom Fitzgerald #87 WSH - Garrett Pilon (C ) - Son of Rich Pilon #201 NYR - Ty Ronning (RW) - Son of Pixelated Heroes star Cliff Ronning 2017 #2 PHI - Nolan Patrick (C ) - Nephew of James Patrick #7 NYR - Lias Andersson (C/LW) - Nephew of Mikael Andersson (NYR trade up to #7 pick to pick a player not ranked higher than 12th online....) #14 TB - Callan Foote (D) - Son of Adam Foote #62 VEG - Jake Leschyshyn (C ) - Son of Curtis Leschyshyn #121 OTT - Drake Batherson (C ) - Nephew of Dennis Vial (OTT) #177 EDM - Skyler Brind'Amour (C) - Son of Rod Brind'Amour #199 MTL - Cayden Primeau (G) - Son of Keith Primeau (and nephew of Wayne Primeau (NHL 94-10), not in the video game) 2018 #4 OTT Brady Tkachuk (LW) Son of Keith Tkachuk (and brother of 2016 #6 pick Matthew Tkachuk) #32 BUF Mattias Samuelsson (D) Son of Kjell Samuelsson #4 OTT - Brady Tkachuk (LW) - Son of Keith Tkachuk (and brother of 2016 #6 pick Matthew Tkachuk) #32 BUF - Mattias Samuelsson (D) - Son of Kjell Samuelsson #47 WSH - Kody Clark (RW) - Son of Wendel Clark #63 MIN - Jack McBain (C) - Son of Andrew McBain (OTT) #93 WSH - Riley Sutter (RW) - Son of Ron Sutter, Nephew of Brent and Rich #103 NYI - Jacob Pivonka (C) - Son of Michal Pivonka #171 COL - Nikolai Kovalenko (RW) - Son of Andrei Kovalenko. In case you are wondering, Nikolai is listed as 174lbs. And Andrei is listed as.. TWO HUNDRED TWENTY SEVEN POUNDS WHAT?! #196 NYI - Christian Krygier (D) - Son of Todd Krygier, and twin brother of 2018 #201 Cole Krygier #201 FLA - Cole Krygier (D) - Son of Todd Krygier, and twin brother of 2018 #201 Christian Krygier Let me know who I'm missing! Please use the format I used so it's easy/quick for me to add! ARI has drafted 6 Sons of '94 (or nephews). Further, they've traded for 4 more. Now they've traded 3 away (including a 94-for-94 P.Samuelsson for Keegan Lowe trade). Very weird.
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    NHL 2000 problem - face palette

    If I had to guess, I think your image is saved in the wrong format. Maybe it's suppsed to be a 256 colour image and you're saving it in 24bits, something like that.
  3. smozoma

    NHL 2000 problem - face palette

    Your original title of something like "nhl 2000 problem (answer me so I don't need to keep bumping threads)" was vague (said the game name but not the issue) and rude/pushy/demanding so I changed it.
  4. smozoma

    NHL'94 Family Ties

    Great, thanks I'll generally only update it after the draft each year. For "made it to the NHL" the intention is that they became (or are a sure thing to become) regulars. So a guy like Kerby Rychel doesn't get bolded.
  5. smozoma

    NHL 2000 problem - face palette

    unnecessarily demanding title changed to somethign that describes the actual problem
  6. smozoma

    NHLView NG Error

    Sounds like the age you used is out of the range the game supports?
  7. smozoma

    Most Simultaneous PIMS (for one side)

    That must be right, 5 is the max. Unless.... LINE CHANGES ON! I know I've seen 3, can't remember seeing 4 personally.
  8. Well.. when you deke left, the game sets the puck location to the left. The goalie sees that the puck has moved to the left, so his AI probably decides to move a little to that side, too, which it then does. The game isn't keeping track of "you deked left, and then shot, and your speed was x and your shot power was y" and then does a big calculation and then says "that's going to be a goal". So it's not even a "state machine" (like a flow chart), instead it's just the state of the game. The puck is here, each player is at whatever location going at whatever whatever speed, etc. (Edit: there may be some state machine stuff in there, like the puck has been shot rather than it's being carried, but stuff like the shooter's shot accuracy or power isn't in there. It's just how fast the puck is going and what direction it's going, which was originally dictated by those values, but they are no longer relevant once the puck leaves the stick.)
  9. Yes, the goalie's ability to catch or handle the puck is also part of their attributes. I was pointing out that it's not a simple probability, like "Gretzky has a 30% chance to score on this shot". The shot will have a speed and accuracy dictated by his attributes, which will put the puck at a certain place at a certain time with a certain speed. The goalie will react according to his own attributes, to try to block/catch/trap the puck, with success dictated by his attributes. It isn't just a lookup table. It's more like a step-by-step physics simulation, but also partially controlled by the player (where did he shoot from, how long did he hold the shoot button, how far did he deke, etc etc) Think of the game Plinko on The Price Is Right. While yes you can say there is x probability the disc will end up in the $1000 slot, the result isn't decided at the moment you drop the disc. It has to slide on the surface, hit each peg with a 50/50 probability of going right or left each time, etc etc, before the result is known.
  10. The goalie reacts according to his attributes. If you are controlling Gretz or Roenick, it's up to you to deke him out, using their speed, agility, stick handling, shooting, etc attributes. There isn't a probability you will score. You have to control the game and beat the goalie. The players have base attributes. Gretzky has 4 speed and 6 agility (6 is the maximum for all the attributes except weight and fighting). Roenick has 5 speed, 5 agility, as well as 5 shooting power and 5 shooting accuracy. Other attributes are offensive awareness and defensive awareness (inputs to the player AI, which I've heard represent basically how far the player can see), endurance (for line changes), passing accuracy.. When the game starts, the code reads in those values, multiplies them by 5 to give a value from 0-30, and then applies a little bit of randomness to each one (from -3 to +2). These values are used by the game to control how fast the player moves, how hard their shots are, etc. Depending on if the player is on the home team or away team, some player attributes get additional bonuses/penalties, depending on the home/away rating of the team. I don't remember which attributes are affected. Teams also have powerplay and penalty killing ratings, which affect some player attributes during those game scenarios. Finally, it is suspected, and vaguely confirmed, that there are some other hidden effects, which people on here often refer to as "momentum". Supposedly as the game goes on, it's more likely for goals to be scored. I don't know if this means goalie attributes are reduced, or player attributes are increased, or what.
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    Dec. 23rd - The Whale Returns!!!

    Zombey Zalapski?
  12. Saw this on Reddit.. seemed well-received... etc etc.
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    Defending Those Cheesy Crease Cuts

    Haha, I misunderstood the title and thought this was going to be like a moral defense of using the crease-cut. I think the best defense is the B-check. If his player is light and high-agility (#99), that can be tough, and you may need to CB him if possible (difficult if he's already really close to your defender). If you don't have a guy there, though, you need to take manual control. If he's too close when cutting across, you can knock him down with the goalie. However, beware if it's a ploy to get you to take manual goalie, then he dishes off for an easy one-timer goal.
  14. If you got an email from the forum recently, with the following text and a .doc attachment, please DELETE IT. It was not sent by us, so the attachment likely contains a virus (passwording the file hides the virus) . Also please reply below to say whether you did or didn't get the email, so we can figure out how widespread the issue is...
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    RetroArch Feedback (Long form)

    In some applications Alt+Enter is the Fullscreen toggle. (common in video players)
  16. smozoma

    NHL Hockey (94) DOS Solitaire League

    I just tuned in to see the awesome 3-0 goal replay with the check-and-goal
  17. smozoma

    NHL Hockey (94) DOS Solitaire League

    Is there fighting in this game? Because they're going to murder the other teams.
  18. Is it just me, or does it look like the guy in the yellow hat has 3 legs?
  19. I've seen that once or twice, it's hilarious. Just rocket around the endboards like a luge sled through a curve. It's almost like a minigame, trying to hit each other during the penalties. I never noticed that!
  20. Oh yeah, I call that "losing friction". Usually seems to happen when backchecking, then you fly past your opponent and need to bounce off the boards in order to regain friction. I've also seen it happen a couple times during the penalty screen (when the player is heading to the box and you can still skate around). Pretty funny when the guy flies by super fast. Oh and there's that weird quirk/bug/oversight where during the penalty screen the up/down/left/right is still relative to the usual rink view, so you need to press left or right to go 'up' on the screen to "talk to the ref" or check a guy into the penalty box.
  21. I'm also a fan of the checks sending players all the way back across the ice. If they make it nearly all the way across to the other side, that's cause for an instant replay to verify if they did in fact hit the far boards or not. Another checking quirk is that sometimes you'll check the player and then continue your speed boost check really far, like from the goal line up until almost centre ice. If you aim for the top corner from in close and off to the side of the net, but miss the net, the puck will fly off into the sky at a billion miles per hour. You can one-time the puck out of mid-air. Sometimes the player will automatically one-time their own rebound (regular slapshot on goal, bounces off the goalie, player automatically makes a huge wind-up and slapshots it again, usually for a goal). It is possible for two players to check one player at the same time (with the crosscheck animation, into the boards) Sometimes the goalie spontaneously morphs into a skater and lays a huge crosscheck on an opponent who got too close. If you check a player and he's relatively near the boards, but another player is between him and the boards, he will still fly into the boards, but from farther than usual. If you slapshot a puck and hit a player in the head when he's near the boards, he'll fly into the boards violently. Most of these appear in my old highlights videos
  22. smozoma

    Goals after Whistle

    (I was unclear, I was trying to show why it's not really feasible in a tournament to do honour goals, because it creates questions. The tournament rule is: if it's in the game, it's in the game. A goal is a goal. Also good point by Raph that you lose your earned penalty shot so giving back the goal is actually hurting yourself assuming an upcoming penalty shot is worth like 0.5 goals, and you've just turned it into -0.5 goals)
  23. smozoma

    Goals after Whistle

    Tournament play is a tough one... Thankfully I haven't heard of any disagreements so far. But say you're behind by a goal with time running out. Your opponent scores a glitch goal, and then there is only enough time to allow the make-up goal. The empty net goal takes up the time you could have used to try to score the tying goal. What do you do? Do you restart the game and give the guy 60 seconds to score or what...
  24. smozoma

    Goals after Whistle

    Yeah, it's similar to how if I got pokechecked on a penalty shot (which sometimes doesn't invoke a whistle), I wouldn't go pick up the puck and try to score again.
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    Goals after Whistle

    I think I've done that, given them a goal back... But hard to be totally sure of a memory from that long ago...