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  1. Whatever the 2nd pointer is to, it has a constant size of 70 bytes. On the other hand, the first pointers are generally around 250-750 bytes apart (but some are totally random, in their own banks for some reason..)
  2. Oh if East and West have identical pointers, then that messes up the idea that it's the logo...
  3. It's two "pointers" to other locations in the ROM. I assume it's a logo and a palette... The SNES CPU likes numbers backwards ("little endian"). "73 BE 9A 00 " Means... bank 009A, offset BE73. Since the SNES CPU is 16-bit, it can't actually address the whole ROM with a single number (16-bit maxes out at 64kb, but a typical ROM is 2MB), so it uses 2 numbers to specify where something is within the ROM: a memory bank number, and an offset within the bank. Each bank is 64kb (or 32kb??), and 0080 is the first bank so the data is in the 009a-0080=1A-th bank. So the image or paletteis at 001ABE73 in the ROM (if banks are 64kb), or maybe 000D3E73 (if banks are 32kb -- the first bit of the offset is removed, so BE73 becomes 3E73 (B-8=3)). Why doesn't the Genesis use banks if it's also a 16-bit CPU? It's actually a hybrid 16/24-bit CPU. Data is handled 16-bit, but addresses/offsets are 24-bit so it doesn't need banks because 24-bit can handle a 16MB ROM without banks.
  4. Added to the github, thanks!: https://github.com/nhl94dotcom/fonts
  5. Here is a minecraft font: https://github.com/IdreesInc/Monocraft But the interesting thing is that it has the FontForge project file, so it could probably be adapted to update the '94 font.
  6. I created a github "organization" to house all the various community NHL94 projects, and transferred the midi_2_nhl94 project into it https://github.com/nhl94dotcom/midi_2_nhl94 Anyone wanting to work on the project, let me know and I can figure out how to give you editing access!
  7. I put the code on github. https://github.com/nhl94dotcom/midi_2_nhl94 https://github.com/smozoma/midi_2_nhl94 I can add 'collaborators' UltraMagnus and I both took a look at NHL95 and it doesn't seem to use the same music system (at least for the organ music), or the songs are compressed so aren't clearly visible in the ROM data.
  8. Working on a script for making it easy to import MIDI music downloaded from the internet... It'll take some work to get the script to be able to merge tracks to create songs more accurately (e.g. keyboard + lead guitar tracks). I was hoping the game would happen to support multiple instruments, but basically you get the organ sound on channel 0 and the marimba sound on every other channel. Maybe some investigation of the menu screen music would show how extra instruments could be hacked in there... But I suspect it might not be possible, if the other sound channels are being used for gameplay noises.
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PLNpvLVu2xA @031BB2 00 90 39 21 00 90 34 26 00 90 28 26 0C 90 3B 1D 07 80 39 50 10 80 34 50 00 80 28 50 00 90 34 26 00 90 28 26 00 90 39 21 02 80 3B 50 09 90 3B 1D 07 80 39 50 10 80 34 50 00 80 28 50 00 90 34 26 00 90 28 26 00 90 39 21 04 80 3B 50 07 90 3B 1D 07 80 39 50 03 90 39 21 08 80 3B 50 03 80 34 50 00 80 28 50 00 90 3B 1D 07 80 39 50 04 90 3E 21 00 80 3B 50 0B 80 3E 50 00 90 40 21 0B 90 39 21 00 80 40 50 0C 90 3B 1D 07 80 39 50 04 90 3E 21 00 80 3B 50 0B 80 3E 50 00 90 3B 1D 0B 80 3B 50 x12
  10. I tried to replace the Whalers Brass Bonanza song with Toccata & Fugue in D minor, but it seems like can't just drop in internet MIDI file data directly, the game uses a very basic version of the format. Real version of the song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dkQrj-eEs-M MIDI version: https://bitmidi.com/toccata-and-fugue-in-d-minor-bwv-565-busoni-piano-arr-mid
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zIUIGphxu6k
  12. Hey I noticed something.. You identified 90/80 as note ON/OFF... That suggests strongly that it's MIDI format. 80 hex = 1000 0000 binary 90 hex = 1001 0000 binary http://www.music.mcgill.ca/~ich/classes/mumt306/StandardMIDIfileformat.html Status D7----D0 nnnn is the MIDI channel no. Data Byte(s) D7----D0 Description 1000nnnn 0kkkkkkk 0vvvvvvv Note Off event. This message is sent when a note is released (ended). (kkkkkkk) is the key (note) number. (vvvvvvv) is the velocity. 1001nnnn 0kkkkkkk 0vvvvvvv Note On event. This message is sent when a note is depressed (start). (kkkkkkk) is the key (note) number. (vvvvvvv) is the velocity. Friendlier explanations: https://www.cs.cmu.edu/~music/cmsip/readings/MIDI tutorial for programmers.html Also by Appendix 2 of the first link, it looks like the 90/80 byte is the 2nd byte in an instruction. The first byte is timing. So rewriting the bytes you quoted... ?? 90 27 23 ♪D#2 00 90 33 23 ♪D#3 14 80 27 37 03 80 33 41 0E 90 37 23 ♪G3 00 90 2B 23 ♪G2 14 80 2B 48 03 80 37 47 10 90 38 23 ♪G#3 00 90 2C 23 ♪G#2 13 80 2C 16 01 80 38 2E 06 90 39 23 ♪A3 00 90 2D 23 ♪A2 1A 80 2D 50 02 80 39 50 01 ... Plug those notes in here (ignoring timing)... https://onlinesequencer.net/ Click play... Does it sound familiar? I can't really place it, but it does sound like music! (edit: yeah it's totally the Go Fight Win song! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I6TV1jNI2ck)
  13. Tony Hand only rated 52? He scored more pro goals than Gretzky or Howe!
  14. Oh I thought that no longer worked? It's been updated with the new/correct one? The guy I was helping seemed to say it didn't work for him, but there may have been general not-used-to-using-windows issues...
  15. On Windows, for many people, the audio doesn't work "out of the box". You need to download and run this directx installer: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/confirmation.aspx?id=8109 (backup link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rejsecxjd079dp7/directx_Jun2010_redist.exe?dl=0)
  16. Cool Some tips/suggestions: The framerate is really bad, which is probably from SnagIt. Try OBS Studio, it's pretty much the standard for screen capture these days, though has a learning curve. Not sure why you'd add black bars on the top/bottom when it's already stretched out horizontally.
  17. 1st column (8 digits): the offset (aka the address) 2nd-4th columns (4 digits each): the hex values. Note: 2 hex digits = 1 byte. 5th column: the text representation of the hex values of the 2nd-4th columns (20hex=space,... 30h="0", 31h="1", 32h="2", 65h="A", 66h="B", 67h="C".. many values do not translate to a visible character so are shown as ".")
  18. Only like 2 people have ever done this mod, so it's something you'll need to experiment with
  19. Also, it should be mentioned, doing player pictures, especially adding pictures for players that don't have pictures, is one of the more difficult modifications to do. Start with easier stuff like replacing the splash screen, to gain experience.
  20. Usually what I do is select the correct encoding in TM (I think it's 3bpp?), set the width to 48 pixels or 6 blocks, then scroll until I see the image I'm looking for.
  21. No, there aren't really files to extract. We just think of it as a section of data that needs to be copied from one and pasted over the other. (Not that you couldn't put the data into a separate file, but that would be an extra unnecessary step...)
  22. It's the conservation between swos and habs, the 6th message. It's hex editor work, finding the song in 93 and pasting it over the one in 94.
  23. The one with the instructions Go to page 1 of this topic, then read through My bad, it's the 6th message
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