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  1. Could be this. I think winning was worth $200 or something like that. (not sure how that worked out with $25 registration...) He finished 7th/8th in Sega in Toronto, after coming in as the wildcard. Eliminated by Raph so who knows if he would have made 5th/6th or better if he faced someone else. EDIT: it was something to do with someone else signing up for the wrong system and Stanton volunteering to switch, to balance the numbers or something.
  2. Very tough competition! 4 of the SNES guys are top 20. Moe came second in the consolation round in Vancouver (0-6 in the round robin, then won 3 or 4 in a row before losing the final) Pre-tournament rankings, below. Some of their ratings are penalized (about -5%) due to not playing since 2018, so you'll see their ratings all go up (penalty removed) when I update the standings.
  3. It didn't air last night, likely due to the Kobe news taking precedence. (EDIT: yes the entire hour of Sportscentre was dedicated to Kobe) Someone will cap and post it when it airs
  4. Brett Hull: 34yrs 32G 35yrs 24G 36yrs 39G 37yrs 30G 38yrs 37G 39yrs 25G --------------- 187G Ovechkin is in his 33yrs season and has 692 goals and will likely get 20 more (54 on the season) = 712 712+187 = 899 If Ovechkin can be Brett Hull for the next 6 years he can pass Gretzky. And if he passes Gretzky I think the team will make sure he gets 900 before the end of the season (by my observation that Ovi usually scores 50+ and rarely just 45+)
  5. Rumour has it that one of the Chicago guys figured it out and won 15 of 16 in a game. (sega)
  6. If I understand, you mean they need to set it to PAL mode to get 25fps? (Or 50) in order to correct the music speed
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    I'll see if I can figure out the 'other titles' thing.
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    You don't get to talk to hokkee
  9. Like the NES days, just leave it on overnight
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    These rants were why you were eventually banned. You were actually given a lot of leeway and space, not just because you contributed ROMs etc. Also your "rebranding" was noted and appreciated. So your asking if the mods are "self-conscious" enough to evaluate things is ironic considering your above posts are exactly what got you banned before. "demonstrate it through dropping the seething disdain?" There has never been a blacker pot. You remember that you managed to start an argument on the KHL plane crash thread, right? We're not the root of the problem. It's your lack of social skills. We tried to accommodate, egg shells were walked on. But eventually enough was enough, when you went off into these conspiracy-theory, freeman-on-the-land-esque rants. Just.. stop? You aren't going to be able to recover cordiality with absolutely everyone, but that doesn't mean everyone is out to get you. Also, I/we knew you were game-winning-mullet instantly (it was obvious, even before you posted to a Tru thread minutes later). You could have made content under that friendly banner for the past year+. It was not *you* we tried to eliminate. You're here, so do stuff and get along. No one is going to do you account juggling favours. (edit: at least I don't expect so; there was no meeting about it or something)
  11. It's a doable hack but would take looking at the assembly code to figure it out specifically for those games. (in other words, we don't know how to do it right now and someone would need to put time into figuring it out, which I dont' think will happen)
  12. will respond after work
  13. Yes, I think something similar was done for the amazing "soccer" ROM
  14. Found this one on eBay. C16111 (I think it's "C" anyway)
  15. CoachMac has a cart with different banner colours for NJ. I wonder if that could be traced toa particular letter or number series
  16. Hmm don't do that pressuring ^ :/ After doing Sask-VEG-LI-GB in a period of ~15 months in 2016-18 (plus a trip with friends to Iceland in 2015) I concluded/admitted that travelling was not for me and have only done the two Ko94s since then. That said, outside of the Ko94s, I'll probably go to NY/LI again (packaged as a trip with the girlfriend, like last time) and looking to go to MTL some time as it's close. (corbettkb won LI! Beat me in 3 games. I treasure the NYI pillow I won, though )
  17. No worries :D. It's not actually called a commonwealth, rather it's part of "The Commonwealth of Nations" which is basically the UK and a bunch of former territories. Which I only know because of the Commonwealth Games (mini olympics that shows up on TV every few years). Can't say; not a big traveller.
  18. Dang.. too bad. But thanks for trying, was worth a shot.
  19. Also, I'm curious, what program did you use to bring the image down to 16 colours? Doesn't look like my Ditherer program (the patterns are too regular), but it did a good job.
  20. Absolutely, perfect picture