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  1. I think so, too. Well, I was thinking more along the lines of a few big options, like "What do you want to do?" Play NHL94 against other people (requires a windows/mac/linux/retropie computer) (sends you to computer emulator setup, also tells them about leagues) Play NHL94 solo (on your computer, console, or phone) (sends you to info about playing on consoles, phones etc). Talk to other NHL'94 fans (sends you to a page which gives the forum link and discord link). Download updated versions of NHL'94 (sends them to ROMs) Show me everything! (sends you to something like the current page) Play in a live event (upcoming tournament list, some videos from past events..) This was kind of the idea behind the JoinUs page ( ), a landing page that tries to give you an overhead view of the things you can do on nhl94/
  2. Different leagues have different settings (and rosters (draft leagues, 2020 leagues etc)), but yeah the typical setup used in most leagues is offsides off, penalties on, line changes off.
  3. Sounds like you two would be perfect for 2on2!
  4. Ahh ok, yeah i consider a 'one-timer' to be the shot (which happened to come off a completed pass)
  5. The bug in the game is that when you make a pass for a one-timer, the game immediately counts it as a pass attempt, but then it never counts it as a *completed* pass even if it gets to the recipient who then one-times it. So every 1-timer counts as a *failed* pass, which is wrong.
  6. Ditherer creates 16-color images, with each color being an actual valid Sega color. If you want to specify exactly which colours to use, like you're doing in this guide, it's the option 2 in Ditherer.
  7. Raph's got the info: He mentions "that particular wireless" because other types (i.e. bluetooth) can be really laggy. But that one should be fine. Also you can throw it farther that way after missing a wide open net in the final seconds.
  8. Correct, if you want to play against others online, you need to do it on your computer. You can certainly buy an old original Genesis on EBay for playing on your own, though. The computer "console" is called an "emulator." It's software, a program, that emulates the original genesis/SNES hardware. The computer "cartridge" is a data file referred to as a "ROM" (Read-Only Memory -- the type of chip used in cartridges to store the game could not be modified(overwritten) so they were called Read-Only) Whatever your computer is, it can run the emulator (Exception: Chromebooks). We were playing on our computers 15+ years ago, so unless you're running something that old (like your CPU's speed is measured in MHz, not GHz), you're fine. Best controller is hard to say, but this should be fine as far as I know: Some people even play on their keyboard (and are very good)
  9. Don't worry about asking too many questions, we're glad to help! We have a document written up for how to get started, covering downloading and setting up the emulator. If you want to play online there's a "Netplay" link at the end as well.
  10. smozoma

    OHL 2020

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  11. Freeze bug: when on the main menu, if you pick some of the last teams (winnipeg etc) and let it display the players on the screen (which it normally shows after showing the team logo for 5 seconds I guess), the game will crash. This is because there's a problem linking the teams beyond the 30th with the player pictures and names. It might also crash if you try to scroll through the player pictures on the ran barr screen? Weight patch: In the sega game, they got the checking calculation backwards, so that the light players can check the heavy players, rather than the reverse. The weight patch fixes that. Helmet fix is something graphical, I don't know what.
  12. Bump! Stream tonight at 8PM EST, with KingRaph joining for commentary. Go to the #streams-and-videos Discord channel to vote for which playoff series to air
  13. Sweet! Also don't be afraid to manually touch up the result BMPs if you feel you need to.
  14. See the guide thread for download and instructions
  15. I'll take a look at it later night! Been a while since I used it
  16. If you paste full-colour images directly into Tile Molester, it does a very simple/naive algorithm for converting it to 16 colours. This leaves you with areas of flat colour, like the middle image here. Note that the middle and right image both use exactly the same palette, but one looks much much better than the other. Some image editors do a decent job at converting to 16 colours, but those programs don't know the limited set of colours that the Sega can actually display, so sometimes the results are just ok. My Ditherer program takes an image and applies a few different algorithms, only allowing the actual Sega colours, and spits out a bunch of sample images, then you just select the one that you think looks the best. I should make a Youtube video for it... since it's not super easy to use, but it gives good results.
  17. For the "save your image as 24bit BMP" step, I recommend just using MS Paint (you're on Windows right?). Other image editors may insert some junk in the file that my program doesn't know how to handle.
  18. first save your ice image as a 24-bit BMP, (using an image editor like MS Paint), then download and unzip the program, drag-and-drop it on the program (it will take ~15 minutes to generate some candidate images), choose your favourite image Ther'es a bit more to it, explained in the instructions included with the program. Post on that thread if you have any problems and I'll try to help!
  19. That's what I figured :). It's a cool idea. But yeah I think the Ditherer program could liven up the ice background by smoothing out those grey patches (by using a pixelated/dithered gradient instead of flat colour)
  20. Oh I mean the background part. Looks like a Jackson Pollock
  21. That patch screen is incredible. The fabric texture/details works really well with the 16 colour limitation. Not sure what I'm looking at in the title screen though... maybe the image would benefit from the "Ditherer" program
  22. I remember I was actually beating you like 5-1 and then Hawerchuk went beast mode and you won 6-5 or something!
  23. Yes, this is definitely the weight bug. Those players often get subbed out on their real teams. Larmer: rated like 86? But a lot of that is his Defensive Awareness rating, which isn't useful, and maybe messes up his AI? Neely: too heavy. Good shot though. Jagr: too heavy, not much of a shot Stevens: way too heavy, slow, no shot Janney: would be a decent setup guy except he's a bit heavy, and he's slow Richer: He's decent on the Devils? Solid shot, not tooo heavy, decent skater. Ricci: someone used him on their starting lineup in GDL?? Anderson/Borschevsky: They're ok on the leafs, being 72 speed and average weight. Not special otherwise. Broten and Emerson are great all around players. Simpson has a great shot. Dineen is fast.