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  1. Going to be interesting with the system biases fighting each other.
  2. According to wikipedia, "They occur in a variety of habitats, such as grasslands, savannas, woodlands, thorny scrublands, mountains, and coastal hills."
  3. I think you can "highlight" the entire thing so it saves it forever?
  4. Another format, although maybe it spells out the matchups a little *too* clearly (also the 77 row is pretty crazy looking!)
  5. What if we just gave team numeric ratings (like your old ratings post),and said within 5 pts is pretty fair? So you'd take the ratings of the two team, add the relevant home or away value (although away value has less of an effect than home), and then you'd get a decent idea of the relative skills of the two teams. (The team ratings in the image are the mathematically derived values from your old post. we'd need to agree on new values) "Skillcap" is a bonus to deal with cases where a good player can get more out of a team.
  6. Pretty sure the social media crowd has voted "incorrectly" on at least half of the facebook "which team do you pick" polls, so I'm a little skeptical of their opinions... We'd need a few control polls to see what they think of matchups that are considered relatively fair by the online veteran crowd
  7. use the "open in new tab" option of your browser to view the full image. or click here, and zoom in if necessary:
  8. I don't think a separate post about the bug will help. Might want to just lead the main post with "NOTE: (bug details)" and then repeat that right above the downloads. In this thread it's kind of buried in the middle. One thing I learned from running Blitz league, is the longer something is, the more people will ignore in it. So given that Blitz league lesson, maybe do it this way: When you create a new rom thread, make 2 posts in the thread right away. The first post is very short, and contains only the most relevant info, the ROM, and the warning about the bug. The 2nd post contains less critical details/notes, pictures, etc.
  9. I have a silly/ugly suggestion.. edit the WPG logo to add text that says "hurry or crash" or something like that.
  10. Sounds good. i'll dig up my old notes.
  11. Yes, it's an issue with the base 32-team ROM that both updates use, not with something the creators of these specific updates have done.
  12. smozoma


    Additionally, can I ask how you found this place? Always looking to understand how to attract more people!
  13. Can I register as a co-complainant on this lawsuit?
  14. awesome idea The screen theme looks great, although i'm always in favour of bigger video, less dead space (also it says FALL 2019 instead of 18)
  15. I'd expect the original to be more "energetic" because as the user you'll use the light guys more, and they are generally faster. With the weight bug fix, is it the light CPU players that hit? I probably reversed that because I don't think I disabled CB in smozROM.
  16. Hi William, I think this is the easiest way to play the game: 1. Get the game Download the file "NHL94 2019 v4.bin" from the first post 2. Get an emulator Go to In the bottom-right of the page, download the file labeled "Gens Package (Emulators, New and Old Kaillera DLLs, ROMs, Files for Recording Games)". It's a zip file archive. Navigate to the folder where the file was downloaded on your computer (probably the Downloads folder) Right-click on the file and select "Extract" and follow the instructions that come up Now go into the extracted folder "Gens_214" Run the "Gens" program from inside that folder. You should get a window with oldschool TV "static" on it 3. Run the game In the Gens window, go to File -> Open ROM Navigate to where you downloaded the game file, select it and click open Boom! The game is running 4. Configure your controller I think the default controls are the arrow keys, ZXC(keyboard) = ABC(game controller), Enter = Start button To change the controls, click Options -> Joypads Click the buttons for the keys you want to remap If you have a game controller connected to your computer, you can use that instead of the keyboard. Let me know if there's any problem! Once you've got that figured out, there's more stuff you can do if you want to play the game online against other people, or even make your own edits to the game. Note that the original NHL94 game (nhl94.bin) is also in the zip package Here is a more in-depth guide:
  17. 95 sucks, anything with franchise mode is better, I don't know why anyone would play it
  18. Hmm actually it looks like their facebook doesn't have the video. Hopefully the Settle it on the Screen guys have a copy? Worst case, I may have a 360p copy ripped way back when that I could add to the ko94 youtube with Settle it on the Screen's permission. And of course we need Mikey's Toronto footage.
  19. Thanks I have the vancouver vids. I've been planning something with them rather than uploading the raw footage (as most games do not have the correct players listed or any kind of context about the games). Vegas: it looks like the link for the finals games was somehow stripped out of my post (probably a screwup during an edit). I'll have to go back and find it again. it's a pain because it's facebook and just have to scroll for days to find it.
  20. I do put my pants on 3 legs at a time
  21. Here is the full thread on goal records. Do we suck or something?!searchin/$20$2794$20record$20$23$20of$20goals|sort:date/ No penalties means they can't even B check. Many doubted the SNES record holder guy on the forums a few years ago...