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  1. If you install an emulator (such as RetroArch) on your chromebook, then any of the ROMs on here will work on that. Here are the ROMs: I don't think it's straight-forward to install an emulator on a Chromebook, though? It's not a general-purpose computer, it's kind of a glorified web browser device. Google for something like "install retroarch on chromebook"
  2. Anniversary mode in NHL14 wasn't really 94, though... It was '14 with star indicators. NHL94 Rewind doesn't have fighting. It's cool (it's the real '94 engine!), but there's no fighting. It also doesn't have built-in netplay which in my view makes it kind of pointless in the end (although EA says they might add netplay if they consider there to be enough demand!) If you've got Rewind on the PS4, join the Community called "King of 94" to play some people online on there.
  3. I think one of the splash screens actually composed of 2 or 3 images (big central area, plus a bar at the bottom and maybe the top), each with its own palette. So you need to find those other palettes. Pay careful attention in the guide that you probably started with. It should show you all the separate images and palettes.
  4. Yes, you MUST change the palette colours first to get the best results. Otherwise it just picks the closest colour from the existing palette, so some different colours from your image may get mapped to the same colour index, and if that happens you will lose detail in your image. For example if your image has 2 shades of red, and the existing palette has 1 shade of red, then your final image will only have 1 shade of red, even if you add the 2nd shade of red into the palette afterwards.
  5. And for sega I'm pretty sure you can change these in NOSE?
  6. Put the program in a path without spaces. That fixed it for someone else, so I guess I have a bug in there...
  7. It might be this? Make sure you hit Esc (or Enter or.. it's some key but I forget) after importing your image. Then you'll see the colours change to match the palette. If you don't do this it hasn't actually applied the image to the ROM.
  8. I wonder if I forgot to handle spaces in the file path
  9. Really weird. It shows the file size in bytes so it's always something like 172576. Try putting it in c:\temp\genesisimagedither_v100\ and trying there.
  10. Hmm strange. I see "File size: 0". Is Bure.bmp a valid image, or an empty file? The idea is that you start with a valid 256x224pixel, 24-bit BMP image that you want to put into your ROM. You drag-and-drop that image onto the program, then tell it what to do with the image. It then processes the image to give you a bunch of 16-colour images to choose from.
  11. You can buy and play Rewind without the subscription. There's just no online play without the subscription (because the PS's "SharePlay" screen-sharing feature is a subscription feature). If you didn't pre-order NHL21, then I think NHL 94 Rewind is $9.99 on its own. It's actually got some new work in the game, it's interesting. For example they added more teams than are in our own ROMs on this site, which is not a trivial thing to do considering they don't have the original source code so have to hack the assembly/binary code. Here's the thread where I listed all the differences I co
  12. Look for "NHL 94 Rewind" in the xbox/ps store. They made it super confusing!! If you're on PS, then once you've got it, join the Community called "king of 94" and there will be some guys in there to play against over Share Play (if you have a PSPlus subscription).
  13. It seems like there is a Canada/USA split. In Canada, everyone played NHL94 on SNES as a kid, and in the USA everyone played on the Genesis. When I was a kid (in Ontario), my friends and I rented a SNES from the video store every few months. We never even considered renting a Genesis. I have no idea why, that's just how it was. Maybe we never got the Genesis ads so never got that "Does what Ninten-don't!" influence, and Nintendo had the cultural monopoly due to the NES (I didn't even know Sega Master System existed until just a few years ago). So if you look at the world King of 94 r
  14. Free for the time being
  15. Like I mentioned, it adjusts your image to match the existing palette in the ROM. Change the colours in the palette to better match your image, then re-import your image. It's explained in detail in the guide Jkline wrote above.
  16. Your image needs to be the correct size. 6x4 is 48x32 pixels.
  17. I think you have to hit Esc or Enter or something to "apply" the image. You'll notice the colour details change when it does it (changes to the palette colours). Then save after that.
  18. Don't change the codec when importing your image. Let TM convert your image to the same codec as the original image. (you'll need to set the palette appropriately before doing this)
  19. Interesting.. I suppose if this actually worked it would be neat on an emulator where you could stretch the screen to get the proper aspect ratio. So you'd probably look through a trace of the game for where it accesses $C00004 and change the data written there, probably to $8C83
  20. 99% sure they don't have the source code. Source code repositories and versioning weren't a thing back then. The code was probably kept on some computer or tape backup that was lost 20 years ago. One of my favourite games is the "Cataclysm" expansion from 2000 for the game "Homeworld." A few years ago they released a remastered version of Homeworld, but there's no Cataclysm expansion for it.. because they lost the source code. NASA taped over the original moon landing tapes, BBC taped over the original Doctor Who tapes... Hell I used to have my own code repository on a computer
  21. If you try now, as long as you have already installed 21, I think you can buy Rewind from the store for $9.99.
  22. I hope so! last time I heard it was $30 for 21, or $65 for both..
  23. I'll just activate my fake desync detector...
  24. Apparently Rewind is US$9.99 in the store if you bought NHL21 separately. This was for Playstation.
  25. I never ran a league with that mod, because I figured there were a few guys who might try to do that. I can still think of a couple guys who have played recently who might possibly do something like that to get the upper hand when it mattered.