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  1. Awesome, thanks. Funny thing I noticed: A few players have different ratings when on the all star teams. Crosby has higher DefAw on ASE than PIT. Ovechkin has higher DefAw on WSH than ASE.
  2. Is this a patch that I could add to the NOSE download, without breaking other stuff?
  3. Face/Off obviously But no, it's Slap Shot. (now streaming on Showtime/paramount+ in the USA and nowhere in Canada)
  4. Interesting video on why game prices are so crazy suddenly: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rvLFEh7V18A . But as for why some people would buy the actual cartridges, it's for nostalgia and collectibility... Kind of like hockey cards, you wouldn't want a picture of a rookie card of your favourite player from when you were growing up, you'd want the real thing. Lots of people are happy to play emulated games, but some are happier with the real thing. Then there's stuff like playing on a CRT TV so that the graphics look as they were intended...
  5. Like Drezz suggests, you probably didn't remove the checksum. But if you have the checksum, then you are probably trying to edit the original game, which is something you shouldn't bother doing, because the graphics aren't editable. You should use a 32-team edited ROM. Anyone have a link to a good 32-team base ROM to use?
  6. Way back when, I felt like Blades was popular because of the graphics and sounds, but Ice Hockey was more fun. Loved that you could customize the team with fat/medium/skinny guys.
  7. "No one's ever going to want to watch the original moon landing tapes right?"
  8. If you want to join the live chat server where most of the action is these days, here's the link: https://discord.gg/H7vrytU
  9. There's this "Formula 1 prediction challenge" video series on youtube that is pretty fun, so I thought I'd do the same for the NHL season. But since the new season is far away, I thought why not use the World Jrs as a test? If you'd like to participate, just fill out your predictions here: https://forms.gle/F5mokfp2v8NPyvx76 No need to be super serious about your picks, there's no fee or prize, just bragging rights. After the tournament is over, I'll put together a video going over the results. If you want to, you can join in the video.
  10. Added this page, which lists like 100 genesis hacking resources https://github.com/And-0/awesome-megadrive
  11. I wonder if we should standardize the location of these graphics?
  12. EARE runs on Windows. ROMs changed with EARE should run on emulators on android.
  13. .bin and .md ROMs are the same. If it only accepts .md, then rename the .bin file to .md. .smd is different.
  14. You probably want "Edit lines ratings match the players" That way the players feel the same as in the original game, but you see the correct ratings. The other option feels weird, because a guy can be hot on speed but cold on agility, so he skates totally differently, feels like an unknown player.
  15. The best thing to do is not let them get close to the net in the first place, by bodychecking them and stealing the puck. There are 3 ways to bodycheck on defence. Knowing which technique to use in which scenario will help you out here. There's the basic "C Check", the more advanced "B Check", and the much more difficult-to-pull-off "C/B Check". The C Check is the normal bodycheck you find in the game manual, and is the way the game is normally meant to be played. You aim your defender at the attacker, press the C button, and your player does a speed boost to close to the distance to the attacker and knock him down. If the check would knock the player into the boards, this works 100% of the time. However, for an open-ice check (such as a player approaching your goal), the success of a C Check is mostly based on the relative weights of the players. Due to a bug in the game, which we call The Weight Bug, human-controlled lighter players have a better chance at knocking down heavier players. Internally, players have a weight attribute that goes from 0-15 (although the lightest skaters actually have a 3 weight attribute). The in-game weights you see in Edit Lines or Team Rosters are calculated as 140lbs + 1xWeight. Theo Fleury has a weight attribute of 3, so his weight in the game is 140+8x3 = 164 lbs. Roenick, Gretzky, and a handful of others have a 4 weight (172 lbs). At the other end of the spectrum, you have heavy players like Cam Neely and Mario Lemieux with 10 weight (220lbs). For an open-ice hit to consistently succeed in knocking the opponent down, you need a 2-point (16 lbs) or greater weight difference. This is the source of Roenick being the greatest video game player in history, his low weight coupled with the game bug make him virtually impossible to knock over, since there are no skaters who weight 2 (156lbs), and since not many players weight 5 (180 lbs or less), he's able to knock down most players with ease. Something "interesting" to note with the C Check is that under CPU/AI control, the Weight Bug does not apply! Heavier players under CPU control can knock over light players. This strange fact will be important to know later... The B Check is a core beginner skill that will immediately make a big difference in your ability to defend. It only works with penalties enabled. Instead of Using the C button to check a player, you use the B button when right next to and facing the attacker with the puck. Your player will do a poke-check animation, which has the effect of tripping the other player, knocking him over, and usually ending up with the puck on your stick. The referee very rarely calls a penalty when you do this, so it's a very effective way to stop a player who can't be checked with a traditional C Check. While the B Check only works at close range, it has the advantage of ignoring the weights of the players, so any player has the potential of knocking over any other player as long as they are able to get close enough to knock them over. The C/B Check is a high-skill technique that's hard to pull off but can allow you to use a heavy player to knock down a light player at long-range. The trick with this check is that, as mentioned before, AI-controlled players are not subject to the Weight Bug. So if you can begin a C Check with control of a player, then remove control of that player before the check connects, you can nullify the weight bug so that heavy players can check light players with the C button speed boost. The way to do this is to line up your check, press the C button to set off the speed boost check, then quickly press the B button before the check connects (so the star under the player transfers to a different player). The Weight Bug goes away and the heavy player can knock down the light player. Not many (human) players use this technique because it's a bit risky, and you don't usually need it because the B check can knock anyone over. But, a C/B check can hit players who are farther away, which can really surprise a human attacker who believes himself to be at a safe distance against a heavy defender who is too far away to pull off a B-Check. It can make heavy teams like Pittsburgh, New Jersey, or Washington more effective at defending against light teams. You can go here to see the weights of the players: https://www.nhl94.com/html/player-data.php (might need to be on desktop / non-mobile to make it easier to view as a table)
  16. To create a profile, start a game with User Records enabled.
  17. To be fair, the SNES 93 port was very rushed direct port of the Sega version and is basically completely inferior because it doesn't take advantage of SNES hardware strengths. SNES 94 is a completely separate game than the Sega 94, it takes advantage of the SNES hardware (note the better colours and more realistic sounds), but has very different gameplay. 95-98, different story, the games are much more similar but also are tailored to the hardware. Could be worth trying them out on both.
  18. It's still slow. In my opinion there is zero reason to ever play 93 on the SNES. Play the Genesis version. It's the exact same game but without the sound bugs and terrible frame rate. They made the Genesis version first, then they got some guys who had never programmed on the SNES before to recreate the Genesis version on the SNES in like 3 weeks. The programming techniques used on the Genesis don't translate well to SNES, so the game is pretty broken. That's why for 94 they threw it all away and made a SNES game from scratch, to work properly on the SNES hardware.
  19. There's also a 95 'Discord' live chat server: https://discord.gg/CxkXVmee And the '94 one is here: https://discord.gg/H7vrytU (bigger, more active..)
  20. When I see clips of long-range SNES goals, there's usually a screen. On Sega, you need a guy with a hard shot, and a little cross-ice momentum, and you need to be well inside the zone. Or press down to try for the five-hole.
  21. or here https://archive.org/details/nointro.md Under "DOWNLOAD OPTIONS", expand "7Z" and scroll down to NHL Hockey alphabetically (or use your web browser page search functionality)
  22. K06610 E25910 D17091 - Located in: Greensburg, Pennsylvania, United States A23228 - Located in: Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada I23639 - Located in: Saint-Marc de figuery, Canada J08588 - Located in: Digby, Nova Scotia, Canada K23163 - Located in: Beaverton, Oregon, United States A10357 - Located in: Bowling Green, Kentucky, United States
  23. Amazing. Good luck with solving those artifacts! Does your emulator have a VDP/graphics window where you can visually see what's in the graphics memory? It looks like maybe some memory got overwritten. Are you able to identify what the artifacts are? Like they look like they're part of some other image.
  24. Welcome! What are you trying to do? This page may help out: https://nhl94.com/JoinUs The forum organization should look something like this...
  25. Also make sure you're using a 32-team ROM as a base. If you try to use the original game, it has a 'checksum' security routine that tests if the game has been modified and doesn't play if it has been changed.
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