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  3. SNES: (see "Group Stage" for round robin results) Sega: (see "Group Stage" for round robin results)
  4. Round robin: Playoffs: Nice picture of their setup and "divan" (The tourney is run by "Joutes du Divan" - "Couch Jousting"):
  5. smozoma

    NOSE 1.2b download

    (I think) It's something to do with those ROM codes embedded in the header of each ROM, which NOSE uses to know how to process the ROM. smozROM would label the ROM as a 28- or 30-team ROM with or without 0-15 ratings and with a particular base weight. But if the ROM is 32-teams, maybe NOSE detects that something is weird and so gives up. I probably just need to update smozROM to be able to detect 32-team ROMs (it already knows the difference between 28 and 30 team ROMs) and make up new codes for those ROMs.
  6. smozoma

    NOSE 1.2b download

    Updated with the NHL'94 32-team ROM ID .ini file Note: If you apply the the smozROM 0-15 ratings hack to a 32-team ROM, NOSE doesn't know how to deal with it.
  7. That NOSE package "supports wboy's NHLPA '93 30-team ROM" To work with a 32 team ROM (there's such a thing?), it needs updated .ini files in order to recognize the additional teams in the ROM. Hopefully slapshot has them. If they are provided, please @ me and I can update the NOSE package with the latest .ini files.
  8. I think it's important to point out that clockwise is kidding about them being autogenerated You can pick whatever you want, a mod just needs to go in and change it for you.
  9. Just try following Tony's tutorial (or the re-written one I did), in which he goes step by step through a simple hack. If you enjoy how it works (like Raph says, it can be very addictive), I can direct you on how to use the same process but with the necessary changes needed to fix the goalie pulling bug.
  10. Yes, it should work in a SNES emulator
  11. I could guide you through this using the techniques from Tony H's hacking tutorial The way i would do this would be to put RAM read traces on the goal score RAM values, and then wait for the goalie to be pulled. The last traces on those values must be used to calculate whether or not the pull the goalie. Then a code trace would reveal the code used to calculate whether or not the pull the goalie. Probably the code has something like "take the difference of the goals", "test the difference against 2" "if the difference of goals vs 2 is 0, then pull the goalie" Then we'd try to change the code so it pulls the goalie if the difference is 1 or 2. You up for that?
  12. Also, welcome back @Deac0nFr0st, first posts since 2010!!
  13. No, they haven't. id is very much an outlier, and even then the decision to release the source code was controversial within id (it was mentioned in a John Carmack interview I listened to recently). EA isn't cool enough to do that . I don't think they even have the source code anymore anyway. Source control wasn't a thing back then.
  14. in theory yes, but in the reality of 30-40-somethings with other stuff to do than spend 100 hours trying to figure it out, no it's very hard to edit the code because it's not source code, it's the raw assembly code, without any variable names. figuring out just what code from 93 is the fighting code would be a lot of work to begin with. and then to actually copy the code over, adjust all the now-broken code links in the 93 code, and somehow attach the 94 code into the 93 code, and vice-versa.. and then also add all the sprites.. it's really really really hard. Supposedly the fighting code is still in there but disabled or perhaps chopped up. So that could make it somewhat easier, but still really really hard. The sprites are definitely missing.
  15. Technically in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, near MTL It's a SNES tournament (though the graphic is Sega) $5 to compete
  16. hm strange, not what i expected! Thanks for figuring this out
  17. I suspect that gens-netplay-save.exe is acctually just gens11b gens.exe with saving allowed. no renaming is necessary. in other words I don't think the config settings change teh screen behaviour, it's the particular version of gens (you noted it had a plethora of graphical options)
  18. Does this one have the weight-bug-fix?
  19. I had a lot of fun creating players and simming seasons in 95. I never actually played the games though, because it kinda sucked.
  20. Brackets: Stream:
  21. too hard to enforce... but yeah the PP is a double-edged sword. In the Vancouver round robin video, I refer to it as the "power kill" because there were so many short-handed goals so on the other hand.. the penalties are pretty random, so the fact it can work out either way is maybe not a bad thing?