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  1. Boston Boy

    Android Genesis emulator app?

    Matsu Player is good as well.
  2. Boston Boy

    Is Hamachi still the main way to play P2P?

    Do you mean NetPlay? Because people are now starting to switch to RetroArch, an all in 1 emulator.
  3. Boston Boy

    NHL 2012 (97)

    That's so weird. How does that even happen? Well might be the emulator or the console, likely the emulator. Not the biggest nerd here, so I can't guarantee.
  4. Boston Boy

    NHL 2019 “Way Too Early Edition” ROM

    Haha yeah, I wished Boston landed him. I think it's smart to let all of these rumors pan out before updating again. Well, I can't wait til hockey starts again!
  5. Boston Boy

    NHL player playing cards

    OMG That's so cool I've never seen those! THose look absoultley awesome.
  6. Boston Boy

    NHL 2019 “Way Too Early Edition” ROM

    Nice Rom! Like how you came out with this early!
  7. Boston Boy

    Question about the NHL'67.bin Rom

    Yes, Henri Richard is the brother of Rocket Richard
  8. I am having so much trouble with searching RAM
  9. Boston Boy

    Fewest number of skaters?

    On the lines, you will need filler players on the team, but don't put any of them on a line.
  10. Boston Boy

    Fewest number of skaters?

    You have to have a least 18 skaters for the game to work well, I believe. But you don't need the phantom skaters, because you can replace the players with "HEX 0!!!" and the game will remove those players in those positions in NOSE.
  11. Boston Boy

    Some Sonic-themed hacks

    These are some really cool hacks
  12. Boston Boy

    Some Sonic-themed hacks

    I'm doing a super Mario hack right now.
  13. lol I just asked this same thing like 10 min ago.