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  1. I'm more curious than anything, but I'd imagine if you have RetroArch on your 3DS then you would be able to just download the original .bin file? Based on your post here I'm assuming that you'd still need the bin file but you could install the .cias as a forwarder to RetroArch.
  2. Hello NHL '94 Forums! As a big fan of Nintendo and Sega characters, as well as a big fan of the SMG4 YouTube channel, I decided it would be cool to create a rom hack with characters from SMG4's content (mostly Nintendo characters). The ROM will be a 1v1 rom. Currently, I have uniforms, players, teams, ratings, and lines all set. All I need to do it's the logos and banners to be edited to match every player. This will take a very long time as I have no clue on how to edit any of the hexes or sprites in the game (I'll probably need help from an expert haha). So far, I like what I have, but I plan to make some changes. Here is what I have now: Note: I made this ROM back in 2017 but it recently came back to update it. SMG94v2.bin
  3. I'd imagine homebrewing a 3DS is different than the DSi?
  4. This is so sick! Being back on this forum for the first time in nearly three years I was hoping there was a NCAA rom. Glad there is!
  5. Do you mean NetPlay? Because people are now starting to switch to RetroArch, an all in 1 emulator.
  6. That's so weird. How does that even happen? Well might be the emulator or the console, likely the emulator. Not the biggest nerd here, so I can't guarantee.
  7. Haha yeah, I wished Boston landed him. I think it's smart to let all of these rumors pan out before updating again. Well, I can't wait til hockey starts again!
  8. OMG That's so cool I've never seen those! THose look absoultley awesome.
  9. Nice Rom! Like how you came out with this early!
  10. Yes, Henri Richard is the brother of Rocket Richard
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