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  1. Joe Montana Sports Talk football was my GAME at as a kid. Oh man so many memories, the funniest was when you did a FG attempt on a 1st down in your own territory or something and the commentator's like "they line up for the field goal on the first down and I CAN'T BELIEVE IT" LMAO still cracks me up to this day. See this video @ 1:36 LOL Also we can't forget College Football's National Championship on Genesis! Both were awesome, and as much fun as the old Maddens on Genesis were, I have to say Joe Montana Sports Talk and CFNC were m
  2. Who could forget the Nerf Screamer LOL. As far as best football games, NCAA on PS2 was boss, also NFL Street and Madden on PS2 were great. Football games peaked on PS2 and Original Xbox!
  3. I am so glad to see the Green shirt guy finally reunited with his long lost leg. But now he's the only fan without a mirrored twin on the right side of the scoreboard! What happened to his reflection - every other fan looks in the mirror and sees themselves, but the green shirt guy looks in the mirror and all he sees an empty seat. And another thing - the Green shirt guy only has 1 leg, while the guy in the orange shirt sitting next to him has what looks like 3 legs!! Why does the orange shirt guy get to hog all the legs. Who needs 3 legs anyway, surely the orange shirt guy could spare a
  4. I'm sort of the opposite Bob, in that I think the logo is pretty cool looking but I find the name to not be good at all. It's one of the weirdest names of a sports team I've ever heard. And the fact that no ones ever heard of it, that it's a mythical creature. I think they tried to be bold with this name and do something cool but unfortunately I think it may backfire. The name itself is very easy to make memes about and I don't think this is a good thing. The other problem I have with it is that the name appears to have been taken from a Hollywood film Clash of the Titans and the producer
  5. Thank you very much for creating your wonderful collegiate hockey roms. I really like what you did with lowering the speed of the puck, passes being slower makes it a very different and unique NHL 94 experience. And also I noticed that you lowered the speed of C-button defensive speed bursts. So when you do a C-button speed burst you don't cover as much ground as normal. This makes the rink feel bigger and this makes it feel like you really have to sprint a lot to get to loose pucks. Also the speed at which skaters turn also seems to be slightly slower which feels very cool as well. I'm g
  6. For the shooting accuracy rating : ('94 on Genesis) Does the shooting accuracy rating affect only the shooting accuracy of CPU shots? What about user-controlled shots when manually directing a shot by holding down a d-pad direction? I don't think I've really tested whether shots will go off target more when manually aiming a shot with a player with a lower rated shooting accuracy like a defenseman. And also does the shooting accuracy rating have an noticeable affect on the accuracy of one-timer shots?
  7. Yes that's what I was referring to. The disabling one-timers code for '94 was a great find. Good on you for asking about it and props to smozoma for finding it. I was using that code until I created the smaller goal mod. Playing NHL '94 with one-timers disabled was really fun as I liked lower scoring games but many had asked about a way to make one-timers less accurate so I was happy to deliver the smaller goal mod to the community to accomplish that feat. Of course the article was written before these solutions to one-timers in NHL '94 were discovered, but even before these solutions wer
  8. Great article especially the Swingers part about righting a historical wrong but in no way shape or form can you use that to put NHLPA '93 ahead of NHL '94. Yes NHLPA '93 had fighting. Yes NHLPA '93 had some things better like being able to bring up the line changes without automatically clearing the puck but it was also way more limited and basic than NHL '94. From a Gameplay standpoint, NHL '94 is on a different level than NHLPA '93. It's a much deeper engine but it was an interesting point about the ratings system being so different with NHL '94's rating system being like an “everyone
  9. Big Bird was a natural on the ice. You don't want to end up along the boards with Big Bird. Bert running some major interference setting up the one-timer, in True NHL 94 fashion the refs didn't call it.
  10. This is a cool idea, a rom to better hone your skills with training. I'm particularly interested playing with the no skater team, because I recently discovered a camera mod that has the camera fixed on the bottom part of the rink (the goalie) throughout the entire game instead of following the puck. With the camera fixed on the bottom 1/3rd of the rink it makes practicing manual goalie a lot better. This would be great practice with less or no teammates so I am just constantly defending shots from the opposition the entire time while manually controlling the goalie. One thing though that
  11. @Minni_North_Star Hey! We share the same twisted dream of playing against a capable computer. That's been one of my goals all along and a direct way to address that is to make the goal smaller. This lowers the accuracy of shots in general and particularly one-timers. You'll experience a more capable CPU opponent if you play against teams with highly rated player ratings particularly shot accuracy. I see that you're preferred system is SNES but if you give my version 1.1 rom a try maybe this mod will convert you to the Genesis version haha. Yes the smaller goals are on both sides
  12. I made some discoveries thanks to this topic that add on to the codes that wboy found, which I showcased in my smallest goal rom. The codes that wboy found were fantastic, and I used those to search around for more codes and managed to find two additional codes that allowed me to make important changes to the score and timer overlays. Here there are : Timer Related ============= x y -- -- 0x00012AEF = BF01 1920; Pwr Play Text 0x00012AF8 = BF01 1A20; Power Play Clock So these additional codes allow for more customization of the position of both the score and the time
  13. Version 1.1 of the Smallest Goal Rom has been released. This fixes an issue in version 1.0 in which all Players were Lefties in-game regardless of their handedness rating. This was due to a rom code that improves Goalie Diving Save Angles. In this new version, the rom code has been reverted to its original default value, which returns player handedness to normal, and disables the code that improves Goalie Diving Saves. In the ROM there are instructions on how to still get the improved goalie diving saves in the new version without it causing all players to be Lefties, which involves running 2
  14. Thank you jumbo90 for your comment. You've been a great help thus far. The one area that is still a work in progress is the goalies. To those who have tried the rom, I lowered the goalie ratings a good amount so that it won't be impossible to score goals when you first try it. I thought with the first version it was important that you are able to score goals, however if you start increasing the Goalie ratings to what they normally are, it will become harder and harder to score. So what I'm trying to find is a balance. My goal is to eliminate most of the cheap goals without making it too hard t
  15. That's a very interesting observation @FightFan that in NHLPA93 when playing as the Visitor team the CPU as the home team puts in its checking line as they should but when you are playing as the Home team the CPU Visitor team the CPU isn't putting in the checking line if I have that right. I wonder if this is an issue in NHL 94 as well. I normally don't pay too much attention to which lines the CPU team is subbing in but now I will pay more attention to it.