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  1. You did a wonderful job with this rom @The Sauce . I downloaded your latest version 5 the other day and I am having a blast playing matches. Gameplay seems really balanced, the speed seems just right and I read what you said about what you did to line changes making them more accurate to the current season and making line changes more strategic. I play with Line Changes On in very long matches, like 20 minute periods with a real-time clock and with the one-timers OFF code and I have noticed that every line feels different and I don't know how you did this but matches against the CPU really do feel more strategic. It's something to do with how you balanced the ratings and adjusted the speed of players. You can skate around CPU defenders but at the same time the CPU team can swiftly launch counter attacks so it has a good balance of being fun to play and being challenging in games vs the CPU.
  2. Those are very useful. Thank You. I was trying to find those earlier but was unsuccessful in my code searches. I plugged those into RAM Watch in Gens and moved around the player to see all the values. Now that I can see the values, it looks like the left most X point is FF80 and the right most X point is 0080. I had a look in memory editor. I can get the player on the other side of the boards by editing the value of FFB14A, i.e. changing FF80 to FF60. or changing 0080 to 00A0. If I do that, the player warps to the location beyond the boards, but then you try to move him from there and he starts sliding back towards the ice. There may be a value somewhere near there that removes or extends the barrier, so you can freely skate from FF80 to FF60 for example, but that X position code may need to be traced to find that. Generally the methods I use to find codes are by searching. I attempted to edit those X and Y speed addresses but I haven't been able to edit the player's speed like I was able to move the player with the position codes.
  3. I'm testing it a bunch trying to find the best value. I am using a horizontal puck I made for NHL 94 Genesis and with the rom I'm liking values of 017012:FFFE and 017014:FFFE. With "FF FE FF FE" the collision looks good especially when the puck hits higher up on the boards and bounces off. On ice level FF FE FF FE cuts into the boards slightly before bouncing off but I like the extra space and the new angles it creates. So I suggest try 00 00 00 00 and FF FE FF FE and see which one you like best. It depends I think on the shape / size of your puck and the rom you are using which may have different board art placement. I'm having a lot of fun with this !
  4. Exactly ! This is why I am so excited about it because it opens up a lot of possibilities. I mean editing the artwork is one thing but having found the collision barrier in code for the puck is huge. As it stands, we can now move the board artwork several pixels back to make it slightly bigger, and adjust this code, but this code only affects the barrier that the puck meets the boards, not the players. So there still is the barrier of the players and the boards that we need to try to find a code for. If you test this code you'll start to notice how when free skating players can only really touch the boards with the end of their stick, not with their bodies. But this code is a great first step to the creation of an international-size rink, or at least a slightly bigger / wider rink.
  5. Oh yeah, it's awesome. I was thrilled when I found this code, I pretty much just stumbled across it in RAM when searching for other codes, then I found it in the ROM. The address 017012, that's a hexadecimal offset. It's 017012 and 017014. If you search a rom for "00 05 00 05" in hex (00050005) it's the first result that comes up. Just change those two 05's to 00 and you're good to go, fire up that rom and start lobbing pucks into the boards. It's a huge improvement !
  6. I found a very interesting code that I'd like to share. I converted it to a ROM code to make it easy to apply to your NHL 94 Genesis roms. What this code does is that it adjusts the physical barrier that exists between the puck and the boards all the way around the rink. So if you apply this code, when the puck hits the boards, now it'll actually appear to hit the boards flush instead of bouncing off that invisible barrier. This is particularly noticeable when the puck collides with the side boards, as the puck just didn't come close to actually hitting the yellow line. The collision just wasn't accurate, pucks were bouncing off the edge of that grey shadow of the side board which is several pixels off the yellow line. Now with this code adjustment, pucks will actually hit the side board in line with the artwork and it looks fantastic. I hope you test this so you can experience it for yourself. It may seem like a small detail, but it greatly enhances NHL 94 Genesis visually and it affects gameplay, you'll see. Without this code, when the puck hit or wrapped around the boards behind each goal. . . well, at the top of the rink, it looked OK but the puck didn't appear to fully collide with the yellow line. And when the puck hit the bottom edge of the rink, it clearly was hitting an invisible barrier well off the board. But now, with this code, all those invisible barriers are gone and the puck will actually appear to hit the board, which gives the puck more space to travel along the ice before colliding with the barrier. So with this extra space for the puck to travel, you get new angles when you send the puck off the boards. Note that this code doesn't affect the collision of the players with the boards, only the collision between the puck and the boards. This code essentially allows you to have a bigger rink as far as the puck is concerned. Finding this code has me now looking for a code to adjust the barrier between the players and the boards, which I haven't been able to locate yet. But as it stands, if we were to edit the artwork of the boards to move them back a few pixels, we now have a code that would allow us to adjust the physical barrier of the puck to be inline with that. To apply this, you need to hex edit a rom at the following offsets : Change 017012:0005 to 017012:0000 Change 017014:0005 to 017014:0000 The default value of 05 is what causes the puck to bounce off that invisible barrier when it gets close to the boards. Lowering the value to 00, well it gives the puck more space to travel before colliding with the barrier. Please provide your feedback if you test this for yourself. Bonus : In case you were wondering, you can adjust this code further and increase the barrier of the puck and the boards to go well beyond the artwork of the boards. If you want the puck to travel even farther like into the crowd before hitting the barrier, here's what you do : Change 017012:0000 to 017012:FFxx Change 017014:0000 to 017014:FFxx with xx starting with FF and reducing the value further to allow the puck to travel farther beyond the boards before hitting the barrier. So like 017012:FFFC and 017014:FFFC allows the puck to travel further before hitting the boards, 017012:FFF8 / 017014:FFF8 allows the puck to travel even further, and by 017012:FFF0 and 017014:FFF0 the puck travels all the way to the feet of the spectators before colliding with the barrier, and the puck is barely still reachable by players. If you go beyond that like into FFEx the puck is hitting the spectators and at that point is too far away for players to retrieve the puck at that point, due to the player / boards barrier. With normal artwork it's best to just leave the codes at 0000 but the fact that you can adjust it further is very encouraging. In finding this code, it really has me thinking about editing some of the artwork to make the NHL 94 Genesis rink bigger.
  7. I posted them above. I have provided you with two codes depending on if you are the Home Team or the Visitor Team. You need to enter these Game Genie codes while you are running the game after you enter Continue Playoffs. After you have reached the Playoff bracket, you can enter the code to change it from Head to Head to Two Teammates. If your team is the Home team in the next playoff game, then enter this Game Genie code before starting the match : AHB9-8ABL If your team is the Visitor Team in the next playoff game then enter this Game Genie code before starting the match : AMB9-8ABJ That should change it from Two Head to Head to Two Teammates, must make sure you activate the code after you press Start and go into Continue Playoffs. Please test it in your emulator and confirm that these codes work for you. Note that you will want to Deactivate the code each time before you enter Continue Playoffs if in the next playoff game your team as the Home or Visitor team changes.
  8. @mitch13 Have you had a chance to test my Game Genie codes? Did those fix that problem, allowing you to now Continue Playoffs in Two Teammates mode? I think you stumbled on a very important bug and I'm glad that I can be of assistance to find a way around that problem. Has no one else noticed this bug before now? In any event I am glad to help others experience NHL 94 to its full potential by finding game genie codes. I want to test two teammates mode further and find more codes for it. For example, making it so player 2 does face-offs instead of player 1.
  9. Haha I think you're right that it was because of one of your players taking a big hit right after that. At first I thought it was like the bench being triggered by one of their players getting checked into them, like the bench yelling "how dare you do that to one of my teammates, now you gotta fight the whole bench". That's funny to see the player magically hop back out onto the ice, from hiding under the bench apparently, while the bench was going nuts from the hit. It would be hilarious to see somebody try and re-enact that lol.
  10. Yeah the bench reaction is what stuck out to me. I've never seen that before. The only time I see the bench moving (on the Genesis version) is before the face-off. Once the face-off is dropped they stay frozen, which was probably done by the developers to ensure a smooth frame rate. Now you did that on the SNES version, could the bench reacting like that to the hit into the bench be an SNES version only feature? I guess that reaction happened because the player was hit into his own team's bench. The player who got checked over the boards kind of slowly disappeared when the bench reaction animation started.
  11. That's interesting that you found those stats are affected by changing the PP clock speed code. It seems that you were trying to fine tune the power play time by using that code and speeding it up from 1 minute to make it really 45 seconds. I've been playing on the real-time game clock and the real time PP clock speed (3C value I think) for a while now. Believe it or not, I use 2 minute penalties real-time but I have a game genie code that speeds up the power play clock so if penalties start to pile up and if power plays start getting excessive I can just end penalties real quick by running a game genie code. In some games you only get a penalty once in a while and 2 minutes real time penalties are not a problem. But I know what can happen if penalties just start piling up and you will be inclined to reduce penalties to 1 minute. I will definitely check my Attack Zone stats to see if those numbers look right while playing with a real-time game clock and the real time PP clock.
  12. I just tested the codes and they work. I converted them to Game Genie format from RAM codes. Here's what you do : You go to Continue Playoffs. It's locked on Two Head to Head. You press Start and go to the Playoff Bracket screen. Now you can enable the Game Genie code, but you need to determine whether your team is Home or Visitor in the upcoming game. So you may want to proceed to the Matchups Screen or to the Pre-Game Pause Menu to confirm if your team is Home or Visitor. Once you know that your team is Home or Visitor for that game, you enter and activate one of the following Game Genie Codes : To switch it from 2P Head to Head to Two Teammates playing on the Home Team, Enter and Activate Game Genie Code : AHB9-8ABL To switch it from 2P Head to Head to Two Teammates playing on the Visitor Team : Enter and Activate Game Genie Code : AMB9-8ABJ Since Head to Head makes the 1P code 1 and the 2P code 2, the first Game Genie code switches the 2P code to 1, putting both players on the Home Team and the 2nd Game Genie code switches the 1P code to 2 putting both players on the Visitor Team. There you go mitch. Try those Game Genie codes and see if you can get that to work to enable Two Teammates throughout the Playoffs !
  13. I have a solution for you mitch. It involves the use of the Auto Player Switching Off code I posted a while back. I tried hacking the Menu but was unsuccessful. I got it to change to Two Teammates in Continue Playoffs but it still remained Head to Head in the game in Continue Playoffs. So that didn't work, but you can switch to Two Teammates by using the code that I use to turn Auto Player Switching Off. Basically the the Auto Player Switching Off code I posted before is the code that determines what team Player 1 is on. A value of 1 is the home team and a value of 2 is the visitor team. There's another code right near it that sets what team Player 2 is on and by using both of these codes in tandem you can turn Head to Head into Two Teammates even when the Menu does not allow it like in Continue Playoffs. I don't think you can get around this problem by editing the rom near offset 17FEA though. I just tried and was unsuccessful. What I can do is provide you with two Game Genie codes converted from the RAM codes that produced the Auto Player Switching Off rom code that you can test on your emulator when you are in Continue Playoffs to make it it Two Teammates instead of Head to Head.
  14. I have progressed through the first game in the playoffs and I have observed the problem. The Continue Playoffs mode locks you out of the Players menu that switches to the other options (One or Two Teammates) and you are stuck playing Two Head to Head. I will try to find a code that can change it to Two Teammates.
  15. Me either. Drawing of lots would have been better. Japan knowing they had less yellow cards didn't even try to push for an equalizer vs Poland towards the end of their match. Not only that, but several of the yellow cards Senegal received in their last two matches did not seem worthy of a yellow card. (like the one in the 2nd half vs Colombia and some of their others) That said, if it wasn't for VAR, it wouldn't have even come down to a drawing of lots or a yellow card comparison. VAR prevented Senegal from getting out to an early 1-0 lead vs Colombia on a penalty that Senegal rightly deserved. In the 16th minute, Mané got taken down on a slide tackle by Sanchez and the referee without hesitation awarded Senegal a penalty. But then the referee was summoned to the VAR booth and wasn't given the slow-mo camera angle that we got on TV following the reversal that shows if Sanchez got to the ball first before contacting Mané. On one of the angles shown on TV after the reversal, you can clearly see that Sanchez's leg collides with Mané's shin before his back heel gets on to the ball. Here's a screenshot : That's a foul, the referee's initial instinct to award a penalty was the correct one. We have yet another instance of VAR and it's poor use of technology making a mockery of the beautiful game. And this time it cost Senegal a spot in the Round of 16. Supposedly calls on the pitch are only supposed to be reversed by VAR when there is a clear and obvious error. This was a close one for sure, from certain angles it kinda looks like he got to the ball first, but in that screenshot you can clearly see that's not the case. All the commentators were talking about is that he got to the ball, while completely ignoring the contact with Mané's leg prior to that, which is a foul. It's only a clean tackle if you get to the ball first. He brought down Mané by contacting him before he back heeled the ball. I don't know about you guys, but VAR has been a big problem for football in this World Cup. Football is the last major sport to have resisted the temptation to have instant replay reviews, and for good reason due to its continuous flow. You can see the flaws that are inherent into trying to implement this kind of a system into a World Cup. I don't have a problem with the goal-line technology and I'm OK with using video to check for offsides. But the system of reviewing penalty decisions just isn't working and it's frustrating to see VAR play such a crucial role in these matches and to have gotten so many calls wrong. I don't know how this VAR system can possibly continue in it's current form. I'm absolutely gutted for Senegal to be eliminated in such a cruel way, both by VAR and the new yellow card tiebreaker.