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  1. Just wanted to say this is fantastic. So I'm guessing there wasnt really an attempt to get the lines right, correct?
  2. I think every year, the lowest teams by record should be cut out. That's how I play 2K games with only 30 teams.
  3. And that means they could come after other years' mods as well. (But are there any really for other NHL versions? I haven't looked in along while. Would love mods for the the late 90s NHLs) I think people who play now will continue to because we don't do it out of a lack of arcade-y hockey games, we do it because we like the old games. And they're not hard to get running. But I think the people who have a tiny soft spot for old games but only play modern consoles will see that as an easy way of playing "the old NHL" even though the sprite animation and tech is bound to not be the same.
  4. I'm curious... how do we feel about this? Yes, any re-release of classic games is great. But I sort of feel like it's the big studio cashing in on something they long ago abandoned. Plus, it's clearly a desperate attempt to make people buy NHL21. I don't know I feel like I'd rather play the ROM mods. Even without all 31 teams.
  5. To be honest, what exactly is needed to run 2KHS is still confusing to me. I have no clue how to run it, what I need and why it takes such a powerful computer. Plus it seems like this interminable project that is never ready. There's a download, there isn't a download, it's a beta, it isn't ready, it is ready.. .you know?
  6. True, my bad. I'm done. Thanks everyone and apologies. In fact, mods can feel free to remove the posts I've made here.
  7. Ok, I've tried turning on the "Leave Off" and it exposed the User Records when I continued the game. So what I'm gonna try is bringing the ROM back to the PC to see if it opens up that in-game save as well. It's only gonna be in the ROM right? Obviously there's no other save location for in-game saves than the ROM itself.
  8. Yeah, I've done exactly that on both sides. Shame, I just figured, it's going well, looks like I'm going to get to the final, and now I'm there and wanted to pick up on the TV via the RetroArch PC program. What do you guys recommend for playing on PC? Is Gens still the one?
  9. Well, I ain't Flick. So I'm not doin it. ...no that's fine, I'll give it a go. I just didn't try because I was afraid it would break the game or something. But then you guys are saying that the Tourney ROM should offer a User Records setting no matter what and that it's actually Retroarch that's somehow not showing it?
  10. It says Leave Off only. I haven't tried to change that because, well, it says Leave Off Sorry, I don't mean to be a smartass but I'll just repost my initial question: " The thing is that I've been playing this on Retroarch on my Android phone and having made it to the Stanley Cup, I was hoping to be able to take the save state and switch to Retroarch on my PC so I could finish this properly (if I win of course) on my TV, something I never once did on the cartridge. I'm being told by Retroarch people that an in-game save works across platforms but not save states. " I have ONLY been playing until now with Save States not having seen any user records option in the V3 of the "tourney" ROM Also, I have that SRM file. Retroarch won't acknowledge it on my PC. Gens on Android would be great, but as far as I can tell that doesn't exist.
  11. All I can tell you guys is that I'm playing on Retroarch and the option for user records isn't there. Now, it's possible that if i take this particular ROM and load it in Retroarch on my pc, it will set the playoff in progress. I'll try that. I just assumed, despite being a Gens user on my pc, that Retroarch had become the most community friendly way to play Genesis ROMs. So i went with that on my phone.
  12. No no, I don't think you're understanding what I'm saying. The game, as originally released, permitted you to save your progress through a playoff. You entered in a username and it would track your playoff for you. I'm not talking about adding teams. That way you were able to resume your playoff on another day. What I'm asking is why isn't that in the modded ROMs? Obviously someone from the community at some point took that feature out. Why, is what I'm asking?
  13. Right, but what I'm saying is that NHL94 has a save function in it by default doesn't it, that would store to the ROM cart? Where you would enter in your username and it would store your stats? Why is that removed from the modded ROMs?
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