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  1. tinpanalley

    NHL 2019 Season ROM by The Sauce

    Just wondering if anyone else is seeing an issue where going through options in the main menu causes the game to freeze up and to display strange colours.
  2. tinpanalley

    Android Genesis emulator app?

    Thanks! I don't know what it is about retroarch I find so difficult to get. I have no problems with it on my PS3 but on Android I find it weird. I'll try again.
  3. Is there a particular Android Genesis emulation app people like here? I'd rather it was a free one.
  4. tinpanalley

    Hacks of non-NHL Games

    Does anyone know if there is a site like this for RBI Baseball or other sports games?
  5. tinpanalley

    Coach Mac's Historic Roms

    Hmm.. am I missing something? Where are the links to the 80s and 90s ROMs? Didn't somebody mention they were here?
  6. tinpanalley

    Coach Mac's Historic Roms

    No..freaking...way... you're kidding me. Thank you!!
  7. tinpanalley

    Other versions?

    This totally helps, yeah. I can't stop playing some of these updated ROMs. Amazing. So, what's the deal with this weight bug? I read about it here on the site. How did that happen? Do we think that was a mistake by the dev team? Did it have some intentional purpose?
  8. tinpanalley

    Favourite Sports Games!

    Wow... crazy list, man.
  9. tinpanalley

    Favourite Sports Games!

    Late to this party... but still... In no order: 1. MVP Baseball 2005 (PC) 2. Tecmo Super Bowl (NES) 3. Madden 08 (PC) 4. Pro Evolution Soccer 6 (PC) 5. NHL Legacy (PS3) 6. NHL 2K10 (360) 7. NHL 94 (Genesis) 8. Lakers Vs Celtics and the NBA Playoffs (MS-DOS) 9. Old Time Baseball (MS-DOS) 10. NFL 2K5 (XBOX) 11. NCAA Basketball 10 (360)
  10. tinpanalley

    2K editors, anyone?

    Yeah, I've seen that thanks. I was just hoping to get the various versions of the 2K editor by Flying Finn because I have one but it's for XBOX files only. It's a PS2 file I want to edit.
  11. Just doing a run of different sites I know, which probably means many of you will see this more than once but is there any chance any of you having Flying Finn's editors for NHL lying around in some forgotten hard drive? I thought I did but no luck. Thanks!
  12. tinpanalley

    Other versions?

    Wow, ok, so I guess I do know what's out there already. I was just hoping to see some of the later Genesis cartridges get updated. I think some of them like 98 play really good. The 2K series doesn't get talked about much either. They're some of the best hockey I ever played. 2K6 on 360 was fantastic, I'm furious that I sold it years ago, very hard to find now. But 2K10 with good sliders and updated rosters is in my top 3 of hockey games.
  13. tinpanalley

    Other versions?

    I've been visiting for a while before opening an account here. The further progression of NHL into the PS4 era has taken me further and further from the series in its current form. I now play pretty much exclusively Legacy and 04 and 09. But 94 with today's rosters is a special treat similar to watching an old classic film in a theater. What I'm wondering is whether there are any communities at all for the other NHL games. Is it really just 04 that gets attention or do ROMs exist for the later versions? And also, any opinions on the differences between the Skip/slapshot and Naples ROMs of recent years? People just make reference to them being better than the other in the comments but without really saying why. Thanks for any help!