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  1. Nice, Clubber Lang... post of the season. LOL.
  2. nhl94 live world championship? more like nhl94 ego-fest pissing contest.
  3. i will be online tomorrow morning
  4. That was epic. I literally shook my head when I saw that last goal. I've had some games go like that. This game is all about momentum.
  5. I didn't want to do it. But it was time to "put er down". The Logitech controller that won me the GDL championship is no more. Instead a new, streamline, special editon Logitech controller has emerged. I'm back
  6. Hasek made a glitch pad stack stop on an open net for g.courtnall. breakaway with a pin-point deke, but hasek was like NOPE!! he also insulted my family heritage in the process. unclassy move by hasek.
  7. the game i just uploaded needs to be void. apparently, we desynched while playing.
  8. I am online every day! RELEASE ALL THE GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. roenick+belfour+carse= very hard team to beat ggs
  10. Sad to see Washington go out like that. I checked my cell phone and saw the score and just shaked my head. I wanted to see Crosby VS Ovechkin. Although, as HABS said, this will be huge for the NHL and a series I look forward to watching.
  11. After watching The King of Kong, great movie by the way. I went to Twin Galaxies website and looked up NHL 94. Here is the webpage To my surprise the record was only 16!!! Still saved in the memory of my beloved sega CD is my 20 min periods record of 62 goals. Think I have a world record to go break you guys quick note: sega nhl94 record set at 16 super nintendo nhl94 record set at 31
  12. why do you always ask me to play exhibition games when i continue to just OWN you every time we play? just curious so get back to me LOL.
  13. agreed. stick with the team you got, VOC.
  14. CGY at WIN 2-1 calgary WIN at CGY 6-5 winnipeg ggs
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