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  1. Hey halifax and sungod, I have been camping for the past week and I have finally managed to find an internet connection. The bad thing is that it is pretty slow so I doubt I will be able to play the series until I get back which should be on Tuesday (august 5th). I should have told you guys before I left that I was going to be away but I was too busy with other things. Sungod will you be available on Tuesday?
  2. Sorry I had to order a new recharger for my laptop and then I got it but it didn't work so I had to get a new one and now I am finally ready to play. I should be on later tonight so look for me on AIM.
  3. Buffalo Sabres Line 1 G - Grant Fuhr LD - James Patrick RD - Vachslav Fetisov LW - Geoff Courtnall C - Alex Mogilny RW - Pat Lafontaine EXTRA - Dale Hawerchuk Line 2 G - Dominik Hasek LD - Richard Smehlik RD - Norm Maciver LW - Dale Hawerchuk C - Thomas Steen RW - Darren Turcotte EXTRA - Alex Mogilny
  4. Let's have a "Goal of the Week" type thing or just a replays page with some good goals, game highlights, etc. If that's possible that would be awesome. Also, could we (do we?) have a records page where it can state some records? Like we can see Carse getting 100 hits a game or Vocally Caged scoring 7 pass goals in one game etc.
  5. Jagr goes to Russia I can't believe I actually beat you on this one halifax
  6. Is that really that hard to just play a series? I mean, it's good that at least smoz took over and played the series, but it really should be played with sungod vs angryjay because that was the original matchup. Someone please end this madness..
  7. I'll try the more challenging way, putting Kelly Hrudey in net
  8. (1) jrod vs. (7) kgman jrod in 7 (5) sebe vs. (6) icestorm icestorm in 6 (1) AJ vs. (5) skool AJ in 5 (2) habs vs. (3) carse carse in 7 There are some great matchups in this second round. Good luck everyone.
  9. At first, the Vancouver Canucks didn't expect their team to make the playoffs at all, but, the Bure-less Canucks put in a grueling effort and managed to capture the 8th and final seed of the Ron Barr Conference. They were faced up against an extremely talented Buffalo Sabres team coached by Jrodimus so they knew this wouldn't be easy. Game 1: The opening game in HSBC Arena wasn't as lopsided as some expected it to be. The Sabres were up 3-0 going into the 3rd period. The Canucks knew that this was the time were they just had to come in the clutch. Paul Coffey scored coast to coast just 18 se
  10. dmac

    STL sputters by

    A brother rivalry, man that must have been cool. Did you guys play in the same room?
  11. If there is a potential deal I would approve.
  12. I will be able to play our series on Tuesday at the earliest. Sorry for any inconvenience.